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Waking up in the last life, he was a schoolmaster, or a schoolmaster who likes the second dimension.

After watching Sister Cannon, I woke up to learn about the super-electromagnetic gun.

In addition, his current martial spirit is just a coin, and the first spirit ring awakened deliberately hunted a spirit beast with lightning attributes. It was also lucky. After absorbing the spirit ring, his martial spirit coin had the power of lightning.

'S first spirit ability to wake up was a lightning strike, launching a lightning attack from the coins he summoned.

is very weak!

Because it is not the weapon spirit that has awakened, it is impossible to use the coin as a weapon after releasing the spirit ability.

is used to smash people at most, and it is not lethal!

But it doesn't matter anymore, what he sees in Awakening is only the lightning attribute, and he can create his own spirit abilities.

I saw Su Xing stretch out his right hand, and the thunder and lightning gradually appeared, seemingly chaotic and regular movement.

Using the spirit power with lightning attributes to condense electromagnetic orbits, it is not the first time to regain consciousness.

Its just that the thunder and lightning in the past were always unable to converge and operate according to the scheduled route of awakening.

My own power can't function perfectly according to my own thoughts, it is undoubtedly wrong in the view of awakening.

Waking up didn't realize the reason for the spirit ring at the beginning, but only discovered after constantly training oneself to control the spirit power.

"It's done!"

The next moment, I saw a flash of light in Su Xing's eyes, and his eyes were full of excitement.

An electromagnetic acceleration orbit intertwined by lightning was successfully constructed by him.

Although I can see it from the outside, only a dozen thunder and lightning are intertwined on the awakened arm.

But in fact, this is an electromagnetic acceleration track, the most important structure of a super-electromagnetic gun.


The right hand maintained the electromagnetic acceleration orbit, and the awakened coin spirit was summoned from his left hand.

Then I saw Su Xing pinch the coin and place it on his right shoulder.


After the coin was placed, it appeared on the shoulders of Awakening, flashing with thunder and lightning.

"Super Electromagnetic Gun!"


With a low drink after awakening, the coin that was originally suspended on the shoulder of awakening shot out along the right arm of awakening instantly!



The wall in front of waking up was directly bombed into a hole with a diameter of more than one meter, which spread out by dozens of meters.

This is the awakening laboratory built in the ground, it did not cause any harm!

Awakening also knows that this is underground, so he will test the electromagnetic gun so unscrupulously.

"This power... is bigger than I expected!"

"When I master the electromagnetic acceleration orbit, I will be faster and more powerful."

"It just consumes too much soul power. But under normal circumstances, I don't need such a power. I can lower the power of the electromagnetic acceleration orbit, and the soul power consumption is not so large!"

Waking up watching the destruction caused by his own super-electromagnetic gun, he was excited and calmly analyzed.

At the same time, the electromagnetic acceleration track constructed on the right arm was also removed.

Maintaining the electromagnetic acceleration orbit is very consuming of soul power, and it lasted less than ten seconds just now, and waking up took a lot of soul power in the body.

After the coin is put in, the energy consumed when the electromagnetic acceleration orbit starts to do work to launch the coin will be even more!

just launched a super-electromagnetic gun, it consumed half of the soul power in the body of awakening.

"And the launch method is not handsome enough, the coin is placed on the shoulder, unlike the gun sister!"

"This also needs to be improved. Just build the electromagnetic acceleration orbit as a whirling one, shoot it from your fingertips, circle the electromagnetic acceleration orbit in a circular ring, and then launch it. The effect is the same as that of the gun sister, and the speed is so fast. Next, no one can see anything."

"But this will consume more soul power. I have to wait for my soul power to cultivate."

"The next more important thing is to verify another idea about Raiden."

"Thunder and lightning forged body!"

After calming down, Yu Xing began to use half of the remaining soul power in his body to try another idea of thunder and lightning soul power. In Xing Xing's mind, it was not weaker than the super-electromagnetic gun's idea, and even more important.

Super Electromagnetic Cannon, just let him have a strong offensive power.

Thunderbolt forging is the most important part of his desire to become stronger.

Thunder and lightning body forging is mentioned in some Xiu Xian novels. If it is explained by science, many superheroes have also appeared in it.

So I woke up and wondered if I could develop it.

If a soul master wants to be strong, body strength is as important as soul power, or the body is the foundation of all powerfulness. Without a powerful body, powerful soul power cannot be accommodated.

Like the super-electromagnetic gun, I tried to wake up many times before the ring was blown, but it was still difficult to develop, and I even got injured many times because of it.

With the control of awakening, the thunder and lightning quickly intertwined on the awakened body.

'S awakened brows tightened quickly, and the electricity was a little bit bigger.

But after waking up a little bit, the brows quickly loosened!


Su Xing's heart is excited, although it has not been successfully developed yet, Su Xing sees great hope.

Because he can clearly perceive his control of his soul power, he can fine-tune the intensity of the lightning like an arm dictates, unlike the previous ones that are either too strong or too weak, even if they find it right, they can't maintain it.

Now, success is only a matter of time for him!



While waking up to continue the experiment, the entire Su family shook because of the movement caused by the super-electromagnetic gun before waking up.

The entire Su family shook. UU reading www.uukanshu.com is like an earthquake. Can the Su family not be disturbed?

"What the **** happened?"

The Su Family Patriarch, that is, the awakened father Su Jinlong hurriedly asked someone to follow up.

"Patriarch, it should be a vibration from the ground!"

The person responded quickly.

"Underground? Not good son..."

Su Jinlong's expression suddenly changed when he heard it.

Su Jinlong got up and ran to the awakened underground laboratory as soon as he finished speaking.

"Xiao Xing..."

A beautiful woman beside Su Jinlong, that is, the awakened mother Lin Qianyue's face also changed when she heard that, she ran out immediately.

"Su Jinlong, if something happens to Xiao Xing, my old lady will definitely not let you go!"

"Because of your indulgence, Xiao Xing will be tossing about!"

"I already said that Coin Martial Soul is not suitable for being a fighting soul master, it's all you indulge in!"

After 's awakened mother Lin Qianyue caught up with Su Jinlong, while worrying about waking up, she also complained to Su Jinlong in a bad tone.

When Su Jinlong heard the words, the corners of his eyes twitched slightly, I am indulging, and you mother is not much better.

But he didn't dare to say too much at this time, and more importantly, he was worried about waking up.


The two soon came to the basement where they were awakened and directly opened the door.

"Xiao Xing..."

"Xiao Xing..."

The two originally nervous people suddenly relaxed when they saw that they were still trying to meditate.

It was just that when the two of them saw the damage fired by the awakened super-electromagnetic artillery, their expressions were stunned!

"Ah...this is..."



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