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"Damn it!"

Facing such a despicable awakening, Yu Tianheng was also frustrated and angry.

'S attack is just awakening without stopping, and his fourth spirit ability is not an instant-on spirit ability, it can only be suppressed by awakening and can't be used.

"Teacher, it's a rogue to wake him up!"

The lone geese watching the battle saw Yu Tianheng being suppressed so frustrated, he immediately protested to Qin Ming.

I feel that if I wake up and defeat Yu Tianheng, it is also impossible to win.

"This is a strategy of awakening, duels are not forbidden!"

Qin Ming shook his head and said.

Seeing the awakening that had completely suppressed Yu Tianheng, Qin Ming's eyes were also shocked. He didn't expect that awakening would really defeat Yu Tianheng.

Even with such a rogue tactic.

Qin Ming can already foresee Yu Tianheng's defeat, because Qin Ming never sees Yu Tianheng's chance of comeback.

As long as he wakes up and is not given a chance, Yu Tianheng will not have a chance to come back.

And he believes that with a rejuvenated character, Yu Tianheng will never be given a chance.

The truth is also true. Even if Yu Tianheng is not reconciled anymore, half an hour later, under the uninterrupted attack of awakening, Yu Tianheng finally fell to the ground and completely lost his combat effectiveness.


"The captain was really defeated!"

"It's too strong to wake up this monster!"

The graphite brothers and others are all shocked!

Only the lone geese glared at Su Xing.

She knew that Yu Tianheng was a very proud person, but was defeated by awakening. She was worried that Yu Tianheng would not be able to accept it.

just got to the back, she saw Yu Tianheng going mad.

just wakes up and doesn't give Yu Tianheng a chance, and it's useless to let Yu Tianheng go crazy no matter what.

Therefore, Dugu Goose is really very angry at the act of waking up.

If waking up is normal to defeat Yu Tianheng, she is not so angry yet, but waking up uses such a despicable means.

"Ms. Qin Ming, now I can leapfrog the challenge, right?"

Su Xing ignored Dugu Yan's angry eyes and smiled at Qin Ming.

"Yes! But be careful!"

The matter has come to this point, and Qin Mingzhi naturally can no longer stop waking up, so he has no choice but to say.

In this way, the next day after waking up, the leapfrog challenge began in the Arena of Souls in Soto City.

'S opponents are all soul sects above level 40, and he can't easily win when he wakes up.

The soul sect here has rich combat experience. Although they can only use soul abilities, they can also use them to perfection. It is not simple.

But in the end, all of them were lost in the hands of awakening.

Wake up, the name of Thunder has also begun to resound in Soto City.

Of course, everyone is more willing to call him the God of Thunder, invincible.

Everyone knows that a monster-like genius has arrived in the Great Fighting Arena of Soto City. He has only a 33-level soul power, but he can defeat an opponent that is one level higher than him every time.

This is not the most amazing. The most amazing thing is that the awakening did not show the martial soul from the beginning to the end. Everyone didn't even know what the awakened martial soul was.

"I guess his martial spirit must be the best martial spirit!"

"Nonsense, if it's not the best martial arts soul, can the Thunder God of War be so strong?"

"Will it be the top beast spirit Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus?"


"Maybe Lei Qilin?"

"It's possible, but if the Thunder God of War is not released, no one knows what his martial spirit is!"

"No matter what martial spirit he is, I only know that the **** of thunder and war is awesome!"

"The Thunder God of War has broken the record of becoming the fastest silver fighting spirit, I don't know if it will also become the fastest to reach the golden fighting spirit!"

"The soul will be upgraded to the golden fighting spirit, it's impossible..."


When the Shrek Academy group came to the Great Arena of Souls in Soto City, they soon heard the legend of awakening!

of course.

At this time, they didn't know that this hotly-discussed God of Thunder would be awakened.

I also blame everyone for changing the title of awakening to Thunder God of War. Otherwise, if it is still "Wake up Thunder", they might be able to guess that it is awakening.

"Are they true?"

"Someone can leapfrog the challenge and keep winning streak?"

Ma Hongjun exclaimed, feeling impossible.

"It should be true, the Arena of Souls should not be faked, and so many spectators watched it, they can't be faked!"

Yu Xiaogang said, but at the same time he was curious about the other party.

"Thunder God of War, what a domineering title!"

Ning Rongrong also exclaimed, but her focus is a bit different.

"You can defeat the Soul Sect at level 33. It's really a monster. Only Xiaosan can do it here!"

Oscar was also amazed, I didn't expect such a powerful soul master to come to the Great Arena of Souls in Soto City.

"Brother, you can also defeat the Soul Sect, right?"

Xiao Wu directly turned her head and asked Tang San.

"It should be possible!" Tang San was rather modest, and did not guarantee it.

But Tang San was in his heart, but he didn't think he was really weaker than the Thunder God of War.

Thunder God of War 33 can do this~www.wuxiaworld~ He also has level 32. If he goes all out, he thinks he can do it.

If a hidden weapon is added, he would dare to fight a level 50 soul king.

"Hee hee, I knew the third brother would do it!"

Xiao Wu laughed happily when she heard the words.

"I don't know who this Thunder God of War is. It's really scary to be able to do this at level 33!" Flender exclaimed.

"Well, I heard it for the first time, but I don't know the age of the other party."

"If you are the same age as Xiaosan, it would be even more amazing!"

Yu Xiaogang also exclaimed.

"Hurry up, there is another duel of Thunder God of War inside."

"Really? That can't be missed!"

"Of course it is true, I will continue to bet on the Thunder God of War."

"That's right for me too, it's right to bet with the Thunder God of War during this time."


When Yu Xiaogang and the others were talking about waking up, there was another voice coming from nearby.

Yu Xiaogang and the others only then realized that there was another awakening battle.

Tang San and the others' eyes all brightened, they all wanted to see what this Thundering God of War really had.

"Lets go in and take a look!"

"Don't stand here!"

Dean Flander spoke first, looking like he couldn't wait to get in.

But Ning Rongrong, who knows who Flanders is, they all know that Flanders is eager to enter and bet.

"Let's go, let's go and take a look." Yu Xiaogang nodded calmly, without exposing Flanders, and led the team in.

He had some guesses, this Thunder God of War, most likely came from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Sect.

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