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Wake up the parents stared blankly at the destruction caused by the super-electromagnetic gun, such a terrifying destructive power, they would not dare to imagine!

Even a great soul master can't cause this kind of damage, right!

"Father, mother, why are you down?"

was also shocked when he woke up, and opened his eyes from the practice.

It is not difficult to find that the eyes of the awakening are full of excitement and excitement.

Can you not be excited?

Although I was disturbed by my parents, the development of the Thunderbolt body has been successfully developed.

He finally has the basis for becoming a strong man.

The effect of thunder and lightning body forging is theoretically unlimited. Awakening can use thunder and lightning for endlessly to strengthen one's body.

And the stronger the body, the faster the soul power will be cultivated.

Awakening was caused by the explosion of the spirit ring, and the spirit ring will not be added in the future. The improvement of the spirit power depends on the strong body.

In the study of awakening, the improvement of soul power has little to do with the level of the soul master.

is just the soul master here, there is no effective training method, they are all horizontal exercises, and the effect is not great.

So they need to absorb the spirit ring, because when the spirit ring is absorbed, the body will be strengthened and transformed so that they can continue to practice.

Those with poor talents, and those who can't get up to the level of a soul master, can't hunt for a soul ring, naturally stop moving forward.

The higher the level, the more difficult it is, because the forging body of the high-level post-soul master basically has no effect.

"Xiao Xing, this...this is not caused by you, right?"

Su Jinlong pointed to the entrance of the cave with a face full of suspicion and asked Awakening.

"What did you say? How could this be caused by Xiao Xing?"

Wake up before answering, the awakened mother Lin Qianyue retorted.

"But if it's Xiao Xing, are there anyone else here?" Su Jinlong asked rhetorically.


Lin Qianyue was speechless, she could only look to wake up.

"Father, mother, this is indeed what I did. I really developed the soul power that can fight, and I can become a fighting soul master!"

Su wakes up, looks at his parents, and speaks.


Su Jinlong heard this and was immediately pleasantly surprised. He knew Wake up from childhood and was smart, and always knew Wake up wanted to become a fighting spirit master.

It's just that the coin spirit of the Su family is really difficult to become a combat spirit master. It is neither aggressive nor auxiliary, and it is better than the waste spirit.

That's also because the Su family can visualize the summoned coins, which can be used as real coins.

The Su family is a wealthy merchant in the Heaven Dou Empire, so he knows the power of the soul master. If Suwaken can become a fighting soul master, he would be happy to see it.

So these years, I will indulge awakening to do the so-called research.

It's just that Su Jinlong didn't hold much hope.

But I didnt expect that awakening was actually successful?


Awakening naturally understood Su Jinlong's excitement, and nodded.

"Okay, okay, tell my father, how did you do it? What spirit ability did you create? How powerful is it!"

Su Jinlong was so excited when he heard the words, his eyes full of pride when he saw his awakening, my son is really amazing!

"Xiao Xing is awesome!"

The awakened mother was also very excited.

Because they didn't like being disturbed when they were awake, Su Jinlong and the other two did not bring in any other people.

Su Xing has nothing to say about his parents who love him very much in this life, but he can't explain some things, or explain that his parents can't understand them, so he can only say that this is a spirit ability created by himself!

Wake up parents dont want to know that, they just need to know that Wake up can really become a fighting spirit master!

They never thought that they could learn the spirit skills they created by waking up!

So they are not interested in knowing how the super-electromagnetic gun was formed, as long as they know the power caused by the super-electromagnetic gun.

From this day on, parents who wake up will no longer object to what they want to do, I am afraid that there is not enough support!

Just for the time being, there is no need for any more experiments to wake up.

The remaining use of self-developed soul power can only be done by himself.

I also want to verify whether the spirit bone will interfere with the control of one's spirit power. At present, it is definitely not possible.

The soul bone is too precious, it cannot be obtained by the Su family.


Soon, another half a year passed.

Today's awakening, through daily thunder and lightning exercises, the body's strength has been several times stronger than before!

After the body is strong, the speed of cultivating spirit power is of course faster, and now the spirit power level that he has awakened has reached 27.

Within half a year, he has improved to a full 8 levels, and no one can believe it.

And ordinary people, when they have not broken through the rank of the spirit master, continue to cultivate their spirit power without knowing how many levels their spirit power has reached.

Awakening is because it exploded the spirit ring and completely got rid of the limitation of the spirit ring, so that he could accurately perceive his spirit power level.

In addition, when Awakening exploded the spirit ring, it did not completely explode the spirit ring once.

After exploding the spirit ring, the spirit ring will condense again after a few days, and it will explode again immediately after awakening.

After exploded a total of three times, the spirit ring on awakened body dissipated completely.

As it should be, the control of soul power is a little easier. UU reading www.uukANAnshu.com

"A few days will be the time for all Advanced Soul Master Academy to recruit students, Tang San Xiaowu and others will also enter Shrek!"

"Should I also find a school?"

"My father was right. Although the school has nothing to teach me, the important thing is the personal connections."

"After Shrek, Yu Xiaogang has been instructed. I will definitely not go. You didn't respond to me at the beginning, but in the future I will make you too high!"

Wake up and walk in the city, thinking about whether to go to school and which school to go to.

In fact, as long as you are an adult, you will miss your youth at school very much, and waking up is no exception.

After being rejected by Yu Xiaogang, he didn't go to other elementary schools. It's all because the students in elementary schools are all kiddies, and he wakes up and has no interest in playing with a group of kiddies.

High school is different, just look at the sister papers in the anime.

"Quickly keep up."

"That little girl is definitely alone, so we should be lucky!"

When I woke up thinking about things, I suddenly heard a voice coming from the side.

Although the other party lowered his voice, he still heard it when he woke up.

glanced at the corner of his eyes and found that the man who was talking was a scarfaced man, who was not a good person at first sight.

The one next to him is honest-looking, but being able to be with each other is obviously not a good thing.

"Who is being targeted?"

After the opponent crossed the awakened position, the awakening couldn't help but looked at the distance ahead.

Entering the goal, there is no time to see a figure out of the city gate.

Faintly, can you see the other person behind as if a tail is dragging?

"It's a bit familiar, isn't it her?"


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