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"How did he do that?"

But aside from embarrassment, Yu Xiaogang also really wants to know how to wake up so quickly.

Moreover, he broke through level 30 without being able to absorb the spirit ring.

Is he okay?


"too slow!"

"Also Lightning Leopard!"

"The Lightning Turtle is pretty much the same."

In the duel, he woke up and played against the opponent while taunting the opponent.

If it is a soul sect with other attributes, it would not be so easy to wake up and deal with it.

is a lightning attribute, and it is basically to give food to wake up.

The awakening thunder and lightning can hurt the opponent, but the opponent's thunder and lightning can only cause limited damage to the awakening.

Therefore, the lightning overlord on the field was completely suppressed by awakening.

"So strong, how did he do it?"

"It's really a monster, even more monster than us, the Soul Sect was so suppressed by him."

"It is hard to imagine that such a powerful spirit ability was actually created by him."

"His spirit ability seems to have been improved along with the increase in spirit power level. It's too powerful."

"What a monster!"

Ma Hongjun and the others, they were all amazed when they saw the awakening of the show of power in the duel arena.

Even if I had heard about the power of Awakening in advance, it was still unbelievable to see that Awakening suppressed a 48-level soul sect into this way.

You know, awakening is only level 33!


In the duel field, after feeling that the opponent could not bring himself too much combat experience, he awakened and quickly defeated the opponent.

"Good job!"

"Thunder God of War is mighty!"

"It's good to wake up!"

Seeing that Su Xing once again leapfrogged and defeated the opponent, Brother Graphite took the lead in cheering.

Ye Lingling watched the awakening with great power, her beautiful eyes flashed again and again, shining with the color of worship.

Even if the Dugu Goose was dissatisfied with awakening and defeating Yu Tianheng, at this time he had to admit that awakening was really strong.

At least if Yu Tianheng played, he couldn't win so many games in a row.

"Is it Qin Ming?"

Flender glanced over there when he heard the voice, and suddenly found a familiar figure.

"Zao Wou-ki, who is that over there?"

Recognizing Qin Mingkai's Flander, he immediately smiled and smiled at Zao Wou-ki next to him.

"Who?" Zao Wou-ki heard the words and looked at him curiously, his expression suddenly brightened: "It's actually that kid Qin Ming!"

"Why is that kid here?"

Seeing Qin Ming, Zao Wou-ki is also very happy, this is the best disciple of their Shrek Academy!

"Dean, who are you talking about?"

Tang San and the others became curious, as if they had met an acquaintance?

"It is your senior, the best among the students who have graduated!"

"It used to be the youngest soul sect in Douluo Continent!"

Speaking of Qin Ming, Flender's face will inevitably be proud.

This is the student who went out of Shrek Academy.


"It turned out to be our senior!"

Oscar they were surprised.

"Go, I'll take you to meet your senior!" Flander laughed and walked over there first.

"Let's go, keep up, I haven't seen that kid for a long time!" Zao Wou-ki followed.

Yu Xiaogang and the others, of course, they can only keep up!

Before left, they looked back to wake up, their expressions were different.

Ma Hongjun and the Oscar is the color of admiration.

Ning Rongrong is similar.

Dai Mubai just implies the color of resentment.

Tang San also had some sharpness in his eyes, he wanted to know who was stronger than himself and Suwaken.

Tang San has never been a competitive person, because no one of his age is better than him.

But the performance of waking up really aroused his eagerness to win!

"Don't look at the third brother, let's go over!"

Xiao Wu took Tang San's hand, she only cared about Tang San, she didn't care about waking up or something.


Tang San retracted his gaze, and followed Xiao Wu towards the direction of the Wuhun Team of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

Zhu Zhuqing was the last one.

Zhu Zhu took a cold look at Wake before turning to leave.

But soon, Tang San and the others discovered that after they had won the duel, they had walked in the same direction after coming down.

"Wake up, good job!"

Qin Ming smiled and praised when he saw Wake up.

The performance of waking up is really not too much praise.

"Yeah, yeah, it's amazing to wake up!"

The cold Ye Lingling couldn't help cheering.

"Boy Qin Ming, it turns out that I finally woke up and joined your Tiandou Royal Academy!"

Qin Ming originally wanted to say something, but suddenly he heard a familiar voice from the side.

"It's Teacher Zhao! And the dean!"

Qin Ming turned his head and looked at him, with a surprise on his face, and hurriedly greeted him!

"Good boy, have you joined Tiandou Royal Academy as a teacher?" Flender stepped forward and patted Qin Ming on the shoulder, and said happily.

Of course the disciples who went out of Shrek Academy could have such outstanding performance, he was of course happy.

"Yes, the dean, I am now the teacher and leader of the Wuhun Team of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy." Qin Ming responded excitedly.

"Wake up, Tian Heng, let me introduce you to you, these two are the deans and teachers of the college I graduated from!" Then Qin Ming introduced them to Wake up. UU reading www. uukanshu.com

"These should be my juniors and younger sisters, aren't they? The dean is so happy to have recruited so many people!" Qin Ming then looked at Tang San and the others and guessed.

"Teacher Zao Wou-Ki, long time no see!"

"And Tang San, Xiao Wu, I didn't expect to meet again so soon!"

Awakening also watched Zao Wou-ki and Tang San greet them.

also looked at Zhu Zhuqing, nodded and said nothing.

Looking at Zhu Zhu coldly at him, it's hard to speak when he wakes up!

But I didnt expect that if I havent been there for more than four months, Zhu Zhuqings figure would be even better. Its a pity that I didnt get it!

"Master, I didn't expect you to be here too!"

At last he woke up and looked at Yu Xiaogang and greeted respectfully.

"Wake up, Teacher Zhao, do you actually know each other?"

Qin Ming was surprised at this time, he didn't expect to wake up and still know Shrek Academy so well.


Then, Yu Tianheng stood up and saluted Yu Xiaogang, which surprised Qin Ming again.

After some explanations, everyone sorted out the relationship.

"Wake up, may I ask you a question?"

After the introduction of the two parties, Yu Xiaogang was not in a hurry to find Yu Tianheng to talk about the past, but instead looked towards Su Xing and spoke.

"What's the problem with the master?"

Su Xing looked at Yu Xiaogang in surprise, would you ask me questions?

"I heard about your situation. Blowing up the spirit ring to cultivate is an unprecedented initiative, but after blowing up the spirit ring, there is no way to continue to absorb the spirit ring. Can you tell me how you improved to 33 Grade?"

Yu Xiaogang couldn't wait to ask.


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