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When woke up, Zhu Zhuqing realized the thickness of his face again, and immediately ignored him, turned and left.

Looking at Zhu Zhuqing's back, especially the tail-like decorative streamer behind him, it has a unique flavor!

Looking at Zhu Zhuqings good back, his awakened heart agitated again, and the discomfort after the murder was basically cleared.

"Hehe... man!"

Wake up, not knowing whether it was self-deprecating or complacent, he chuckled, and then followed Zhu Zhuqing.

"Stop following me!"

"This road is not yours, you go and I go and mine."



If it weren't for how powerful he was waking up, Zhu Zhuqing couldn't help but do it.

In desperation, Zhu Zhuqing had no choice but to assume that awakening did not exist, waking up completely ignored.

This is obviously the meaning of refusal to wake up, but she wants to know when she can wake up.


Awakening also served Zhu Zhuqing, and really ignored him for two days.

Zhu Zhuqing is really tolerant. She wakes up and tells a lot of jokes, and she is also expressionless.

This is really not going to give him a chance!

If it weren't for the piece of swan meat in front of me, I would wake up and give up.

Stalking is just a means, he doesn't want to be a dog licking.

If there is really no hope, he will definitely give up.

left for no reason, and Wake had already notified her parents through her store!

Within the Tiandou Empire, in the several big kingdoms, basically every town has Su's shop.

Even in Wuhun City and the Star Luo Empire opposite, there are also some Su family branches.

Of course, they are all small businesses, but the branches are relatively wide.

After Su Xing learned about the situation of the Su family, he did not use what he knew from the previous life to help the Su family grow stronger.

Under the circumstances that the Su family itself cannot produce a powerful soul master, it is not a good thing to be too rich.

Therefore, Su Wake knows the map of Douluo Continent very well, and he can only find the city of Notting where the master is when he is 6 years old.

"I'm already in the Barak Kingdom now, and it is estimated that I will arrive at Shrek Academy in two days!"

"Forget it, go and have a look!"

Thinking of coming to Shrek Academy soon, I also decided to go and have a look when I wake up.

Of course, you can go to the assessment or something, and you will never join Shrek Academy in the end when you wake up.

Yu Xiaogang will be here soon, and wake up now I don't bother to be guided by him!

did not carefully explore the soul master system, because the impression of the anime awakened and felt that Yu Xiaogang's theory was very strong.

But after he researched deeply on his own, he lost sight of Yu Xiaogang's theory.

For example, what Yu Xiaogang said, a martial soul with no waste and a soul master with only waste are as naive and ridiculous as One Pieces words of "the devil fruit without waste, but the devil fruit capable of only waste".

Yu Xiaogang himself has verified the correctness of the waste martial arts spirit.

The way of waking up, I dare to say that sentence.

Of course, the current awakening will not speak out, and he hasn't become strong, and it will only seem ridiculous to speak out.

And Zhu Zhuqing didn't expect that he would wake up indiscriminately for two consecutive days, and he would continue to follow.

"Let me tell you, it is impossible for us, I already have a fiance!"

In desperation in the end, Zhu Zhuqing stopped and turned his head to wake up.

Although she doesn't know the marriage contract, it doesn't count, but it's true that she doesn't want to be woken up.

"I don't believe it, you just come up with an excuse to make me give up? Or you said it before!"

Su Xing shook his head, indicating that I didn't believe it.

"And even if it is true, this is not a reason for me to give up liking you. I have a chance before you get married!"

Even if you are married, its not impossible.

Of course, I didnt say the last sentence when I regained consciousness, otherwise the impression of Zhu Zhuqing would be too impure!

Is it okay to get married? It is estimated that Zhu Zhuqing is incomprehensible now.


Zhu Zhuqing didn't expect that waking up would respond like this, and immediately became angry again.

"Stop following me, can you? I really have a fianc, this time I went to see him, I don't want him to misunderstand!" Zhu Zhuqing was also too annoyed to wake up, and watched wake up with some grievances and prayers.

"Do you really have a fiance?"

Su Xing frowned.


Seeing Awakening and seeming to believe it, Zhu Zhuqing nodded seriously.

"Well, can you tell me your name? I like you for two days, and I still don't know your name!" Su Xing gave up on her fate.

Zhu Zhuqing was speechless again when he heard the words. He liked it for two days, as if he said it for a long time.

But Zhu Zhuqing didn't dare to complain, just want to get rid of awakening quickly.

"Zhu Zhuqing, my name is Zhu Zhuqing, from the Star Luo Empire!" In order to dispel the entanglement of waking up, Zhu Zhuqing said by the way that she was from another empire.

"Star Luo Empire!"

"Zhu Zhuqing, Wuhun ghost cat, I know you!"

Hearing Zhu Zhuqing's words, Su Xing stared at him, looking at Zhu Zhuqing in surprise.

is pretending, all pretending.

Wake up, how can I not know this!

"You know me?"

Zhu Zhuqing was also surprised, but he did not expect that someone on the Heaven Dou Empire would know him.

"Well, my family has a branch in the Star Luo Empire, plus I like to collect some information, UU reading www.uukanshu.com so a lot of Star Luo Empire things!"

"Unexpectedly, you might be the future queen of the Star Luo Empire, no wonder you are so beautiful!"

"But it's a pity, Dai Mubai, the prince of the Star Luo Empire, your fiance, gave up the royal competition and ran away!"

"Dai Mubai is what you're looking for, right?"

"A waste prince who has left you behind?"

Wake up and nodded, watching Zhu Zhu speak slowly!

Speaking of Dai Mubai, his tone was full of contempt.

"You are not allowed to say that to him, he did not give up, just temporarily avoiding the edge to improve himself!"

Zhu Zhuqing heard Wake and belittle Dai Mubai, immediately angrily said.

She can despise Dai Mubai herself, but she doesn't allow others to talk about him.

Zhu Zhuqing at this time still cared about Dai Mubai, otherwise he wouldn't come to him.

To be honest, watching Zhu Zhuqing defend Dai Mubai, it really tastes good to wake up!

That **** Dai Mubai, He De, how can he!

Not to mention that now he wants to soak in Zhu Zhuqing, even when he was watching anime, he was uncomfortable to wake up, a playboy.

Yes, Dai Mubai is a playboy, and he seems to be having a hot fight with the twins at this time!

In , Zhu Zhuqing had not forgiven Dai Mubai for a long time because he discovered Dai Mubai's behavior.

Maybe, what can be done from it.

"Well, then I won't talk about him!"

"But you said he was temporarily avoiding the edge to improve himself, I don't believe it!"

"That's good, I'll go and see with you, if he really does what you said, then I give up!"

"If not, then he doesn't deserve to own you!"

So first of all, let Zhu Zhuqing see Dai Mubai's true face.


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