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In the evening, the afterglow of the setting sun was scattered in the small courtyard.

Ou Shaotian also practiced for a whole afternoon, but only completed the tempering of the skin of his hands. The third skinning was much more difficult than the second, not as fast as the second.

But in just one afternoon, he completed the tempering of his hands, which was already unimaginable faster than others.

Many ninth-level fishermen just choose to refine their skins three times before starting the next level of refinement.

For example, Wang Xucai, the leader of the trial team, had only refined his skin three times during the skin refining stage, and then proceeded to the flesh-refining realm.

After refining the meat, it is impossible to go back to refining the skin, but it is too difficult to temper it many times. Many people take three to five years for the third tempering, let alone more times.

Therefore, if Ou Shaotian's tempering speed is mentioned, it will definitely amaze countless people.

"Huh, this speed seems to be a lot slower!"

Ou Shaotian seemed a little dissatisfied. He also knew that the third tempering would be a lot more difficult, but he didn't expect it would be so difficult.

Then the fourth time, the fifth time, and the subsequent times, how difficult it is. It is said that the geniuses on the floating islands are basically tempered more than four times.

"Come on, I'm a rebirth. Nine times of tempering at the highest level will definitely work."

Ou Shaotian pumped himself up, and had a perfect spiritual power exercise technique deduced by radar. It was definitely one of the best exercise techniques in the world. He would definitely not be reconciled if he only refined it three or five times!

Don't do it if you don't do it, do your best if you do it.

At this moment, Yun Duoer's voice came from outside the door, "Bang Bang Bang, Brother Shaotian, are you at home?"

"Wait a minute, I'll open the door for you."

Ou Shaotian yelled, without thinking too much, and went straight to open the gate of the yard.

I saw Yun Duo'er, dressed in a strong costume, holding a bowl of fish soup, standing at the door happily. The fish soup in her hand was Juling fish soup, which was a cultivation resource she could only receive once this week.

After awakening the talented soul, she can receive a bowl of Juling Fish Soup from teacher Wang Xucai every week, but she chooses to send it to Ou Shaotian.

Looking at this bowl of soup, Ou Shaotian was moved.

"Brother Shaotian, look at what this is. With it, you can definitely go further."

Yun Duoer said with a smile while holding the fish soup.

"Let's talk about it first!"

While Ou Shaotian spoke, he reached out and pulled her in, and then closed the door.

"Brother Shaotian, you can drink it quickly. Drink it while practicing. The effect is very good."

Yun Duo'er urged with a smile on his face.

Ou Shaotian shook his head and said, "Duo'er, this is your cultivation resource. How can you give it to me? This bowl of Gathering Fish Soup contains more than 300 spiritual power!"

The radar swept away, and the information of Juling Fish Soup appeared in his sight.

[Name]: Juling Fish Soup

[Quality]: Normal

[Remarks]: The fish soup boiled with Juling Fish contains 328 points of spiritual power, which is a rare training resource for the fisherman stage

When he was in a coma before, he had already drank a bowl of Yunduoer's Juling Fish Soup, and now he has the ability to catch seafood to replenish his spiritual power, how embarrassed to drink a little girl's training resources.

"No, you have to drink it. I have awakened the soul now, so that the soul can absorb the aura between the heavens and the earth. It's just a little slower if you don't drink this."

Yun Duoer's tone is very firm, although she is not very old, but her character is very stubborn, and the things she decides will not change easily.

"Duo'er, look at this place, I caught a lot of seafood, I really don't lack spiritual power!"

Ou Shaotian pulled Yun Duoer to the fish pond, pointed to the seafood inside, and said aloud.

"Did you catch these? When did you become so powerful? But you still have to drink it. These seafood are not graded, and their spiritual power is too low."

While Yun Duo'er was happy, she didn't change her mind and still asked Ou Shaotian to drink this precious bowl of Ju Ling fish soup.

"Okay, you can drink, but you also have to promise me that when I have something good for you in the future, you are not allowed to refuse."

Ou Shaotian groaned and said.

He also wanted to open it, although drinking this bowl of Juling Fish Soup would delay Yun Duoer's cultivation, but when he gets stronger, he can return more.

He has this confidence, it is better to cherish it instead of rejecting it.

"Hmm, then you remember to drink, I'll leave first!"

Yun Duoer was afraid that Ou Shaotian would go back, and when he agreed, he stuffed the Juling Fish Soup into his hand, and then left happily.

Then I came to the door and looked at Yun Duo'er's back. Until he disappeared, Ou Shaotian returned to the house and closed the gate of the yard again.

Just practiced for an afternoon, so Ou Shaotian was not in a hurry to drink Juling Fish Soup to practice, but put it out first. Anyway, if it is sealed, it won't be broken after a few days.

Cultivation pays attention to relaxation and relaxation. He intends to take a break and continue later.

If there is no TV at home, there will be no mobile phones. After the catastrophe, these high-tech products will only be available on the floating islands, and they are quite precious.

So after he was free, Ou Shaotian didn't know what to do, there were too few things to entertain.

"Forget it, let's admire the moon!"

Ou Shaotian jumped on the roof and lay on the eaves, watching the full moon slowly rising in the sky, his thoughts drifting away.

Three days passed in a flash. In these days, Yun Duoer hadn't been here again. It should be because of the heavy training task, or after the fish soup was given to Ou Shaotian, she could only go to the fishing ground to fish for spirit fish to practice.

During these three days, Ou Shaotian also absorbed the Juling Fish Soup, and even the seafood in the fish pond was almost eaten by him.

It can be said that the strength has greatly increased.

[Character]: Ou Shaotian

[Realm]: Level 5 fisherman

[Spiritual power]: 89 (89)

[Gong law]: Spiritual power forging body art (incomplete version), 3 times of skin refining in the current realm, can be deduced to complete the exercise method, requires 9,900 points of aura.

Breaking through to the fifth-level fisherman, but Ou Shaotian's spiritual power is comparable to that of the eighth-level fisherman. Compared to Xu Haibo and Zhang Pengpeng, they are no worse.

At this time, they were just eighth level fishermen.

In other words, after three days of hard practice, he has already caught up with him, and he has even succeeded in overtaking a corner.

"Yah, it took three days to complete the third tempering of the skin. It seems that you have to work harder."

After Ou Shaotian checked his own data changes, he couldn't help but grinned, still a little dissatisfied.

This time thanks to the bowl of Juling Fish Soup. Otherwise, the seafood alone might not be able to complete three times of tempering. The more difficult it will become later, it's not just talking.

He was owed a lot of favor after giving fish soup twice, and he might not be able to pay it off for the rest of his life.

After all, there was no such thing as the first bowl of Juling Fish Soup. He was badly injured by the big fish at the time, and he might not be able to wake up.

"The skin is tempered three times, and the meat can already be refined, but once you are promoted to the flesh-refining realm, you can no longer temper your skin, so at this stage, let's continue to temper your skin!"

Ou Shaotian murmured, but he had already made a decision.

Not to mention whether he can temper his skin to the point of nine times, but in any case, he must temper to the limit. Now he can continue to temper, why not continue!

If he really completes nine times of skin tempering, maybe he will be able to have the combat power of a fisherman in the fisherman realm!

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