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This sea snake was an unexpected harvest for Ou Shaotian, but it also reminded him to know what prey was hooked before catching it.

Otherwise, once you catch some amphibious horror aquariums, the characters may change instantly, and the prey may become hunters.

Soon, Ou Shaotian focused on fishing again.

Not long after, a group of ironhead fish entered the surveillance range of the radar.

[Name]: Iron Head Fish

[Level]: Level 0 and Level 1

[Quality]: Normal

[Aura]: 1312 points

[Remarks]: It is a variation of big head fish, fish head soup is the most delicious, it is a rare top-quality ingredient

This group of iron-headed fish is big or small, there are dozens of them, the big ones have reached level 0 and level 1, the small ones are not graded, but the aura contained in them is also dozens or hundreds.

Ou Shaotian didn't hesitate. With a flick of the fishing rod, the hook fell on the path of the group of iron-headed fish, and soon the iron-headed fish bit the hook.

Crackle! !

The surface of the water was violent, splashing water, and Ou Shaotian only felt a strong force coming.

This iron head fish was so powerful that he was almost drawn into the sea when he was caught off guard. Fortunately, he was able to hold the ship's side with his hands in time, which was really thrilling.

"Damn it!"

Ou Shaotian felt the power coming from the fishing rod, and couldn't help feeling a little depressed, too careless.

The iron head of the iron head fish is not just talking about it. After being hooked by the fish hook, other aquariums will reduce their struggle because of the pain, and then they will be pulled out of the water smoothly.

After leaving the water, most of the combat power has been lost. Even if it is in the water comparable to the angler's realm, the fisherman can subdue it after landing on the shore.

However, this iron-headed fish was different. When the head iron was hooked, it was not afraid of pain and struggled desperately.

"Give me!"

Ou Shaotian grasped the fishing rod tightly with both hands, stepped on the deck with one foot, and put the other foot on the ship's gunwale, pulling the line vigorously.

Fortunately, his little fishing boat was transformed and mutated through mysterious energy, and its balance is particularly strong. Otherwise, it won't be able to hold it at all, and maybe the boat will capsize.

"Shoot it to me!"

Seeing the ironhead fish constantly struggling on the sea, Ou Shaotian suddenly had an idea, the heavy crossbow on the fishing boat's body was activated again, and an arrow was shot out, accurately shooting the ironhead fish.

In an instant, the iron head fish lost its strength and was quickly caught by Ou Shaotian.

"Finally, it was caught. No wonder other fishermen have to form a team. If someone helps, there is no need to worry about not being able to pull it up."

Ou Shaotian couldn't help but sighed.

But soon he stopped thinking about it anymore, he could handle it by himself.

He took out the fish hook numbly, then pulled out the long arrow on the iron head fish, reinstalled it on the heavy crossbow, and then put the iron head fish into the fish hold freezer.

Dead seafood will be kept fresh on the frozen side.

However, just when Ou Shaotian was about to continue to bait, an unexpected scene appeared, and the remaining school of iron head fish actually launched an impact on the fishing boat clone.

"Boom boom!"

There was a crash.

Now Ou Shaotian had no choice. The iron head fish were all under the fishing boat, and the heavy crossbow could not be shot, and after being provoked, it was impossible to get the bait.

Fortunately, the fishing boat clone is strong enough that it cannot be easily destroyed by low-level aquarists.

However, Ou Shaotian was also worried about being hit by iron-headed fish like this. If the fishing boat's avatar was hit and fell apart, it would be really bad.

So after knowing that he could not solve it, he directly called the patrol team for support.

It was Uncle Li and his team that came over.

"Xiaotian, what happened?"

As soon as Li Shu and others came over, they asked loudly.

"Uncle Li, there is an iron head fish hitting my fishing boat underwater, do you have a way?"

Ou Shaotian responded loudly.

"Don't worry, this will solve it for you!"

Uncle Li responded, and then he greeted several team members to go into the water.

As a fisherman, after refining the skin, they have awakened the talented souls. They can breathe underwater, and killing some iron head fish is just a simple matter.

After a while, they came up with two iron head fish alone.

"Xiaotian, it's done!"

After returning to the fishing boat, Uncle Li raised a 30-jin iron head fish in his hand and said loudly.

"Thank you Uncle Li. By the way, I have caught a lot of aquariums. I will pay the fish tax by the way!"

Ou Shaotian asked the fishing boat to approach the fishing boat of the patrol team, and then took out three more than 30 catties of Tier 0 fish and handed them to the members of the patrol team.

"Good boy, it really is a tiger father without a dog."

Uncle Li couldn't help sighing.

Obviously, he and Ou Shaotian's father knew each other.

After that, the two sides didn't talk much, Li Shu left with the team members, but his team members were surprised and they were still talking in a low voice.

"Brother Li, didn't it mean that Ou Shaotian was kicked out of the trial team, his strength is very poor, I think this level is very good!"

On the fishing boat of the patrol, someone couldn't help but utter a voice.

"That's right, is Wang Xucai blind, such a good seedling actually gave up?"

The other person also spoke out.

"Wang Xucai can't be blamed for this. Shaotian's previous strength was really not good. Wang Xucai was also worried that something happened to him, causing Ou Jiajue to kick him out.

It seemed that he had suddenly regained his senses. A single person could catch so many spirit fish. As long as the luck is not too bad, it shouldn't be a problem to catch precious quality spirit fish. "

Uncle Li showed a happy smile.

He was naturally aware of the fact that Ou Shaotian was kicked out of the patrol, and he knew even more that Wang Xu's purpose for doing this was actually for the good of Ou Shaotian.

"Well, it seems that Wang Xu is the wrong one!"

On the other side, Ou Shaotian was busy again.

But this time, he didn't dare to attack some schools of fish anymore. Instead, he specifically picked some large fish that were alone and caught them one by one. The efficiency was slower, but the victory was safe.

It didn't take long for Ou Shaotian to discover a swordfish of precious quality.

Name: Swordfish

[Level]: Level 0, Level 1

[Quality]: precious

[Spiritual power]: 1945 points

[Remarks]: Swordfish that are extremely fast in the water and can shoot sword auras, which are not weak in lethality.

Spirit power is more than 1,900, this is close to the second level, and it is almost able to break through, so Ou Shaotian suddenly hesitated, do you want to make a move?

But after thinking of Yun Duo'er, Ou Shaotian decided to take action.

Swordfish of precious quality are rare. For Yun Duoer, who has already awakened as the soul of Yin Yang swordfish, it can enhance the sword aura of Yin Yang swordfish.

Yun Duoer helped him so much, and now he has a chance to return, he naturally doesn't want to miss it.

Besides, as long as he is more careful, with the help of the fishing boat clone, the chance to deal with this swordfish is still great.

Thinking of this, Ou Shaotian decided to pay attention, and the bait of the hook was replaced with a green worm, which was a higher-grade bait than the earthworm.

Then the fishing rod flicked and the hook landed near the swordfish, waiting for the swordfish to be hooked.

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