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"I'm exhausted, that's it for today, and continue tomorrow." After a day of exhaustion, Xia Chengfeng was also exhausted.

He enters his own space, soaks, sets up the bed, and falls asleep.

When he woke up the next day, there were still a bunch of people sending letters on his barbecue bargaining post.

And Xia Chengfeng discovered that besides him, another "butcher shop" appeared.

"[Xingyuan] Temporary butcher shop, trade everything with barbecue! Large quantity and affordable!"

It seems that the Xingyuan team, some people have dug a cave of crypt creatures, they sell rat meat, the portion is not much.

Competition has appeared, Xia Chengfeng had to increase the weight of the barbecue.

Today, his goal is to store food while continuing to barbecue, and to make simple wooden houses and pig pens.

Split wild boar and grilled him with ease.

While roasting the meat, Xia Chengfeng set up the iron pan he obtained yesterday. He put the fat in it and fry it. This is making lard. The fried lard is put in the jar, and there will be oil to eat in the future. Up.

Xia Chengfeng has learned some knowledge about survival in the wild before, and has also read the complete works of "Survival in the Wilderness". She still has some experience in independent survival.

In addition, he did not grill all the wild boars. After he had cut a few pigs, they were marinated with salt and placed next to the flint to dry the water to make bacon, which can be stored for longer.

After doing this, Xia Chengfeng began to build her own cabin.

The volume of space bubble is now 350 cubic meters. At the beginning, it was a 5X5X5 cube space. A lot of the space was not used, so Xia Chengfeng made a transformation.

The space bubble can be twisted at will. He reduced the height of the space bubble, and the opened storage space is only two meters high, ensuring that he can easily get it and increasing the surface area.

The height of the berry field is only three meters, which can accommodate him in and out. In addition, he built a wooden frame in the berry field.

Cranberry vines can grow along the shelf, reducing the horizontal space occupied.

The central area of the space bubble, Xia Chengfeng set aside a space of 3 meters high, 3.5 meters long, and 3 meters wide as the building area for her own hut.

This is the standard for a small bedroom, and Xia Chengfeng is built with wood. He doesn't have the skill to build a house, he can only build it by imagination.

First, the foundation was laid. Xia Chengfeng threw a layer of soil and stones as the foundation, then nailed the wooden boards into the soil, and laid them in sequence, with logs inserted in the house as beams and pillars.

As for the roof, just cover it with the finished wooden shelves and planks, and it is finished.

This wooden house is very rudimentary, too rudimentary to withstand a storm. But Xia Chengfeng was very satisfied, anyway, there was no wind or rain in the space bubble.

If the space bubble is large enough, there will be air movement, rain and even thunder, but now, as long as it doesnt fall, its over!

Xia took the wind and moved the bed in and covered it with thatch. Yesterday, sleeping on a hard board gave him a sore waist and back pain. The thatched mat can relieve him one or two.

"Okay, the cabin is complete, next is the pigpen."

The production of the pig pen is even more rough. Xia Chengfeng used wooden stakes and the hemp rope he bought yesterday to make a pig pen fence.

He deliberately set up the pig pen next to the berry field to facilitate the use of pig manure to grow crops. Spread some weeds inside, cut out a water trough and a food trough with stones, and a small pigsty was completed.

"Huh, if it weren't for the energy crystals, this life would really not be able to withstand it." Xia Chengfeng absorbed another energy crystal, which can strengthen the body and increase the physical strength.

He went to the wild boar cave before, and caught the little piglets that he had blocked in the cave, and put them in the pigpen.

There are a total of 18 little piglets. After these little piglets entered the pigpen, they immediately began to drink water and eat pig grass.

The growth and breeding of wild boars is very fast. Adult wild boars can breed twice a year, and a sow can give birth to more than a dozen piglets at a time.

Xia Chengfeng This can be regarded as a stable source of meat, the only inconvenience is to cut pig grass every day to feed them.

For this reason, he had to harvest the grass in the wild boar cave, pile it in the warehouse, and reopen a 3X3 forage field to be used as a fodder for the wild boar.

In the wild boar cave, even those pig dung and insects were not let off by the summer wind.

System prompt: "Get [Ordinary Fertilizer] +12, get [Live Earthworm] +154."

The entire wild boar cave was scraped by Xia Chengfeng and even the land!

Finally, he took the wild boar cave and turned it into a space spar, increasing the space range of his space bubble.

"Huh, feel better!" Master Xia, who had been busy all day, sat comfortably on the bed and had barbecue.

"Now I have finally entered the era of farming civilization from the primitive stage." Xia Chengfeng planned to continue to expand the volume of the space bubble, increase the area of farmland, expand the pig pen, and preferably other livestock. , Planting cotton or something...

While he was planning a bright future, the system prompt sounded:

"More than 3 billion people have dug the cave, and the novice protection period is about to end. A one-star cave will appear around you in 24 hours."

"[Suggestion]: Energy crystals, element crystals, soul stones, runes and "Occupational Revelation" will become the most critical items."

The surviving humans all heard the system prompts and went to the forum to express their opinions.

In the area of 2222, someone made a conjecture, which attracted a lot of praise.

Little Diamond Wind: ""Guess about new tips, must see!""

"According to the current observations and the information that everyone contributed, UU reading www.uukanshu.com I guess that in the first few days, we were all in the novice protection period, and there was basically no danger."

"Even if someone died, it was caused by poor survivability or bad luck."

"At this time, various resources have appeared in the cave. You should be able to find that this cave world is completely different from the world we live in."

"The laws of physics are partly similar, but science does not fully function here, because the world does not necessarily follow the scientific theorems we know!"

"Energy crystals, rune treasure chests, etc., these are things that carry extraordinary energy, which we can call magic for the time being. From this, we can see that there are bound to be various energy bodies, or demons and ghosts in the cave world!"

"And the one-star cave mentioned just now, there should be these monsters and ghosts, and they have these extraordinary powers."

"The resources that prompted us to find and the "Career Revelation" must be the way to let us master this extraordinary power!"

"So 24 hours later is the key time node, the fastest time to master the extraordinary power, in order to obtain the next survival qualification!"

"Who can become the master of extraordinary power, who will gain the lead in the next survival game!"

Xia Chengfeng read it again and couldn't help but admire his thoughts. Most of his guesses were correct.

In the future, the cave world will indeed become more and more dangerous. Food and water will no longer be the main survival problem. The main survival problem is all kinds of cave monsters!

Like a cave boar, it can't be called a cave monster because it doesn't master supernatural powers.

If survivors want to survive or have a competitive advantage, they must become the masters of various supernatural powers. This requires-"Career Revelation".

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