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The so-called "Career Revelation" is an introductory book or scroll for mastering various extraordinary powers.

According to Xia Chengfengs experience playing in the closed beta, the main occupations are divided into five main ways.

The first way is the most common way of martial arts, that is, the way to improve physical strength and combat skills.

In the martial arts path, there will be professions such as swordsman, knight, swordsman, archer, fighter, etc. If you want to become a martial artist, you must increase your physical strength.

And energy crystallization is the key.

The second way is the magic way, that is, the way to enhance the spiritual power and perceive the power of the elements.

In the magic pathway, there will be professions such as element mage, battle mage, summoner, cursed wizard and so on.

The crystallization of elemental power and soul stone are the key to improving mental power and elemental perception.

The third way is the saints, this way is to rely on the belief in various gods and get the power bestowed by the gods.

In the saint path, there will be priests, holy knights, fanatics, judges and other professions.

If you want to take the third path, the key items are idols and holy objects. In some caves, you may find idols and holy objects of gods, and then communicate with them to gain power.

The fourth way is blood successor, to obtain a certain bloodline ability, and then continue to improve.

The acquirer of this approach needs to obtain the blood of some mysterious creatures, such as magic creatures, undead creatures, and so on.

The fifth way is called an alchemist, who strengthens himself through alchemy.

Alchemists are subdivided, such as potions alchemists, magical device refiners, puppet alchemists, life alchemists, and so on.

Alchemists are generally regarded as affiliated professions, and become pharmacists, refiners and so on.

But Xia Chengfeng knew that the alchemist was definitely the most underestimated way!

Alchemy is the study of the essence of everything, used to strengthen oneself, and create various props to assist oneself.

To put it simply, alchemy is to explore the truth of the cave world, to learn and understand the composition and rules of the world.

During the closed beta, Xia Chengfeng chose the swordsman, although he grew up very strongly later.

But he once played against an alchemist and he discovered that the upper limit of growth in this way is higher! He uses life alchemy to make his body strong, no less than a warrior; powerful alchemy is not weaker than a wizard, and all kinds of alchemy potions, alchemy puppets, and alchemy wizards are even more powerful than an army!

In the construction of his own crypt world, the alchemists alchemy castle is often stronger and more perfect than the crypt world of other professions!

Had it not been for the lack of development time for the alchemist at the time, Xia Chengfeng might have failed.

So he believes that as long as an alchemist has enough resources, he can grow up no worse than other ways!

He wanted to be an alchemist from the beginning. The alchemist needs a lot of resources to grow, so the demon soul he chooses is the soul of destruction, with the talent for decomposition.

In addition to these five main ways, there will be some rare ways. Such as magic swordsmen, necromancers, magicians, dragon knights and so on.

The "Occupational Revelation" of the rare route is hard to get, and Xia Chengfeng doesn't consider it.

"A one-star cave will appear around you in 24 hours. The one-star cave will have mysterious creatures, and even they will actively attack my space bubble. You must become an alchemist in the shortest time!" Xia Chengfeng had already made up his mind.

To obtain the "Professional Revelation" exclusively for alchemists, you need to increase the speed of exploring the surrounding burrows.

If you can buy it on the trading channel, that would be the best.

But survivors all need "Career Revelation". Xia Chengfeng believes that it is difficult to buy it. Even if you want to buy it, you must exchange it with the "Career Revelation" of a certain profession.

"We must be ready for battle!" Xia Chengfeng thought to herself.

Before setting off, he first processed the ingredients he had exchanged for barbecue in the past two days.

Except for plant seeds and building materials, he has a total of twelve first-order energy crystals, eleven first-order soul stones, and ten earth elemental spars.

"If I remember correctly, becoming an alchemist requires both strength and mental power to be above 100 points. Before becoming a professional, the highest attribute is 100 points."

Using a first-order energy crystal can increase 10 points of strength, and a soul stone can increase 10 points of mental power. He has already prepared enough.

Xia Chengfeng used it directly, because of his physical fitness, energy crystal and soul stone can only use one per hour.

He used one like the same, and his energy and mental power were enhanced.

Later, Xia Chengfeng rested all night. Sleeping in the wooden house made him feel a lot more at ease.

woke up the next day, it was already eight hours later.

After eating the berries, Xia Chengfeng began to open the treasure chest.

In yesterday's transaction, he traded an ordinary rune treasure chest and an ordinary rune treasure chest key.

"Open the treasure chest!"

The rune key and the forbidden rune on the rune treasure box disappeared at the same time, and Xia Chengfeng opened the rune treasure box made of mysterious metal.

A set of clothes and a pair of leather boots appeared in .

Animal Skin Top LV1(Quality: Normal): A coat made of animal skins, carved with a few physical defense runes, physical defense power +20.

[Animal Leather Boots LV1] (Quality: Normal): Boots made of animal leather, carved with a few speed runes, and moving speed +20.

Drawings for making traps: used to make Latch LV1.

"Not bad. Both pieces of equipment are equipped with attributes." Xia Chengfeng currently has three pieces of equipment, only the long sword because the materials forged at the time were too common, so basically no attributes were added.

He opened the panel, and a detailed personal attribute panel appeared.

Name: Xia Chengfeng.

Race: Human race.

Occupation: None.

Power: 100.

Spirit: 100.

Movement speed: 100 (+20).

Physical defense: 100 (+20).

Magic defense: 100.

Equipment: [Exquisite Knight's Long Sword LV1], [Apprentice Robe LV1], [Animal Leather Boots LV1].

Skill proficiency: [Basic Swordsmanship LV1], [Broken Evil Eye LV1]

Only the attributes he possessed are shown above, UU reading www.uukanshu. com still has some attributes that exist but he does not own, so it will not be displayed for the time being.

The system prompts: "Decompose [Ordinary Rune Treasure Box] to obtain [Blocked Rune Fragments] X5 and Metal Material X5."

In the following time, Xia Chengfeng has been absorbing energy crystals and soul stones to improve his strength and spiritual power.

In other spaces, the survivors are afraid and look forward to the future.

In the discussion group of Tianxun Company, Wu Rui and others are discussing: "This reminder tells us that energy crystals and soul stones are precious. Unfortunately, the inventory on the market has been replaced by the one called Qingfeng!"

"The next "Occupational Apocalypse" is very important. If you control the mysterious power, you can hunt down the monsters in the cave and get more resources!"

"So when the one-star cave appears, those of us who have weapons must explore the cave and seize the opportunity! Strive for the first professional to appear!"

In the discussion group of Xingyuan Company, Yang Yong is also arranging tasks: "Collect energy crystals, soul stones, element crystals and "Career Apocalypse" with all your strength, everyone will move me!"

"Now it will not be strong. When the monster enters your space, it will not be too late for you to ask for help!"

"This is a crisis and an opportunity for us! Strive for us to be the first to have a professional!"

In the 2222 Regional Mutual Aid Association, President Yu Pengfei said: "Our strength is relatively weak, so we must pool our resources to give a few strong ones. Let them explore the one-star cave and help others after becoming a professional!"

"Everyone has energy to crystallize or something, trade it to me first! I'll arrange it!"

All major teams and individuals are preparing for the changes in a few hours.

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