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Xia Chengfeng can't grow after her strength and spirit have been increased to 100 points.

At this time, his strength is comparable to that of a Hercules among humans, and his physical strength has increased to 100 points.

To dig an ordinary burrow, it only takes about five points of physical strength, but now the danger of the cave has increased, and a certain amount of physical strength must be saved for fighting.

He first learned [Drawings for making traps], and then began to make traps.

Animal traps require materials such as metal, springs, and clay molds.

Xia Chengfeng first uses clay to make molds, and then uses fine iron to make traps.

Two hours later, he got ten traps.

Beast Trap LV1: A trap made of fine iron, which can be used to capture prey.

Xia Chengfeng took a short break, watered the berry field, and used plant essence to promote its growth. In just a few days, new fruits have grown.

Hogweed grows faster, and it can be harvested every 48 hours. He cuts it down to feed the pigs.

"Today's berries." On the trading channel, Xia Chengfeng and Bai Yuwei traded three berries, and at the same time reminded: "It will be more dangerous next, pay attention to yourself. Today I will give you a spear for self-defense."

The spear is made by Xia Chengfeng using a small piece of fine iron and a wooden stick, and has no attributes.

Bai Yuwei: "Thank you!"

Xia Chengfeng has not yet obtained a stable water source, and he does not want any problems with Bai Yuwei.

stayed for a few more hours, and the system upgrade sounded: "[Warning]: A one-star cave has appeared."

At this time, an introduction appeared on the system: "One-star cave: more advanced than ordinary caves, resources and monsters of LV1-LV10 will appear."

Xia Chengfeng discovered that after the novice protection period expired, many resources appeared at the LV level representing the level.

includes his own personal panel, showing that he is a human of LV1.

There is also an experience bar below, showing 0/100. Killing monsters or absorbing energy can increase the experience bar.

"Appeared." Xia Chengfeng was ready. He took out the crystal ball for divination and began to divination for the surrounding directions.

"If I dig forward, what will I find?"

During the divination of a one-star cave, Xia Chengfeng's mental power was greatly exhausted, and one divination consumed 30% of his mental power.

The crystal ball for divination gradually turned purple, and the text appeared on it: "The miasma is permeated, and the hunter is waiting for the prey."

"Probably it is poisonous gas." Xia Chengfeng thought for a while, and it was better not to touch it. Currently, he does not have any anti-virus measures. Once poisoned, it is estimated to be cool.

"If I dig backward, what will I find?" He chose to divination again.

The crystal ball for divination gradually turns red and darker in color.

"The hungry creatures have moved, and their big sticks are already hungry and thirsty!"

Seeing this prophecy, Xia Chengfeng was surprised. This means that the monster is digging a hole and is coming in the direction of his space bubble?

Generally, there are not many monsters actively digging holes, and Xia Chengfeng is unlucky.

"Don't panic, this is my home court, as long as the layout is good, the chances of winning are great." Xia Chengfeng looked back.

"My current strength is okay to deal with ordinary monsters. But I am weak, and I still have to prepare traps!" Xia Chengfeng immediately began to dig the traps.

The old way is to dig holes in the ground, insert sharp spears and wooden thorns, and cover them with weeds.

At the same time, put the trap he just made in the soil.

Xia Chengfeng is also planning to drive all the little piglets into the cave to prevent them from being killed.

"Ding Ding Dong! Ding Ding Dong!" The grass on the wall sounded an alarm, and it had already felt the vibration of the wall.

Xia Chengfeng pressed her ear to the wall, and she heard the knock, something was digging a hole!

"Come!" Xia Chengfeng stood by, holding a long sword.

The space is small and there is no room to escape, so fighting at the beginning is the best choice.

He saw that the soil was falling somewhere in the cave, and there was a weird cry of "chilling" from inside.

Soon, a paw covered with yellow mud stretched out. With green skin and sharp nails, Xia Chengfeng had already raised his sword.

"Wow!" A green monster poked out its head. Its jaws are long and pointed, with wolflike teeth, hairless on top of its head, and barking strangely.

System prompt: "[Normal Goblin LV1]: A cave monster with low intelligence and like eating meat."

"Power: 50."

"Spirit: 0."

"Attack speed: 10."

"Movement speed: 10."

"Physical defense: 10."

"Magic defense: 10."

In addition to having special talents, everyone can see biological information no higher than five levels of their own.

The goblin saw Xia Chengfeng at a glance. It just yelled, and Xia Chengfeng's long sword swung down, and a green head rolled to the ground, blood spurting out.

System prompt: "Kill [Normal Goblin LV1] to get 10 combat experience points."

"Killing!" There were other goblins in the passage, and they dragged back the corpses of their companions. Xia Chengfeng could catch a glimpse of a group of green-skin monsters eating their companions.

Its sharp teeth can easily bite into flesh and blood, and a goblin corpse half a meter tall quickly became a pile of minced meat!

Other goblins rushed out of the passage, Xia Chengfeng seized the opportunity and killed another one.

But the goblins did not know what fear is, the goblins behind rushed out of the tunnel.

"Wow!" Just as an ordinary goblin pounced on Xia Chengfeng, he fell into the trap and was pierced by the spear. It was not dead for a while, making a scream.

"Guru!" There was a roar from the tunnel, and more goblins rushed out.

Three of them fell into a trap or stepped on a trap and were easily killed by Xia Chengfeng.

In a short time, five goblins have died!

"Grumbling!" The roar in the passage sounded again, a majestic goblin with a height of two meters and a whole body of muscles rushed out, and in its hand, it was also waving an iron mace.

[Goblin Captain LV2]: The strong man in the goblin, cruel temperament!

"Power: 150."

"Spirit: 10."

"Attack Speed: -10"

"Movement speed: 20."

"Physical defense: 40."

"Magic defense: 40. UU reading www.uukanshu.com"

Goblin Captain's power is three times that of ordinary goblins, but fortunately, its speed has not increased much, and Xia Chengfeng still has room to roam.

Xia Chengfeng repeated the old trick, trying to kill it while it was not stable. Unexpectedly, Captain Goblin was already on guard and blocked his attack with a mace.

Its power, the trembling Xia Chengfeng's tiger's mouth is numb!

Its skill is obviously stronger than that of other goblins. It jumped directly over the trap and did not step on the trap. It roared and smashed Xia Chengfeng with its mace.

Captain Goblin doesn't know how to move, but it is really strong. It smashed down with a stick. Xia Chengfeng tried to block it with a sword, but it almost made his sword unstable.

"The brute force is really great!" Xia Chengfeng gritted his teeth, he observed the terrain, and placed a trap on the right back. If the Goblin Captain stepped on it, it would inevitably affect its actions.

Xia Chengfeng ran to the rear to the right, and the goblin captain smashed it down, and the ground was smashed into a hole!

It didn't know what fear was, and it continued to pursue it. However, the space was tight, and Captain Goblin stepped on the trap with one foot.

The trap clip closed, and the sawtooth pierced its leg. The Goblin Captain was unstable and fell to the ground.

"It's now!" Xia Chengfeng looked at the opportunity to counterattack, and a heavy stab inserted into its back.

"Guru!" The Goblin Captain uttered the final scream, then his body twitched twice on the ground, and he died!

System prompt: "Kill [Goblin Captain LV2] to get 50 combat experience points."

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