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Compared with other Demon Souls and their talent abilities, the talent abilities of Souls of Destruction is very **** in the early stage of the game.

Because of the lack of resources in the early stage, it is difficult to survive. How can there be any energy to decompose materials?

But as a player who passed the closed beta, Xia Chengfeng knew very well how important it is to have the ability to resolve in the later stage!

When the resources are sufficient for survival, it is necessary to build a survival base, equipment and so on. All kinds of rare materials are needed, and these materials are difficult to collect.

If you have the ability to decompose, you can gather the materials in the fastest time and hit the target.

As for the early survival problem, Xia Chengfeng believes that as a senior player, it is impossible for him to pass the first level!

"Choose to merge the soul of destruction!" Xia Chengfeng made a choice.

Game hint: "You are fusing the soul of destruction, please keep your mind sober, if you fail, your mind will be occupied by the devil soul!"

"There is still a chance of failure?" Xia Chengfeng was surprised. During the closed beta, the game did not have this setting.

The public beta must have made some changes, so please pay attention to it in the future.

At the bottom of the cave, a phantom suddenly emerged, and it went directly into Xia Chengfeng's body.

In Xia Chengfeng's mind, there were some fragments that seemed like nothing.

seems to have an ancient evil god, whispering in the abyss, spreading indescribable fear to the world!

"Surrender to me, I will give you eternal life, immortal body!" A voice tempted in his brain.

"Surrender a fart, if you can be immortal, will you become a remnant soul?" Xia Chengfeng vomited.

The demon soul seemed to be irritated by him and began to impact his consciousness.

Xia Chengfeng feels like a boat in a storm, surrounded by stormy waves, and the deep sea seems to swallow him!

He clenched his teeth, and muttered silently in his heart: "All cows, ghosts, and snakes are paper tigers!"

After a while, the impact of the Demon Soul became weaker and weaker, and the storm gradually subsided.

Game hint: "You have successfully integrated the Soul of Shattered (one star) and gained the talent ability-Shattered Evil Eye."

On the panel, it has been shown that he has a demon soul and his talent ability is level one.

Xia Chengfeng saw that there was also a note on it: [Swallowing other demon souls can make the demon soul grow. But be aware that devouring a powerful Demon Soul may encounter a backlash!

"Can you still swallow someone else's demon soul?" Xia Chengfeng couldn't help but feel a little worried when he saw this.

According to the prompts, all human beings have entered the world of the cave, and everyone has merged with the devil soul. Doesn't this mean that in the future you will not only face the dangers of the catacomb world, but will also face attacks from fellow human beings?

"It doesn't matter, it's something for the future, so take care of your eyes first."

Xia Chengfeng picked up the shovel on the ground, and the shovel message appeared before her eyes:

"[Ordinary Shovel]: A very ordinary shovel, without any auxiliary capabilities, and extremely rough in workmanship. It cannot hit rocks."

"Durability: 100. (The shovel will be damaged when the durability is zero.

"That's not right, I should have a space to store supplies and build a survival base." Xia Chengfeng asked the system.

The system prompts: "The space you are currently in is your space bubble. When you leave this cave, it will be printed on the back of your hand in the form of a space inscription. Please leave the current space as soon as possible!"

"It turned out to be like this." Xia Chengfeng looked at the space, it was about 555, and the range was very small.

The system continues: "Using spatial crystallization can increase the size of the space bubble."

"By the way, where is my gift package?" Xia Chengfeng asked, "Didn't I get the gift package in the closed beta?"

System: "The gift package has been sent, please check it."

In the space where he was, an unlocked wooden box appeared. When Xia Chengfeng opened the wooden box, there was a fist-sized crystal ball inside, and an instruction manual was attached below.

The message of the crystal ball appeared in front of Xia Chengfeng's eyes:

"[Divination Crystal Ball]: It can be used to divvy the future and obtain the omens of the future. Divination consumes mental power, and the accuracy is related to the strength of the diviner."

"[Instructions]: Before each use, make sure that you are full of energy and there is no danger around you. Hold the crystal ball and think about the things you want to divination. The crystal ball will display relevant information."

"It's a metaphysical prop!" Xia Chengfeng was delighted. The effect of this metaphysical prop can be large or small, depending on how to use it!

The best way to use it now is to use it to estimate the information in the cave world!

For novices, every hole in the ground is dangerous! If you are not careful, you will die!

If we can predict the good and bad, it will greatly increase the chance of survival!

The system prompts: "You can choose up, down, left, right, front, and back six directions for digging, and a hole will be dug in each direction."

"No hurry, let's divination first!" Xia Chengfeng held the crystal ball for divination and faced forward, thinking to herself: "If I dig forward, what will happen?"

He felt that the crystal ball had taken away some of his mental power, which left him empty, as if he had suddenly entered sage time.

If you come here a few times, I'm afraid the body can't stand it!

The crystal ball gradually faded in color and turned into a black ball, with a sentence written on it: "The dead spirit is permeated ahead, and dangerous undeads may be sleeping. They just want to get your body!"

"It's dangerous!" Xia Chengfeng recalled the information of playing the game before. There are many kinds of undead in the cave world.

The general newcomers will not encounter very powerful undead at the beginning, at most they are skeletons, zombies, etc., senior vampire dukes, old red-haired monsters, etc., will not appear near the newcomers.

But thinking that he can't do anything now, his weapon is a shovel. Even a skeleton monster is hard to fight. It can be digged, but it's not necessary.

Xia Chengfeng began to divination for the second time, "If I dig to the left, what will appear?"

The crystal ball sucked another wave of his mental power. He felt like he had spent the night in an Internet cafe, exhausted, and could fall asleep.

The crystal ball turned gray, and the prompt read: "The hard rock is blocking your way. Can you turn your head after hitting the south wall?"

"There is a rock ahead, I can't dig now!" Xia Chengfeng knew very well. If he digs in this direction, it may be a waste of energy.

If he can dig the rock, there must be a hole in the back, but he lacks tools now.

"I can't stand it anymore, let's rest first." Xia Chengfeng felt sleepy. He closed his eyes, worried about the sudden danger, and didn't dare to really fall asleep.

After squinting for dozens of minutes, Xia Chengfeng already felt difficulty breathing and was hungry in her belly.

displayed on his personal status bar: "Current status: mild hunger, mild dehydration, mild mental exhaustion. Physical strength: 9."

"Hurry up and start work!" He knew he couldn't go on like this, otherwise he would be suffocated to death by the suffocation of the air before he starved to death!

Xia Chengfeng clenched the crystal ball again: "If I dig backward, what will appear?"

After another feeling of emptiness, the crystal ball turned green, and it displayed: "The space nurtured by vitality, green, makes you strong!"

"There may be food! Just dig back!"

Xia Chengfeng immediately started construction and excavated.

The soil here is still relatively soft and easy to dig. If the elderly, children, women, etc. have poor physical strength, the soil near the burrow where they were born is easier to dig, and resources such as food and water are more likely to appear, which will help them survive. .

"Physical strength -1, soil resources +1." The system prompt appeared in Xia Chengfeng's mind.

His physical strength is constantly decreasing, and the excavated soil is piled into his own small space.

Mud resources can be used for farming, making pottery, bricks, etc., but they are also the most space-consuming resources and can be thrown away if they dont need to.

After exhausting panting and sweating profusely, Xia Chengfeng, who was exhausting four points, finally dug a hole in the ground.

He jumped down from the entrance of the cave. This space was more than double his initial space. At this time, his initial space has become a space imprint, printed on the back of his hand, and he can enter at any time to store supplies.

Now, some soil and air are stored inside.

This space is like the crystal ball for divination, covered with vine-like plants.

They absorb the light of the space bubble and grow tenaciously. There are some fist-sized, red berries between the branches and leaves.

"Red berry!" Xia Chengfeng had eaten this fruit in the game before. This is a common food in the cave world, non-toxic, slightly sweet, and can add vitamins, sugar and water. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

Xia Chengfeng immediately ate one. It was fresh and juicy, sweet and delicious, which made him feel good.

There are about fifty red berries here, save a bit of food, and he can survive for a week!

"In addition to red berries, this red plum vine is also a good thing!" Xia Chengfeng was about to dig some vines and plant them in her own space bubble.

This vine has strong vitality and is easy to grow. In addition, it can provide enough oxygen for the space bubble.

Rested for a while, Xia Chengfeng's physical strength basically recovered, and his hunger and thirst were alleviated.

At this time, the system once again heard a prompt: "Attention all players."

"More than one billion people have dug into the first burrow. "The Cavern World" will open the world forum."

"Currently players can communicate and trade in the forums in their area to survive better."

Xia Chengfeng opened the panel and found out that there was an additional game forum function.

He turned it on. This thing is no different from other online forums. Currently, only two sections have been opened.

The first one is the 2222nd regional information section, and the second is the 2222 regional trading section.

System prompt: "Each area has 3,000 players. If the local cave world is explored within a certain range, the area will be expanded."

"There are three thousand people in an area, and I don't know how big the area is." Xia Chengfeng immediately entered the information section, and it showed that his default name was Xia Chengfeng. There is currently an opportunity to modify it.

Xia Chengfeng didn't want to reveal his identity, so he put on a vest and called it "Qingfeng".

The forum has just been opened, and the information section has been refreshed by hundreds of posts! All are from the human players who have been drawn into this world!

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