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"Help! Who knows what's going on? Why am I locked in this cave?"

"Fuck, are we being teased by the gods?"

"Woo, I'm starving to death, can anyone help me?"

"If you come, you will be at ease. I suggest that everyone accept the facts, no matter how magical the world is, we must continue to survive, come on!"

"It's over, I dug a monster, it's eating my thigh..."

There are many kinds of information, most of which are irrational, blindly seeking rescue, and even wanting to die.

For these, Xia Chengfeng skipped directly.

He sympathized with these people, and was suddenly thrown into this cruel world, but sympathy can't change anything. Right now, it's the business to survive!

There are also some calm people in the forum. They have accepted the facts and started to explore this cave world.

Someone seeks the knowledge of survival: "I inherited the Warrior Demon Soul, and found that my strength has increased. When I met a beetle, I punched it to death! Now I dont know how to make a fire. How did you drill it?"

"I have a pool of muddy water here, how can I purify it?"

"How many days can I eat my own shit?"

Xia Chengfeng also saw a familiar name. The companys boss Wu Rui was posting: Im Wu Rui from Tianxun, do you have any Tianxun employees? Lets find a way together!"

Under the post, some people really responded.

Ocean King: "Mr. Wu, I am the king of the design department, Dahai! You are there!"

The sound of the waves still remains: "I am Chen Tao from the Marketing Department of Tianxun!"

"I'm from the Operations Department!"

"I am the front desk!"


In just a short time, more than 60 people have left messages.

Wu Rui posted again, saying: "Don't panic, it seems that this crypt area is not irregular. All of our employees at the annual meeting should be in this area!"

"Since we have fallen into such a dangerous situation, we should all join together! I set up a private discussion group, everyone adds up, we work hard together!"

Ocean King: "Support Mr. Wu!"

"stand by!"

"Yes, we have a better chance of survival if we unite!"

Seeing these news, Xia Chengfeng did not reply. Its a different world. Who cares about you? It's a ball!

And based on the urinary nature of Wu Rui and the capitalists, it must be the one that spends big cakes for the bottom layer, scraping other people's resources for themselves.

Xia Chengfeng did not find any useful information, so he entered the trading channel in the 2222 area.

Game reminder: "On the trading channel, you can post transaction information, and you can also purchase other people's trading products. The products will be automatically sent to their respective space bubbles."

"The content of the transaction is determined by both parties."

Xia Chengfeng took a look, and many people have already released transaction information.

"Ten units of soil, it is best to exchange food for food, as long as you can eat it!"

"Three pieces of wood can be used for sticks and firewood, and they need water resources!"

"A rusty rune treasure chest that cannot be opened without a key. Ask for food or a rusty rune key."

"Rune Treasure Chest!" Xia Chengfeng's eyes lit up. Rune Treasure Chests are scarce resources in the crypt world, and precious things can often be found in them.

But rune treasure chests need corresponding rune keys to open. If you destroy them by violence, rune treasure chests will often explode, and everything will be destroyed together!

Rune Treasure Boxes are all encounters and unquestionable, and generally no one will trade them out. But in the early stage, players who want to survive can sell everything.

Xia Chengfeng even saw that someone was auctioning herself, if the other party offered food to buy, she (them) would be willing to become the other's servants! In this way, it can become a trading product and be sent to the other party's space bubble.

The rules of the last world are quietly collapsing!

Xia Chengfeng immediately chatted with each other privately, and the other party was a male user called "Little Diamond Wind".

Qingfeng: "@, are brothers here? Three berries (pictured) for your rune treasure chest."

The other party immediately replied, "???? This is too little, right? Your three fruits, I lost it in one meal. Although I haven't opened this rune chest yet, the contents must be more valuable than berries! At least ten Stars!"

In fact, even if you exchange a hundred berries for this rusty rune treasure chest, Xia Chengfeng earned it. But now is the early days of the Catacomb World, with scarce resources and unstable prices. Things are precious, food and water are now what everyone needs most!

Qingfeng: "Your rune treasure chest can't be opened, it's no different from scrap iron. My berries are life-saving, and the fructose and water content are high. You can eat three of them for a day!"

Xiao Zuanfeng was still dissatisfied, and said, "That's at least eight!"

He knows very well that since the other party can take out food to trade, he should have more on hand.

Qingfeng: "Five, one price. No more!"

Xiao Zuanfeng thought for a while, although he knew that the value of the rune treasure chest must be higher than that of berries, but he can't eat enough now, and survival is the first survival criterion.

He replied: "Okay, then five! Go to the trading window!"

After the two parties put the transaction items on the transaction window, they confirm that the transaction information is correct, and then select the transaction.

Xia Chengfengs five red berries disappeared, and in his space bubble, a rusty rune treasure box appeared.

It is made of some kind of metal, with a forbidden rune carved on it.

It's a pity that there is no rune key, otherwise Xia Chengfeng would like to take a look immediately.

He carefully searched the trading channel, and no one has sold rune keys yet.

So he hung up a transaction post and wrote: "Buy rune keys, various rune treasure chests, design drawings, and exchange for food! Interested parties chat privately!"

Xia Chengfeng is not worried that her food is not enough to trade, and the probability of digging these rare items in a channel of 3,000 people is not high.

Besides, I still have physical strength. UU reading www.uukanshu.com can continue to dig holes to obtain resources.

As soon as the transaction thread was posted, many people chatted about his transaction privately:

"Big guy, all right, I'm starving to death, I'm a student, you can give me food!"

"I have a bunch of bones, can I change berries? (picture

"Niucha, boss, how did you find the food? Can you teach me?"

"I dug a piece of fine iron ore, can I change it?"

"@, I have spring water, can I trade your food?"


Most of the information is asking for information, and Xia Chengfeng chose to ignore it. In fact, the mortality rate in the new life of the catacombs is not that high.

If they choose a normal demon soul, such as warriors, knights, wizards, etc., they can deal with the past even if they encounter some danger.

And there must be food and water in the nearby caves! The reason why these people are still hungry is purely because they are too lazy, or because they are afraid of waiting, they dare not dig!

No one has rune keys and treasure chests. Xia Chengfeng selected it and traded three red berries for a piece of fine iron ore.

In addition, he also wanted to change some spring water. By relying on berries, he could only say that he was thirsty, but it could not satisfy his water demand.

Xia Chengfeng contacted the spring water trader and found that the other party did not use a vest, showing her name as "Bai Yuwei".

"That female singer is also in area 2222?" If Xia Chengfeng has realized, people in the same area are likely to be drawn into this world on the earth, but they are also within a similar range.

In that case, the people in their company should be there. Besides, there are people from other companies in the office building.

If this is the case, maybe the 2222 area will soon form a few small teams, with the original company as a group of interests.

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