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Qingfeng: "@, how much water do you have?"

At this time, in a cave, Bai Yuwei was sitting beside a clear spring to rest.

In order to keep in shape, she has been eating very little. Just digging a hole, her energy has been exhausted.

She was lucky, she didn't encounter any danger at the beginning, and she also obtained precious water resources, underground springs.

Now, her belly is almost hungry, and when she sees someone has food, she immediately sends a message to ask.

Bai Yuwei immediately replied: "Yes, some, I have a lot of water!"

Qingfeng: "Huh?"

Bai Yuwei seemed to realize something, her pretty face blushed, and she quickly explained: "I dug a spring, I can trade with you!"

Qingfeng: "Okay, since it's spring water, then I want ten units! I will trade berries for you. (Picture

In the cave world, a unit of water is about the volume of a bottle of water.

Bai Yuwei doesn't mind, anyway, the water has been spraying here, and it is estimated that it will not dry up in a short time. But she can't agree to others so easily, she knows very well that now her water resources are also rare resources.

Just now, she was using water resources to trade some daily necessities with others on the trading channel.

Bai Yuwei sent a message and said: "For one unit of water for one berry, you can have as much as you want."

"If you have a lot of food, I suggest that we cooperate for a long time. I provide you with water every day. How about you trade with food?"

"This woman is quite smart, looking for a meal ticket?" Xia Chengfeng smiled secretly. If in the previous world, a popular actress like Bai Yuwei would not have any intersection with him.

Not to mention wanting to find him to trade food, I am afraid that her performance fee for a song exceeds her income for a year.

After entering the cave world, everything is really different!

"Think about it, I do need water every day. Not only to quench my thirst, but also to wash and water the cranberries I grow."

Xia Chengfeng agreed: "Okay, it's so decided for the time being, I will change ten units first!"

Bai Yuwei: Expression: OK!

Soon, Bai Yuwei got ten berries. She immediately washed it with clear spring water and took a bite.

"Finally I have something to eat!" Bai Yuwei felt like she was left behind. Her stamina was too weak. If there is no food, she doesn't know if she can survive the next time.

And Xia Chengfeng received ten units of water resources. In his own space bubble, water resources can be stored in violation of physical rules without the need for containers.

"Next is fine iron ore, decompose!" Xia Chengfeng began to use the demon soul's talent skills to destroy the evil eye.

It can not only decompose intact items, but also extract ore and other substances.

"Successfully decompose, decompose experience +1, get refined iron +1." After the decomposition was completed, Xia Chengfeng obtained a piece of fine iron the size of a stationery box.

This can probably make a kitchen knife, or some other ironware.

It's just a pity that he doesn't have flames and tools, and he can't forge.

Xia took the wind and looked around the surrounding space. In this space where the red berry vines lived, there were still some vines, but he could not save them all.

Because the system reminds that, in addition to my own space bubble, the caves or crypts that have been explored will only exist for three days, and will disappear after three days.

If you completely occupy the space, you can choose to obtain a space spar to increase the size of your space bubble.

If the space is not occupied, this space may randomly go to other areas.

Xia Chengfeng ransacked everything here.

"Get the red berry vine bar +20."

[Red Berry Vine Strips]: Can be used to grow red berries.

All other vines were dug out by him and decomposed.

"Successfully decompose, obtain primary vegetation essence +10. Decomposition experience +3."

"[Essence of Primary Plants and Trees]: It can promote the growth of plants."

"Very good, now we can open up a small berry field."

Farming is a necessary skill for survival!

In Xia Chengfeng's own space bubble, he freed up a large space, which is a 3X3 area, and then added 9 units of soil to form a farmland.

The system prompts: "Expend stamina by 5 points and complete 9 squares of ordinary farmland."

Xia Chengfeng buried the red berry vine strips, and then it would grow on its own.

He also tried the effect of plant essence, which is a concentrated liquid. Xia Chengfeng poured a drop on the red berry vine he planted. The vine immediately rejuvenated, grew new branches and leaves, and blossomed.

At this rate, the results will mature in a day or two!

This is why Xia Chengfeng chose to decompose the devil soul, so that all resources can be used to the fullest!

"It's not good, I suddenly felt anxious." Xia Chengfeng felt abdominal pain, but there was no toilet here.

In desperation, he can only solve it on the spot.

System prompt: "Get the original fertilizer +1."

[Original fertilizer]: It can promote plant growth and increase soil nutrients. It is not recommended for consumption.

"The Yoneda Kyou can't go to waste." Xia Chengfeng buried it with soil, and then fertilized the red berry vines that he had planted before.

As for toilet paper, there is no such thing yet, so I can only use vine leaves to cut it.

After doing this, Xia Chengfeng began to explore, his physical strength has been restored to 5 points, UU reading www. uukanshu.com can dig another hole.

Before digging a hole, he chose to occupy the original vine hole.

System prompt: "Get a primary space spar."

[primary space spar]: Can increase one cubic meter of space in one's own space.

The vine hole disappeared. Xia Chengfeng was now staying in her own space bubble. An infinite faceted crystal the size of a soybean appeared in it, which seemed to contain powerful energy.

"Use the primary space spar." Xia Chengfeng chose to use it. The space spar instantly sublimated and disappeared, and his own space bubble increased by one cubic meter of space.

If you want to make your own survival more comfortable, you have to constantly explore other burrows to increase your spatial scope.

Xia Chengfeng is about to dig again. He first uses the crystal ball for divination.

"If I dig forward, what will appear?"

A piece of crimson appeared on the divination crystal ball, as if a flame was beating.

"The fiery fire element fills the space, you are like that fire, and the raging flame burns me."

"Fire element?" Xia Chengfeng thought about the fire element underground cave in the cave world. There are many possibilities for it.

For example, there will be monsters condensed by fire elements, or treasures, or a small world of magma.

But the magma world is more dangerous and should not appear near the newcomer.

It is very likely to have fire element ore, or other things.

Xia Chengfeng excavated directly. After four points of physical effort, he dug a passage.

At this time, the soil resources obtained can no longer be put down, Xia Chengfeng can only choose to discard it, which makes him a little distressed. Xia Chengfeng's consistent principle is never to waste, even the most inconspicuous material, there may be other materials. value.

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