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A new underground cave was opened, and it was a fiery red inside. Red spar grew on the ground and walls of the cave.

System prompt: "Fire spar found."

Fire spar: An ore condensed with fire elements, which can be used to refine fire elements or to make flames.

"Sure enough, it is a fire spar!" Xia Chengfeng guessed right, the fire monsters are fierce, and it shouldn't be something newcomers will encounter.

This kind of fire spar just needs to be struck hard to oscillate the power of the fire element inside to inspire flames.

Whether it is used to make fires or barbecues, or forging materials, they are all necessary materials!

Xia Chengfeng carefully collected flint, and obtained more than 300 units of flint. The standard unit of flint is only the size of a table tennis ball, but just such a unit of flint can produce numbers. High temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius, burning for two or three hours!

After was harvested, Xia Chengfeng chose to occupy this cave, and once again obtained a primary space spar, and then his own space bubble increased by one cubic meter of space.

He just finished this, and someone on the trading channel contacted him again.

"@, is the poster here? A rusty rune key, change food!"

"It's finally here!" Xia Chengfeng immediately discussed with him.

At this time, a few hours before the opening of the forum, some originally dazed and ignorant newcomers began to explore the cave world under the guidance of some experience stickers and obtained more abundant resources.

"Five berries, a deal." This time Xia Chengfeng spent five berries, and the prices on the trading channel have been changing.

He estimated that in a few days, the value of berries will depreciate several times, and then meat or other high-end ingredients will be valuable.

"Get a rusty rune key." In Xia Chengfeng's hand, a simple and rusty rune key appeared.

He took out the rusty rune treasure chest and brought the rune key close to it.

A ray of light flashed, and the rune mark on the rune key disappeared with the rune mark on the rune treasure chest, and the treasure chest could be opened.

"Oshen Bless!" Xia Chengfeng opened the treasure chest, and inside it lay two sheepskin scrolls quietly, with a faint magical fluorescence flickering on it.

[Sharp Knight's Sword Design Drawing]: Elementary design drawing, after learning, you can get [Sharp Knight's Sword] crafting skills.

Required materials: fine iron 5, fire spar 5.

Basic Swordsmanship: Elementary skill book, you can get basic swordsmanship skills after learning.

"There are actually two scrolls, luck is good." Xia Chengfeng is very satisfied, generally it is difficult to open good things in the early treasure chest.

And the design drawings are actually more precious than the long sword. If you get the long sword, you can only use it yourself. When the durability is exhausted, the long sword will be damaged.

But if you get a design drawing, you can continue to manufacture it, and you can sell it for money.

At this time, everyone lacks weapons. If they can sell weapons, someone will be rushing to ask for them!

Xia Chengfeng immediately chose to study the design drawings and skill books, and a stream of information poured into his brain.

The whole process of long sword manufacturing appeared in his mind, and some fragments of swordsmanship practice appeared.

After opening the treasure chest, the materials of this treasure chest cannot be wasted. Xia Chengfeng directly decomposed the broken rune treasure chest.

System prompt: "Get metal shards +5, get banned rune shards +5."

[Shards of Forbidden Rune]: Can be used to fuse into a forbidden rune, currently 5/10.

Xia Chengfeng immediately went to the trading channel again to buy refined iron ore.

This thing is not rare, he used a few berries and easily changed what he needed.

"Successfully decompose refined iron ore to obtain refined iron +9."

He took out the flint and knocked it hard, the fire element energy in the flint trembles, and the flames burned out.

"Start quenching." The physical laws of this world are different from the original world. After the energy of the fire element impacts the refined iron, the refined iron is quickly smelted into molten iron.

Then, he poured it into a mold made of clay and condensed into shape.

After learning to design the drawings, he can channel the power of the fire element, so that the condensed sword embryo can be used directly, without beating, quenching and the like.

High-level weapons also need to be tempered, but this kind of low-level weapons can directly omit this process.

Xia Chengfeng made a total of two handles.

System prompt: "Get [Sharp Knight's Long Sword] +2."

Sharp Knight's Sword(Inferior quality): A rough-worked long sword that can be used to attack.

Sharp Knight's Sword(Normal): An ordinary knight's sword, in the hands of a real knight, will exert unexpected powers.

Xia Chengfeng chooses to use the better quality one, and then he puts the inferior one on the trading platform for sale.

Breeze: "Hang a long sword, self-defense, attack weapon, slow hand is nothing! Need items: (high-grade ingredients, high-grade ore, treasure chests, treasure chest keys, various scrolls, etc., those who are interested come soon!

At this time, most of the trading channels in the 2222 area are still trading food and water.

As soon as Xia Chengfeng's weapon was hung out, a large number of replies immediately appeared.

"Selling weapons? The boss got the weapons so soon? I'm still using stones. I just met a gopher bigger than a dog and almost killed me!"

"I really want it, my demon soul is the soul of a knight. If I have a knight's sword, I might be able to beat a normal cave monster!"

"@, I have a bag of wheat here, can I change it?"

"Boss, did you produce good things so soon? Do you need a little brother? Ask for a cover, ask for support! (Self-portrait

Xia Chengfeng looked at the messages they sent. Most of the things were very low-value items, and he didn't need them.

There was a message that caught his attention, and it was actually sent by Wu Rui, the boss of his former company.

Wu Rui: "@, this friend, I have something here, UU reading www.uukanshu.com, do you need it?"

"[Exquisite iron pick], [Ning grass seeds], [furniture manufacturing drawings], [first-order energy crystals]..."

"He already has so many things?" Xia Chengfeng felt a sense of crisis. You must know that the ability of demon souls to swallow each other and grow means that players will definitely encounter and fight in the future.

The stronger others are, the greater the threat to oneself!

It is estimated that Wu Rui has united hundreds of employees of Tianxun. With the support of these hundreds of people, he has so many resources.

Among them, the first-order energy crystal is what he wants most.

This kind of thing can be used by humans to strengthen themselves and gain energy. In the words of previous online novels, it is the so-called spiritual power and vindictiveness.

"If this is the case, then I must have more points!" Xia Chengfeng read it all over and sent a message:

"[Sharp Knight's Longsword] Replaced with [Exquisite Iron Pickaxe], [Ming Grass Seed], [Furniture Manufacturing Drawing], [First Order Energy Crystal] and ten [Carrot Seeds]."

Wu Rui: "Friend, you are too greedy, you can only change one or two of them with this sword!"

Xia Chengfeng disapproved, and said, "You are not the necessities of survival, and my long sword is much more precious than this!"

"If you encounter a monster in the cave, there is no long sword to save your life, it will be useless to have more other things! And now I only sell weapons in the trading channel, and others are willing to bid!"

In the area of 2222, Xia Chengfeng is definitely not the only one who owns weapons, but most of the weapons can only be used by himself and will not be traded.

Even if they have weapon drawings, there is no corresponding material. After all, if you want to obtain forging materials, decomposing talent is essential!

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