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Wu Rui hesitated. Xia Chengfeng was right, but he was not a fool either. The value of these items was much more than that.

Exquisite iron pick, not only can increase the speed of digging, but also can dig rocks.

[Ming grass seeds] You can plant "Ming grass". If you know that the burrow is not safe, you can dig other burrows. In the same way, creatures in other caves can also dig into your space bubble.

Minggrass is a plant that makes a sound when it is touched, which is equivalent to a siren.

[Furniture Manufacturing Drawings] Needless to say, everyone is still living a primitive life. After a few days of eating and drinking, you will naturally need furniture.

Among the most important first-order energy crystals, Wu Rui didn't want to trade it.

Xia Chengfengs iron sword is still inferior. It is estimated that it will not be long. He lost no matter what.

Wu Rui: "Three things, only three things can be changed."

Xia Chengfeng was overjoyed in his heart, this is his original purpose, bargaining, of course it has to be more at the beginning.

Xia Chengfeng pretended to say, "You make me very embarrassed!"

Wu Rui: "It can't be more, now I don't have much resources!"

He pretended to hesitate for a while, and then replied: "Well, then change [Ming grass seed], [furniture manufacturing map] and [first-order energy crystal]."

Wu Rui: "Deal."

The two parties traded, and all the three items Xia Chengfeng exchanged were obtained.

He first planted the seeds of Ming grass around his space bubble, then sprinkled the essence of the plants and watered it.

Soon, short, bubbly grasses grew around the soil. Once an enemy approaches, it will sound an alarm.

Furniture Manufacturing Drawing, there are many kinds of furniture manufacturing drawings. Such as beds, tables, stools, wardrobes and the like.

To make these, tools such as saws, hammers, and rulers are needed, as well as materials such as wood boards and nails.

"Lack of resources!" Xia Chengfeng felt that she was poor, and she needed to continue to work hard to escape from primitive life.

As for the first-order energy crystallization, Xia Chengfeng chose to absorb it.

The essence of energy entered his body, and this process took about three hours.

After using , he felt full of energy all over his body, as if he had been exercising in the gym for three consecutive years!

Xia Chengfeng opens the property panel, and changes have taken place on it.

"Name: Xia Chengfeng."

"Age: 22."

"Race: Human."

"Strength: ordinary creatures."

"Physical strength: 20."

"Status: Normal."

"Devil Soul: Soul of Destruction (one star)."

"Talent: Destroy the Evil Eye (Level 1)."

"Living space: 127 cubic meters."

"Warehouse: 70% of the storage capacity."

Strength, speed and other attributes are not yet available on the panel. This is because Xia Chengfeng does not currently have a main profession.

The general main occupation and the natural ability of the demon soul are the most suitable.

If you want to obtain the main occupation, the best way is to obtain the "Occupation Revelation". These things can be obtained in treasure chests, or they can be obtained from their lairs after defeating crypt creatures.

"You can now explore other burrows." Xia Chengfeng's strength increased slightly, and he felt more at ease.

He held the crystal ball for divination and began to divination: "If I dig to the left, what will I find?"

At present, Xia Chengfeng has no plans to dig up and down because it is too laborious and requires better tools.

The crystal ball for divination flashed a few times, a reddish color appeared, and the text reminded:

"The fierce crypt creatures are entrenched there, draw your sword forward!"

According to Xia Chengfengs current experience, the red crystal ball for divination is generally dangerous. But if the red color is not deep, it means that the danger is within control.

"It's time to touch the crypt creatures too!" Xia Chengfeng decided to dig to the left. Now he has weapons, swordsmanship, and his body has been strengthened. There should be no problem dealing with ordinary crypt creatures.

To be on the safe side, Xia Chengfeng also knitted herself a simple vest with vines.

System reminder: Obtain [Rusty Vest]: The workmanship is rough and it can resist certain physical damage.

Then, he started digging. After his physical strength increased, his digging speed increased a lot.

An hour later, Xia Chengfeng dug the next hole in the ground.

From the hole, there was a smell, but it was not so breathable.

"Hululu..." Some beasts screamed from the cave. Xia Chengfeng didn't open the passage rashly, but chose to break through a small hole and peek inside.

Here is a space full of weeds, the scope expanded again, less than ten meters away from the passage, is sleeping soundly a huge crypt boar covered with black hair and a pair of short fangs!

Looking in the distance, there is more than one here, there are dozens of wild boars moving. There is a small muddy pit in which the wild boars are rolling.

There are some mosquitoes and other creatures around.

Strictly speaking, this is not a complete ecosystem. But it's no surprise that Xia Chengfeng has seen so many things, everything may exist in the cave.

Even if a Godzilla appeared inside, he wouldn't be surprised. Holes in the ground are all spatial bubbles. The creatures in UU Reading www.uukanshu.com may come from a certain area of a certain world. In a short time, it will not collapse.

"There is meat to eat!" Seeing these crypt wild boars, Xia Chengfeng salivated and hadn't eaten meat for a long time. In particular, I have been digging a hole, and my physical exertion is severe. Without meat supplement, I can't boost my energy.

However, these wild boars should not be underestimated. Normal wild boars are not only powerful, but also thick-skinned and impatient. Even experienced hunters need to be very careful when dealing with them.

Besides, the creatures in the cave are not necessarily all normal creatures. Even if there are one or two magic creatures or mutant creatures, it is not surprising.

Dealing with so many wild boars in one go, Xia Chengfeng felt a little suspicious. The wild boars rushed forward, and they could knock him into the air.

So he continued to dig the passage, so that the passage could only accommodate one wild boar, so that the wild boars could not gang fight him.

In addition, he dug a vertical trap in the horizontal passage and covered it with vines and mud.

Personally, he stayed behind the trap in the passage to stay safe.

It is worth mentioning that when the tunnel is excavated, the space bubble in the underground space will also extend along with the tunnel to protect the stability of the tunnel and prevent it from collapsing easily.

"Come on, wild Peppa, let you see what is meant to be a one-man pass, ten thousand pigs don't open!" Xia Chengfeng was ready, and threw a block of mud at the sleeping wild boar.

The wild boar was woken up all of a sudden, it howled angrily, looking around for the guy who disturbed its sleep. When it saw Xia Chengfeng, it immediately made an angry "snoring" sound.

The wild boar has territorial consciousness and will drive out invaders in its own territory. And Xia Chengfeng is also food in their eyes.

The wild boar was immediately enraged and howled and rushed towards Xia Chengfeng.

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