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To be honest, as a modern man accustomed to a reinforced concrete city, facing the impact of a fierce wild boar for the first time, there is no need to be nervous.

Xia Chengfeng clenched the long sword tightly, waiting for the opportunity.

The wild boar has already rushed into the passage. It walks on all fours and has a bucket-shaped figure. It is more suitable for moving in the passage than Xia Chengfeng.

However, before it could use its fangs and head to give Xia Chengfeng a "savage collision", it fell into the trap Xia Chengfeng dug.

The wild boar was angry and wanted to jump out of the trap. Xia Chengfeng looked at the opportunity and stabbed with a long sword.

Since it was the first actual combat, his swordsmanship was still very jerky, and a sword did not stab the wild boar to death.

"Wow!" The wild boar screamed, attracting the attention of other wild boars in the cave, and several adult wild boars immediately rushed towards this side.

"This sword really doesn't work!" Xia Chengfeng hurriedly made up a few more swords before he stabbed the wild boar down. Its vitality was tenacious, and it was still struggling in the trap.

At this time, the wild boar group rushed into the passage, and the head of the wild boar group was the strongest. It should be the leader of the wild boar group.

The lead pig is extremely vigorous, because it sprints too fast, it actually jumped directly over the trap Xia Chengfeng arranged.

"I'm slashing!" Xia Chengfeng recalled the skills in the basics of swordsmanship, and slashed **** the leader's head.

The sword broke through its thick scalp and cut it in half. The lead pig was hit hard immediately, but its impact inertia was not reduced, Xia Chengfeng quickly drew away.

The lead pig slammed into the wall of the passage, and the blood flow continued, struggling on the ground, unable to fight anymore.

"Fortunately, it is not a mutant or magical creature." Xia Chengfeng breathed a sigh of relief. There is still a possibility of encountering dangerous creatures in the early burrow.

If it is an ordinary creature, he should not be a problem to deal with it.

The wild boars had cruel temperaments. Seeing that the lead pig was killed, not only did they not run away, but instead slammed one after another.

But the passage was narrow, and some wild boars fell directly into the sink. Others were also slashed with a sword by Xia Chengfeng, causing pig blood to flow all over the place.

At first two or three heads, Xia Chengfeng was still a little embarrassed to deal with it. But slowly, he became proficient.

occupies the right place, Xia Chengfeng solved it head by head.

Soon, this group of adult wild boars was basically killed by him. In the traps and passages, there were all the corpses of wild boars, about 20.

The passage was blocked by wild boar corpses, and Xia Chengfeng could only dig again and enter the wild boar cave.

There may be danger in this overgrown cave. Xia Chengfeng explored cautiously, but he soon discovered that, except for grass and insects, everything else around had been exhausted by the wild boars.

There is also a hole in the ground, he looked into the hole, and dozens of little wild boars screamed in panic.

"Haha, there are cubs!" Xia Chengfeng was overjoyed and immediately blocked the hole to prevent the little wild boar from escaping.

He started to count the harvest.

"In this hunt, a total of 21 adult wild boars and a group of piglets were obtained. The grass growing in this cave should be food for pigs, a kind of hogweed. Little wild boars can be raised and fed hogweed." Xia Chengfeng calculated.

"As for so much meat, I definitely can't finish it all by myself. I will eat a little, save a little, and use the rest for trading."

Right now, the food that many people find are berries, radishes, cabbage and the like, with very few meats.

Even if a few people took out the transaction, they were immediately caught by Miankong.

These two dozen pigs can exchange a lot of resources!

Xia Chengfeng immediately began to prepare. He first browsed the forum to check the current situation.

System: 2222 area, 2740 people currently remaining.

The area was initially 3,000 people. During the period of Xia Chengfengs exploration, two hundred and sixty people had died!

It can be seen that the world of the crypt is perilous, and if it were not for the crystal ball for divination, Xia Chengfeng would not dare to guarantee that he could explore safely.

There are more posts on the forum, and people have realized that it is useless to ask for help on the forum and complain about it. They need to help themselves.

Some people started to write various experience posts and inquiry posts.

"Experience of digging a hole"

"Experience Post Summary Encyclopedia: Update from time to time"

"Tianxun Recruitment Post: Welcome to join the Tianxun family, and we will work together to survive"

"2222 Regional Mutual Aid Association, interested parties join"


Xia Chengfeng looked at it, and the humans in this area have begun to organize spontaneously. Just as he thought, several companies in the previous office buildings were the main body, and dozens of groups, large and small, had formed.

Among groups, there are managers, teachers, and resource allocators.

Through the trading channel, they collectively allocate everyone's excess resources to improve the chance of survival.

The biggest ones are his previous company, Tianxun. And "2222 Regional Mutual Aid Association" and "Xingyuan Company".

2222 Regional Mutual Aid Association is a spontaneously formed team.

Xingyuan Company Xia Chengfeng knew that it was a large company upstairs from their company, and the scale was bigger than Tianxun.

It is said that he is doing online loan and collection business. When Xia Chengfeng took the elevator, he always saw a few fierce men who were employees of Xingyuan. Its boss, Yang Yong, was said to have a big background and a ruthless person.

The aggregate they formed is even more fierce than other teams!

"These teams have gathered a lot of people, some of them have hundreds of people." Xia Chengfeng thought of the previous deal with Wu Rui, he already had a lot of good things.

"No, I must get more resources, otherwise this area will be occupied by them in the future!"

This is the initial stage of the catacomb world. It is difficult for them to contact each other, but soon, the situation will change.

If a large team monopolizes resources, UU reads www.uukahnshu. For personal survivalists like com Xia Chengfeng, the living environment will be even worse!

He entered the trading channel and checked the trading posts.

In his previous trading posts, there were some who were looking for him to trade, but Xia Chengfeng didn't have many berries, so naturally he would not trade with them.

In other trading posts, most of them also ask for food, water and other living resources.

For this reason, some people are even willing to trade precious mineral resources.

"Huh? Someone actually sells salt?" Xia Chengfeng saw a person named'Wei Ziming' putting up salt on the transaction post, which read: "Salt for food, water, and all necessary living resources!"

Salt is definitely one of the necessary resources for survival. If humans do not eat salt for a few days, they will suffer from mental weakness and physical weakness. If they do not eat salt for ten days, they may die!

And salt can also be used by Xia Chengfeng to pickle food. He immediately contacted him and said, "Brother, how much salt do you have?"

The other party replied: "It is enough, what do you use to change it?"

Looking at his answer, Xia Chengfeng estimated that he had dug a salt well. He thought for a while and said, "I want a ton!"

Wei Ziming: "? A ton? Why don't you grab it? You are too dark, right? No!"

Wei Ziming is not short of food, because other people also realize the importance of salt, so he has just changed some food and water.

Xia Chengfeng sent him the corpse of an adult wild boar using the system to take pictures: Picture) One hind leg, I'll change it with you."

Wei Ziming was moved when he saw the picture, it turned out to be meat! He just bought some wheat, radishes and sweet potatoes, but some people were willing to trade them with meat.

Wei Ziming replied immediately: "Okay, one ton, trade now!"

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