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Xia Chengfeng immediately cut a wild boar hind leg for him. As for how he eats, it is his business.

The system prompts: "Get [Salt Bar] one ton."

This ton of salt is piled in the space bubble of Xia Chengfeng. Although the space bubble can store things, without a container, these things look very messy.

"It's time to make a good purchase." Xia Chengfeng saw the trading channel, and many kinds of living supplies had appeared.

For example, someone dug up clay, which can be used to make pottery. Someone is making iron tools, such as hammers and nails.

There are also people selling wood, sand, and tough vines, which can be used to build building materials for houses.

If I dig and make these by myself, I dont know when I can get them together.

Xia Chengfeng looked at his 21 wild boar corpses, he knew what to do!

"Opening a barbecue restaurant, now that meat resources are lacking, one piece of meat can be exchanged for a lot of things, just to collect a wave of supplies!" Xia Chengfeng did as soon as he thought of it.

He immediately changed a few pieces of concentrated iron ore, and obtained refined iron after decomposition.

Then use flint and clay modules to make a barbecue grill, and use flint as charcoal for grilling.

Xia Chengfeng: "@, girl, I want water! The more the better!"

Bai Yuwei: "Boss, what good things do you have? (Expression: pitiful

Xia Chengfeng: "It's nothing, just a little bit of food. (Picture, wild boar

Bai Yuwei saw the picture, her eyes lit up. Now everyone is generally hungry, and having meat to eat is simply the happiest thing.

Bai Yuwei immediately sent a message: "Paige is so cute, can I share a little bit when I eat it? I'll use water to change it!"

Xia Chengfeng did not refuse, and he should not be too stingy with his partners.

He replied: "Okay!"

Bai Yuwei: Expression: Bend down and thank you guys!

She immediately traded a few units of water, and Xia Chengfeng began to clean the wild boar.

Although he has never killed pigs before, he has seen others killing pigs in the countryside.

Burn the pig hair with fire, then scrape it with wood chips, cut it into long strips or pieces of meat with a long sword, and place them on the flint stone for grilling. Sprinkle with a little salt to complete the rough barbecue.

"It's so fragrant!" Xia Chengfeng first baked a small piece and tasted it by herself, but the taste was not satisfactory.

Wild pork has a stinky smell. In the past, he ate the reared pork, and he castrated the pigs first, so there was no smell.

There are not so many conditions here. In a hungry state, this kind of meat is already a rare delicacy.


In the forum, several teams are discussing survival strategies in their private chat channels.

Tianxuns team, Wu Rui concluded: Now our Tianxun team has more than 600 people, and it is already a big force in the 2222 area.

"The survival experience stickers are all in the group chat, and everyone can read it for themselves. If you need it, you can consult the administrator."

"Now we have to discuss how to develop better."

Tianxun still has many elites, after all, they are all high-achieving students who graduated from key universities.

Someone immediately suggested: "Mr. Wu, we should go to the trading channel to collect supplies immediately. Especially those who have water, salt, and iron resources, draw in our team."

"With them, we can all survive better and prepare for the future."

Wang Dahai said: "Mr. Wu, as long as we have the resources, we will attract more people to join our team at that time. Maybe we can become the number one power in this region!"

Wu Rui: "Wang Dahai is right. We can't just focus on the current situation. There will be competition in the future. It is important to accumulate raw capital."

"In this way, the original colleagues from the personnel department and the marketing department went to the trading channel to contact those people and try to convince them to join us. It really doesn't work, you can use things to trade!"

"The more you draw, the better!"

"Good!" The Tianxun team immediately began to act.

At the same time, in the private channel of Xingyuan Company, Yang Yong is also convening people to do this.

"Brothers!" Yang Yong was making a speech, "Entering the cave world is our chance!"

"In this world, there is no law, no guns! All the rules are made by the strong!"

"Here, we are the strong!"

"Yes, those little boys know a fart, and they all ask for help in the forum! They can't even dig a hole!" his little brothers laughed.

Yang Yong was ambitious and said: "So we must seize the opportunity, unite, grab people and resources. Although I still know what will happen in the future, there are many people and power!"

"Brothers follow me, I promise everyone will be delicious and spicy in the future!"

The boys all spoke: "Brother Yong is mighty!"

"Everyone is following Brother Yong!"

"Brother Yong, just tell us what should we do?"

Yang Yong said: "The first thing is to ensure the survival of the brothers. If there are excess resources, everyone will be assigned to the small five. Some brothers will be wronged, so that the brothers who do not have food can eat some. All credit is given to everyone. I will treat everyone badly!"

"In addition, brothers take out all the resources that are temporarily unusable and go to the trading channel to change things!"

"By hoarding all the resources of the trading channel, UU reading www.uukanshu.com can we become the biggest power in this area! Understand?"

"Understood!" The boys started to register their resources and used them to trade.

Several other small groups are also doing the same. After the humans in these modern cities panic for a while, many smart people have realized the importance of resources and started to collect resources!

Especially those who are already capitalists realize that there is no market supervision here, as long as they monopolize resources, they can become small landlords!

Just when the teams started to search for talents and resources purposefully, a post was posted on the trading channel, which caught everyones attention.

Qingfeng: "Qingfeng Temporary Barbecue Restaurant is open for a limited time. Now it sells roast pork and trades various items. Spatial spar, rune treasure chest, rune key, energy crystal and other items are prioritized! Other items can be chatted privately. Barbecue is limited, come soon! (Barbecue picture

In the picture, Xia Chengfeng roasted pork with salt sprinkled on it. From the picture, hungry people seem to be able to feel the smell of barbecue.

What Xia Chengfeng needs most now is the Spar.

His space bubble is too small, now it is only 127 cubic meters, and the floor area is a little more than 25 square meters. After the berry field is opened, there is only room for himself to sleep.

If you want to open pig pens, build huts and other buildings, you need more space. And a space spar can add a cubic space, and you have to dig it yourself. I dont know when to dig it to get a pigsty space.

Thats why its the right way to collect other peoples spatial spars. Many people dont even bother to expand their spatial bubbles now, because diet is a problem.

As soon as the post of Xia Chengfengs temporary barbecue restaurant was posted, it immediately caused a sensation on the 2222 regional trading channel!

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