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"Envy! There will be meat so soon!"

"It's so cruel, tears flowed out of my mouth without stamina!"

"Big guy, take me, I want to eat meat!"

"Big brother, I have a space spar, how much meat can I exchange?"

"Cattle fork, and salt, can I exchange vegetable seeds with you?"


There were hundreds of posts under the temporary barbecue restaurant in just ten minutes.

After coming to this world, these people dont need to work, and they dont have mobile phones or computers, so they stay on the water forum as soon as they take a break.

Someone has even written a series of novels in the forum, such as "The Days of Surviving in the Cavern with the Beauty Boss" and the like, and want readers to give him food!

I talked about Xia Chengfengs posts privately, too many to come over.

Xia Chengfeng can only post a supplementary post, detailing the amount of barbecue that can be exchanged for various common materials.

"A rune treasure chest or rune key, for a large piece of barbecue." A large piece of barbecue is the size of a pig's feet.

"A space spar, for a medium roast." A medium roast, the size of two fists.

"Vegetable seeds, minerals, salt, wood, etc., are exchanged for small pieces of barbecue according to the amount." Small pieces of barbecue are the size of a fist, enough to satisfy one's hunger.

"It's dark, it's too dark, I want to trade so many people for just this amount of meat!" Someone was dissatisfied immediately.

"Yeah, too little, don't you at least have a whole pig?"

Xia Chengfeng ignored those who complained, meat is now a scarce resource, and many people want to change it.

There were five people at once, and they traded a medium-fast barbecue with the space spar.

System prompt: "Get five space spars."

Xia Chengfeng used it directly, and his space bubble added another five cubic meters of space.

"We have already traded five pieces of barbecue, first come first served, we will be gone!" Xia Chengfeng updated the post information.

Those who are still on the sidelines took a look and thought to themselves, after a while, there will be no more.

So they communicated with Xia Chengfeng, and Xia Chengfeng responded to messages while roasting the meat.

"You have an ordinary rune treasure chest, yes, a large piece of barbecue!"

"I want wood too, one log for a small piece, you want a larger piece? Ten pieces!"

"You don't have anything? You can make pottery. Then, let me trade you some clay and flint. You can make me pots and pans or something. When it's done, I will give you barbecue!"

"There is still a decorator? Will you be able to make furniture? It's okay, I have furniture manufacturing drawings, and I will send you wood and ironware later, and help me make a bed and a table!"

"I want all kinds of ores!"


Xia Chengfeng is not only collecting supplies, but he found that many of these people have certain talents.

For example, there are a few decorators who know how to make furniture. Although they dont have modern tools, Xia Chengfeng can use flint and iron ore to make the simplest swords, saws, and nails for them.

You can't make any crafts with these things, and it's okay to make some rough furniture.

And he is dealing with wild boars.


"Mr. Wu, we can't receive resources at all now, those people are all going to change barbecue!" In the Tianxun company group, the subordinates reported.

"His barbecue is also limited, can he eat so many things?" Wu Rui wondered.

Subordinates: "But he sells expensive! This black one called Qingfeng is very dark, and a piece of meat will let a carpenter give him a bed. This will be left before, and he will have to be beaten to death!"

Wu Rui: "He was also the one who sold long swords before. This Qingfeng should be a talent, so I can find a way to win him! Forget it, I will invite him personally!"

Wu Rui immediately sent a message to Qingfeng: "@, brother, are you there? I am Wu Rui from Tianxun. Now our company has gathered hundreds of people to survive together."

"I think you have great potential, would you like to join our team? You come in, I will give you a position of management!"

Xia Chengfeng directly refused: "I'm sorry, I have no idea of joining the team for the time being."

Wu Rui is a smart man, but in his bones he is a capitalist who squeezes people. After joining his team, he will have to work for him.

Wu Rui persuaded a few more words, Xia Chengfeng did not reply, he said: "You can think about it again, this world is very dangerous, the team strength is definitely stronger than the individual, I welcome you at any time!"

In addition to Wu Rui, Yang Yong, and the person from the 2222 area self-help meeting also sent a message to Xia Chengfeng, wanting to invite him to join, but Xia Chengfeng refused.

"This cool breeze has disrupted our plan a bit. But now we also need his barbecue, so we can't blame him for the time being." Yang Yong said, "Staring at this person, he has traded several times, and may have something we don't know about. ."

While Xia Chengfeng barbecues, his resources are growing rapidly.

System prompt: "Get space spar +10, ordinary rune treasure chest +1, cabbage seed pack +2, carrot seed pack +1, concentrate iron ore +3, copper ore +5, log +10..."

Fortunately, Xia Chengfeng has a talent for decomposition, decomposing large-scale materials one by one, reducing the space occupation rate. At the same time, the space spar was used to expand the space bubble, so that the materials were reluctantly put down.

For a long time, Xia Chengfeng roasted three pigs and sold them. Not only did the number of transactions not decrease, but instead increased.

Because of Wu Rui, Yang Yong and the 2222 regional self-help meeting and other teams, they also began to send people to trade with him.

Its not that they dont want to scrape resources, UU read www.uukanshu. com is that there are still a large number of people in their team hungry.

They know very well that talent is the primary productive force. As long as there are people, they can continue to dig holes in search of resources, so they use resources to exchange barbecues with Xia Chengfeng.

Throughout the day, Xia Chengfeng did nothing else, and kept grilling meat and trading.

The effect of pyrolite is better than charcoal fire, which improves the efficiency of barbecue. Although it will burn from time to time, at this time, customers have no chance to comment!

"The pottery you want is ready!" The migrant workers hired by Xia Chengfeng also sent out all the things he wanted.

System prompt: "Get [rough pottery pot] +3, [rough pottery bowl] +5, [rough pottery pot] +3."

"This is furniture, I want a big barbecue!" A few simple furniture were also delivered.

System prompt: "Get [Inferior Handmade Bed]+1, [Square Wooden Table]+1, [Wooden Stool]+4, [Storage Cabinet]+1, [Wooden Box]+1. [Wooden Board]+20. "

"Boss, the iron pots, hoes, etc. you want are ready!" Xia Chengfeng also let people build ironware, of course the materials were all made by him.

Some simple utensils can be made without making drawings. After all, some of these people are skilled craftsmen.

System prompt: "Get [Iron Pot]+1, [Exquisite Iron Pick]+1, [Exquisite Shovel]+1, [Sharp Scythe]+1, [Exquisite Hammer]+1, [Exquisite Iron Axe+1."

This pile of things immediately took up 50% of Xia Chengfeng's space.

At the end of the day, he obtained a total of 223 space spars, expanding his space by 223 cubic meters. Now his space bubble volume is 350 cubic meters, which has more than doubled.

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