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The hoarse screams filled the whole abandoned house. Fortunately, the location here is remote. Except for the occasional two or three crows, there are no other ghouls or humans. Otherwise, I am afraid that the screams will be scared to the horror. !

Inside the room, a black-haired child was rolling all over the floor in pain, his face covered with a ghost-like mask, as if he wanted to choose someone at any time, and two slender scales behind him danced wildly, whipping wanton. Touching the ground, a splash of smoke and dust!

In just a few hours, I ate nearly 20 Ghoul bags, two of which were A-grade, and a large number of Rc cells surged in the child's body, as if out of control.

What's even more pitiful is that the child is just beginning to learn to think, but he can't figure out what's wrong with his body, let alone think of a solution!

Half-herited, after repeated co-growth, the Rc cells in the body increase, so that the half-herited Ghoul who has more than one can become half-herited, and their strength will also increase!

It's just that the half-heroes can't control the excessive Rc cells in the body, so they often become confused and even fall into a state of rampage.

Only after a lot of battle and time accumulation can completely control all the Rc cells in the body, the half-herald will evolve into the master, and the strength will become extremely terrifying!

Among all the ghouls, the known Hitler is the most powerful ghoul at present, the SSS-level one-eyed owl!

At this time, the child's state is the embryonic form of evolving into half-heritors, and has not completely become half-heritors. After all, if half-heritors can evolve successfully so easily, wouldn't it be that half-heritors are everywhere?

Therefore, apart from the evil spirit's mask, the child didn't seem to increase anything. The increase in physical strength and Lin He's strength was also due to eating a lot of He Bao.

After a long time, the Rc cells that ran away seemed tired and finally calmed down. The child was finally rescued, and he was lying on the ground panting with a blank face. Until now, he still didn't know what was going on.

But all this is just the beginning. The child will eventually go farther and farther on the road of sharing, until he becomes a true master, no one can stop it!

It's another brand new day.

The sleeping child suddenly opened his eyes, and there was a trace of divine light in the black pupils, that was thinking!

The child is thinking where to go hunting today.

Normally, after a complete meal, a ghoul can get enough nutrients to support himself without having to eat for half a month.

However, this is not the case with the child. Since the last runaway, although the child has not run away again, his appetite has become a little abnormal. In the past, one meal for half a month was enough for him, but now it is three to five. Heaven will feel hungry!

Just judging from the child's current IQ, he didn't notice the weirdness, he only knew that he was going to hunt food when he was hungry.

Eat when you are hungry, this is also one of the eternal truths!

As a result, the child's figure quickly left his hiding place, found a direction casually, and occasionally stopped to smell the air to distinguish whether there was any prey.


The child stopped abruptly, raised his head and took a deep breath, his black eyes suddenly turned scarlet, with excitement in his eyes!

Prey, found it!

After the first experiment, the child has probably understood his level of strength, so he will no longer look for those low-grade Ghoul species. His goal is basically the A-grade Ghoul species!

It's near! Closer!

The child ran unscrupulously, the astonishing speed is unimaginable, as if a black light flashed by!


His body surged, and the evil ghost mask instantly covered his face, revealing only the child's excited eyes, but the powerful aura did not leak a bit, perfectly hiding his strength.

Deken is an A-level Ghoul, and has experienced life and death crisis several times. His strength ranks among the top in the same level. Even the general White Dove team should not easily deal with him!

It has been half a month since Deken last looked for food, and the hunger in his belly urged Deken to leave his lair and begin to go to human habitation to prepare for hunting.

Deken is a Ghoul who hasn't shared the median in the nine districts. It's not unwilling, but simply thinks that hunting humans is more interesting!

He extremely enjoys the horrified expression of human beings, and every time he thinks about it, he is intoxicated!


A series of rapid footsteps from far to near attracted Deken's attention. As soon as he turned his head, his excellent eyesight allowed Deken to easily see the small figure one kilometer away.

"Is it for me?"

Deken thought about it alertly, but after thinking about it, he didn't know who he had offended recently.

"Could it be that it is a co-worker?"

Deken's heart shuddered, and this thought came out.

Co-Gho, the special name of the Ghoul in the nine districts for the Ghoul in the Ghoul.

Thinking of this, Deken immediately made preparations for battle, and the three scales behind his waist instantly emerged, shaking behind him.

However, as the figure got closer and closer, Derken couldn't help showing mockery and sneer on his face.

"What the hell! It turned out to be just a kid! Hey, scared me!"

Putting away Linhe behind him, Deken also relaxed his vigilance, without him, because Deken can solve it with just one hand for a small child!

In the world of the Ghoul who eats the weak and eats the strong, the fighting power of children is pitiful, and no adult Ghoul will put children in their eyes.

But in the next second, Deken's face changed a little!

"Fast speed!"

In the blink of an eye, he came to Deken from a kilometer away. The childs astonishing speed made Deken unexpectedly. He just instinctively raised his head back, a bright red flashing in front of his eyes, and a cold feeling on his forehead made him feel cold. My heart trembled!

"I almost died just now?"

Deken thought sluggishly.

If it hadn't been for his instinct to save him, I am afraid that at just that moment, his head would be pierced by the child's Linhe instantly, and he could not die anymore!

"Where did this kid come from? Why is he so strong?!"

Deken, who had recovered from his senses, stepped back in horror, and quickly opened the distance from the child. A pair of eyes stared at the child with a goblin mask in awe.


The child won't let Deken continue to be in a daze. After a miss, the two Linhe quickly zoomed in Deken's pupils again!

(New book for collection~~ I wont let you down later!)..

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