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In the darkness, there was a soft chewing sound.

The young figure is lying on an adult corpse biting, under the messy black hair, there are a pair of breathtaking scarlet pupils, with innocence but indifference.

Children dont understand anything, dont know how to speak, because they understand a few simple words taught by their parents, they have already forgotten in the past few years, and they dont understand moral concepts, because their parents are dead before they can teach. .

A child is more like a beast, with only the only idea of survival in his heart. He doesn't understand anything else, nor does he need to understand it, because in this **** of the weak and the strong, the only thing he knows about survival is the truth.

Survival is the supreme truth! The only truth!

The body of the Ghoul killed by the investigator was still in place, and the child was for nothing. He dug out three bites of Hebao and ate two bites into his stomach, even though he had just eaten before that.

In the ninth district, search officers kill countless Ghoul species every day. At the beginning, they will bring the corpses back to the branch, dig out their packs and make their weapon kuink. Over time, the mediocre ones. There are too many species, and they don't even bother to clean up the corpses.

It is precisely because of this that the child can often fill up his stomach by picking up leaks. Otherwise, how could he survive to the present with his weak strength?

Most of the same kind of Ghoul are grown-ups. No matter how mediocre they are, he can't be killed by a child, and humans, he dare not provoke them, because the nose of an investigator is as sensitive as a dog!

Once an extremely hungry child couldn't help but shoot at humans, and the consequence was that before he had time to eat a bite, he was chased by two investigators for a day and a night!

Being able to persist for a day and a night before being overtaken is due to the childs talented and detached speed, but when he was hungry, he couldnt keep up his physical strength after all. Calling the ground is not working.

In the end, if it weren't for the energy shield from the voice in his head, the child would have been killed. Baijiu is no more kind than the canyon, even children, they are also merciless!

A burst of warm trickle rushed from the abdomen to the whole body, and the child squinted comfortably, his scarlet pupils gradually disappeared, turning into human eyes with white and black pupils, with innocent light shining in them.

The corpse of the Ghoul can make him stronger. This was discovered by the child a year ago. It was the first time he had picked up the corpse of a Ghoul.

A child without any moral values would not care if it was a corpse of the same kind. He did not miss it. After eating it, he found that his body became warm, and a tingling sensation wandered around his body. After a long time, he would just stop eating. A keen discovery, I am stronger!

Although he couldn't figure out what was going on, he could intuitively tell him to eat as many corpses of the same kind as possible so that he could grow up at a faster rate.

Through sharing together again and again, the child finally discovers that every Ghouls body has a Hebao, and only this Hebao is full of energy that can make him stronger, and the meat in other places has very little energy, so By now, the child already knows how to dig out the Hebao of the Ghoul species and eat it in the stomach first.

"Ding! Absorb energy, 5 o'clock!"

Ignoring the voice in his head, the child took a vigilant look around. He was standing slowly on the corpse, his black eyes instantly transformed into scarlet eyes, and his innocent little face became hideous!

Although he couldn't see anything, his keen intuition like a beast told him that there was danger!


Applause and footsteps came from deeper in the darkness at the same time, and they got closer and closer.

"Unexpectedly, I just caught a small fish! It's just that this seems to be a smart-looking fish~"

The strange sound of yin and yang penetrated into the child's ears, making him feel uncomfortable instinctively, frowning slightly, staring coldly at the two people who appeared in front of him.

They are all wearing white trench coats and carrying white suitcases. One of them is tall and strong, with a small head and piercing eyes, while the person talking next to him has long gray hair, a slightly camel back, and his eyes with a sneer. Staring at the child coldly.

"Good for Shinohara, since it's just a small fish, let me do it~"

The white-haired man stared straight at the child, as if staring at his own prey, his tone was cold and cruel.

"Mao, move faster."

Yuuki Shinohara hesitated to speak, and finally sighed and waved in response.

He knew in his heart that Wu Xu, who had just lost his wife, had become a bit distorted. He hated the Ghoul species to the extreme. During the time he was partnering with him, he could see Wu Xu doing various things every time. The methods cruelly tortured the Ghoul species, and finally let the Ghoul species die in pain.

If its other ghouls, Shinohara can turn a blind eye. After all, he is a ghoul who feeds on humans. No matter how cruel he treats him, he wont feel wrong, but the child in front of him is innocent but rare in his eyes. It made him feel unbearable.

"Don't worry, I will treat this little fish well. Anyway, after this time I go back, Shinohara will be promoted to special class, right? I really envy! After all, I have just been promoted to second class~"

With a light press in Mato's hand, the suitcase in his hand opened sharply, and a long whip-shaped Kuink appeared in his hand, saying envy, but his expression did not show the slightest envy.

He has no interest in positions and rights. The only thing he wants to do, and will do his best, is to kill the ghouls, kill all the ghouls in the world, the most important of which is to kill them by himself. That damn, one-eyed owl!

Every time he thinks about it, his heart still feels aching pain. His such excellent and beautiful wife is bitten beyond recognition by that **** owl. He cannot forgive, and absolutely cannot forgive in this life!

"Come on, Xiaoyu! Let me see how long you can last, and let me hear your howling!"

There was a bitter cold in his eyes, and Mahato laughed sickly, and the long whip in his hand slammed forward and pointed directly at the child's head!


The child leaped back gently, the long whip fell into the air, hit the ground with a soft noise, and a trace of cracks appeared on the ground that was drawn.

The child was indifferent, his scarlet eyes stared at Mato tightly, his thin body bowed slightly, his small hands blocked in front of him, his fingers spread out into claws, as if he was highly guarded.

A child does not know what fear is, so he will not be afraid, he only knows one thing, he must live! And if you want to survive, you must escape the pursuit of these two men, because his instinct tells him that he is not the opponent of these two men, even if one-on-one, he can't beat the white-haired man in front of him.

Since he knew he couldn't fight, he certainly wouldn't entangle them stupidly, waiting for an opportunity to escape is the best choice, but it is not easy to get rid of Baijiu's chasing and killing easily!


Real family didn't understand what it meant to be merciful, so he pulled the whip in his hand and pointed it at the child's head again, as if it was an extremely interesting thing to see the child's head cut off!

Without any thinking, the child's body was instinctively short. The long whip brushed his head and used it. A strong wind blew his hair and swayed frantically, but the child was not affected by anything, his eyes Still staring at the real household.

Because the child doesn't understand anything, he does everything by intuition, and his beastly intuition has never failed him. He has escaped the crisis again and again and has survived until now.

At this moment, the trembling skin on his whole body told the child that his current situation is extremely dangerous! ..

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