Home Ghoul: The Evil Spirit Is ComingChapter 3

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"Yo Xi, Xiao Yu'er, the response is good, then hurry up next! Hurry up! Hurry up!"

In the deepest part of the alley, Mato yelled sickly, but the movements of his hands were not slow at all. He waved his whip very quickly again and again, greeting the child every time!


The child was expressionless, and even though the whip danced wildly, he just stared at Manto coldly, his body continuously jumping, using the surrounding walls and trash cans to avoid the whip's attack.

"Otherwise, it will die!"


Before the voice of Manto's words fell, there was a slight tearing sound again, and the child's body slammed heavily against the wall, and then fell to the ground fiercely.

After all, the strength gap between the two sides was huge. Even though the child was extremely fast, he still couldn't dodge the storm-like attacks of real households, and was finally hit by a long whip in his abdomen and was flew away fiercely.


Ignoring the pain of the child, the child quickly got up, and did not reach out to cover his stomach, letting the blood drip to the ground, and in the next second, he saw the long strip of wound on the childs stomach healed quickly. He is completely healed between the two breaths, and no traces can be seen.

"What an amazing ability to regenerate! However, it makes me even more excited! Little fish, let's continue to play happily!"

Mato's face sighed as usual for the child's regenerative ability, but he didn't pay attention to it, because no matter how terrifying the child's talent, he was sure that he would be able to kill this little canon today!

A Ghoul who has no future, no matter how terrifying the talent, what is terrible?


The child remained silent, but there was a mass of red on the back waist. Suddenly, a bright red Hezi came out. It was longer than the child's body, but only one meter and five meters, and it was so small that it seemed light. It will break with a light touch.

The child is only nine years old after all, and is undernourished for a long time. He is less than 1.3 meters tall. It was only recently that he was lucky enough to eat two or three Ghoul Hebags, which added a little strength. Otherwise, the child might even have one in the hands of Mano. Can't hold on to the trick!

Relatively speaking, in the state of a child, he can still have scales longer than his body, extremely agile speed, coupled with amazing resilience, this child's talent is simply terrifying!

If you can have enough time to grow up, you will definitely be a ghoul to make search officers a headache in the future! The premise is that he can get rid of the immediate crisis!

"Lin Hee? What an amazing talent! It's a pity, this just adds a reason why you must die!"

Shinohara has been standing behind watching the battle silently, but Mato was irritated by the child's behavior even more madly. He hated the Ghoul, but he hated the powerful Ghoul even more, because his wife was killed by the most powerful one-eyed owl. Dead, and the child in front of him has the potential to grow into an owl!


The long whip mingled with the strong wind hit the child's front door, but Kazuko behind the child flashed past, and instantly stood in front of him.


Dense cracks surfaced on the surface of Kazuko, and they broke completely without being able to hold on for a second, turning into cells and disappearing into the air.

This is a one-sided battle.

But in the face of such a desperate situation, the child still does not see the panic. Of course, it is not that he is fearless, he just doesn't understand what panic is.

Can't beat, still can't beat, instinct began to remind children that they must escape here as soon as possible! But the child did not retreat without a sigh, and rushed towards Maeto. He once again tried hard to drill out a Kazuko from his back, swaying in his back.

"Hahaha, I just like you, a little fish like you overwhelmingly!"

Mato smiled without anger, and while speaking, he waved his arms and slammed the whip at the child. His eyes became brighter and brighter, as if he had seen the child's body cut in half!



Two short sounds sounded almost at the same time. The child who leaped into the air controlled Hezi and slammed into the long whip, but it was smashed in an instant. The long whip was slammed on the child, and the blood splashed!

"Damn it! Cunning little fish!"

But there was no joy on Mato's face. Instead, he yelled angrily and hurried to pursue him.

It turned out that although the child was hit by a long whip, he was not torn in half as Maha had imagined. Instead, he jumped over the wall next to him with the help of the whip and fled far away, as if he was on his body. Dao's scars didn't seem to affect him in any way.

A child who is accustomed to living in **** has almost always been numb to the pain when he is numb to the pain. How can he delay his escape because of his injury?

Injury, pain, and flight are things that children have long been accustomed to.


The sound of rapid footsteps sounded between the abandoned houses. The child seemed to run aimlessly, but actually relied on his own intuition, shuttled between the lanes, with his young body, exerted a great deal Own advantage!


Seeing the child agilely get into the small hole under the wall, he disappeared in a blink of an eye, and couldn't help but yelled angrily again.

After chasing for an hour, how could it be possible to give up the prey in front of you? Manto patrolled for a week, and went deep into the lane to continue chasing after him.

Shinohara looked at the distant figure of Mato, but silently stopped. For some reason, Shinohara's instinct told him that Mato could not kill the child anyway.

"What a terrible child!"

Shinohara couldn't help but made such an evaluation.

Faced with an enemy much stronger than himself, he can always remain calm, advance as a retreat, and escape with the power of the enemys attack. If the opponent is an adult, Shinohara would not think too much, but the facts are. Yes, the other party is just a young child!

While the human child was still innocent and naive at school, this ghoul child was already able to escape under the chase of a second-class investigator. Shinohara's keen instinct for combat surprised Shinohara.

Originally Shinohara thought that Manto could easily deal with the child, so he did not pay much attention to it, but when he discovered the terrible potential of this child, he had already escaped, even if he was about to be promoted to a special investigator. Shinohara, can't catch up with an agile young Ghoul in this extremely complicated environment!

What's more, in this darkness, there are more adult Ghoul species. If one is not careful, even Shinohara is in danger of death. After all, there are not a few powerful Ghoul species in the nine districts. It would be dangerous to attack in groups!

Thinking of this, Shinohara's expression couldn't help becoming more solemn, as if he had sensed something, he hurriedly chased him in the direction of Mabe.

"Maho, you can't have an accident!"..

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