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"Damn little fish, come out obediently, you can't escape!"

The numbing and disgusting voice echoed in the darkness, accompanied by the sound of Maeto's leather shoes stepping on the ground, slowly and steady.

As a senior investigator, especially after the death of his wife, Mato's strength has also been explosively increased due to stimulation, and he has learned to use the cunning nature of human beings to deal with the extremely good-quality Ghoul.

At the same time, Mato was also a person with extremely keen intuition. As the pursuit penetrated more and more, his heart also felt a little uneasy, as if there was a huge danger waiting for him in front of him.

Intuition tells Mahu that he should give up and turn around and leave is the best choice, but he can't do it! He couldn't help but watch as a nasty little Ghoul can leave safely after playing with him!

In particular, this ghoul still has great potential. In the future, he may grow into the ghoul he hates the most. It is even more unlikely that Maehu will let him go. Even if he will pay for it, he will Do not hesitate!

The child squatted on a high wall in the distance. The darkness covered his figure. His black pupils stared at the figure of Manto indifferently. He raised his right hand slightly, and threw the stone in his hand fiercely.


The stone hit the ground, and Mato easily heard the sound of the stone roaring, and without any accident, avoided the child's attack.

But when Mato looked in the direction of the flying stones, he only saw the child's back, as if mocking.

"Oh? Is it really purposeful?"

Mato's pupils shrunk slightly and his face looked thoughtful.

Although the current real family is far from being as mature as in the future, he is not stupid. He chased the child deeper and deeper, and naturally noticed the growing sense of crisis in his heart. He knew that this child was deliberately tempting himself. Continue to pursue in-depth!

However, Mato defined the child as a cunning ghoul in his heart, but he didn't know that the child's behavior was purely because his beastly intuition was induced in the dark.

However, no matter what life is in danger in front of him, Mato couldn't tolerate himself giving up, so he chased after him again without hesitation, as if he would never give up if he didn't kill the child!

As a result, the two began a tug-of-war again. The child ran away in the front, and Mae chased in the rear. The two people's position became more and more remote, more and more deserted, and the blood-colored soil exuded a scalp-numbing atmosphere. .

"Oh? It's Baiji? It's so courageous to break into the land of the Lord Demon eater alone. I am impatient!"

In the dark, the scarlet light flashed, and the slight murmur faded in the air.

And Mato's expression became more solemn at this time, he knew that the **** kid had broken into the land of Ghoul with him!

In this world of ghouls, although most of them are solitary ghouls, or small groups of two or three people, there are not a few ghouls who are both powerful and ambitious, and they tend to subdue many of their subordinates. And establish your own organization, divide your own territory.

Such forces, even Baijiu dare not easily provoke, because often in an organization, there must be a large number of Ghoul species, unless a large number of Baijiu is assembled to initiate a war, otherwise, it is just a group of two white people. Dove team, even the special investigators dare not provoke it easily!

But at this time, Mato was lured into by the kid!

The cold sweat slipped from Maeto's forehead.

Even though he hated the ghouls, he was self-aware. He still thought that one day he could kill the one-eyed owl, and how could he allow himself to die under the siege of a group of garbage ghouls?

The child was nowhere to be seen, but Mato was tense and stood there, not daring to relax his vigilance at all. The dangerous breath in the air told him that he had been surrounded by ghouls.

Even if Mahu is only a second-class investigator, he has the strength of a first-class investigator. He is not afraid even if he is an S-level canon, but the hero can't stand a lot of people, even if its just a canon who doesnt even have the A-level strength. If dozens of groups attack, his situation is also precarious!

What's more, in such an organization, there must be a lot of A-level ghouls, and their leader must have reached S grade or above, otherwise, no ghoul will obey the leadership of the district A-level ghoul!


As if it were very subtle footsteps, and as if it was some signal, after a scream, countless red lights suddenly lit up around Mato. The red light in pairs was extremely permeable, but Mato knew clearly in his heart, At this time, he was embarrassed on all sides!

"Where did the white dove come from? I actually dared to make trouble in the land of Lord Ogre, and I was impatient? Or, do you know that Lord Ogre was hungry and offered himself as dessert? Hahahaha~"

With mocking words drifting into Mato's ears, a sturdy male **** slowly walked out of the darkness, staring at Mato with a joking smile.

"Hey~ the dregs dare to yell in front of me? What demon eaters, but an S-grade ghoul!"

The words of the ghoul in front of me undoubtedly provide a lot of information for real users, demon? After thinking about it carefully, Maeto quickly thought of the demon-eating materials, but it was only an S-level ghoul, a small group built with a group of A-level or even a group of inaccessible ghouls, if it weren't for the nine-zone environment. In particular, CCG has long eliminated this garbage group.

In the periphery of the Ninth District, in addition to the countless wandering solitary ghouls, there are also several ghoul groups, and this demon-eater group is just a small inconspicuous group. If it is not for rashly attacking the demon-eater group, it may cause With the rebound of other groups in the Ninth District, how can this devastating group exist until now?

"Huh! I even dared to insult our Lord Demon Eater, it's just looking for death! Give it to me! Tear up this **** white dove, and offer him as a dessert to Lord Demon Eater!"

After hearing Mato's words, the Ghoul who was still the lead with a smile suddenly changed his face and angrily pointed at Mato's orders.


The surrounding ghouls responded one after another, and suddenly, a group of figures sprang out of the darkness, and one after another, they pounced on the Wu Xu who was surrounded by the center point.


Mato sneered, and slammed the suitcase in his hand, and a blood-red whip whizzed out, instantly sweeping the four Ghoul who approached him first.


The red blood splashed out, dyeing Mato's white coat red, and the four ghouls who approached him fell to the ground one after another, and a terrible wound appeared on their neck or head with a single blow!


The death of the four ghouls did not stop Mato, and he waved his long whip again, and the blood whip like a viper swooped out with a whirl, and instantly exploded the head of the ghoul in front of him, and his brain shot!

(It's snowing in Guangdong, please collect it~~)..

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