Home Ghoul: The Evil Spirit Is ComingChapter 5

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Mato moved quickly, and the long whip in his hand was extremely flexible, turning into shadows to protect himself from the wind, and all the Ghoul who approached him were knocked into the air.

Due to the large number of Ghoul species, Maho can only try to protect himself from being hit, so he can only take away the Ghoul who is besieging him instead of killing him. Otherwise, when he kills the Ghoul in the gap, he will It is very likely to be hit by the rest of the Ghoul, in that case, he will undoubtedly die!

Ghoul injured can also rely on his own regenerative ability to quickly recover, but the human body is much more fragile in comparison. Once the isolated and helpless real household is injured, he must be greeted by death!


Mato danced the whip impermeably, and no ghoul could break through his defense, but he knew in his heart that if this continued, he would soon run out of energy and be killed!

However, facing the dilemma at this moment, he had no other way, because he had not easily killed the power of this group of ghouls at this time.

The strength of the first-class investigator, normally speaking, can compete with the S-level Ghoul, but it is also difficult to kill. If they are besieged by the Ghoul, even if the number is only a dozen, it is extremely dangerous. !

Strictly speaking, the strength of human beings is extremely different from the strength of the Ghoul. For example, first-class investigators can even kill the S-grade Ghoul in a one-to-one situation, because humans have the advantage of resourcefulness. , It is easier to play this advantage heads-up.

However, if one singles out a group of influential Ghoul species, it will be difficult for human ingenuity to function and can easily be besieged to death, while the S-rank Ghoul species can easily crush a group of influential Ghoul species by relying on their strength.

Dont look at Guntaro Amen in the anime. Its like cutting melons and vegetables and killing a large group of ghouls. After all, he is the second male, born with a bug aura. If he were replaced by another investigator, he would have been grouped a long time ago. Beaten to death.

Therefore, search officers are usually a two-by-one combination, so that they can take care of each other, and can also be supported by high-level search officers when encountering a siege crisis, so that low-level search officers can send out help signals to reduce searches. The death rate of officials.

But now, the real household alone is just a chronic death.


The wheezing sounds became more and more frequent, and Maeto could clearly feel that his physical strength was losing rapidly, and his hand movements began to become dull!


The blood splattered again, but this time, it was Mato who was rubbed in his arm by a ghoul!

"It's awful!"

Mato's face was solemn, his brows furrowed, and he secretly cried out for his situation.

He was wounded, and he was infinitely close to death!

"Give me all the actions! A little **** white dove can still make you linger for so long, do you want to go back and enjoy the punishment of Lord Demon?"

From beginning to end, the leader who was watching the show with his hands in his arms urged impatiently.

Originally, he thought he could easily kill this white dove based on quantity alone, but he also lost several of his subordinates to his carelessness. Going back, I dont know if Lord Demon Eater will blame him, but now this damned white dove still has it. Being able to hold on for so long made him impatient for a long time.

Being urged by the leading Ghoul, the Ghoul who besieged Meto shuddered and accelerated their offensive. After wave after wave without stopping, Manto suddenly felt the pressure increased, like a boat in a storm, at any time It is possible to be overwhelmed by huge waves.



A sad scream suddenly sounded, but Manto's face showed joy.

"Maho, I'm here! It doesn't matter you, right?"

Shinoharas voice sounded, and Mato fought hard to fend off the two ghouls in front of him and turned to look. He just saw Shinohara slaying from the outside with a black knife, as if he was slicing melons and vegetables. The Ghoul who hadn't reacted to his name, walked in his direction.

"I'm fine, it's fine if you come, let's get rid of all the dregs together!"

Shinohara's arrival undoubtedly made Mato see the dawn of survival, and he immediately shouted with a smile, but his ugly face was as ugly as ever even when he laughed.

"Well, I have sent a signal for help, as long as I hold on for a while, there will be follow-up support!"

Shinohara's face was still dignified, not as relaxed as Manto's.

"What's the matter with Shinohara? Just ask for help for these **** ghouls?"

Shinohara's answer was beyond Mato's expectation, and Mato asked in a puzzled manner. He seemed to have noticed something unusual.

"According to the latest information from the Nine District Branch of the day before yesterday, this demon-eater group is not as weak as it appears. Now these are just the bottom members of the demon-eater group. The real high-level people seem to be hidden deep! I am afraid that the two of us alone cannot deal with this group!"

After Shinohara and Mato met, the two leaned back and faced forward, and the two sides fell into a confrontation stage. Shinohara's explanation also made Mato understand the reason for this, and his expression became more serious.

"Sure enough it is CCG, the intelligence is really amazing! It seems that today can only let you stay here forever!"

When the leader who had been watching the show heard Shinohara's words, his face finally changed, and his hands on his chest also slowly let go, and he assumed a fighting posture.

"Just because you want to keep us? I'm afraid you don't have this ability yet!"

Shinohara replied lightly, bending his legs, and then he ejected fiercely, rushing to the leader, the sharp blade pointed at his forehead!

"Huh! Don't confuse me with this rubbish, you will pay the price if you underestimate me!"

The leading Ghoul smiled coldly, and the right shoulder Kaeko surged, and instantly condensed into a green armor to stand in front of him.



Two consecutive voices sounded almost at the same time. Shinohara stopped in front of the leader Ghoul in hand with a big knife. The big knife was pushed up to block his Jiahe, and then he swiped down diagonally, creating a terrifying gap. It was printed on that Ghoul's face, and the plasma burst out!


The ghouls around saw that they were leading the moment, and they couldn't help but inhaled a breath of cold air, and their feet moved back two steps in horror.

This is the strength of the special class!

The leading Ghoul is only A Grade, and if he goes all out, he can still support Shinohara's a few more moves, but he is self-righteous, and this has caused him to be killed before he even shows his strength.

Therefore, if you don't die, you won't die. Don't underestimate your enemies at any time, otherwise, you will die!

(New book for collection~~)..

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