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"Uh! Run away!"

A scream of screams rang out under the night sky, and a strong smell of blood filled the air. One after another, Ghoul was beheaded under the joint hands of Shinohara and Mato. Only a few of them were lucky enough to escape. .

It only took less than ten minutes from Shinohara's arrival to the beheading of nearly twenty canon species. This shows how terrifying the strength of the special investigators is!

But in fact, the ghouls that Shinohara and Mato have jointly killed are just uninfluenced. If they are replaced by A-grade ghouls, I am afraid that their battle will be much harder, and death and injury are inevitable!

"Huh~ it's just rubbish!"

Mato shook the scarlet whip in his hand and said in disgust as he looked at the corpses all over the floor.

"Don't let your guard down, Manto! These are just appetizers, the real drama has just begun!"

Compared with Mato, Shino is much more cautious, and his eyes are not relaxed at all to observe the surrounding situation.

Shinohara knew very well that these ghouls are just the little guys in the Demon Eater Group, and the real high-level personnel have not yet appeared!

Oh, the leading Ghoul who was dropped in seconds just now may be considered a member of the high-level.

"Papa Papa~~"

"As expected, he is the guy called the "Indomitable Shinohara". Both his strength and experience are extraordinary!"

Accompanied by gentle applause, a male voice full of evil sounded abruptly, Shinohara and Mato hurriedly looked at the source of the sound, only to see the originally empty abandoned roof, I don't know when a strong Ghoul species appeared!

The bright red hair seemed to be blood-stained, and the rugged Chinese character with a playful smile on his face, wearing a large black windbreaker, looking down at the two Shinohara condescendingly, his eyes were extremely scarlet!

And behind that person, there were dozens of Ghouls standing silently, the same eyes exuding a terrifying red light. The scarlet skull coat seemed to be their symbol, and almost every Ghoul had a fascinating appearance. Uncomfortable breath.

"You're the S-level Ghoul who is known as the Demon Eater, right? Unexpectedly, the branch's intelligence is correct. As expected, your subordinates hide a powerful force!"

Shinohara stared tightly at the leading Ghoul, his eyes wrinkled slightly, and the hand holding the broadsword intensified unconsciously.

After seeing the Demon Eater with his own eyes, Shinohara has accurately sensed through his breath that the strength of this Demon Eater is extraordinary, and it has been infinitely close to the SS Grade Ghoul, otherwise, how could the A Grade Ghoul behind him? Willingly become his subordinate?

"It seems that today will be a tough fight!"

Shinohara thought so.

"Beep beep~~"

At this moment, the sound of the car came from far away and quickly approached. Shinohara and the devils both turned their heads and saw a truck coming fast, with the words CCG painted on the body. Obviously, it was the small CCG unit that came to support after receiving the signal from Shinohara.

"Shinobara Jun Ma, are we here late?"

The vehicle stopped not far from Shinohara and the others, and several white figures quickly jumped off the truck and asked as they walked towards Shinohara and the others.

"Very timely support! Ueda first wait."

Seeing the support finally arrived, Shinohara's face, who had been frowning, finally showed a smile, looking at the leader who took the lead and said.

Ueda Hanyu, the first-class investigator, is a promising investigator that Shinohara is optimistic about. Soon after Shinohara will be officially promoted to special search officer, then the successor of the nine districts will undoubtedly fall in Ueda Yuyu. Body.

The situation in the nine districts is very complicated, and the manpower is also very tight, so in addition to the quasi-special class Shinohara, there are also many senior first-class investigators, and many second-class and third-class investigators!

And this time Shinoharas request for help, the small unit that came to support was Uedas subordinates. In addition to himself as a first-class investigator, there was another first-class deputy as the deputy captain, and the official members were two. Second-class and three third-class search officers, as well as twenty soldiers with considerable combat experience in the reserve.

This squad is already quite a powerful force in the nine districts, but compared with the Demon Eater group in front of them, the outcome is only 50-50. It is hard to say who will survive to the end!

"Hehe, I didn't expect you to have support. Are you completely prepared to take action against us? It's just that, based on your people, do you look down on me a little bit?"

Seeing the arrival of Ueda and others, the eater sneered angrily.

In the eyes of Demon Eater, Baijiu suddenly broke into his territory, nothing more than intending to attack him, wanting to destroy him, because such things happen almost every day in the nine districts!

That's why he didn't expect that Baijiu's arrival was completely drawn by man-made disasters, and he was still a child who didn't understand anything!

If the eater knew the reason, he would vomit blood out of anger, right? He worked so hard to create the Demon Eater Group and endured it for so long, just to accumulate strength and wait for one day to become the master of the nine districts, but now his plan has been easily destroyed by a child!

"Stop talking nonsense, you all deserve to die! Go to **** scum!"

With the support, Mato undoubtedly had the confidence. At this time, he could no longer resist the hatred in his heart. He stretched out his hand to **** the gun from a soldier and squeezed the trigger fiercely at the ogre!

"Puff puff!"

Naturally, bullets could not hit the devils so easily. After being avoided, they shot into the bricks of the roof, splashing smoke and dust on the ground, and then, the canon on the roof moved and jumped from the roof. Then, like a wolf, it rushed to the investigators!

"The battle begins! All the soldiers stepped back to support, and the search officer teamed up to fight!"

Shinohara quickly issued the battle order, and the big knife in his hand slashed towards the demon at the forefront without hesitation!

The battle between CCG and Ghoul officially kicked off.

There is one quasi-special class on the CCG side, and there are three first-class, two second-class, three third-class, and 20 soldiers.

In the Demon Eater Group, there are one S-level Ghoul, seven A-level, and twelve close to A-level.

In terms of combat effectiveness alone, the CCG side seems to be at a disadvantage, but after the battle officially started, the CCG side easily blocked the first round of Ghouls attack with excellent cooperation. Then two or two teams supported each other and even followed The ghouls are playing up and down!

"Bang! Bang!"

At the center of the battle, the battle between Shinohara and the Demon Eater was astonishing. The speed of the two sides was dazzling, and the collision between Kuinke and Ouhe gave bright sparks!

And when the two sides were fighting in full swing, in the abandoned house not far away, a pair of black eyes were staring at the battlefield quietly, and the sound of breathing was invisible.

If Maeto saw this young figure, he would immediately yell at "sly little fish" in irritation!

(New book for collection~~)..

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