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On the outskirts of the Nine Districts, a battle between humans and Ghoul species was underway, and casualties had already begun shortly after the battle began.

With their excellent cooperation and combat plan, CCG's investigators succeeded in killing one after another. At the same time, the powerful canons can often kill one or two investigators by surprise.

The battle between Shinohara and the Demon Eater is still fierce. From the state of view, Shinohara has begun to gasp, and seems to be physically exhausted, but no matter how hard the Demon Eater works, his attack can be blocked by Shinohara, which makes the Demon Eater embarrassed. Endlessly, but also secretly surprised Shinohara's amazing strength in his heart.

The instigator who caused this battle was hiding in a dark corner not far away, watching the drama quietly.

The child didnt understand how enchanting he was to lead this battle to others. He just followed his instincts purely, as if the beast would naturally lead the enemy into a stronger one when it was injured and fleeing. The same in enemy territory.

The kid who had been hiding saw that Mato hadn't pursued him, he had already planned to leave quietly, but the smell of blood in the air attracted him again, and the corpse of the canyon on the ground made his eyes sparkle!

His instinct told him that he must find a way to get those corpses, because those corpses have a great effect on him!

Of course, the children who have been together have also vaguely understood that eating the Ghoul can quickly increase his strength, so that he will live less difficultly!

As a result, the child lurked again, relying on his enchanting talent to hide his aura perfectly, even if the demon eater who was the same kind of ghoul could not find the child hiding not far away.

With the passage of time, the battle became more and more fierce, and the devils group suffered heavy losses. At this time, only five A-level ghouls were still struggling to support them, and the remaining ghouls had been successfully killed.

The loss on the CCG side was not small. Nearly half of the 20 soldiers died, and the three third-class investigators also died two, making Ueda First Class angrily.

As the two sides moved quickly during the battle, their battlefield slowly drifted away. In the end, the corpses of several Ghoul species were far away from the battlefield.


Without hesitation, the figure of the child who had been lurking for a long time flew and rushed towards the corpses quickly, but his slender hands were like sharp knives, pierced into the corpses with a sneer, and then pulled it hard, He took out the Hebao that he planted!

Following the same procedure, in less than ten seconds, the child searched all the bags in the five corpses, and then quickly returned to his hiding place.


The child held a Hebao and took a small bite, his throat moved slightly, and he swallowed it into his stomach with a grunt. The warm sensation spread all over his body, causing the child to squint comfortably.

The child no longer hesitated. Although the movements were very slight, the speed was not slow at all. In three to five seconds, he finished a hebun and continued to eat the next hebun, as if his little belly was a bottomless hole filled with dissatisfaction. !

In less than a minute, the child had eaten five hepatic bags into his stomach, and a warm current surged over the child's body. Under the skin that started to turn red, small snakes were visible to the naked eye. Wandering|Walking, what follows is the increasing power that the child feels!

power! Even if the child is ignorant and ignorant, he is deeply infatuated with it!

The body is constantly absorbing Rc cells, quickly strengthening the child's young body, the thin arms can already see the small muscles, the body seems to have grown a bit taller, and the eyes are more energetic and more agile!

The most intuitive feeling of the child is that he has greater strength and faster speed!


He tentatively stretched out his Lin He, the child turned his head and saw two small snake-like red Lin He were dancing mischievously. Although still slender and fragile, the addition of one represents the child's further strength. Up!

The child who tasted the sweetness turned his gaze to the battlefield again. The battle there was still going on. The Ghoul was retreating steadily and was struggling to resist the offensive of CCG, but CCG was also exhausted. After all, human physical strength is also a major weakness. !

The child's gaze fell on the two killed A-level ghouls, and his greedy eyes were a little hesitant.

The child's instinct told him that those two corpses could give him more power, but they were too close to the battlefield! Even if he is faster now, he can't be sure that he will not be discovered!

So the child was hesitating, despite the immense desire in his heart, he still quietly waited for the opportunity, like a beast waiting for its prey!


The child moved again, except that his target was not the two A-grade Ghoul corpses, but the remaining Ghoul corpses.

Although those low-strength Ghoul corpses are no longer so attractive to children, children dont know what waste is, he only knows that its useful for him!

As a result, such a funny scene appeared on the battlefield, where CCG and the Demon Eater Group were fighting for life and death, but there was a small canon picking up leaks, secretly digging out all the packs, and then eating after hiding quietly. Into the stomach to digest and absorb, strengthen yourself little by little!

The original child could not even beat the influential Ghoul species. The reason why he was able to hold a few moves in the hands of Maeto was that on the one hand, Mae was not serious at all, and on the other hand, it was because the child was talented and at an abnormal speed. Quick, the instinct of fighting is amazing!

But now, I have eaten more than a dozen Hebaos one after another. Although they are all very powerful Ghoul Hebaos, they can accumulate less and more. The strength of the child has also risen rapidly, and he is already close to the A-level strength!

Although the strength of A-level is only the bottom in the world of Ghoul.

Once again, the unsatisfied child turned his gaze on the two A-class corpses again, and now he has a greater certainty!


The child's figure moved quickly, and with the help of the terrain, his tiny figure was hard to be found, quietly approaching the two corpses little by little!

It's near! Closer!

The child's eyes became brighter, staring at the two corpses firmly, and the saliva in his mouth also accelerated the secretion, as if it were some tempting food. At the same time, the corner of his eye did not forget to be alert to the battlefield situation to prevent himself from being discovered.


When the child came to one of the corpses, he finally no longer hesitated. The powerful force allowed the child's hand to easily penetrate the skin of the corpse, and he was easily dug out from it!


After swallowing, the child stared eagerly at the Hebao in his hand, and finally couldn't help but feel the pleasure of gaining strength. He bit down fiercely, and then quickly ate the whole Hebao into his stomach.

However, the crisis also happened! ..

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