Home Ghoul: The Evil Spirit Is ComingChapter 8

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On the battlefield outside the Ninth District, the battle between CCG and the Demon Eater Group was in full swing, but a sudden accident interrupted their battle. The two sides stopped the battle at the same time, looking in the same direction. Full of surprise.

In the clearing in the distance, a thin figure was standing there, with blood still on his hands, the fleshy foam on the corner of his mouth indicated that he had just eaten something, and the corpse of the canyon at his feet told everyone without a doubt. People, what he eats is the canon, or the hep package of the canon!

Originally, he was only planning to secretly eat the Hebao of the A-class candid corpse and then sneaked away, but the ignorant child caused an accident because of this, which caused him to become even more dangerous in the future!

Because he didn't hold back his heart's desire, he ate Hebao's child on the spot, and the Rc cells that were so large for him suddenly turned into a torrent of torrents that impacted his whole body, and he broke through the bottleneck in an instant, easily. Become an A-level Ghoul!

The child had eaten more than a dozen Hebaos before, and his strength was already very close to the A-level. Now that he ate the A-grade Hebaos, he broke through on the spot of course!

But embarrassingly, after the breakthrough, the child couldn't adapt to his sudden increase in strength, and his aura could no longer be hidden. The sudden outbreak of the aura of A-grade Ghoul suddenly attracted everyone's attention, and they turned their heads to look towards. His position.

A thief is bound to be at a loss when exposed to the sun suddenly, but the child is different. He looks at everyone blankly, with innocent eyes, because he has no idea what happened.

"Cunning little fish, you dare to show up unexpectedly!"

It was Wu Xu, of course, who uttered the scolding the first time, and saw that he was pointing at the child angrily. If it weren't for a strong opponent in front of him, I'm afraid he would have rushed to the child long ago!

After a hard pursuit, the child was taken into the demon-eater's lair, which led to a great battle. How can Mahami not be angry, how can he not be angry? !

Although Shinohara did not speak, he was surprised. Shinohara, who has exceptional strength, can naturally see the changes before and after the child. In just two or three hours, his strength has undergone a leapfrog change, sure enough. Just like his evaluation, evildoer!

"Where did that little guy come from?!"

At this moment, the eater also asked in surprise, but this sentence made the expressions of Shinohara and Mato freeze!

"Nani? Isn't that kid yours?"

Shinohara couldn't help the doubts in his heart immediately, and asked on the spot.

"Hmph, how could my demon eater accept a child as a subordinate? Shinohara, are you insulting me?"

Hearing this, the demon eater was immediately embarrassed and yelled at Shinohara angrily when he pointed at the child.

"Baga! We came here after chasing that child. You said he was not yours, what a joke!"

Mato couldn't help it anymore, yelling with uncertainty on his face.

At this time, everyone was stunned!

Shinohara and Mato have always assumed that the child is a member of the Demon Eater Group. Otherwise, how could the child deliberately lure them here?

The rest of the CCG people have always thought that this is a war against the devils group, but it doesn't seem to be the case at this time?

The devils felt even more innocent. They stayed on their own turf and were suddenly attacked by CCG. They thought it was against themselves, but now they find that a child caused the disaster. , The demons are all angry!

"Little guy, who are you?"

Now, Shinohara has finally sorted out the clues. From start to finish, they were self-righteous. The child never said which side he was, but at a young age he knew how to cause trouble. This scheming was shocking.

Who knows, the child just glanced at him faintly, did not answer his question, turned and ran away with a scream.

After being promoted to A-level, the child whose strength has soared, and his speed soared. With all his strength, he disappeared between the abandoned houses in the blink of an eye and disappeared.

Unexpectedly, everyone who didn't expect the child to flee and flee, they were all stunned at the same place, not knowing how to react.

"Damn it! Don't try to run away!"

Manto, who has a deep resentment for children, reacted the fastest, regardless of the strong opponent in front of him, chasing up in the direction of the disappearance of the child!

"Maho! Forget it, I can't catch up anymore."

Shinohara stopped Mato from chasing him in time, staring at the direction the child was leaving, and said thoughtfully.

"Damn it! Don't let me see you again, next time, I will never let you go!"

Shinohara knew what Shinohara meant, so he yelled angrily and stopped.

Afterwards, the atmosphere on the battlefield became serious again, and the two sides confronted each other, but they couldn't fight anymore.

Originally, both sides are already at the end of the battle. The Demon Eater Group is not strong enough and is losing ground. However, the CCG is also exhausted, and it is easy to be counter-killed. It is because of the suffocation that can continue to fight!

But after the fight was interrupted by the child's uproar, both sides no longer have the fighting spirit, but now both sides are waiting for the other side to speak of weakness first.

"Attention everyone, ready to continue fighting!"

At this time, Shinohara slowly squeezed the big sword in his hand and held up in front of him to give an order.

As the CCG that specializes in combating the Ghoul species, it is absolutely impossible for them to take the lead in showing weakness and retreat. Then, what will be the face of CCG?

So even if he died here, Shinohara would never give an order to retreat!


Shinohara gave an order, and even though the investigators were exhausted, they all surged in fighting spirit, condensed into a huge momentum and pressed against the Demon-Eater Group.

"Huh! As expected of the unyielding Shinohara, really hard enough! Little ones, let's go!"

The ogre, who knew he could not fight anymore, was unwilling to fight, but there was nothing he could do. It would not do him any good to fight again, so he had to give an order to retreat aggrieved.

After all, the demon eater figure flashed, and quickly evacuated with the shochu, but Shinohara did not stop him, but quietly watched their leaving back, his tired eyes with a little dignity, no Know what is thinking.

"Shinohara, should we let them go like this? As long as we persist, we can destroy them!"

The radical real family was very unwilling. Xiao Yu'er's escape already made him very angry. Now he can only watch the Demon Eater Group leave, and he can't help it!

"Maho! If it's a deadly battle, we will win, but after the victory, how many can go back alive? Also, don't forget where is this place! We will lose a lot at that time, but don't expect other Ghoul who will be subordinates. Show mercy!"

Sure enough, it was Shinohara. One sentence tells the reason. They are in a deep danger. If they fight desperately with the demon group, they can win, but the living people will definitely be unable to fight again. Then how can they learn from the ghoul? Back to the branch in the hinterland? ..

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