Home Ghoul: The Evil Spirit Is ComingChapter 82

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"There is no reason, it's just because he just came up!"

Ye Yue replied casually with a shrug.

"Just... then I just happened to kill you to avenge him!"

Yueshan, who was so angry with Ye Yue's words, surged upwards, and said no more, his feet bent, and his body shot out, rushing towards Ye Yue like a sharp arrow!

Bang bang!

Bang bang!

A series of dull clashes echoed through the hall. Yueshan chose to fight melee. His huge fists blasted towards Yeyue at a very fast speed, but they could be easily picked up by Yeyue every time. Both palms were like cotton. Get the power on his fist.

"Come on! Hurry up!"

The corner of Ye Yues mouth smiled, and the playful laughter passed into Yueshans ears through the mask, making his offensive stagnant, but in the next instant, Yueshan, who became more and more angry, had a faster offensive, and the storm-like attacks hit Ye Yue!

call out!

When she saw Ye Yue Zheng's whole body coping with her offensive, Yue Shan's eyes flashed, and Jiahe hidden behind her abruptly pierced out of her armpit, aiming at Ye Yue's heart!


With a crisp sound, Ye Yue did not dodge, but Jiahe unexpectedly stabbed on a piece of bright red! Yeyue's Linhe didn't know when he had quietly guarded his heart, letting Yueshan's conspiracy come to nothing.

With a missed blow, Yueshan's face remained as usual. While the two fists were bombarding, Jiahe also wrapped his right arm, adding a very strong offensive power to his right hand!

"Haha~ I'm sorry, I'll go ahead and do something else!"

But at this time, Ye Yue stepped back abruptly, waved at Yueshan Guanmother, her figure turned into a flash of lightning and flew across the hall extremely fast!


"Uh ah!"

One after another screams sounded, and one corpse fell to the ground, with a dazed and horrified face!


Yue Shan roared angrily, chasing behind Ye Yue at the fastest speed, but to no avail, Jiahe Ghouls speed was a disadvantage, even if Yue Shan had paid much attention to speed training, he could still only be thrown away by Ye Yue. street!

Why is Yueshan so angry? It turned out that while fighting with Yueshan, he was always paying attention to the battlefield. He saw that He Wulu, with the assistance of Xiao Yi, suppressed the two women Li Shi and Hong Luan, and made the two women support left and right. They were in danger. , So I took a quick shot to solve them all!

Yeyues eruption speed is like lightning, sharp fingers can easily smash the head of a Ghoul, four scales dance frantically, but they can always pierce Xiao Haos heart or head like a coincidence, with only a reaction. S-Class Ghoul who is slightly faster can escape in time.

The crushing speed caused Yueshan to be unable to stop Yeyue's killing behavior. When Yueshan roared and let all his subordinates escape from the hall, Yeyue had almost killed them!

The only two leftovers were still Yeyue deliberately left behind to Jinmu. Without the pressure of death, how could Jinmu grow up as quickly as possible?

With less harassment, Li Shi and Hong Luan can finally focus on dealing with Youza and Wulu. After holding back the fire, Li Shi launched a crazy counterattack with bloodthirsty and cruel eyes. Someone was so scared that his heart straightened, and although Hongluan's performance was not obvious, you can see from her expressionless face, Hongluan was also quite upset in her heart!

Ghost Ices battle here can be considered relatively easy. Although his opponent has five S-level opponents, it is still difficult to threaten his life. On the contrary, it speeds up the running-in of his own strength and quickly adapts to the SS-level. At the level of strength, as long as he can find a breakthrough, he can easily kill a few people!

Jin Muyan is still the most miserable. He has just learned how to fight, so he has to face two strong opponents for him. If it werent for Jasons powerful scales, Im afraid Jin Mu would have supported it long ago. Can't stop it!

Its just that the current Jin Muyan hasnt gotten much better. His whole body is covered with wounds. Although he has a strong regenerative power, his physical strength cant keep up with the consumption, panting and avoiding the enemys attack, but his eyes are flustered. Gradually calmed down, he has begun to adapt to the fight of the Ghoul!

"Bastard! Stop it for me!"

The almost crazy Yueshan Guanmother roared, chasing behind Ye Yue like a monkey being teased, but she couldn't match Ye Yue's speed and could do nothing.


Randomly snapped the neck of the last one who ran away, Ye Yue's flying figure finally stopped, the blood-stained goblin mask exuded a frightening breath, those scarlet eyes and moon When Shan Guanmu looked at each other, he couldn't help shaking his heart!

This look is brutal, crazy, bloodthirsty and full of animality! What kind of existence can have such terrible eyes!

But no matter what, as the Patriarch of the Yueshan family, Yueshan Guanmu must not shrink back because of the strength of the enemy. What's more, he has no way to escape. At the speed of Ye Yue, he has no chance to escape!


Seeing the corpses all over the floor were members of his own family, Yue Shans inner anger was beyond words. Her scarlet eyes seemed to burst into flames, and she stared at Ye Yue, raising her neck and roaring. !

The purple Jiahe stretched forward from his shoulders around his arms, the color became deeper, and the sharp tip was shining sharply!

Unfortunately, even if Yueshan unreservedly exploded his full strength, it was nothing more. The Yueshan family was a well-known ghoul family and loved to study food, so it always refused to share it. Therefore, the Yueshan family was one year older. No one can become a half-hero, not even Yueshan Guanmu, who is the head of the Patriarch.

Not in common, the strength of Yueshan Guanmu will not be able to be promoted to SSS level in her life, and she is destined to only wander at the peak of SS level and cannot make progress!

Therefore, this battle is doomed from the beginning, and Yeyue, who has been together since childhood, is simply beyond the reach of Yueshan Guanmother!

"Well, it's time to fix you!"

Ye Yue twisted her neck, her bones and hair made a crisp sound, and the four scales were wrapped around her limbs, and gradually merged with her hands and feet. This is just a simple half-heralization, because at this level, it is enough to crush. Calm Moon Mountain!

"Treasure your last battle! Patriarch Yueshan!"

Yeyues cold declaration reverberated in the hall. Before the voice fell, the figure had disappeared in place. The strong wind blew out of thin air. Yeyues figure flickered constantly, and the speed was so fast that Yueshans eyes were almost unable to stop. Captured Yeyue's figure!

"Fast speed!"

Yueshan Guanmu looked solemnly on guard, but she was shocked by the speed of Yeyue's sudden increase in her heart!

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