Home Ghoul: The Evil Spirit Is ComingChapter 83

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The simple and half heroic Yeyue, through the fusion of scales and limbs, not only accelerates his speed, but also greatly strengthens his attack power. The black and red arms are like peerless weapons, exuding orders. The breath of shock!

After Lin He merged with his hands and feet, even though he lost Lin Hes advantageous weapon, Ye Yues melee combat power was greatly increased. After all his limbs were strengthened, both his speed and attack power surged. Yeyue's superb fighting ability was brought into play!


With a muffled sound, Yueshan, who felt a sense of crisis, hurriedly turned Jiahe into a shield to block him. The next moment he felt a majestic force hit the shield, even if his feet were firmly on the ground. , But still can't avoid the fate of being blown out!

In just a moment, Yueshan didn't even see Ye Yue's figure clearly, and was easily blasted off by Ye Yue, hitting the wall with one head, and smashing through several rooms in succession before it could be stopped.


Ye Yue's feet pressed hard, and a strong wind blew in place. In the blink of an eye, Ye Yue's figure came to Yueshan, and her right hand, which was wrapped by Linhe and became sharp and flexible, stabs Yueshan Guanmu relentlessly.

The strong sense of crisis made Yueshan's heart tense, and he rolled on the spot without thinking, and then slapped his hands on the ground fiercely. This was enough to avoid Ye Yue's pursuit, and thrillingly rubbed shoulders with death. Ever!

However, feeling the gulf-like power gap with Ye Yue, Yue Shan felt weak in his heart again. How can such an opponent be defeated? Or does it mean that from the moment he met him, his fate was stamped with death?

Yue Shan half-kneeled on the ground and couldn't help panting. The neatly combed purple hair had long been messed up, and the decent suit had turned into a beggar's outfit. He looked up at Ye Yue, the scarlet color in He's eyes. It's bleaked a lot.

The Patriarch of the dignified Yueshan Clan, with a powerful force in his hand, and wealth that ordinary people can't match, but at this time ended up in an embarrassing situation, really miserable.

But no matter how pitiful or miserable the Patriarch Yueshan is, Yeyue will not plan to let him go today, because he has learned a word from humans over the years, which is called cutting the grass to get rid of the root!

Since the Yueshan family has been provoked, it must be completely destroyed, even though Yeyue was wrong in the beginning, but what about it? Who made Ye Yue look at the Yueshan family not pleasing to the eye, yet she had the strength to look down upon the Yueshan family?

So, if its extinguished, its extinguished, so what can it do?

Ye Yue slowly walked to the front of Yueshan, the eyes of the evil ghost's mask revealed a cold, unforgiving cold light, and she could see Yueshan like an ice cave, and her body became stiff involuntarily.


The shadow of death loomed over his heart, Yueshan waved Jiahe fiercely, and his body quickly retreated, wanting to take a breather and buy more time for himself to think about countermeasures!

"Farewell, Yueshan!"

Yeyue's indifferent voice sounded under the mask, and the silhouette moved, her dark and sturdy arms turned into a phantom, covering Yueshan Mountain!

Qiang Qiang! !

Yue Shan hurriedly pushed Jiahe in front of him to block Ye Yue's offensive, but it was useless!


Following Yeyue's intensive blows, cracks surfaced on Jiahe's surface, spreading like a spider web in the blink of an eye, turning into fragments with a crisp sound!

Puff puff puff!

The sharp arms stabbed into Yueshan's body without mercy, punch after punch, one after another, until he pierced Yueshan's chest to **** blood, his eyes were dim, and his body was completely silent. Stopped his crazy attack.


The Lin He on his arm gradually faded, the evil ghost mask slowly concealed into his body, Ye Yue's crazy eyes gradually calmed down, silently looking at Yueshan's corpse, there was no wave in his eyes.

As the battle on this side came to an end, the fierce fighting in the hall gradually subsided. After a bitter battle, Li Shi and Hongluan, who were more powerful, finally killed Youza Hewulu, and Ghost Ice was also in Hongluan. With his help, he quickly cleaned up his opponent.

It didn't take long for the noisy villa to gradually calm down, and only Jin Muyan and the two young men were still fighting hard.

Although Jin Muyan has only just begun to adapt to the fighting between the Ghoul species, his brain is very smart. After calming down, through careful observation and serious simulation study, he slowly figured out a set of fighting methods. Jason's Linhe was He used it decently.

Although Jin Muyan has been struggling in the hands of the two young men because they are still very unfamiliar, but finally it is hard to get through to the end, the two young men are all dead and panicked seeing their bosses die. Under the circumstances, Jinmu finally seized the opportunity to solve it.

At this point, excluding some members who went out, the Yueshan family was basically wiped out!

"Let's go~"

The magnificent villa was turned into ruins due to a war of extermination, Ye Yue walked slowly to a few people, nodded lightly, and then walked towards the city.

Li Shi looked at Ye Yue's indifferent figure, thinking that a powerful Ghoul family would be destroyed in Ye Yue's hands. They couldn't help but feel excited, looking at Ye Yue's back, full of pride.

Jin Muyan's eyes are extremely complicated. Yeyue is obviously cruel to him, always throwing him into the test of life and death crisis, forcing him to burst out of his potential again and again, but the end result is good, because he is still alive, And the strength is growing very fast!

Therefore, Jin Muyan was also very entangled in his heart, not knowing whether to resent or to thank Ye Yue, but there is no doubt that Ye Yue's powerful posture is destined to make him look up, and he will not be eligible to be an enemy in his life.

The sky was already bright, and the morning sun slowly appeared in the sky, shining a golden touch of heaven and earth!

Soon after Ye Yue and the others left, the Yueshan family territory, which was turned into ruins, welcomed several guests again.

"What's the matter? The Yueshan Family was so badly damaged!"

The tone of one of the figures was full of surprise, and he obviously couldn't figure out why the powerful Yueshan family in the 20th district was silently destroyed!

"That's... the corpse of the Yueshan Patriarch!"

Another figure saw the corpse of Yueshan Guan's mother in the ruins, and suddenly became stagnant, somewhat inconceivable.

"It seems that something extraordinary happened in the 20th district! Zongtai was killed and the Yueshan family was annihilated. Is anyone targeting the clown?"

The person who spoke first lowered his head in thought, and under the shining sun, a clown mask appeared on his face. Originally, the clown represented a funny face, but his clown mask looked a little frightening, and his facial features were all gloomy!

Although the other person is also a clown mask, but it looks a little more normal. On both sides of his little red nose, he wrote a line of incomprehensible text, which is quite mysterious.

(Only the last chapter is left in the manuscript, and then I can only slowly complete the remaining six changes in codewords! Hard work! Ask for customization and collection! Kneel for various support!)

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