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"Oh? Nick, you mean, our relationship with the Yueshan family was discovered? Who could it be?"

The thin, ponytailed man said in a surprised tone.

The clown organization has existed for a long time and has a long history of development. It has cooperated with the ancestors of the Yueshan family a long time ago. Today, the Yueshan family has become an affiliate of the clown unknowingly and helps the clown on the bright side. Collect wealth, secretly collect intelligence in each district, and be responsible for stationing in the 20 districts.

But the connection between the two parties is very secret, almost no one can find out, but now that one of the clown members, Zong Taigang, was killed soon, the Yueshan family was annihilated. Smarter people would think of hidden enemies targeting the clown. !

"Oh ha ha ~ ~ I am not sure, so I need to track down carefully, chant, you and Yi Bird first collect information about the 20 districts, and then I will visit our old people personally!"

Nick Mingming is a male who can't help but let out a demon|suckling laugh in his mouth. With the bright clothes on his body and the high heels on his feet, anyone who sees it will shiver!

"Hi~Hi~~I will let Yi Bird collect information after I go back! Then, if there is nothing wrong, I will leave first, and you will report the matter here to the boss~"

He waved his hand helplessly, but he didn't show any unusual behavior because of Nick's laughter. I would like to have long been accustomed to having such a Longyang fan around him.

"Oh ha ha ha ~ really a difficult task! I don't know if the boss is angry, will he spoil me well!"

Nick squeezed his body and covered his face and said shyly, it was chilling.

"Well, then I'll go back first~"

Even if he has been getting along for a long time, he can't stand the current Nick. For fear that he will regard himself as a target, he waved his hand and left in a hurry.

"Hahaha~~ I have not met an opponent who dared to challenge the clown for a long time! I really look forward to it!" Nick's soft voice echoed gently over the ruins, a gust of wind suddenly blew over, and again in the ruins. No one is left.

"Sister Hongluan, good morning~~"

Accompanied by the familiar wind bell, a little girl with short brown hair looked at Hong Luan who appeared at the door in surprise, with a sweet smile on her face.

The little girl was called Hina Fukuchi. She followed her mother Ryoko Fukuchi to the antique for protection a few days ago. Because her doctor father was betrayed by the patient, Wu Xu Mabe went to the door directly.

Had it not been for her father desperately to hold down Mato and Amen, and to buy time for the mother and daughter to escape, I am afraid that their family of three would inevitably be killed.

The long-whip Kuynk used by Mato in the battle with Yezuki before was made with Hina's father Linhe, and it was quite powerful, but unfortunately it was not enough to see in front of the murderous Yezuki.

At first, Hun Shi was autistic, and Hong Luan, who had a gentle nature, naturally couldn't help comforting Hun Shi. After going back and forth, the two of them were familiar with each other a lot, and even the flute Ryoko became familiar with Hong Luan.

Only Ye Yue and Li Shi, one with indifferent personality and the other cold-blooded and cruel, naturally did not dare to approach the two of them, and Guibing did not bother to play with children, so Yeyue and his group had only Hongluan is relatively close to her.

"Hina-chan, oh ha yo~~"

Hong Luan rubbed Xiao Shi's little head with a smile, her gentle eyes made Xiao Shi feel warm, but when her eyes turned to Ye Yue and Li Shi behind, her face suddenly stagnated, and she couldn't help but move timidly. Two steps back.

Fortunately, Ye Yue and Li Shi ignored Hun Shi directly and walked straight to their old position to sit down, while Gui Bing and Jin Mu just gave Hina Shi a faint glance, and there was no special performance.

Since Yeyue brought Hongluan and Guibing to the 20th district, the antique coffee shop seems to be much more lively than before. Yeyue and the three of them, plus Leese, Jinmu, Hina and Ryoko, also There is Nishio Nishiki.

Of course, the reason why Yeyue comes to antiques every day is for two reasons. One is that the coffee here is really good, and the other is because Hong Luan visits Dong Xiang every day. Of course, there is one more visitor now. , Young real.

There are not many powerful Ghoul species in the 20th district, and the crowds here are dense and it is not suitable for fighting. On weekdays, besides coffee, I just hang out. When Yeyue is bored, I can only work hard to find some entertainment programs for myself, such as the previous ones. Baijiu, such as Yueshan's house.

Of course, there is no need for Ye Yue to take the initiative to find fun in the future, because he believes that Le will come to the door! At least CCG will definitely send additional staff, after all, a good search officer and an excellent second-class search officer, for CCG, the loss is not small!

Moreover, Ye Yue is not difficult to guess that the clown organization behind Zongtai, who was killed by Li Shi before, will definitely send people over, and Bronze Tree may also take action after the loss of Jason.

So, the 20th district! As soon as Yeyue comes, not only antiques, but the entire 20th district will become even more lively! A big drama has already begun!

And the 20th district will become the main stage of this drama, who will become the ultimate winner, then wait and see!

"Jin Mu, today's task is very simple. Let Gui Bing be your sparring partner, and try to stay in his hands for a minute!"

After ordering three cups of coffee as usual, Ye Yue looked up at Jin Muyan, who was a little numb, and set him with today's task indifferently.

"Nani? One minute? This..."

Hearing Ye Yues words, Jin Mus awake face suddenly became angry and screamed with his arms in a panic. Its a pity that Ye Yue didnt give him a chance to say more, and gave Gui Bing a look, ghost. Bing consciously pulled Jin Mu's back collar, dragging him away from Antique like a trash.

"Mandie! Yacht butterfly!!"

Jin Mu's wailing sounded from outside the door, and gradually moved away. Everyone in the store was accustomed to it. Only the simple young Shi felt that Jin Muyan was a bit pitiful, and silently mourned for him for a while.

"Ye Yue, why are you cultivating Jinmu like this?"

Li Shi held his chin and looked at Ye Yue softly, and couldn't help but ask with curiosity. In her opinion, Jinmu is just an ordinary human being, only because of the last accident and bad luck, it has become a one-eyed Ghoul.

Although one-eyed shochu is rare, but Jinmu is not strong enough and has a weak personality. Is such a person really worthy of Ye Yue's effort to cultivate?

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