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All afternoon dressing and dressing.

A little black dress selected by Lu Manman with a tube top design. The exposed skin is white and translucent. It is even more shocking under the light. The part wrapped in the little dress is also uneven, with perfect waist and hip curves. It makes people think about it again and again. The chest is not big, but it is definitely the size that men like.

Such a beautiful figure, coupled with Lu Manman's perfect facial features combined with a cheek...In the ancient Chinese words, it would be a shameful waste. Because in Gu Xin's mind, Lu Manman's external conditions have reached its peak, but Lu Manman has to choose to rely on talent! It is simply violent.

Of course, Lu Manman actually likes to be praised so contemptuously by Gu Xin. She always likes to look at Gu Xin's various distorted expressions. For example, at this moment, when both of them are ready to go, Gu Xin's face is disgusting. .

In fact, Gu Xin does not look ugly, although not as stunning as Lu Manman's, it is still a small jade-shaped, beautiful features, tall body, plus good at dressing up, it is definitely not an exaggeration to be classified as a beauty. It's just that I've always been used to being with Lu Manman. In contrast, Gu Xin seemed a bit more ordinary.

Two people walked out of the mall together.

The return rate is high, and they have long been used to it.

Gu Xin usually said at this time, "When a man looks at you, it proves that this man is superficial. Asking a man to look at me proves that this man has connotation. It also shows that Wen Yun is more superficial, and Zhai Yi is more connotation."

Gu Xin is never stingy about complimenting people around him, and sometimes he is clearly narcissistic.

How could such a narcissistic and cheerful woman choose to commit suicide back then...

Lu Manman was a little nervous, and she suddenly stretched out her hand to hold Gu Xin.

Gu Xin was startled.

This woman's behavior these days is completely different from ordinary people.

"Gu Xin, before getting married, don't think about getting on Zhai Yi's bed." Lu Manman said every word with a serious expression.

"Why? I have already identified Zhai Yi in my life." Gu Xin looked at her and said just now that he had killed her. Why did Manman reject Zhai Yi so much?

Didnt she even say that if she can find a good man like Zhai Yi, she must have saved the galaxy in her last life? !

"Listen to me, I won't hurt you." Lu Manman said.


"I won't harm you!" Lu Manman repeated.

"Who will harm me?" Gu Xin asked nervously.

"Gu Xin, remember what I said, don't let me down in you." Lu Manman was not prepared to say more.

She didn't want to tell Gu Xin about the previous life, not only was she afraid that she would not believe it, but also that she would be hurt!

The two walked out of the building together holding hands.

At the entrance of Daxiamen, two black cars parked there brightly.

The two men, both wearing black suits, stood upright in front of the car door, with good looks, strong style, and high aura, so seductive.

Gu Xin had let go of her hand and rushed towards one of the men, Zhai Yi.

The young master of the Zhai family.

Wencheng, the famous four big families, one big family.

Four major families: the Lu family, the Gu family, the Zhai family and the Mo family, with the title of business tycoon headed by the Lu family.

A big family: Wen Jia. Only the literary family, the family of officials of the past dynasties.

Wencheng is called Wencheng because it is a capital given to the former emperor by the ancestors of the Wen family with their own blood. It is named after the Wen family, so it is called Wencheng.

Wencheng has a long history and is the most prosperous city besides the imperial capital. Although politically governed by the imperial capital, it is the artery of the country economically. Before a long history, the Wen family devoted themselves to economic development when managing Wencheng. Obviously, to this day, they have achieved amazing results!

"Manman." Wen Yun walked over and stood in front of Lu Manman.

Wen Yun was half a head taller than Lu Manman. He lowered his head like this and looked at her. The 45-degree angle made this man look really handsome, with scattered short hair, fixed shape, sword eyebrows, narrow eyes, and a straight nose. The lips, which are slightly thicker than the average man, are not abrupt on his angular face. On the contrary, it feels more stable and less frivolous.

Such an outstanding appearance, coupled with such a gentle temperament, it is always easy for women to fall.

Lu Manman chuckled lightly, "Sorry, I've been waiting for a long time."

"Fool." Wen Yun intimately hugged and landed on his long waist, "Waiting for you is the happiest thing in my life."

Lu Manman took a halt.

She is repelling.

The body of a woman is very strange, as long as the heart doesn't accept it, the body is very difficult to deal with.

But at the moment, she endured it.

Enduring, and Wen Yun got into his car.

He was still that kind of gentleman, opened the door for her first, fastened her seat belt, then turned back to the cab and drove away.

What Wen Yun showed was that he was extremely good and perfect.

Lu Manman placed his gaze outside the fluent scenery outside the car window.

At the moment when the lights are on, the sky is not yet dark, but the breath of the night can already be felt.

"Did I forget to say that you are very beautiful today?" Wen Yun opened the topic while driving.

"Just like you." Lu Manman smiled.

Lu Manman is very good at talking. Once for Wen Yun and for her political development, she really deliberately paid attention to her own words and deeds. She wants to one day when Wen Yun is now in the highest position, she will be enough to be the mother of the world. .


She can't look forward to that day.

In the previous life, I could not expect it, but in this life, Wen Yun could not expect it!

"Manman, we are definitely the two most matching people in this world, none of them." Wen Yun said every word.

Lu Manman pursed his lips, "I hope."

The car arrived at the destination smoothly.

Wen Yun got off the car, opened the door for Lu Manman, and helped her get out of the car in hand. The two noble temperaments, talented men and women, joined hands to enter Wencheng's most luxurious super 6-star "Sheng Can" hotel.

The hotel is resplendent and magnificent and belongs to one of the industries of the Mo family.

Mo's is dominated by hotel real estate, and there are countless hotel chains across the country. Everyone will eventually fall into the only eldest son of the Mo family, Mo Yuanxiu, and many people regret it.

Entering the glorious hall, how many high-ranking officials and distinguished persons are present in costumes, all wearing their perfect masks, shuttled in all kinds of colors, so hypocritical but so, it is natural.

Lu Manman held Wen Yun's hand all the time, greeted politely with different groups of people, drank and drank, most of the banquets in the upper class were so boring.

The footsteps of the two suddenly stopped.

The man in front of him rarely wore a straight light gray suit with a white shirt as the base and a silver-gray tie. It was different from the traditional suit cut and tone, but it suddenly appeared eclectic and stunning.

His facial features are more three-dimensional than Wen Yun, with deep eyes, a tall nose, and distinctly thin but unusually shaped lips.

It is said that men with thin lips are thin.

Lu Man glanced at Mo Yuanxiu without a trace, with a calm expression on his face.

"Long time no see, Mo Yuanxiu." Wen Yun took the initiative to stretch out his hand.

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