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Headache is splitting.

She opened her eyes again, and the sudden light made her close her eyes suddenly.

What's the situation now? !

She was silent, thinking.

Do people still feel pain when they die? !

The scene of being hit and killed by a car seemed to linger in her mind all the time. At the time, she only felt that there was darkness in front of her. She held her stomach and lost her perception.

She had witnessed a serious accident with her own eyes, when the people who were run over by the truck were completely unrecognizable and the blood plasma broke.

And she probably looks like that.

Was dying at his doorstep, so tragic, wouldn't Wen Yun really be afraid of retribution?

"Manman, you are all awake, why are you still closing your eyes, don't scare me." A familiar female voice heard in the ear.

Lu Manman was taken aback.

She has hallucinations!

"Long Man." The familiar voice was a little anxious, "If you don't open your eyes, I'll whip the corpse."

Lu Manman opened his eyes after all.

This time, the light didn't dazzle her so much, and she looked straight at the woman in front of her, looking at this woman who was not already dead!

"Are you stupid, look at me like that!" The woman frowned, almost frightened to death.

"Gu Xin, are we in the Yin Cao Jifu or heaven?" Lu Manman asked her seriously.

The woman named Gu Xin was completely dumbfounded. She watched Lu Manman so dumbfounded, reached out her hand to touch Lu Manman's forehead, and touched herself again. It was quite a long time, "You're damned! Sister Huo! Well done, who are you cursing!"

Lu Manman still looked at her in such a surprise, "Are you not dead?!"

Gu Xin rolled his eyes, "Forget it, I'll call Wen Yun from your family. We don't have a common language with you, a woman who has fallen into a vortex of love and cannot help herself."

With that, Gu Xin picked up the phone and was ready to make a call.

"Don't fight!" Lu Manman suddenly jumped out of the bed excitedly and snatched Gu Xin's phone.

Gu Xin looked at her inexplicably, "Have you quarreled with Wen Yun?"

"Gu Xin, answer me honestly, are we dead? Don't lie to me!" Lu Manman was extremely serious.

Gu Xin was frightened by such a serious Lu Manman, and suddenly became honest a lot, "I really didn't die, I don't know if you died! Besides, my sister is only 23 years old, such a beautiful age, how uneconomical to die! "

"23 years old?" Lu Manman was shocked again.

Are they 30? !

Why suddenly became 23 years old.

"Manman, are you really stupid? How did you tell me to explain to your parents! I am so regretful that I called you out to accompany me to the amusement park. As a result, I crashed the car as soon as I went out. It's a big bag, and my brain can't be used..." Gu Xin suddenly started crying and making noise.

Lu Manman felt his head hurt even more, "Okay, stop arguing, I'm not stupid! Let me think about it."

"Oh." Gu Xin quickly cleared up his sadness.

Silent space.

Lu Manman looked around.

This is a room that looks like a hospital, although it is very warm.

She looked at Gu Xin's dressing, which was their favorite style and style at the age of 23, and she couldn't be wrong.

And she was sure that she had just truly experienced a car accident, and the pain in her body and heart and mouth were still fresh in her memory.

So, to sum up.

She was accidentally reborn? !

Such a shattered thing actually happened to her.

Is it because God feels worthless for her? !

So let her go back to the present and start again!



Her eyes tightened fiercely.

The so-called revenge and revenge, Wen Yun, what you owed me in the last life, I will definitely repay it twice in this life!

"Have you thought about it?" Gu Xin asked in a weak voice.

Lu Manman returned to his senses, looking at her with his eyes.

"Gu Xin, come here."

Gu Xin was taken aback, but still did.

Lu Manman suddenly hugged her and hugged her fiercely.

This woman once died before her eyes.

They grew up playing together, eating together, sleeping together, going to school together, falling in love, doing a lot of idiotic and meaningful things together, and the scene of Gu Xin's death became a shadow and pain that she would never be able to erase in her last life.


Rebirth is here, the year that Gu Xin is still alive!

Gu Xin was inexplicably hugged by Lu Manman, "What are you doing? I said earlier that you are not allowed to like me. I am someone who has a boyfriend!"

Lu Manman couldn't help but smile.

Gu Xin is still so silly and sweet.

"Wake up?" The door of the ward opened, and a low male voice came.

The two turned their heads at the same time.

"I'm very busy discussing compensation." His cold face and even his voice were stiff.

Lu Manman narrowed his eyes and looked at the man in front of him, "You hit me?"

The man glanced coldly, impatient, "If your brain breaks, let your lawyer come to me."

With that, he turned to leave.

"Wait." Lu Manman called to him, "How are you going to compensate me?"

"You make a price." The words are concise and concise.

"Do you think I am short of money?" Lu Manman looked at him.

"If that's the case, let's say goodbye." The man was about to leave again.

"You can't just listen to me to finish!" The voice was a little loud, and Lu Manman felt that after 30 years of upbringing, he broke his skills in an instant in front of this man!

The man stopped.

The room is very quiet.

Lu Manman adjusted his emotions secretly, "Let's get married."

Word by word, clearly.

The surroundings were silent for a moment, and there was no sound.

The man hadn't spoken yet, Gu Xin couldn't bear it anymore, "Manman, I'd better go to the doctor to do a brain CT for you!"

"You stop!" Lu Manman called to her, "My mind is very good."

"If you have a good mind, you won't know how to marry this man!" Gu Xin was a little excited, "Do you know this man?!"

"Knowing." Turning into ash also knows!

"Do you know how scumbag he is?"

"I know." She has investigated his ancestor for eighteen generations.

"Know?" Gu Xin didn't believe it.

"Mo Yuanxiu, 25 years old, three generations of Mo family single biography, Wencheng's most famous dude, is not one of the most romantic. 18-year-old engaged in a pregnant woman's belly to force a miscarriage, 20-year-old played a tender model and caused him to commit suicide, 23-year-old passed on The woman took her child to come to recognize her father. At the age of 25, she stepped on three boats and finally turned over the waves." Lu Manman seemed to take a sigh of relief and continued, "The career is unsuccessful. Almost a whirr, of course this is what happened later."

Gu Xin could hear stars all over his head in the clouds and mist.

And Mo Yuanxiu, the man standing in front of her like this, raised the corners of his lips and said indifferently, "If this is the case, why do you want to marry me?"

why? !

For too many reasons, she only said, "When I have a tendency to be abused."

"Really?" Mo Yuanxiu smiled, with some evil smiles, because of the angular cheeks and handsome facial features, he looked charming. He said, "It just so happens that I am a sadist!"


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