Home Reborn Aristocrat: OppressingChapter 5

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Lu Manman got up quickly from the bed, went downstairs to talk to his parents, and went straight out.

Holding the car key in her hand, she finally took a taxi to the "sleepless charm" high-end bar club.

No reason, just because the scene in her mind gave her a shadow of the vehicle.

The car reached its destination quickly.

At the moment before night, the "sleepless charm" high-end bar club is already full of excitement. Lu Manman really doesn't like the magnificent and drunken atmosphere inside. She always feels misty and muddy.

She admitted that she was well educated since she was a child, never swears, never got angry with people in public, never went to nightclubs, never made friends with "bad guys", never addicted to alcohol, smoked, or gotten into any bad habits. She worked hard to make herself the perfect woman as she grew up. Fortunately, I was able to match my encouragement to myself, and to have the confidence to stand beside Wen Yun and walk hand in hand.

My heart felt a bit tingling.

Not because of this lost relationship, but because of the last life's worthlessness.

And, so hard, the child bred for him but killed by his own hands!

"Miss, are you alone, or are you looking for a friend?" The waiter came respectfully at the moment of shaking God.

"I'm looking for Mo Yuanxiu."

"Then wait a moment, I'll report it."

"Yeah." Lu Manman stood by the bar, looking left and right. She came to this place for the first time, only to hear that it was a very hot place, and there was a paradise for men.


You dont need to guess what it is.

Looking at it in this way, the waiter suddenly appeared and said respectfully, "Miss, please come here, Mr. Mo is waiting for you in the private room."

Lu Manman nodded and followed the waiter's footsteps.

There was a golden door in front of him. The waiter pushed it open. The sudden loud sound inside was more explosive than the outside hall. At this moment, the dim light in the room looked confused and Lu Manman wanted to back down for a moment.

Grit your teeth.

Lu Manman strode in.

Even in such a dark environment, she saw Mo Yuanxiu sitting in the middle of the sofa at first glance, shouldn't she be thankful that she didn't see any unsuitable scenes for children. Although, there were two women sitting beside Mo Yuanxiu, just drinking.

Mo Yuanxiu seemed to have also noticed Lu Manman, his eyes clearly still carrying something meaningful.

Lu Manman was about to speak.

A ridiculous man's voice came in his ear, "Axiu, is this your fiance?"

Mo Yuanxiu shrugged and smiled, "Is it not?"

"Lu Manman, Miss Lu family, is there one of the good wives and mothers that all men in Wencheng want to marry most? Are you sure she is your fiancee, not the wife of the weak scholar Wen Yun?"

"I'm also wondering, or ask the person involved." Mo Yuanxiu looked lazy.

Lu Manman looked at the man who ridiculed her. Of course she knew Ye Heng, Mo Yuanxiu's friend of pigs and dogs. The two of them were like wearing two gears of pants. When doing bad things, they must be in pairs.

"Can Miss Lu go to the wrong place?" Ye Heng asked earnestly, even though he looked at jokes all over his face.

"I'm looking for Mo Yuanxiu." Lu Man glanced at Ye Heng and turned to Mo Yuanxiu coldly.

Mo Yuanxiu seemed to have had enough, got up from the sofa and said lazily, "I'll go to the bathroom."

Lu Manman watched Mo Yuanxiu pass by her and looked back at the people in the room, men and women.

"Drinking?" Ye Heng asked her.

"Don't drink."

"Then you are free." Ye Heng smiled, and then wrestled with the two women around him madly.

Lu Manman was really a little bit helpless to stand in such a place, and the other people in the room seemed to look at her consciously or unconsciously, making her a little uncomfortable, not to mention that everyone would be nervous about an unfamiliar environment. She bent down and picked up a water glass on the coffee table in front of her, smelling the smell of wine, trying to conceal her discomfort by drinking boiled water.

Just drank all the boiling water in the cup.

Mo Yuanxiu suddenly rushed over from behind her, watching her holding the empty glass, his face changed, and his voice became a lot deeper, "Lu Manman, are you a pig? You can drink anything here? You didn't. IQ?!"

The voice is loud and merciless.

Lu Manman was stunned by Mo Yuanxiu's roar, and of course he was a little angry at that moment.

Why is this man shouting at her in front of so many people!

"Spit it out!" Mo Yuanxiu pinched her mouth and said fiercely.

"Let go of me! Are you sick?!" Lu Manman pushed Mo Yuanxiu away fiercely with a look of hostility.

Mo Yuanxiu stared at Lu Manman as well, and suddenly pulled her by, without saying anything, almost dragging her into the bathroom with brute force, turning on the faucet rudely, and commanding Lu Manman, "Gsh out!"

Lu Manman shook off Mo Yuanxiu's hand that was holding her wrist, the man's strength made her want to kill with pain.

"Gargling!" Mo Yuanxiu repeated.

"I'm not!" Lu Manman glared at Mo Yuanxiu, "I don't believe it is poison!"

"Damn!" Mo Yuanxiu burst out.

The whole person suddenly approached Lu Manman and slammed her against the wall. Lu Manman's head hit the wall so severely. Her eyes were so painful that she had gold stars in her eyes. Before she could lose her temper, she felt a thin line. Liang's lips kissed her lips fiercely. What's even more annoying was that at the moment when she was defenseless, Mo Yuanxiu's tongue stuck into her mouth like this, licking without leaving any room...

Mo Yuanxiu, you bastard!

Lu Manman kept screaming in his heart!

However, Mo Yuanxiu's momentum is too strong and strength is too strong, she can't resist at all.

The rude and domineering kiss was always on her lips, and she could even feel his tongue with the smell of alcohol and tobacco, passing every inch of her mouth, crazy and intense...

The kiss continued.

Until Lu Manman panted out of breath, Mo Yuanxiu slightly let go of his shackled body.

"Go away!" Lu Manman pushed Mo Yuanxiu away.

Mo Yuanxiu took two steps back and leaned against another wall, facing her.

Lu Manman kept wiping his lips, breathing heavily.

Mo Yuanxiu just watched indifferently, after the fierce kiss, he was still calm and breezy, and he wouldn't take a breath.

"What I just drank was not poison. But it was..." Mo Yuanxiu said, his eyes tightened.

Lu Manman suddenly felt a little confused before his eyes.

Soon, she was so confused that she could hardly see Mo Yuanxiu's appearance, and even couldn't hear clearly what Mo Yuanxiu was talking about...

Not poison, what is that? !

He hugged his body and leaned against the wall fiercely. Various virtual scenes and pictures appeared in front of his eyes, with colorful dreams everywhere, and the lines felt the circles for a while. Suddenly I didn't know where I was, everywhere. It's soft...

Suddenly, there was a light and fluttering, it seemed that he was leaving with something, and there was a feeling that he had already been flying, and the sky was spinning everywhere.

There seemed to be some bell ringing in her ears, she seemed to have spoken, and she felt like she had hallucinations.

I don't know why, there are always various images appearing in front of me, and they can't go away! Gradually, she seemed to begin to indulge, drowning in illusion.



The little house roared weakly.

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