Home Reborn Aristocrat: OppressingChapter 6

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Headache, splitting.

Does it feel so uncomfortable every time I need to wake up from my sleep? !

Lu Manman opened his eyes, frowned, and looked at this strange room with anguish.

Black and white, cool colors, with some blunt right-angle lines, it is a modern and simple style.

Her eyes rolled.

The large outer balcony, heavy dark gray gold silk curtains and light gray gauze curtains swayed with the morning wind, the clear sunlight fell through the large locust tree outside the window, and a man sat on a comfortable seat on the balcony , He was wearing a black tight-fitting waistcoat with a cigarette in his mouth, and he sucked without rushing, circles of smoke disappeared with the wind...

"Mo Yuanxiu?" Lu Manman said in a hoarse voice.

As soon as the words came out, I felt the pain in my throat, and even had difficulty swallowing saliva.

Mo Yuanxiu turned his head and watched Lu Manman leaning against his bed in a disheveled shirt. His long hair was messy and the blood on his face was extremely pale, as if he had been ravaged hundreds of times.

Speaking of.

Last night was really ravaged, the key is who is right to whom!

Mo Yuanxiu's mouth suddenly smiled, with some evil arcs, he got up, walked into his bedroom step by step, and stopped in front of Lu Manman.

Lu Manman's scrutinizing eyes kept watching him defensively, his hand unconsciously grasping the quilt, betraying her as much as possible to remain calm at the moment.

"How long are you going to sleep in my bed? Miss Lu." Mo Yuanxiu's low voice was teasing, and his beautiful sword eyebrows raised.

"What did we do last night?!" Lu Manman gritted his teeth and looked at him fiercely.

"you guess?"

"Mo Yuanxiu!" Lu Manman suppressed his emotions.

Mo Yuanxiu seemed to like to see Lu Manman at this moment, stretched his waist, "Although you looked dissatisfied with desire last night, fortunately, I am strong in principle and innocence is still there."

Lu Manman glared at her.

"What, it's a pity?" Mo Yuanxiu tickled the corner of his mouth.

Lu Manman couldn't help rolling his eyes, what innocence do you have? !

She actually didn't quite believe in Mo Yuanxiu's character.

Last night, she couldn't remember what happened. There were hallucinations in her mind. She didn't even know what happened in the real world. From the moment in the bar toilet, she had no memory.

"On your neck..." Lu Manman's eyes tightened as he watched Mo Yuan repair the three obvious nail marks on his neck.

"Your crazy result last night. I still have it on my back, do you want to see it?" As he said, he was about to take off his vest.

"No, I'm not interested." Lu Manman refused.

Mo Yuanxiu laughed like that, without seeing any emotions.

"Ms. Lu is going to sleep for a while? Or get up, let's go downstairs and have breakfast together." Mo Yuanxiu asked.

"Mo Yuanxiu, I have something to discuss with you."

"on the bed?"

"Can you be more serious." Lu Manman's face sank.

"When you look like you, I admit it's hard for me to be serious." Mo Yuanxiu's eyes were fixed on the position of her chest.

Lu Manman lowered his head in surprise, his pale face suddenly burst into red.

The loose white T-shirt on the upper body is completely unable to cover her body at this moment, and the black bra inside does not know when it will be unwrapped. The bra strap slips on her slender arm, and the chest is just looming. The pink part is still faint. Yoyo is exposed...

Lu Manman suddenly hugged the quilt to cover his body.

Mo Yuanxiu chuckled slightly, turned and left, and dropped a sentence by the way, Im generally not in the mood to talk about business when I get dressed and go downstairs.

Lu Manman looked at Mo Yuanxiu's back fiercely.

This man.

This **** man!

She uncomfortably lifted the quilt, refastened her chest button, and tidied the T-shirt. The 9-point skinny jeans on her lower body were quite regular. The pair of slender crystal high heels were thrown crookedly on the translucent floor. She was barefoot. Hook up the shoes and put them on, then looked around and walked into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, in the large mirror glass, she looked at her pale face and obvious dark circles under her eyes. She didn't know what she had made last night, but besides her face and spirit in the mirror, she was not very good. There were no bruises on the body.

But Mo Yuanxiu's body...

Her eyes moved slightly, and she did not delve into matters that were of no importance.

After a quick wash, Lu Manman walked out of the bedroom and headed to the hall downstairs.

On the left side of the hall, an independent dining room, a fully transparent glass garden room, a black simple but elegant retro-style dining table, at the moment, Mo Yuanxian elegantly holding a knife and fork eating breakfast and drinking scented tea. The middle-aged man who looked like a housekeeper was waiting for the meal.

This man would really enjoy it.

Lu Manman walked over, and the butler leaned politely, "This is Miss Lu's breakfast. If it doesn't suit your appetite, I will immediately ask the kitchen to make it again for you."

"Thank you, I'm not picky eaters."

"Then use it slowly." The butler smiled respectfully.

"Go down." Mo Yuanxiu told the housekeeper.


The steward leaves.

Lu Manman sat down and looked at the sumptuous breakfast in front of her. She had no appetite at all at the moment, and she didn't even move the tableware. She bluntly said, "I don't mind if I say it while you eat."

"and so"

"I don't want to waste my time." Lu Manman looked at him, "Mo Yuanxiu, we will cooperate."

Mo Yuanxiu rubbed the corner of his mouth gracefully, his eyes moved slightly, "You continue."

"If you want to embark on an official career, I can help you. With your Mo's influence in Wencheng, it is almost a fantasy that you want to overshadow Wen Yun's limelight. But if you add the power of our Lu family , Maybe there will be another fight." Lu Manman looked at Mo Yuanxiu, earnestly.

Mo Yuanxiu looked at the woman in front of him meaningfully, his eyes tightened, "How do you see that I want to embark on a career path?"

"I know you more than you think." Lu Manman said every word.

"Isn't it that I was at a disadvantage?" Mo Yuanxiu sneered.

"You should be thankful, I chose to cooperate with you."

"Talk about your conditions." Mo Yuanxiu looked back at her.

"It's very simple. I want to pull Wen Yun and the entire Wen family from the political arena without leaving any room, and I need your help!"

"So worthy of me?"

"I said, I know you far more than you think." Lu Manman's eyes tightened.

Nonsense, living for another 7 years, when she lived in vain? !

In the previous life, she tried her best to **** Wen Yun's splendid future, and Mo Yuanxiu was the only enemy on this road, and was unexpectedly undefeated!

"Good." Mo Yuanxiu suddenly agreed.

Lu Manman's beautiful lips raised slightly. She is not a woman who likes to show her sensuality. No matter she is in extreme joy or in extreme sadness, she is still not surprised. This is a way of protecting people and dealing with things, and it is also a manifestation of one's own good education.

At this moment, she maintained her cold arrogance and temperament, saying, "Mo Yuanxiu, from today on, I will send you a beautiful future, and you will help me slay demons and demons!"

"Yin promise, daughter."



The little house is so cute and cute, can you receive a message~

The little house needs to feel your presence.

so, love me, just tell me loudly!

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