Home Reborn Aristocrat: OppressingChapter 7

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Comfortable dining room with beautiful environment.

Mo Yuanxiu slowly cut the slices of bread, looking so inattentive, "It's...Miss Lu, if I remember correctly, you and Wen Yun should be in love with each other, and suddenly said that you want to pull the family to cooperate with me. After all, a bit surprised. ."

"Women change their hearts quickly, don't you know?" Lu Manman said very seriously.

Mo Yuanxiu used a fork to fork a piece of bread and looked up at Lu Manman, "Now I know. So what are you going to do next?"

"Repent of marriage." Lu Manman said.

"What do you need me to do?"

"Of course." Lu Manman looked at him, "I heard that your friend Ye Heng is useless for eating, drinking and having fun. Fortunately, there is a colossal family environment where black and white eats all."

"The way you praise people needs to be improved."

"I need him to help me investigate Wen Yun, every move, including eating and drinking water toilet..."

"Isn't it just eating, drinking and sleeping?"

"The most important thing is to sleep, who to sleep with?!" Lu Manman's eyes tightened.

"Okay, I wrote it down." Mo Yuanxiu put a piece of bread in his mouth and chewed gently.

Lu Manman checked the time on his watch and prepared to get up and leave.

"Your cell phone is on the coffee table in the living room." Mo Yuanxiu said, "Your fiance called you last night, many."

"Have you picked it up?" Lu Manman's eyes tightened.

"No, I answered a call called Gu Xin."

Lu Manman breathed a sigh of relief.

"Say you stayed overnight with me."

"What did she say?" Lu Manman looked at him.

"She said she was going to kill you."

"..." Lu Manman was overwhelmed, and it was quite loud, "I'm going back, I'll call if I have something to do."

"Drink more boiled water after you go back, which can dilute your stupid actions last night." Mo Yuanxiu reminded.

Lu Manman's face was dark, he got up and walked out.

"By the way, the medicine you drank last night is called Huan Shen Wan, commonly known as Q powder, which is similar to ecstasy. After eating it, various hallucinations will appear, which is especially prone to excitement! The difference is that ecstasy turns your head and Q powder turns. , So... you were pretty coquettish last night."

Behind him, Mo Yuanxiu's lukewarm voice came.

Lu Manman picked up the white phone on the coffee table and quickly walked out of the double-storey villa.

Mo Yuanxiu's private residence is worth every inch of the land.

This prodigal!

Mo Yuanxiu watched Lu Long run away from a distance, his eyes suddenly tightened.

Lu Manman, this woman, in such a confused state last night, when she heard the phone ringing, she actually said, "Don't answer Wen Yun's phone, only answer Gu Xin's, let her tell Wen Yun that I am at her house. "

Ordinary people have almost completely lost control when they reach that state.

Of course, in the next second, it really got out of control.

So it caused him a whole body injury.


The heart-cracking sentence that was said throughout the night, "Wen Yun, you bear me, kill me, and let me die, I will repay it twice..."

What do you mean by not scorning your eyes? !

Lu Manman walked a long way out of the villa before he got a taxi. He just got in the car and didn't pant when the phone rang.

She looked at the call and took a deep breath, "Gu Xin..."

"Lu Manman, you **** tortoise, where did you die last night?! Did you know that Wen Yun found you most of the night last night, and then I couldnt stand it and said you were drunk by me, afraid I was scolded at home, so I stayed at my house. What the **** am I panicking for you! My old lady still doesn't want to die and enter the eighteenth hell!" Gu Xin's crazy screams and noise came in her ears.

"Well, thanks." It is her best friend since childhood, although she usually looks carefree and completely out of touch, every critical moment will always play a role beyond imagination.

"Don't thank me, I can't afford it." Gu Xin was very upset, "Think about it for yourself, how to make up for Wen Yun."

"No need to make up, because there is no need."

"Lu Manman, is your heart made of stone?! Wen Yun tossed for you until 2 o'clock in the morning last night. It was not that I strongly stopped him. He also said that he would take care of you. It was said that he had a very important municipal council early this morning. , Can you have a little conscience!" Gu Xin is going crazy.

"My conscience was eaten by Wen Yun," Lu Manman said, and hung up the phone abruptly.

The eyes have been looking out the window, without deliberately, they will always remember the sentence he said in a cruel tone, "You are useless..."

It's useless, so kill people and kill them without leaving a trace.

Heart, hate to the extreme, will force a counterattack.

Lu Manman clenched his fists, gritted his teeth!

Wen Yun, I must ruin you, life is better than death!

The car quickly arrived at Lu's Villa.

As soon as I walked into the hall, I heard noisy noises coming from the villa.

Lu Manman's eyes tightened, watching his second uncle Lu Zichuan sitting on the sofa, arrogantly tilting Erlang's legs, sitting next to his wife Lan Xiaojun and son Lu Xuanran.

At this moment, only her mother is there, and her father has gone to work.

For such a family of locusts, her gentle and weak mother simply couldn't handle it.

Lu Manman walked over quickly, a bright smile pulled out from the corner of his mouth, and he seemed to greet enthusiastically, "Second Uncle, Second Aunt, Brother, are you here?"

"Well, here it comes. As a result, your mother didn't even pour us a cup of tea." Lu Zichuan snorted coldly, "It's not that we dislike our family's powerlessness."

"Second brother, what do you say, I am negligent, and I will help you dump it right away." He Xiuwen said quickly, turning around to get the teapot in person.

"Mom. You go and sit, or I'll do it. After all, I'm a junior, I should do it." Lu Manman was extremely gentle.

"The baby girl raised by the eldest brother is really knowledgeable or sensible." Lan Xiaojun suddenly interrupted, clearly embarrassing her mother.

Since her parents were young, Lan Xiaojun has been embarrassing her mother. When he was fighting for the property of the Lu family, Lan Xiaojun secretly made a lot of small actions to frame her mother for having an affair with others, and almost forced his parents to divorce.

For so many years, his parents never cared about them for the sake of relatives, and often met their various demanding requirements. Under the influence of his parents, Lu Manman has always treated them tolerantly.

It's just nowhere to know that Lu Zichuan's family doesn't know what is good or what is wrong, and they have to make an inch.

Thinking about it now, Wen Yun seemed to be kind enough to help her enlighten and resolve the stalemate relationship between Lu Zichuan's family, and strongly recommend that Lu Zichuan's family enter the Lu family enterprise to work and give them important tasks, which is clearly a hidden conspiracy.

If the Lu family was able to go bankrupt overnight, they might have a close relationship with the Lu Zichuan family that later developed in the Lu family. Perhaps Wen Yun had colluded with Lu Zichuan a long time ago, just finding the right opportunity to calculate.

Probably, idiots who are still laughing at their family.

Thinking of this, Lu Manman sneered calmly, picked up the kettle from the servant's hand, and poured three cups himself.

The first cup was handed to Lu Zichuan, and the second cup was handed to Lan Xiaojun.

When Lan Xiaojun took the water glass, Lu Manman's hand suddenly shook, and all the hot tea fell on Lan Xiaojun's body. Lan Xiaojun suddenly stood up from the sofa, screaming very harshly. , "What are you doing, are you going to burn me to death?!"


Haha, strange relatives began to appear.

Let's see how to slay demons and demons after we are reborn!

Call, please collect!

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