Home Reborn Aristocrat: OppressingChapter 79

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"The bridegroom is at the door of the villa!" Downstairs, I didn't know who it was, and suddenly yelled.

Lu Manman's body tightened, his heart beating for that second, he suddenly missed a beat.

She was there just now, will her heartbeat speed up?

Lu Manman pressed his lips tightly.

At this moment, Gu Xin, who heard that the bridegroom officer had already arrived downstairs, didn't care about his identity, and rushed out without saying anything, holding his somewhat fluffy skirt, excited.

Gu Xin ran all the way to the gate of the villa.

Damn it!

This posture is too crazy.

Outside the door, there were rows of vehicles. Gu Xin had counted them. Can she say that she can't count them at all? And Ive never seen anyone who picks up a bride and drives a sports car, too!

And the rows of sports cars are hung with white ribbons and white roses. Under the breeze, a landscape suddenly formed.

Gu Xin rolled his eyes and looked at the black pressure at the entrance of the villa. He visually observed that there were no less than 10 people in black suits standing in a row, wearing black sunglasses, huge physique, serious expression, cold expression silent, for an instant. People feel the atmosphere is solemn, similar to the posture of meeting the underworld.

And that so-called bridegroom official, there is no trace at all.

The natal guest who was very excited at the beginning suddenly became much quieter. I don't know what the situation is now, and they are all speculating whether this is coming to pick up the relatives or to grab the relatives!

There was a stalemate for one second, two seconds, and three seconds.

There was a sudden burst of music in my ears.

The world's best music with a sense of rhythm.

At the second when everyone was even more surprised, the black suit suddenly danced a robot dance, and one person went down smoothly. Then, the music suddenly stopped. The next second, all the black suits danced hip-hop, and the brawny men looked Very sexy, making the audience a sensation, screaming and exclaiming constantly.

Most people twist their bodies to the rhythm and clap their palms.

Suddenly, the atmosphere ignited and the audience was hot.

After 3 minutes of warm-up dance.

The black suit suddenly evacuated, and Mo Xiuyuan appeared in front of everyone.

Slim white suit, wearing a white bow tie, the hair is still combed up neatly, three-dimensional features, holding a bunch of white heart-shaped roses in the hand, suddenly a beautiful arc of the mouth, in the sigh of everyone , Looks very charming.

He stepped forward and walked forward.

It went so smoothly under everyone's eyes.

The last second he stepped into the hall, Gu Xin ran forward, blocking Mo Xiuyuan's footsteps. At this moment, his best man Ye Heng was next to Mo Xiuyuan. Ye Heng was wearing a light blue suit, and he interrupted him so well. The clothes were decent and he looked a little handsome.

"How can I just go in like this?" Gu Xin said.

Everyone seemed to react, and the door was suddenly trapped.

Mo Xiuyuan raised his brows, and said with a still-looking corner of his lips, "What does the bridesmaid want?"

"Everyone keeps the goal so tired, you don't give out red envelopes!"

"Fat." Mo Xiuyuan gave Ye Heng a look without saying a word.

Ye Heng took out a stack of red envelopes and said with a smile, "Here is the red envelope!"

Everyone rushed into it.

Mo Xiuyuan took advantage of the crowds and ran into the villa at once.

Gu Xin couldn't catch it. While cursing these people for seeing money open, while cursing Mo Xiuyuan's insidiousness, she ran a few steps on high heels, took off directly, dragged the high heels on her hand, and chased after her.

How can it be tracked? !

Is Mo Xiuyuan's leopard? !

She was out of breath, and when she ran to Lu Manman's room, she saw that Mo Xiuyuan was already standing in the huge bedroom. She was very satisfied to see Lu Manman's heartbreaking beautiful face today and his throat. It moved slightly, seeming to take a deep breath, and walked over.

Lu Manman didn't expect Mo Xiuyuan to come so quickly.

She always thought that according to Gu Xin's paragraphs, she would have to toss for more than half an hour, which is only 10 minutes at most. This man is just like that, standing in front of her handsomely, seeing him wearing such a pure white for the first time. The color makes his natural nobility more obvious.

He walked step by step like this.

Lu Manman looked at his smiling face, his heartbeat was actually speeding up.

There is a rate that cannot be controlled, beating in the heart.

Zeng Jimei, when she married Wen Yun, she looked expectant and more than excited, but she was really not at this moment, and she was a little overwhelmed.

At a loss, don't know what will happen next.

Mo Xiuyuan stood a step away from her and stopped.

The bunch of white roses in his hand seemed to become dazzling inexplicably in his palm.

Mo Xiuyuan suddenly dropped to the ground on one knee.

Lu Manman looked at him.

Watching him deliver the bunch of roses to her.

Lu Manman bit his lips, and the pink lips were even more seductive under the make-up artist's sculpting, and he couldn't wait to kiss Fangze.

She stretched out her hand and was about to take it.

"Lu Manman, you are not allowed to pick it up!" Outside the door, Gu Xin rushed in.

When I spoke, I was still gasping for breath.

Lu Manman raised his eyes and looked at her.

Gu Xin threw the high heels in his hand and walked over boldly, panting for breath, "Damn, I'm exhausted, can you fly, Mo Xiuyuan?! So fast!"

Mo Xiuyuan smiled indifferently.

"Then you can marry us Manman so easily." Gu Xin took a deep breath and gradually calmed down his breathing.

"So?" Mo Xiuyuan asked her.

"So..." Gu Xin gave a weird smile.

Lu Manman knew that every time Gu Xin looked like this, nothing good happened.

Timing. Suddenly many people came in outside the door.

Everyone guessed that they had snapped up the red envelopes, and only then remembered that they had to guard the bride. The huge room suddenly became very lively.

"I thought about it for a long time last night. As Wencheng's first virtuous wife and mother, you, Mo Xiuyuan, are the blessings of having cultivated for eight lifetimes in our family. So, I always feel that I dont experience the ups and downs of life, by the way. After going through the nine-nine-eighty-one difficulties, we are all embarrassed to marry Manman to you." Gu Xin smiled at the corner of his mouth, a particularly evil smile.

Mo Xiuyuan didn't change his face.

However, Lu Manman felt that Gu Xin, this girl, would really play big.

"In fact, I am very kind in my heart. The nine hundred and nine hundred and eleven difficulties are left for you to enjoy slowly after marriage. Today, I will have the ups and downs!" Gu Xin said, after speaking, he found a servant of Lu Manman's house and muttered. As he said something, the servant nodded quickly and left.

Mo Xiuyuan seemed to know that Gu Xin would not be able to pick up the girl if he didn't have a lot of fun, so he simply prepared to stand up and play with her.

The act of getting up again.

"Mo Xiuyuan, I didn't even let you kneel down on the remote control, you feel embarrassed." Gu Xin said bluntly.

As the voice fell, there was another burst of laughter in the audience.

Gu Xin always has the ability to make everyone follow her mood swings.

Mo Xiuyuan didn't care, half kneeling calmly, with a happy smile on his face, a charming smile!

After 2 minutes.

The servant appeared in front of everyone with a tray of meals.

There was a golden steel glass lid on the tray. No one knew what was inside, only Gu Xin smiled so meaningfully.

She asked the servant to lift the lid.

There are four exquisite meals with four things inside.

The order is: lemon, cake, bitter gourd, red pepper.

Everyone saw it at a glance, the ups and downs!

"Come on, come on, taste the tastes of life." Gu Xin asked the servant to walk towards Mo Xiuyuan.

Mo Xiuyuan looked at the thing in front of him, picked it up without hesitation, and wanted to bite it.

Gu Xin suddenly said again, "The time limit is 2 minutes, after 2 minutes, start again!"

Mo Xiuyuan smiled, took the lemon directly, and took a big bite into his mouth, his face remained the same, and the others felt that their teeth were sore as they looked at it.

Then, pick up the cake.

Mo Xiuyuan swallowed a small but not small piece of cake.

As soon as I swallowed it, my eye sockets suddenly became red.

Gu Xin smiled treacherously, "I forgot to remind you that there is mustard in it, a lot of mustard."

This girl!

Mo Xiuyuan paused for a second, seeming to be buffering his emotions, and then picked up bitter gourd, followed by hot pepper.

After eating, the whole person is not good.

There is a feeling that the sense of taste is deeply violated!

"1 minute 42 seconds." Gu Xin looked at the time, "Congratulations on your record!"

recording? !

This girl has poisoned many newcomers!

"Then can I give the flowers to the bride?" Mo Xiuyuan asked her, and soon, Mo Xiuyuan's face returned to his usual look.

"Sister has been tired of you for so long, what about your sister's red envelope?" Gu Xin with his arms akimbo.

Ye Heng hurried forward.

Can he say that he just watched Mo Xiuyuan being played like this in the crowd, did he have a gloating mood? !

What a rare picture, he should have taken it down!

Gu Xin took the big red envelope delivered by Ye Heng with both hands, and he was beautifully relieved.

Mo Xiuyuan seriously handed the bouquet in his hand to Lu Manman.

"Wait." Gu Xin said again.

Lu Manman held back his laugh.

Mo Xiuyuan, this product, also had a day of being played like this.

How does she feel so cool!

"Don't say a word?" Gu Xin said, "What is that sentence, marry me, I love you magical horse, you just need to be numb in private, just say something special."

Ye Heng hid aside and smiled.

Mo Xiuyuan also had such a day!

He must be recorded this time.

Thinking about it, he took out his mobile phone and looked at Mo Xiuyuan's expression that had changed slightly.

He was actually looking forward to it, what would Mo Xiuyuan say? !

Most people's opening remarks at this time are "Marry me" or "I love you"!

And now, you are not allowed to say this, what to say...

"The spring breeze is ten miles, it's better to sleep with you!" In the room like this, it is clear and clear, with an elegant and magnetic voice, that is thorough in the room like this.

Everyone was startled, and then roared with laughter.

Gu Xin had already laughed to the point of sulking.

She knew that Mo Xiuyuan was so extraordinary!

Can she say that she was so sullied by the sentence he just said, but because of his serious, elegant and handsome charm, she was so obsessed with it? !

Compared to Wen Yun, the man who always looks like a good husband, he is much more attractive!

Lu Manman's face was a little red in the laughter of everyone at this moment.

Can't Mo Xiuyuan be a little low-key? !

In front of so many people, she wants to save face!

Now suddenly, a little shy.

I felt my face hot.

"Miss Lu, collect flowers." Mo Xiuyuan reminded.

Lu Man panicked and took it quickly.

Mo Xiuyuan stood up.

Kneeled for a long time, but couldn't see the soreness of his legs.

He stood in front of Lu Slowly, condescendingly.

She is wearing 12 cm shoes, why is he still so tall?

She had to raise her head slightly to see his cheeks.

"Kiss!" The crowd suddenly yelled, not knowing who it was.

Immediately, everyone started booing, "Kiss one, kiss one."

Lu Manman blushed again.

Are these people filming a TV series? !

She looked at Mo Xiuyuan and watched him approaching herself.

Lu Manman's body seemed to be stiff, and at the last second when Mo Xiuyuan approached his face, he closed his eyes in resignation.

The kiss that was originally expected to fall on her lips was gently printed on her forehead.

A very light kiss, trance can only feel a trace of cold.

Mo Xiuyuan's lips always carried some unspeakable coolness.

"It's getting late, we can't delay the newcomer's auspicious days. Come and come, all have a share, and red envelopes come again!" Ye Heng suddenly shouted loudly.

Everyone turned their attention to Ye Heng again.

Mo Xiuyuan hugged Lu Manman horizontally.

Lu Manman exclaimed all over, and slammed his arms around his neck.

The long hem of the wedding dress under Lu Manman followed Mo Xiuyuan's steps and covered the corridors that he walked. Looking at such a couple from a distance, it was really beautiful and picturesque.

Gu Xin looked at them like this suddenly, with a smile at the corner of his mouth, but his eyes were a little red.

Inexplicably touched.

I was moved by such a simple but beautiful picture.

She looked down, looking for the high heels she had thrown away.

A slender hand passed her high heels to her.

Gu Xin looked up and looked at Zhai An.

In fact, Zhai An has been in the crowd all the time. I don't know if it is because of the inconvenience of his right hand. He has been quietly staying in the crowd, occasionally smiling with the large group in funny places, and few people noticed his presence.

"Thank you." Gu Xin said, always acting strangely.

Zhai An smiled, turned and left first.

Gu Xin pursed his lips, put on his shoes, and followed.

She is not the kind of sentimental person. Even if many things are moved for one second, they will become indifferent the next!

The entrance to the villa.

The long super tent sports car stopped.

Mo Xiuyuan carried Lu Manman into the main wedding car and got into the cab by himself.

Everyone got on the roadster one after another, and drove all the way to the wedding scene, occupying a whole street, so that the people passing by were extremely stunned. On this day, a large screen was full of everything. Their wedding-related matters can't be brushed off.

Inside the wedding car.

Lu Manman looked at Mo Xiuyuan, and even when he drove, he was always so careless. This was a far cry from Qin Ao's meticulous and serious person.

"Actually, it's okay to be simple." Lu Manman said.

Mo Xiuyuan turned his eyes and glanced at her, then said, "I can't keep a low profile."

This prodigal son.

Lu Manman cursed secretly.

"You are beautiful today." Mo Xiuyuan suddenly praised.

Lu Manman didn't seem to expect that Mo Xiuyuan would suddenly say such a sentence, his face was slightly red, and he was very red.

"Praise me impolitely?" Mo Xiuyuan said again.

"You are handsome, the most handsome in the world!" Lu Manman rolled his eyes, saying yin and yang strangely.

"Yeah." Mo Xiuyuan replied, faintly.

Sometimes Lu Manman really couldn't figure out what Mo Xiuyuan was thinking about, and what he wanted to get!

The car was fast or slow. Anyway, we arrived at the largest golf resort in Wencheng. There were crowds of reporters at the entrance of the resort. All the reporters looked at the wedding car as soon as they arrived. They all went crazy. Under the coordination of the on-site security, There is no chaos to the chaos!

"So many reporters?" Lu Manman frowned.

In the previous life, the wedding between her and Wen Yun was almost done without any leaks. No one from the journalists and the media knew any details of their wedding, and the secrecy was especially good.

And this time, such a posture...

"Well, I said, I can't keep a low profile." Mo Xiuyuan said calmly.

Lu Manman narrowed his mouth.

At the same time, a black suit on the scene walked over and respectfully opened the car door for Mo Xiuyuan.

Mo Xiuyuan got out of the car and walked towards Lu Manman gracefully. The gentleman opened the door for her, took her hand, and walked into the wedding scene together.

The reporter's Carmen and noise kept in my ears.

The wedding dress Lu Manman wore was particularly grand. The wedding dress mat was laid out for several meters. Every time she walked, she seemed to have a halo. Everyone put their eyes on her body. The eyes were full of attention, and the noise around her was constant. The praises and exclamations continued.

Before Lu Manman could see the wedding scene of the golf resort, he was sent to a special dressing room. And Mo Yuanxiu went directly to the wedding scene to greet other guests!

Luxurious powder room.

The rows of tall and beautiful staff have already formed a row in advance, still holding all kinds of gorgeous wedding dresses or dresses, respecting her very respectfully.

The woman who took the lead was respectful and polite, "Hello Miss Lu, we will change your first wedding dress."

Lu Manman raised his brows, "Isn't this set already grand enough?"

"Yes. But because the design of the wedding site and the wedding dress on your body will have a cumbersome effect, Mr. Mo prepared this set for you." Then, the woman asked one of them to hold the wedding dress. Walked a few steps forward, "We will help you replace it now."

With that, several women began to take off her clothes, and skillfully helped her put them on again.

In front of the full-length mirror, a set of **** wedding dresses appeared in front of her, with a deep V in the front, and the cleavage on the body was looming, but not exposed, and there was almost no embellishment on the chest. The most beautiful design of this wedding dress comes from the back. The back has a big deep V around the waist, and the place where the deep V is exposed is not unworn. The designer uses the same color as the skin, giving people a visual illusion. From the waist of the back, a shiny diamond walked all the way behind her, following the curve of her waist, setting off the perfect back line that made her look very attractive.

The skirt of the wedding dress is still very long, but the tulle is a little softer, it doesn't look so heavy, it gives people a clear and **** feeling, and it is still beautiful.

"Miss Lu, please come here, our makeup artist will help you re-apply your makeup."

Lu Manman sat in front of the makeup mirror.

The makeup artist started to toss her face again because of her newly changed wedding dress.

So she woke up at 4 o'clock in the villa and dressed up for so long, and then used it, um, in less than an hour, can she curse Mo Xiuyuan? !

The dressing room is very quiet.

Gu Xin had gone crazy and ran to the wedding scene a long time ago. He probably went to see the wedding arrangement and then went to meet her Zhai Yi. The woman was just like a cat in front of Zhai Yi, so she wouldn't let it go.

Lu Manman sighed slightly and looked at himself with a large makeup mirror and Qian Qian. She raised her brows slightly, looked at the respectful staff in the room, turned her eyes to the leader next to her and said, "Don't tell me the origin of this wedding dress?"

Not to mention, I always feel that something is missing.

"Mr. Mo said, you don't need to introduce it." The woman smiled respectfully.

That guy, do you always like to go against her? !

The woman smiled again, "But I didn't say, I can't introduce."

Lu Manman felt that countless grass and mud horses floated above his head!

"The design concept of this wedding dress comes from the well-known foreign designer Ms. Amy. Ms. Amy is over 80 years old and has retired from the fashion industry for more than 20 years. Her wedding dresses have been designed all over the world, and the popularity is unmatched, but since 20 years After announcing that she is no longer designing, no one can invite her to design, that is to say, no one can wear the wedding dress she designed for a wedding! So the value, as far as our industry is concerned, there is no way to predict Estimated." The woman respectfully said, her mouth kept smiling, "What's more, all the stitches and stitches are stitched by Mr. Mo with the help of Ms. Amy."

"..." Lu Manman was a little surprised.

Does Mo Xiuyuan always give her one suddenly, shocking!

The woman smiled and said, "This diamond necklace on your body, the name of the necklace is called Waiting. This is a dark horse that suddenly appeared at the international auction some time ago. It comes from the dowry of a nobleman named Princess Lily in the 1960s and 1970s. It is said that this necklace was made by the most famous designers in the world, and the diamonds were selected from the deep-sea diamonds with the best gloss in the world, and the chain was pure white gold. When it appeared at the auction house, it was said to be a mysterious People shot away, but unexpectedly, they showed up at your wedding."

Lu Manman's eyes moved slightly.

She estimated that she was wearing another plane, well, it should be more than that!

The body is so stiff, waiting for the makeup artist to apply makeup.

There was a knock on the door.

The staff spoke.

Gu Xin appeared with a big grin, his face flushed, and his mouth excitedly said, "I'll drop it, Lu Manman, you, Mo Xiuyuan, really spent a lot of money, how much money is so extravagant to spend today?! Are you going to bankrupt your family?"

Lu Manman ignored it.

Gu Xin walked up to her and looked at the newly changed wedding dress on her body. Her eyes were all round. "Paralysis, your first wedding dress went against the sky. Why did you come back with such a beautiful one, half a month later? Hasn't my wedding been turned into a scum by you?!"

Lu Manman ignored it.

But the other staff couldn't help but smile.

The leading woman walked up to her respectfully and said, "Miss Gu, you also like to change your bridesmaid's dress."

"Oh." Gu Xin followed the staff to change clothes.

After the change, I heard her screaming voice again, probably because of excessive excitement.

Lu Manman really didn't understand how Gu Xin, a woman who grew up in the upper class of the four big families, could be so inelegant that she was a strange flower in the upper class!

The makeup took more than 2 hours.

Lu Manman didn't know everything outside, she sat on the sofa in the dressing room and waited silently.

People in the Northern Xia Kingdom are more traditional and care about good days and auspicious days, so the scheduled time is 12:08 punctually.

There is still half an hour.

Half an hour, after all, let her catch her breath.

She took out her mobile phone and read the news boredly.

A huge headline in the news, "Ten Miles of Spring Breeze, It's Better to Sleep with You", has been conspicuously in the headline position.

Lu Manman felt that he would blush even after thinking about it once.

How could this product be able to blurt out!

She flipped through her marriage topic.

Almost every time period, every detail of the wedding was recorded, and it was completely broadcast live, with text, photos and small videos attached. And such a move directly caused netizens to follow in the footsteps. Every news article came out with tens of thousands of posts, and it was in seconds. She wondered whether the people of the whole country are boring today and are watching her. wedding.

Lu Manman didn't know how he felt at the moment.

I used to think that a wedding was a matter of two people, and it would be good for me and the person I love to feel happy.

Now I suddenly don't know why, I really enjoy the blessings and envy brought by everyone.

She scribbled one comment after another at random.

While admiring her prosperous wedding and praising Mo Xiuyuan's handsome charm, some people will still move Wen Yun out.

There is even a topic called "Wen Yun said that Lu Manman will not marry, Yuanfang, what do you think?"

With the ironic and contemptuous tone over there, Wen Yun probably vomited blood with anger.

And Wen Yun is still quiet today, without any of his voice, it is estimated that if he really exposes himself today, people all over the country will drown him with saliva!

"Miss Lu." Above his head, a strange female voice suddenly sounded.

Lu Manman looked up.

The cheeks with fuzzy memories last night appeared clearly in front of her again.

Today, she is wearing a dark purple dress with a tight long hem, low on the chest, and a very airy gown. With her graceful figure, she is very sexy. The big long waves are **** by her and turned into a bun, but it is not. That kind of rules, loose, and two strokes of hair hanging naturally on her cheeks, still looking like a cat, just lazy, with an elegant, noble cat.

"Hello, my name is Yin Lanyi, Ashiu's friend." The woman said, her voice was not as pleasant as a traditional female voice, but rather hoarse, but it made people feel comfortable listening.

"Hello." Lu Manman stood up from the sofa.

Two people are about the same height.

Lu Manman didn't know how high the shoes under his long skirt were, but standing together like this, two people are the same.

"I came in specially to see what the bride looks like! Sure enough, Ashiu's vision is as good as ever. Congratulations." With that, Yin Lanyi took the initiative to stretch out her hand.

Lu Manman shook hands cheerfully, "Thank you for your blessing."

The two seemed to be friendly, Lu Manman felt her deep hostility.

and so

This is the peach blossom that Mo Xiuyuan didn't cut off? !

Or the roses that have been around him? !

"Are you married?" Yin Lanyi suddenly asked in a low voice.

I used a voice that only the two of them could hear.

Lu Manman looked at her and smiled slightly, "I don't understand what Miss Yin is talking about."

"I'm just guessing." Yin Lanyi smiled again, smiling very sexy, she said, "Don't bother you to prepare, I'll go out and stroll."

"You are free." Lu Manman was generous and friendly.

Yin Lanyi twisted her **** body and walked out.

Gu Xin, who was happily playing with her mobile phone, walked over in two steps and looked at the direction of Yin Lanyi's disappearance. He couldn't help but ask, "Who is that cat-like vixen?"


"It's not a good product at first glance. She came to you to provoke?" Gu Xin asked gossiping.

"You think too much."

"A woman has a strong sixth sense. This woman must be uneasy and kind." Gu Xin said, "Maybe it is Mo Xiuyuan's lover outside."

"..." Is it really appropriate to say this to her on the day of the wedding? !

Gu Xin, the single-cell guy!

"Your wedding today is completely unprecedented. This woman must be jealous, so is she threatening you?!" Gu Xin continued to speculate, and deeply believed that what he said was completely correct.

"You are the smartest. Be quiet, go play on your phone." Lu Manman dealt with Gu Xin.

Gu Xin also felt Lu Manman's perfunctory, narrowing his mouth, "It is a disadvantage in front of him not to listen to the old man's words."

With that, Haw returned to his seat crookedly.

Lu Manman pressed in the direction of the door, his eyes advanced for a second.

It can be said that she and Mo Xiuyuan are married, this woman must have a close relationship with Mo Xiuyuan, and she is not a simple person!

Thinking slightly, the staff outside the room began to remind that the wedding would begin soon.

Can she say that her heartbeat moved like this again? !

She remained calm and walked out with so many staff in the large dressing room.

At the wedding scene, all the guests have been seated.

Lu Manman appeared in front of a fancy gate for the wedding. In front of the wedding hall was the colorful wedding hall. Mo Xiuyuan built an open-air arched castle on the golf course, surrounded by flowers. , Red, yellow, purple, and blue form each of the small palaces of the castle. All of the castles tops are dazzling crystals, which fall naturally, with deep and shallow layers, layer by layer, under the breeze and sunlight, Elegant and shining, it looks trance-like, like a star embellished, making people feel in a dream.

And a closer look reveals that there are wedding photos of him Mo Xiuyuan and Lu Manman in the crystal beads, which are so sweet.

"Are you nervous?" Lu Zishan asked his daughter.

At this moment, he is going to take her daughter across a long stretch of white carpet in the wedding march.

Lu Manman smiled at the corner of his mouth, "Not nervous."

"I have never held any hope for Mo Xiuyuan. I didn't expect it to be such an eye-opener." Lu Zishan said, his face full of relief.

I knew it was not true, but seeing the heartfelt smile on my father's face was still moved in my heart. After all, since she said she was going to marry Mo Xiuyuan, she didn't have such a relieved smile. At this moment, because of Mo Xiuyuan's meticulous arrangement, he finally agreed with this son-in-law...

son in law.

Lu Manman pursed his lips, a little, throbbing.

Around me, the music of the march suddenly sounded.

Lu Zishan took his daughter and Lu Manman took his father, and the two of them walked in the most eye-catching position of the crowd step by step.

Everyone held their breath and watched such a scene, watching Lu's beauty turned upside down.

At the end of the front, the man who had been put on a black suit, with a shallow smile, glamorously waiting for her, his deep eyes kept watching her approaching distance, the whole wedding scene, there was never The silence passed, at this moment, a miracle happened.

I always feel that the beauty of the moment should not be broken.

Lu Manman's footsteps stopped in front of Mo Xiuyuan.

Lu Zishan personally handed Lu Manman's hand to Mo Xiuyuan's.

There was a faint temperature between the palms of each other's hands.

Mo Xiuyuan took it, then respectfully, bent over at 90 degrees and bowed deeply to Lu Zishan.

Lu Zishan was startled, then smiled kindly, and patted Mo Xiuyuan's shoulder with his hand, which was an invisible approval.

His gaze shifted from Lu Zishan.

Mo Xiuyuan looked at Lu Manman, and Lu Manman looked at Mo Xiuyuan.

But Lu Manman wears a wedding dress on her face, and she can see her smiling face loomingly.

"The wedding ceremony begins now." A Westerner, a gentle-looking priest of about 50, suddenly spoke.

Mo Xiuyuan and Lu Manman turned to face the priest.

"Miss Lu Manman, would you like this man to become your husband and enter into a marriage contract with him? Love him, take care of him, respect him, accept him, and remain loyal to him until his life, regardless of illness or health, or any other reason. The end?"

Loyalty, end of life.

Lu Manman pressed his lips lightly, and the nice female voice said, "Well, I am willing."

"Mr. Mo Xiuyuan, would you like this woman to become your wife and enter into a marriage contract with her? Love her, take care of her, respect her, accept her, and be loyal to her forever, regardless of illness or health, or any other reason. End of life?"

Mo Xiuyuan turned his head and glanced at Lu Manman, and said in a low voice, "I am willing."

"Please exchange rings for a couple," the priest said.

Ye Heng and Gu Xin went up and delivered the ring to them.

Lu Manman actually didn't know when Mo Xiuyuan bought the diamond ring.

And the size is so suitable.

"I have witnessed that you swear to love each other. I feel extremely pleased and formally announce to everyone sitting in the name of God that you are a couple, and now the groom can kiss the bride." The priest finished.

The audience was boiling.

Mo Xiuyuan watched Lu Manman, and her face under her wedding dress was ruddy.

He lifted her wedding dress, such a beautiful cheek, with a shy smile.

Mo Xiuyuan lowered his head and kissed her lips.

Lips and teeth stick together.

I don't know whose heartbeat is accelerating.

In the exclamation of everyone, petals suddenly fell from the sky.

The petals rose with the wind, wrapping Lu Manman and Mo Xiuyuan, and the circle became a fairy tale, blooming perfectly.

Li Cheng.

Guests to the luxury hotel in the city center.

The guests were seated at the banquet that had been prepared long ago.

Lu Manman began to change clothes nervously again. This is a champagne evening gown, which looks dignified and gorgeous when worn on him!

Mo Xiuyuan took it for a long time to land, and toasted table by table.

Lu Manman took a look at the lie, and Mo Xiuyuan invited the whole upper class society.

So after a lap of respect, Lu Manman was already exhausted and collapsed.

And they ate lunch in a hurry, Lu Manman felt that all the beautiful images he had just started, in the process that followed, were instantly disillusioned.

I haven't been so frustrated in my previous life.

Because at that time, the Wen Jia was low-key, so few people invited.

So it doesn't take much effort to take care of it.

As for Mo Xiuyuans servant, most of the time, she almost put her down and went to entertain guests directly. As a result, on the wedding day, they didnt have much time to meet each other, and Lu Manman spent more time non-stop besides greeting guests occasionally. Change clothes.

After the dinner.

Lu Manman was wearing a big red evening dress with his hair up. In the deep night, he looked hot and sexy, with mysterious beauty.

All guests will return soon.

Suddenly, a helicopter appeared on the huge rooftop outside the hotel.

Where the helicopter passed by, a rain of petals was scattered everywhere, messy swaying, adding a touch of fun to the deep night.

The wedding night always makes people think again and again.

The helicopter landed gradually.

Mo Xiuyuan took Lu Long's hand and walked over.

Under the fascinating night, the white figure and the red figure disappeared in front of everyone with the petals, like a fairy tale, falling down the most beautiful curtain!

Mo Xiuyuan really couldn't help giving people a big surprise at the last moment.

And after the helicopter took them away, the fireworks filled with spectacular sight.

The fireworks bloomed in the sky dazzlingly, piecing together a deep trace, "Lu Man is so long and far away"!

The two overlapping hearts have not disappeared in the sky for a long time!



The small house needs to be very formal.

Very formal, very formal, a monthly pass.

Yes, it is a monthly pass.

The monthly pass does not cost money, as long as the subscription is full of a certain amount of 520 novel coins, it will be given away.

So don't keep it, dear ones, like the house, just give it to the house so elegantly.

I'm so grateful!

By the way...

Tomorrow the bridal chamber will spend a candle night.

What do you want? !

What do you want...

The little house drifts by evil~

In addition, happy April Fools' Day!

Let's have fun!

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