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"What are you doing, are you going to burn me to death?" Lan Xiaojun's screaming voice echoed in the living room.

Lu Manman sneered in his heart, but his face showed a pitiful expression, who would not pretend to be a white lotus.

I just didn't want to play scheming.

Her delicate voice hurriedly choked, "Second aunt, I just handed you the tea, why didn't you pick it up? Now you still say that I overturned the tea?! Is there any place Manman offends you, you are so innocent? Like Manman?"

"Lu Manman, what are you talking about? It's obvious that you fell on me deliberately. Now you say that I didn't pick up on purpose. Am I so stupid? I burn myself!" Lan Xiaojun has jumped up with excitement, maybe I didn't expect that one day she would be wronged by others, and it was always she who wronged others! After speaking, he still whispered, "Oh, hey, it hurts me..."

On the back of Lan Xiaojun's hand, there was indeed a big red side.

Lu Manman glanced at the back of her hand, his expression still pitiful, "Second aunt said that it was Long Man, so take it as it is. Man Man now apologizes to Second Aunt. Sorry, Man Man is stupid and hurt you. . You are an elder, you should forgive the younger, right?"

When he said the last sentence, his eyes were full of expectation.

Lan Xiaojun was blushing with Lu Manman's face like this, but suddenly he couldn't say a word. After all, the juniors are talking about it. If she still scolds, she will appear to have lost her identity, and she is no different from a bitch, but it will make people show a joke. But if you forgive me so generously, she is not the kind of person who suffers. What's more, Lu Manman's words "Second aunt said yes, yes", there is clearly another meaning she deliberately made things difficult!

The more I think about it, the more I can't relieve my anger.

Lan Xiaojun was about to speak.

Lu Manman suddenly smiled at Lu Zichuan, did not give Lan Xiaojun a chance to speak, and smiled, "I heard my dad say that my second uncle really wants Xuan Ran to come to Lu for an internship in his senior year, right? ?"

When Lu Zichuan heard it, his spirits were refreshed.

This is the purpose of his coming today.

In fact, Lu's family business should have belonged to his Lu Zichuan. Where did he know that a suicide note left by his grandfather back then, the Lu family business fell on Lu Zishan's body, which made their father Lu Qinzheng a little unexpected.

Lu Qinzheng has three children, two sons and a daughter.

Of the two sons, Lu Zichuan has a son. Based on the principle of family inheritance from male to female, the Lu family industry will be inherited from him because of his son Lu Xuan. How do you know that when he was 25 years old, Lu Zishan was 28 When I was 10 years old, my grandfathers lawyer announced a suicide note from his grandfather. The suicide note clearly stated that 50% of Lus shares were directly transferred to him at the age of 28. It was only natural that Lus enterprise fell in Lu. On the hand of Zishan.

Therefore, at the age of 28, Lu Zishan became the chairman of the Lu family, and Lu Qinzheng retreated to the second line. As a result, the father-son relationship between Lu Zishan and Lu Qinzheng broke out overnight. Lu Zishan moved out of Lu with his family of three. In the family compound, Lu Zichuan lives with Lu Qinzheng, and the family is very hostile to Lu Zishan and them.

Even, find fault everywhere.

"Long." Lu Zichuan seized the opportunity. "Your brother is not young anymore. This year's junior year, he will take the final exam immediately, and next year will be the school internship. I thought about where I want to go for an internship, so I might as well stay at our own house The company, after all, its own people, it is easier to learn things."

"Second Uncle made a lot of sense. I heard that Xuan Ran studied accounting?"

"His grades are very good, and the accountant's certificates are all complete." Lu Zichuan said quickly.

Lu Manman smiled.

Complete certificates, I am afraid that none of them are tested by myself.

She was so calm, and quickly agreed, "Second uncle, don't worry, when my dad comes back, I will strongly recommend my dad to let Xuan Ran enter the company for an internship."

"It's been a long time, and I'm getting more and more sensible." Lu Zichuan praised it hypocritically.

Lu Manman should be accepted.

"We are all a family, the second uncle is too far-sighted." Lu Manman said gently, suddenly remembering something, exclaiming and quickly looked at Lan Xiaojun again.

The back of Lan Xiaojun's hand was even more hideous at the moment.

But because of talking about the future of his son, he also endured not yelling.

"By the way, second aunt, how are your hands? Seeing so red, let me take you to the hospital. It's all too long, it's too careless..."

"Hey, it's okay, it's okay. It doesn't matter if you burn it with boiling water, it's not serious." Lu Zichuan said quickly.

Lan Xiaojun's face changed obviously, and he didn't dare to be wild in front of Lu Zichuan.

"Is it okay? Second aunt?" Lu Manman asked her, looking incomparably simple.

Lan Xiaojun knew that at this moment Lu Zichuan wanted to please Lu Manman, and if he was pleased with Lu Manman, she was also pleased with half of Lu's family. At this time, she could not have the anger that she was holding back at all, so she had to suppress it, gritted her teeth and said, "It's nothing, just go back and apply some ointment."

Lu Manman sighed with a sigh of relief on purpose, Its fine if its okay, so hot tea is afraid of scalding my second aunt. I heard that when people reach a certain age, their skin tends to relax and age. Manman is afraid that my second aunt will not recover well.

The seemingly caring tone is clearly ridiculing Lan Xiaojun's bad skin.

Lan Xiaojun's skin is not good, and her mother is the same age, but he just looks much older.

So at that moment, Lan Xiaojun's face was ugly again.

When Lu Manman couldn't see it, he smiled and said to Lu Zichuan, "Second Uncle, let's eat at home at noon. I will ask the servants to prepare more."

"No, let's just come over and sit down. There's still something to do at noon. It's not too early now, we should go back, Xuan Ran, don't thank my sister yet." Lu Zichuan said.

Lu Xuanran reluctantly said, "Thank you sister."

Lu Manman smiled.

Lu Xuanran, a person who eats inside and out, didn't know how much trouble he caused her in the last life!

A family of three just left.

He Xiuwen looked at their backs and breathed a sigh of relief, pulling Lu Manman and sitting on the sofa, "I'm really scared of your second uncle's family. Every time I come, I get nervous and don't know how to deal with it. I get stabbed in everything. Fortunately, Manman, you are back."

"Mom, I will never let you be wronged at all in the future." Lu Manman said every word.

Even let them taste everything!

He Xiuwen looked at her daughter who seemed to have changed a little, and smiled, "Take forgiveness and forgive others. After all, they are relatives..."

"Ren is good by others. Too much tolerance will only indulge their arrogance, this is to help her abuse!" Lu Manman took He Xiuwen's hand, gentler, "Anyway, I will help mom to settle anything in the future."

"You child." He Xiuwen nodded on Lu Manman's forehead and said, "You just burned your second aunt on purpose?"

"Mom, did you see it?"

"Can't you see this carefully?!" He Xiuwen said with a smile.

Her mother was actually the same as herself in the previous life, she was very clear in her heart, but she didn't want to care about it.

"I just want Lan Xiaojun to feel bitter, who makes her always want to bully you." Lu Manman pouted.

"Okay. Don't do this in the future, it's all relatives." He Xiuwen said generously, and suddenly thought of something and said, "Manman, your dad didn't want to come to Lu in an uproar, you promised your second uncle like this. I'm afraid he will deliberately embarrass you in the future."

"I will really persuade Dad to let Lu Xuanran join the company, Mom, don't be nervous. People like Lu Xuanran won't be able to make waves in the company. The most important thing is that I need to rely on him to bring someone out..." Lu Man looked at him. His eyes tightened.

She wants to go smoothly!

Then, lead the snake out of the cave!



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