Home Reborn Aristocrat: OppressingChapter 80

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The sound of the helicopter engine kept ringing in my ears.

Lu Manman looked at the silhouettes of the guests further and further away, and at the sudden colorful fireworks in the sky, disappearing before his eyes!

Today, the day is finally over.

It's not an exaggeration to describe exhaustion.

She was a little tired leaning on the back of the seat, just so indifferently, taking a bird's eye view of the colorful night scene of Wencheng.

The depth of the night and the neon lights add some mystery to this familiar city.

Lu Manman was in a daze.

I started inexplicably in my mind, reminiscing everything about today's wedding scene over and over again.

Such a grand wedding really surprised her.

She remembered that they had gotten the marriage certificate two days in advance. At that time, Mo Xiuyuan still looked indifferent. The whole process of getting the certificate was to follow the rules. After getting the certificate, the two did not eat even a meal and parted ways.

She thought that this kind of marriage was the wedding that she thought should take place for granted. She even pressed the red festive notebook in the closet when she got home. She didn't think she would be divorced. She should never take it out again. She didn't seem to have read the marriage certificate seriously, only remembering that Mo Xiuyuan and herself were wearing white shirts at the time, and they looked pretty clean.

When did Mo Xiuyuan start preparing for such a huge and mighty wedding today?

I remember in a daze that his face was not very good when he received the certificate the day before yesterday, but now he seems to feel a little inexplicable that he was in a hurry that day, rushing to rush away.

"Tired?" Mo Xiuyuan's deep voice heard in his ear, which was very magnetic in such a quiet night.

"Yeah." Lu Manman nodded.

Mo Xiuyuan's mouth twitched slightly, and he naturally hugged her shoulders and hugged her in his arms, "Only for this day."

"Finally, it's over." Lu Manman didn't reject his intimate behavior, and agreed.

Mo Xiuyuan seemed to smile again.

Smiled like that, confused.

Lu Manman leaned on his strong chest. She wanted to get married. When the two people appeared in public, she had to pretend to be intimate. In private and occasional contact, she didnt need to resist, she was crazy, she really tired.

Tired to not want to toss.

The helicopter drove for about 20 minutes and landed at Mo Xiuyuan's private villa.

The villa is brightly lit, and everything around the villa has dimmed in the night. Only this villa, like a mirage, shines with crystal clear light and exudes charming brilliance.

Lu Manman got out of the helicopter with Mo Xiuyuan's support.

Mo Xiuyuan took out the red envelope and gave it to the person piloting the helicopter.

"Thank you, Mr. Mo." In a respectful voice, Lu Manman realized that it was Qin Ao.

"Go back early and rest."

"Yes." Qin Ao nodded.

Mo Xiuyuan turned around and pulled Lu Manman ready to walk into this shining palace.

"Mo Xiuyuan." Lu Manman called to him suddenly.


"Will Qin Ao be taken back by you in the future?"

"Any comment?"

"I want to pay to hire him." Lu Manman said directly.

"How much do you pay?"

"You make a price."

"Do you think it is suitable for us to negotiate the price on the day of our wedding?" Mo Xiuyuan asked.

Lu Manman bit his lip and stared at him.

Knowing that it was just a formal marriage, no matter how luxurious it was, it was just a formality for her.

"Let's talk later." Mo Xiuyuan took her and walked to the villa.

Inside the gate of the villa, there is a long corridor.

The neon lights on both sides of the corridor form the Avenue of Stars. The ground is covered with thick red stalls. The end of the avenue seems to be the highest point, which makes people want to find out.

Lu Manman didn't want to sigh Mo Xiuyuan's excessive luxury and romance. She and Mo Xiuyuan walked alone in such a luxurious place, feeling the slight throbbing in her heart, always and quietly throbbing.

At the end of the last corridor on the red carpet.

The crystal stigma, which was the same as the wedding scene, turned into a crystal photo frame. The sky above was not high, one depth and one shallow. Under the dark background, it appeared more transparent and bright, so at that moment, Lu Manman clearly saw the crystal. Inside the beads, the photos of myself from childhood to adulthood, from quack to the ground, to the present, private photos of every age.

Lu Manman was suddenly a little surprised.

She hasn't read her previous photos for a long time, it's like retrieving her own memories, which is of extraordinary significance.

"Where did you get the picture?" Lu Manman asked as he looked at it.

"Have your dad's blessings."

"I don't remember this photo." Lu Manman pointed to one of the photos.

At that time, it was probably the middle school period.

Wearing a ponytail and eating ice cream, it was clearly a sneak shot.

Mo Xiuyuan shrugged, "Who knows? Maybe your dad found someone to take a sneak shot."

"My dad is not so boring." Lu Man pouted his mouth and stopped pursuing it. He kept going back, looking at the last, suddenly enlarged, their intimate wedding photo.

That is a picture of the night.

In fact, they can't really see each other's faces, but they can be faintly distinguished from the figure lines and facial contours.

In that photo, Mo Xiuyuan picked her up from her thigh. She put her arms around his neck and lowered her head. The noses of the two people were close, and their lips were slightly open. It was clearly... reverie...

Lu Manman's eyes moved slightly, and he walked directly into the villa lobby.

In the hall, there are lights and festoons.

The traditional "happy" stickers are everywhere, but it is very different from all the luxurious and fashionable wedding decorations today. It seems too formal and a bit old-fashioned.

"That's what Ye Banxian said, so it must be posted."

"Ye Banxian has hatred with you, right." Lu Manman frowned.

Mo Xiuyuan's face was slightly dark.

Lu Manman seemed to smile.

Under the two people's roof, it's actually not that embarrassing.

Because Lu Manman was calm from beginning to end.

Facing Mo Xiuyuan, she said, "Married, it is inevitable to live under one roof. Fortunately, you live alone, which avoids the embarrassment of living with your parents. From tonight, we will sleep in separate rooms. Right. I'll live in the female room you prepared that day."

Mo Xiuyuan looked at her, just looked at her like this, and suddenly didn't say a word.

"Have an opinion?" Lu Manman asked, looking at him with such a cold look, "If you don't like the room I live in, I can also live in other rooms, but I can't be too general. If the room is too bad, I will. Im not used to living."

She is actually very particular about the bed.

She has always felt that the bed is the most relaxing place for her body, so she should be as comfortable as she can!

Mo Xiuyuan still looked at her like this, not smiling, not angry, and calm.

Lu Manman always felt that he could not have a common language with him, so he simply prepared to go straight upstairs.

Anyway, she can find a room by herself and find one. She will be there tonight, and the home improvement company can send a comfortable bed over tomorrow morning.

Thinking about this, she walked a little faster.

But just after taking two steps, his body suddenly vacated.

Lu Manman was startled, turned his head to see Mo Xiuyuan suddenly picked her up, and hugged her fiercely in his arms.

"What are you doing, Mo Xiuyuan!" Lu Manman screamed.

Is this kind of scary? !

Mo Xiuyuan smiled evilly, "What do you think, Lu Manman."

"I do not know."

"It's okay, I'll find out later."

"Mo Xiuyuan, you bastard, let me go!" Lu Manman twisted his whole body, punching and kicking.


Does Mo Xiuyuan have iron on his body? The palms were red, and the man didn't react at all.

The two people twisted and tossed all the way straight to Mo Xiuyuan's room, the red room that made people unable to ignore it, and it was a world away from the room where he used to be simple and even with some cool colors, with a huge wall. There are also photos of their wedding dresses posted on it, with bright lights, which can be noticed at a glance.

At the moment, the red room, under the crystal chandelier, looks particularly warm, and it is really festive and magnificent.

Lu Manman was in a trance in the room for a second, and the next second he was placed on the big red bed. Then, his body was suppressed by Mo Xiuyuan, and the two people were close to each other, Lu Manman opened his mouth and screamed, " You let me go, don't...well..."

The lips were blocked instantly.

A soft and domineering lip, still with a cold temperature, clings to her lips.

She resisted, and turned out the squeaking and intermittent voices, which seemed ambiguous in each other's ears.

The kiss has been hot.

Mo Xiuyuan kissed her soft lips, licked her sweet tongue, the night atmosphere was sublimated in the room, the translucent light outside the window gradually became dark and fuzzy, Lu Manman closed his eyes tightly, feeling With Mo Xiuyuan, he couldn't resist.

Be strong, let her body become soft under his body.

The kiss lasted a long time.

When they grow up, they both start to pant.

Mo Xiuyuan let go of Lu Manman.

The pose of two people at the moment...

Lu Manman was lying on the big bed, Mo Xiuyuan's body pressed against her body, Lu Manman's hands were fixed on her head by Mo Xiuyuan, Lu Manman's somewhat messy hairstyle at the moment, and her rosy lips made her look at her. Going up is seductive and sexy, and her breathing is a little short at the moment, making her chest rise and fall...

Mo Xiuyuan seemed to be satisfied with Lu Manman's shocking beauty. Looking at her flushed cheeks and confused eyes, there seemed to be a trace of expectation and *. The smile on the corner of his mouth became more and more enchanting. He bowed his head again and kissed. With her slightly opened lips.

As if, no matter how kisses are not enough, pink lips.

Lips and teeth stick together.

"Yeah!" In the quiet space, a man's muffled hum suddenly sounded.

Mo Xiuyuan suddenly let go of Lu Manman, his body naturally fell to the other side, his hand was under him, his body twisted and curled into a ball, as if he was trying his best to endure it.

Lu Man, who was free, got up from the big bed suddenly.

Want to sleep with me? !

Ha ha!

Let you wean off your children and grandchildren.

She happily ran out of Mo Xiuyuan's room.

As soon as Lu Manman left, the man on the bed instantly calmed down. The corner of his mouth smiled as he watched Lu Manman's triumphant expression.

Today is really tired.

To be precise, I have been tired for more than one day.

He got up from the bed, settled a cup of warm water in the drinking fountain in the room, opened the bedside table, and took out a stomach medicine. The moment he was about to take the medicine, the door slammed and he was pushed open again.

Mo Xiuyuan watched Lu long.

Lu Manman gritted his teeth in a car.

Is this Mo Xiuyuan against her? !

She chose a room randomly, and when she went to the bathroom to take a bath with excitement because of her victory, she found that the red dress on her body couldnt be untied, she didnt even see where the buttons were. Too tired, too tired, so tired that I dont remember how the staff put on her when she changed this suit. The key is that the quality of this dress is still good, and I didnt even tear it after I worked hard. It's bad, but it made her whole body red, with a burning pain, and she rummaged through everything in the room but couldn't find the scissors. At that moment, she was so angry that she wanted to kill Mo Xiuyuan directly!

"What are you doing back for?" Mo Xiuyuan was surprised for a second, and calmly continued to take the medicine in his hand into his mouth.

"What are you eating? Sick?" Lu Manman's eyes tightened, watching his seemingly unremarkable behavior.

"Thanks to your best girlfriend, I have a stomach trouble."

From the best girlfriend? !

Lu Manman was silent, and immediately thought, was it the "sweet, bitter and spicy" plate that Gu Xin had asked him to eat when he received his relatives? !

Mo Xiuyuan endured it till now!

But in the whole process, he couldn't see his discomfort at all.

"You suddenly appeared in my room, are you ready to exercise your husband and wife rights with me?" Mo Xiuyuan smiled evilly.

"Mo Xiuyuan!" Lu Manman seemed to suddenly remembered her move here, and her whole body became furious. "What kind of broken dress are you, you don't even have a button or a zipper, you can't take it off no matter what, you are ready Let me wear it for the rest of my life?"

"I really haven't met anyone who has such a big temper because he can't take off his clothes. I have been thinking, who is the legendary Lu Manman who is gentle and virtuous?" Mo Xiuyuan smiled beautifully.

"Who cares about her! Now find me some scissors, I'm going to cut this dress into a mess!" Lu Manman was already mad at the rhythm of this dress.

Mo Xiuyuan was still smiling, and suddenly laughed.

The legendary Lu Manman...

It's just a legend.

Look at this bad temper!

"Are you sure you want to cut her badly?"

"Why not sure?" Lu Manman said, "I know that your dresses are very expensive, and the price you give will enable ordinary people to live a lifetime, but Mo Xiuyuan, it's not my money anyway, I don't care!"

Mo Xiuyuan shrugged, his thin lips moved slightly, "Come here!"

"what are you doing?"

"Help you undress." The magnetic voice said meaningfully.

No matter how Lu Manman felt that he had a feeling of being sent home.

"Without scissors, I don't care if you want to sleep and bathe like this all the time." Mo Xiuyuan said nothing.

Lu Manman was so angry that he really wanted to strangle the man.

The sudden kick just now didn't make him suddenly die!

"But here, I went to take a bath." Mo Xiuyuan turned around as he said.

Lu Manman gritted his teeth and walked towards Mo Xiuyuan angrily, stopping a step away from him.

Mo Xiuyuan grabbed her shoulders with both hands.

Lu Manman looked defensive.

Mo Xiuyuan looked at her and couldn't help but smile again, turning her back to him.

Lu Manman was surprised, but had to breathe a sigh of relief.

Mo Xiuyuan stroked her waist with slender fingers.

The moment Lu Manman was about to lose her temper, the red dress on her body suddenly fell from her body. Without warning, it fell from her body on her feet, and she only wore a chest pad and a small body. The body of the trousers was just exposed in this room, exposed to the eyes of the people behind him.

Lu Manman really wanted to scream at that moment!

This man Mo Xiuyuan did it on purpose.

She was trembling with anger.

Suddenly, she felt a kiss, heavily stamped on her shoulder, sucking gently with a cool temperature.

Lu Manman's heart suddenly moved, and suddenly there was no reaction.

Long time.

There was a laughter behind him, and some mischievous smiles said, "Miss Lu, are you sure you want to have a bridal chamber with me?"

"Ah!" Lu Manman screamed.

Mo Xiuyuan Mo Xiuyuan!

It seems that he is always molested and teased.

She hugged her body and ran out in front of Mo Xiuyuan.

Returning to the room he just chose, Lu Manman sat on the big bed, not feeling upset all over, very upset.

How did she reach an agreement with Mo Xiuyuan, a demon-like man!

Men are really animals that rely on their lower body to think. Whether they like it or not, they can sleep, right? !

There was a bad breath in my heart.

Lu Manman got up and walked to the bathroom to take a bath.

Lying in the comfortable bathtub, Lu Manman was violently relaxing her sore and sour body today. The jacuzzi made her feel a little drowsy, and the constant temperature water made her feel completely comfortable.

She looked at the mirror glass above her head in a daze, and at her increasingly unclear cheeks, she couldn't help but fall asleep after all.

In her sleep, she seemed to feel a warm embrace, hugged her up from the bathtub in front of you, and then put her on the soft big bed. She instinctively seemed to say thank you. After saying it, she seemed to feel a scorching heat. The look in his eyes, and I was really tired at the time, and I didn't want to open my eyes when I was tired, so I continued to fall asleep again.

One day wedding.

It really ends here.

But what is left to outsiders is a fairy tale festival that will last forever!


The next day.

The sunlight outside the window has shone into the huge room through the curtains swaying with the wind.

Lu Man moved her soft body. After a night of deep sleep, as if her whole body had been reborn, she felt comfortable from body to heart. She stretched out her big waist, rolled over on the bed for a while, and got up. .

Together, I realized how I was wearing a set of pajamas.

The pure cotton pajamas, at this moment, although they looked a little wrinkled because of her tossing last night.

She doesn't remember she wore this pajama herself? !


She didn't even remember how she was in bed. Her memory still stayed in her bathing. When she was bathing, she was sleepy and squinted for a while.

That said, it was not a dream last night!

She was really picked up by Chi Guoguo from the bathtub, and then thrown on the bed...

The face suddenly became a little hot!

The man Mo Xiuyuan didn't know, would a man and a woman give or receive a kiss? !

She got up from bed uncomfortably and went into the bathroom to wash.

In front of the big mirror glass, Lu Manman's complexion was very good, his face was tender, his lips were red and his teeth were white, and he clearly looked like he was awake after sleeping well.

She was angrily holding a new toothbrush and squeezing toothpaste.

The moment he lowered his head, he seemed to see a green hickey on the side of his hair that was falling down, just below his collarbone and on his chest.

So conspicuous.

What did the man Mo Xiuyuan do to himself last night!

Lu Manman was trembling with anger, washed himself in twos or twos, and was about to go out.

After thinking about it, she felt that she should change to a new set of clothes. She didn't even wear a bra or **** after sleeping, so she didn't want to buy Mo Xiuyuan's goods.

She readily opened the cabinet.

There are her clothes inside,

Before getting married, Lu Manman brought her clothes and home furnishings to Mo Xiuyuans villa. She actually didnt know where Mo Xiuyuan was. She absolutely didnt believe that Mo Xiuyuan was smart enough to know that she was there. Can you choose this one in the room, or, did you get it for her last night? !

In my heart, I can't tell how I feel.

Anyway, the five flavors are mixed.

Lu Manman wore the upper chest and underwear, changed to a casual T-shirt, and a pair of jeans on the lower body, which was very casual and comfortable. Because of her tall and perfect figure, she still looked very good-looking.

She gave herself a loose ball on my head and went downstairs.

Quiet villa.

Lu Manman went down step by step.

From a distance, watching the man Mo Xiuyuan still sit in his beautiful glass garden room and eat his breakfast elegantly.

Standing next to him was a middle-aged man, the housekeeper she saw last time.

Lu Manman walked over and sat opposite Mo Xiuyuan.

The housekeeper took out the fresh breakfast on the dining car and put it in front of her bit by bit, with balanced nutrition and a wide range of varieties.

Lu Manman looked at the exquisite breakfast in front of him, and said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Mrs. Mo." The butler was very respectful.

Mrs. Mo.

What a strange name.

Someone called her "Mrs. Wen" before.

"Miss Lu" is the one who has heard the most in this life. It is as if the man Mo Xiuyuan kept repeating in her ear, it was clearly an unfamiliar name, but it was the ambiguous name Mo Xiuyuan called.

"Housekeeper Wang Zhong." Mo Xiuyuan wiped the corners of his mouth suddenly, as if to introduce her, "Responsible for everything in this villa, including food, cleaning, greening, etc. You can give everything you want. He mentioned that he will try his best to satisfy you as much as he can. Of course, if you feel that it is not enough, you can hire two more people to help in the villa."

Lu Manman looked at Wang Zhong so much.

Wang Zhong nodded slightly, looking very cultivated.

"Can he do everything in this villa alone?" Lu Manman didn't believe it.

"That's the truth." Mo Xiuyuan said calmly.

Lu Manman was still a little surprised, and then nodded, "I am not a person who likes too many people in my family, so the fewer people, the better. Just have him, and I don't need to hire anymore."

"Yeah." Mo Xiuyuan replied and said to the housekeeper, "Go down."

"Yes. Mr. Mo, Mrs. Mo." The butler pushed the dining car away.

Lu Manman looked back at his back, bowed his head, and ate breakfast.

Why do you always feel that the people around Mo Xiuyuan are all the best!

"Miss Lu slept well last night?" Mo Xiuyuan asked her, looking careless.

Speaking of last night, Lu Manman became very angry, and his tone was naturally uncomfortable, "Why do you enter my room without my permission!"

"Miss Lu is blaming me, didn't you let you catch a cold last night?"

"..." Lu Manman gritted his teeth.

"In fact, Miss Lu is in good shape, so don't be embarrassed."

What's the hairy relationship with this figure!

Lu Manman looked at him fiercely, almost gritted his teeth and said, "What do the hickeys on my body mean?!"

"It turns out there is a hickey, and my kiss is not heavy." Mo Xiuyuan smiled at the corner of his mouth, looking so innocent in the sun, "I thought about it, I did so much for you, and it's always a little rewarding. , I kissed, thinking that such a gentle touch would not leave any marks. Sure enough, Miss Lu's skin is as tender as a baby and her mouth feels good...

"Okay." Lu Manman interrupted Mo Xiuyuan, and went on. He might be yelled by him all over her body. She took a knife and fork and said, "I'm going to have breakfast."

"Then you hurry up and eat, and you will go back to Mo's villa today after eating."

"What?" Lu Manman looked at him.

I haven't told her about this before!

"According to the rules, I have to go back to offer tea, and I will stay there for one night at night."

"..." Do you have to go through these broken processes? !

Mo Xiuyuan seemed to have finished eating, put down his knife and fork, "Miss Lu eat slowly."

Basically, she was not given a chance to refuse.

Lu Manman looked at the back of Mo Xiuyuan leaving.

Always disturbed by this man's inexplicable behavior!


After breakfast.

Lu Manman changed into a decent white dress. The length of the skirt was just above his knees. It was not too short to look frivolous, and not too long to look cumbersome. He wore a simple necklace around his neck to keep the collarbone from space. , It is not too complicated, it looks clean and delicate, a pair of 10 cm high heels on her feet, set off her slender legs, looks more tall and moving, carrying a red small ear bag, in a simple and elegant dress Next, with a touch of joy.

Mo Xiuyuan also put on a suit at this moment, unlike the formal one at the wedding, but in leisure, he does not appear to be immature.

The two walked out of the villa together.

On the long walkway, the colorful corridor last night has disappeared, revealing its original appearance, covered by greenery. Thinking about it so carefully, the capitalized "" characters plastered everywhere in the villa also seem to disappear.

Such a huge amount of work was done by the butler Wang Zhong alone? !

Her eyes moved slightly, and she suddenly asked, "Mo Xiuyuan, those crystal photo frames last night?"

"Take it away."

"Where is my photo?"

"Take it away."

"Give it to me, I save it myself."

"Sent back to your parents' house."

"..." Lu Manman felt that it was really difficult for a man like Mo Xiuyuan to be on the same level.

The two walked to the gate, and a black extended Lincoln sedan was parked at the gate, and Qin Ao respectfully opened the door for them.

Two people are sitting in the back seat.

Lu Manman watched Qin Ao drive the car seriously, and couldn't help saying, "I hire Qin Ao."

"Yeah." Rarely, Mo Xiuyuan responded.

It seems to have agreed.

Last night, he was obviously reluctant.

"How much is a month?"

"No, give it to you." Mo Xiuyuan said lightly.

Lu Manman frowned.

"Of course, he won't serve you to bed." Mo Xiuyuan added.

Lu Manman didn't want to say another word for an instant.

I was a little grateful, but I should give the money!

This man's words made her unable to continue talking with him at all!

In the silent and spacious car, neither of them said a word.

The car reached its destination quickly.

It seems that Lu Manman's first visit to Mo's Villa.

The villa occupies a very large area, with two three-story buildings, which is extremely luxurious from a distance.

Of course, in fact, their villa was also known as one of the most expensive properties in Wencheng.

Obviously, the Mo family is not inferior.

Gentleman Mo Xiuyuan had to ask her to open the car door, Lu Manman got out of the car, consciously holding Mo Xiuyuan's arm, the two looked like a perfect match.

Several servants were already waiting at the door of the villa, looking very stance.

When Lu Manman followed Mo Xiuyuan all the way, he heard the servant calling them "Young Master, Young Grandma". This kind of ostentation contrasted with Mo Xiuyuan's private villa. Is Mo Xiuyuan the same? , Don't like too many people? !

Secretly thinking about something, trying to make myself look elegant and dignified, following Mo Xiuyuan step by step generously and decently, into the huge villa lobby.

In the hall, Mo Xiuyuans parents Mo Kun and Jiang Yuyan, and Mo Xiuyuans younger sister Mo Li sat on the sofa in the living room. Seeing them appear, they all stood up and called her enthusiastically, Manman, sit here. ."

Lu Manman smiled obediently, let go of Mo Xiuyuan, and naturally sat beside Jiang Yuyan.

Mo Li also moved a little consciously and sat next to Lu Manman.

The family looks very warm.

Jiang Yuyan smiled at Mo Xiuyuan and said, "I came here so early. I didn't know if Longman was sleeping well last night?"

"Sleep well." Lu Manman said quickly, and added, "Mom."

"Good." Jiang Yuyan smiled brightly and looked at the servant. The servant hurriedly stepped forward and handed her a big red envelope. Jiang Yuyan stuffed Lu Manman directly, "Take it, mom's kindness."

Lu Manman smiled shyly, "Thank you mom."

"Dad also has it here." Mo Kun quickly asked the servant to take out his red envelope, "I wish you and Ashiu a hundred years, and give birth to a son early."

"Thank you Dad." Lu Manman responded.

Compared with the secularity and contempt of the literary family in the previous life, Mo Xiuyuan's family is much more amiable.

"Sister-in-law, I also prepared a gift." Mo Li said in a low voice, with a slight redness on his sickly white cheeks.

Lu Manman turned his head to look at Mo Li.

Mo Li handed her a sachet in her hand, "Sister-in-law, I have sewn it myself during this period of time. I will give it to you and brother. I wish you a happy wedding.

With that said, his cheeks turned redder, and his delicate appearance still looked very cute.

Lu Manman took it over and looked at such a delicate red sachet. The sachet exuded an extremely good smell. It didn't seem to be all the perfume smell that Lu Manman could smell, and he sewed it with care. There are almost no traces of handwork, but it looks like they were bought outside.

Lu Manman smiled, "Thank you sister."

Mo Li smiled, a little shy.

"I have received so many gifts, and we should serve our parents too." Mo Xiuyuan said suddenly.

Lu Manman hurriedly got up from the sofa, handed the things he received to the servant for exposure, and Mo Xiuyuan knelt in front of the two elders.

The servant hurriedly handed over hot tea.

Mo Xiuyuan first offered tea to his parents and said, "Mom and dad, please have tea."

"Yeah, good." The two elders took it and took a sip with pleasure.

Then, Lu Manman offered tea to the two elders of the Mo family.

Lu Manman took the hot tea from the servant and handed it to Mo Kun first, "Dad, please have tea."

"Good." Mo Kun took it and took a sip with a smile.

Lu Manman picked up another cup and handed it to Jiang Yuyan.

When Jiang Yuyan was about to take it, the servant behind her suddenly leaned forward. Lu Manman paused with both hands, and the hot teacup slipped from her hand. Mo Xiuyuan took the teacup abruptly. All the tea was poured into Mo Xiuyuan's hand, and the tea cup fell to the ground at the same time, with a crisp sound.

"Ah!" Mo Li exclaimed, as if she was shocked, her face turned paler.

Lu Manman turned his head to look at Mo Xiuyuan, his hand was instantly red when he looked at him, and he turned to look at the servant behind her.

The servant was trembling with trembling body, and said in a low voice and incoherent, "Yes, yes, Daisy suddenly ran to my feet, I was suddenly shocked, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Said his eyes were red.

Lu Manman turned his head and looked at the pure white puppy at her feet. It was a small puppy, a purebred teacup dog with a pink bow. At the moment, he was looking innocently at the person in front of him, looking cute. It's so cute.

"Daisy." Mo Li called out suddenly.

The cute puppy quickly ran to Mo Li's feet.

Mo Li hugged her in his arms, looking very affectionate.

"Forget it, the broken pieces are safe, the broken pieces are safe." Jiang Yuyan said, and was more strict with the servant, "I don't want to prepare a cup again."

"Yes." The servant hurriedly left.

Soon I poured a cup of tea again.

Lu Manman handed the tea to Jiang Yuyan respectfully, "Mom, please have tea."

"Good." Jiang Yuyan squinted and said, "This puppy named Daisy was picked up by Xiao Li outside. Daisy's body was not suitable for raising small animals, and she liked it very much. I dont know if its fate, Daisy followed Xiao Li all the way home. Your father and I felt that Xiao Li was lonely at home, so we agreed to keep Daisy."

"It's my sister's credit to be so beautiful and well-dressed." Lu Manman was very generous, and he was in that kind of puppy at the right time.

"Yeah." Mo Li smiled shyly again.

"Get up quickly, don't keep kneeling anymore." Jiang Yuyan quickly asked them to get up, "Mother Wu, you go and give the young master some scald ointment."

"Yes, ma'am."

Lu Manman sat back on the original sofa.

She turned to look at Mo Xiuyuan's red and swollen arm.

If he hadn't just blocked him for a while, he should have been injured at the moment.

Her eyes moved slightly, she glanced at Mo Li, still calm.

Mother Wu took the ointment, and Mo Xiuyuan took it directly, "I'll do it myself."

Wu Ma handed it to him.

"Manman, I will show you to my room." Mo Xiuyuan called Lu Manman.

Lu Manman looked at him.

"Manman hasn't seen Ah Xiu's room yet, so go up and visit." Jiang Yuyan said kindly.

Lu Manman smiled slightly and followed Mo Xiuyuan to the second floor.

The innermost bedroom on the far right of the second floor.

Mo Xiuyuan pushed open the door.

The huge room has obviously been cleaned up, clean and tidy.

Lu Manman suddenly heard Mo Xiuyuan saying that he would stay here for one night tonight...

Does that mean that she wants to sleep on the same bed with Mo Xiuyuan.

"Help me wipe the plaster." Mo Xiuyuan said suddenly.

Lu Manman hurriedly walked over and looked at Mo Xiuyuans already red back of his hand, squeezing out the plaster, and helped him apply the medicine little by little. The movements were very light. In order to relieve his pain, she even helped her scream. Serious expression.

From Mo Xiuyuan's angle, she could see her long and upturned eyelashes trembling slightly, her small nose, and her extremely pink lips.

"Does it hurt?" Lu Manman asked him, raising his head.

As soon as he raised his head, he looked at Mo Xiuyuan's deep eyes.

The whole person had a sudden stop.

Mo Xiuyuan smiled, and after laughing, the whole person looked calm and light, completely different from the fleeting and deep eyes just now.

"Try it." Mo Xiuyuan said.

"Thank you." Lu Manman said sincerely.

"Yeah." Mo Xiuyuan replied.

After rubbing the plaster, Lu Manman went to the bathroom to wash his hands and touched up his makeup by the way.

When he came out, Mo Xiuyuan had two red envelopes and a sachet in his hand. It was given to her by Mo Xiuyuan's parents and sister just now.

She walked over naturally, preparing to put these three gifts in her own bag in the room.

Mo Xiuyuan lifted his hand and directly avoided Lu Manman's touch.

Lu Manman's eyes tightened, "Mo Xiuyuan, this is mine."

"Confiscated." Mo Xiuyuan said bluntly.

Lu Manman gritted his teeth.

Mo Xiuyuan's face was taken for granted, and he was not embarrassed at all!

"Mo Xiuyuan, you just have to give me two big red envelopes. After all, we are married. You should give me the sachet your sister gave me! Although your sister made this by hand, Not worth much!" Lu Manman said fiercely.

Mo Xiuyuan raised his eyes and glanced at her. Without any explanation, he put the three things directly into the safe under the tap cabinet and locked it!

Lu Manman really didn't want to care about Mo Xiuyuan. At this moment, he really wanted to come forward and bite him!

Yesterday's wedding was so generous, but today it is stingy like this!

This man will pretend to be forced!

Lu Manman was a little annoyed, opened the door of the room and walked out.

As soon as I walked out of the door, I saw Mo Li holding the obedient Dai Di appearing in the corridor, watching Lu Manman, with a good smile at the corners of his mouth, "Sister-in-law."

"Xiao Li." Lu Manman also called her, and then walked naturally in front of her and looked at the puppy in her arms, "Is it Daisy?"

"Yeah." Mo Li smiled, "Do you want to hug?"

"No, I don't like small animals very much." Lu Manman said bluntly.

Mo Li didn't say much

"I was really disappointed when I didn't see you and my brother's on-site wedding yesterday, but my body is not suitable for too many people. My parents are not at ease, but I have one of them watching with my mobile phone. You were really beautiful yesterday. "Mo Li said sincerely.

"The body is the most important." Lu Manman said with a smile, "Don't bother you to go back to the room to rest, I will go down to accompany my parents."

"Yeah." Mo Li took her puppy and left.

Lu Manman looked back at Mo Li's back.

Just seeing Mo Xiuyuan coming out of the room, Mo Li stopped in front of Mo Xiuyuan, and seemed to have said a few simple words, then Mo Li opened the guest room opposite Mo Xiuyuan and walked in.

Mo Xiuyuan walked to Lu Manman's side.

Lu Manman withdrew his gaze, "Can your sister get married like this?"

"I don't know." Mo Xiuyuan said bluntly.

"I don't know?" Lu Manman's eyes tightened.

"She fits at home." Mo Xiuyuan said, seemingly reluctant to talk more.

Lu Manman didn't want to go into details either.

She followed Mo Xiuyuan downstairs, and downstairs, there was an extra man.

Lu slowly actually met.

People in the upper class have heard about it and occasionally bumped into it, even if there is not much overlap.

That cousin named Morris, Mo Xiuyuan, has been helping the Mo family to manage the Mo family enterprise. He should work harder than Mo Yuanxiu himself!

And the woman who showed up in the hall with Morriss arm was actually Yin Lanyi, the woman who impressed her very deeply at the wedding, still wearing long curly hair at the moment, showing a cat-like charm. When talking with the two old men of the Mo family, they raised their eyes and looked at them on the stairs. The smiles at the corners of their mouths were full of meaningful and mysterious smiles.

Lu Manman couldn't help taking the initiative to hold Mo Xiuyuan's hand.

Mo Xiuyuan turned his head to watch Lu Manman behave like this.

Lu Manman pulled a little tighter.

Inexplicably not wanting to lose a little momentum in front of this woman!

And when the woman saw Lu Manman's behavior, her brown eyes flashed with a hint of discomfort, and the smile at the corner of her mouth was still beautiful, "Axiu and Manman seem to be a match made in heaven. I don't know how many people were jealous at yesterday's flourishing wedding. And envy! Last night's wedding night in the bridal chamber should have been so sweet. Seeing you are so intimate, I really envy us. Isn't it, Asi?"


Monthly ticket, the house wants a monthly ticket, oh!

Recommend a friend Ye Qinghuan, "The Best Wife in Warm Marriage Is Colored"

Her boyfriend Che Zhen betrayed and forced her to donate blood to save Bai Lianhua.

But let her save the diamond male **** who made women rush to by accident!

He asked her to make a condition, and she said: "I want you to marry me without interfering with each other. With a year as an appointment, then you will be free."

"It's really interesting." The man's beautiful long eyebrows raised lightly.

"If you don't want to, I won't force it." She turned round neatly.

"I'll marry." The man's perfect voice, calm and composed, "The grace of life-saving should be promised by the body!"

They are supposed to be two parallel lines that shouldnt have intersection.

When the peach blossoms appeared next to her, he pinched them off one by one: "Remember that you are Mrs. Lin. No matter what the reason for the marriage was, I don't want to wear a green cap during the marriage."

When she was bullied, he held her waist intimately: "Remember that I am the only one who can bully you, and I am never willing to let you shed a tear."

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