Home Reborn Aristocrat: OppressingChapter 81

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"Looking at how intimate you are, I really envy us. Isn't it, Asi?" Yin Lanyi said with a smile while holding Morris' arm while looking at Lu Manman and Mo Xiuyuan on the stairs.

Morris replied with a smile on Yin Lanyi's face and said, "My sister-in-law is recognized by Wencheng people as one of the best wives and mothers who want to marry. My eldest brother can marry her, of course, she is loved in every way."

"Really?" Yin Lanyi gave a meaningful smile.

Lu Manman was a little unhappy with Yin Lanyi's compliment but rather provocative statement, but did not make a difference. She took Mo Xiuyuan's arm and walked upstairs step by step gracefully, and walked in front of the family. Jiang Yuyan greeted Lu Manman quickly. Sitting on the sofa.

A large family sits down.

Jiang Yuyan explained, "Yesterday was too busy. You and Ashiu had a flash marriage again. It shouldnt have time to get to know them. This is Morris, Uncle Ashs child, half a year younger than Ashiu. This is him. His girlfriend, Yin Lanyi, met when she was studying in the Imperial Capital. Lan Yi is not from Wencheng, so she came back this time because of your wedding."

Lu Manman smiled friendly, "Thank you very much for coming to my wedding in person."

"It should be." Yin Lanyi also said politely, "Auntie introduced me and Asi's relationship. She didn't know yet. When I was in college, I and Asiu were classmates. We have been friends for so many years. Attending your wedding, besides, when you were studying, you took an oath. Isnt it Ashiu?"

Yin Lanyi deliberately shifted the topic to Mo Xiuyuan.

Mo Xiuyuan just nodded faintly, "Yes."

Yin Lanyi smiled more enchantingly.

Is this woman always like this at all times, just like the charm emanating from the bones, with a smile.

"Oath?" Lu Manman asked with a smile.

"This is my secret with Ashiu and Asi, and I can't tell outsiders." Yin Lanyi seemed to be just joking on purpose, but in fact, he slowly excluded Lu from them, calling it Wei, an outsider.

Lu Manman didn't pursue it either. At the moment, playing her temper at the Mo family meant that the two elders of the Mo family felt that she was unruly. Moreover, the more people who expressed her love for emphasizing a certain fact, the more they could not get it, she pursed her lips. To put it bluntly, "That's right, that's your secret when you are studying, just like many love affairs when you are studying, many of you have no way to get together in the end, but that memory once was precious, and it was not allowed to be touched by others. "

Lu Manman seemed to speak magnanimously, and he could not understand the hidden satire of Yin Lanyi this woman.

Sure enough, his face changed slightly.

She watched Lu Manman fiercely, and then laughed openly, "Is that you and Wen Yun like this? You still have precious memories of each other?"

This woman is not kind to her.

Not only Gu Xin, even she knew at first glance that this woman was definitely approaching her with hostility.

She just didn't quite understand this relationship for a while. For example, Mo Xiuyuan and Morris were obviously brothers, and Yin Lanyi turned before the two. Did she really choose Morris in the end, or because she was too close to Mo Xiuyuan? ? !

"Miss Yin joked. The whole Wencheng knows how the relationship between me and Wen Yun ended. There is no memory of my relationship with him. The memory is only because of regret, and I have no regrets for him." Lu Manman said. Bluntly.

Frankly told Yin Lanyi, and took this opportunity to tell everyone in the Mo family about her current relationship with Wen Yun.

He Wen Yun ended very quickly.

Although the media satirized Wen Yun for not marrying her, many people will report from line to line that she may only marry Mo Xiuyuan because of revenge for Wen Yun. Now she just wants to tell the Mo family that it is not revenge, but really let go , No regrets.

Yin Lanyi frowned slightly, as if she hadn't expected Lu Manman to be able to counter her attacks again and again with such calmness.

She thought that such a woman who grew up under traditional education would know nothing but those who care about it, let alone refute others in public. She would just blindly highlight her magnanimity, and then silently get angry. She has always felt that such a woman It's just stupidity, all those titles are shackles! And Lu Manman, this woman, was really more unexpected than she had imagined.

"Unfortunately, Wen Yun should be reluctant to bear you..."

"Miss Yin, I think Ashiu doesnt want us to keep talking about Wen Yun. No matter what Wen Yun and I are doing now, things in the past should be grievous as men. What's more, you think it has been on the second day of our wedding. Saying that there is another person who is not important at all but can affect other people's mood, is this okay?" Lu Manman looked smiling, but his words were straightforward.

She thought that if she didn't tell the truth, Yin Lanyi would keep finding fault with this woman.

It would be better to have an army first and leave her speechless.

Sure enough, Yin Lanyi's entire complexion instantly blushed, as if he hadn't thought of how to refute Lu Manman for a long time, and she was holding back a breath of illness in her heart.

Lu Manman smiled beautifully, and deliberately snuggled into Mo Xiuyuan's arms, and said shyly, "A Xiu, are you jealous?"

Mo Xiuyuan seemed to smile. He hugged Lu Manman with his backhand, and said cooperatingly, "Well, I'll be jealous."

Lu Manman smiled proudly at Yin Lanyi.

Yin Lanyis face was unpredictable, as if she didnt want to admit that her first game with Lu Manman ended in failure, but she didnt want to lose too embarrassedly, so when she adjusted her complex and depressed emotions, her face changed. It must be a little distorted.

"Okay, that's all in the past. Yesterday's wedding everyone also saw to their hearts that Ash and Manman match up like this, and I should bless them in the future, and give birth to a son early for a hundred years!" Jiang Yuyan looked at the atmosphere a little bit wrong. , Hurriedly played round the field.

"Maybe, it was there last night, isn't it big brother?" Morris said deliberately, seeming to be jokingly adjusting.

"Who knows." Mo Xiuyuan said nonchalantly, but the words he uttered were so spoiled.

Yin Lanyi looked at their appearance, her face finally turned cold, and she said in a somewhat displeased voice, "I feel a little bored, go for a walk."

"I'll be with you." Morris quickly followed.

The two walked out of the hall together.

Jiang Yuyan smiled helplessly, "Lan Yi's personality is a bit hot, don't care about it."

"I don't care." Lu Manman said, "I really like Lan Yi's straightforward character. Everything is shown on his face, so I don't have to worry about not knowing where to offend her in the future."

"It's not enough to offend, Lan Yi doesn't hold any grudges either." Jiang Yuyan said, "In fact, Lan Yi didn't have a long time to come to our house. She spent most of her time in the imperial capital, and she was in a long-distance relationship with Asi. At first, we two were in love. I dont always agree with the relationship between the two people, but it has been two years since the two people are still dating like this, and we cant say more."

"Yes, it's best not to participate in emotional matters. Anyway, you know that Asi won't lose yourself too much. Yin Lanyi must have a reason for Asi to wait so much." Lu Manman agreed.

"We think so too." Jiang Yuyan nodded, seemingly pleased with Lu Manman's ability to speak like this. "By the way, you probably don't know Asi's family background. His parents were killed in a car accident shortly after he was born. Your dad and I grew up with her and moved out to live on her own after graduating from college. So our two elders have a deeper feeling for him than Ashius other cousins."

"Yeah, I've heard of the situation in Asi's house before." Lu Manman nodded.

There are not many secrets in high society.

"By the way, did Xiao Li go upstairs holding Daisy just now?" Jiang Yuyan asked suddenly.


"The child said that she can't hold Daisy often. Some fine fibers may affect her recurrence of heart disease again, so she just doesn't listen. If she doesn't pay attention, she will hold Daisy and play with it, almost as if she is herself. My best friend is more intimate than we are." Jiang Yuyan said some reproaches, but it is not difficult to see that he was overly pampering with Mo Li.

Lu Manman smiled slightly, "Sister rarely goes out, Daisy is her only friend."

"No, I have to go up and see her." Jiang Yuyan said anxiously, "Manman, you come back here, it is your own home, you are welcome. A Xiu, take good care of Manman. By the way, take her to visit the house."

"Mom, go ahead, I know." Lu Manman smiled.


With that said, Jiang Yuyan hurriedly walked to the second floor.

Lu Manman didn't know exactly how serious Mo Li's condition was, but it shouldn't be a minor illness if Mo Li's family is so related to Mo Li and protected so tightly since childhood.

Thinking about this, she turned her head to face Mo Xiuyuan, "Let's go for a walk, too."

Mo Xiuyuan stood up from the sofa.

Lu Manman respectfully said to Mo Kun on the sofa, "Dad, I will go out for a walk with Ashiu."

"Go." Mo Kun nodded kindly.

Lu Manman smiled again, pulling Mo Xiuyuan away.

The two walked towards the back garden.

The back garden is very wide and there is even a fruit forest far away.

The two of them just walked in the back garden with some idleness, passing by the open-air swimming pool, passing by the elegant chairs and pavilions, passing by a small stream and lake, the Mo family villa was really big and luxurious.

Far in the fruit forest.

Lu Manman saw Morris and Yin Lanyi.

The two cuddled closely together, and when they looked closely, they seemed to be kissing.

Lu Manman's eyes moved slightly.

This kind of live broadcast, she actually can't take it for granted.

She turned around and left.

Mo Xiuyuan just followed her indifferently, and walked aimlessly in the back garden with Lu Manman.

"Mo Xiuyuan..." Lu Manman suddenly stopped and turned his head.

Mo Xiuyuan stood not far from her, "I actually think it's good for you to call Ashiu."

"Mo Xiuyuan." Lu Manman repeated deliberately.

Mo Xiuyuan shrugged and didn't care too much.

"Are Yin Lanyi and Morris a normal relationship?" Lu Manman asked, very serious.

"Why are you curious?" Mo Xiuyuan looked at her with interest at the moment.

"Know yourself and the enemy in a hundred battles."

"I said it was a normal relationship." Mo Xiuyuan said every word.

"It doesn't look like it." Lu Manman concluded.

Mo Xiuyuan smiled. The sun shines through the green forest, and mottled shadows are printed on Mo Xiuyuans handsome cheeks. This guy always looks lazy and doesnt care much about anything, but he cant ignore it. His charm.

Lu Manman bit his lip, turned and walked forward.

In the quiet space, Mo Xiuyuan's phone rang suddenly.

Lu Manman turned his head and looked at Mo Xiuyuan already holding the phone and walking to the side.

Lu Manman didn't care, and walked into a pavilion by himself.

There are two chaise longues inside.

She lay down very calmly, then looked at the blue sky and white clouds of Wencheng, and waited for Mo Xiuyuan to answer the call.

Two minutes later, Mo Xiuyuan appeared beside Lu Manman.

"I have something to go out. Can you stay here alone?" Mo Xiuyuan asked her.

Lu Manman frowned, "Where are you going?"

"It won't be what you want to know." Mo Xiuyuan said every word.

Lu Manman's face darkened, "I said Mo Xiuyuan, we are only married on the first day, can you not go out so quickly to steal fishy?"

Mo Xiuyuan suddenly bent over, and a kiss was stamped on her noisy lips.

Lu Manman's brows clenched, and when he was instinctively preparing to resist, Mo Xiuyuan had already left and stood tall in front of her, saying, "I will come back soon."

Then, go away.

Without any explanation, after kissing her, he left like this.

Lu Manman told himself, don't be angry.

Anyway, she and Mo Xiuyuan dont have any special emotional intersections, so she cant be guilty of losing her temper with an insignificant person. After all, its only herself who is so angry. She tells herself this over and over again, the more she tells herself like this, the more I think Mo Xiuyuan is really scumbag!

Why do you treat her so casually! Why? !

She was really afraid that she would be killed by blood and blood one day in this nameless marriage!

"Lu Manman." A female voice suddenly sounded beside him.

Lu Manman turned his head and looked at Yin Lanyi who appeared in front of her.

Her eyes moved slightly and she looked around.

"No need to look, Morris went in." Yin Lanyi said, lying on the chair beside Lu Manman.

Two people lie together.

Lu Manman frowned slightly.

"Did you see Morris kissing me just now?" Yin Lanyi said.

"Normal behavior between couples, I think it is very common, and it has nothing to do with me." Lu Manman said bluntly.

"If I said, I did it to Mo Xiuyuan on purpose?" Yin Lanyi smiled evilly.

"If you think this way can attract Mo Xiuyuan, then you might as well do what you want. For me, men choose me not because of how popular I am, but because I am what he likes. "Lu Manman's words were so ironic that Yin Lanyi's face changed abruptly.

"Lu Manman, are you very proud now?" Yin Lanyi asked fiercely.

Lu Manman smiled lightly and corrected, "Just very satisfied."

"Don't think that you really have a high status in Mo Xiuyuan's heart. I tell you, Mo Xiuyuan will kill anyone around him when he touches his fundamental interests! One day you will know, What I have said will be verified!" Yin Lanyi said one word, a little angry.

Lu Manman's eyes tightened.

"Don't think I'm joking." Yin Lanyi stood up from the recliner, and the moment she stood up, "Also, I have to remind you that if you still want to live happily in the Mo family, at least in Mo Xiuyuan. Before abandoning you, you'd better pay attention to that little **** Mo Li!"

"What do you mean?!" Lu Manman also stood up from the recliner.

The two people are about the same height, so they look at each other.

"It means it literally." Yin Lanyi sneered, "We will have a period later!"

After speaking, he left in a big stride.

The pace of leaving was quick.

Lu Manman just looked at Yin Lanyi's back, and her words kept floating in her ears.

I have to say that the content that Yin Lanyi gave her is a bit too informative.

Mo Xiuyuan is cruel? !

Cruel enough to kill anyone around him!

Mo Li, such a well-behaved, kind and innocent little girl?

Is it a little bitch? !

Lu Manman's brows tightened slightly, she suddenly felt a kind of, she didn't know what kind of harsh environment she was in, and because she was unfamiliar, she was a little isolated and helpless.

This kind of feeling is obviously not very good!

Pursing her thin lips, she slowly returned to the Mo's living room.

There was no one in the living room except the servant.

The two elders of the Mo family returned to the room?

Where did Morris and Yin Lanyi, who were still in the back garden just now, go? !

She grabbed a servant, "Where are the others?"

The servant respectfully said, "The master, his wife, and the young lady have returned to the room. The second young master and Miss Yin seem to have gone back, and then the young master I just watched out. Grandma, is there anything I can help?"

Lu Manman's eyes moved slightly.

Suddenly being in a strange family, everyone will feel a little uncomfortable.

Her eyes moved slightly, as the servant said, "Pour me a cup of scented tea."

"Yes." The servant nodded quickly.

Lu Manman sat on the sofa alone, watching TV to ease his uncomfortable mood.

The servant delivered a cup of Guishi safflower tea and left respectfully.

Lu Manman was watching variety shows while drinking tea.

Mo Xiuyuan left as he said, and he knew how long he was away!

I was really angry.

Her eyes moved slightly, watching Daisy's teacup dog suddenly appear at her feet.

She doesnt like small animals very much, but shes not too repulsive. Besides, Daisy is really well-behaved, with pure white hair, round eyes, and a pink bow. When I look at her like this, I really feel that Daisy's little dog is human-like, and it's completely adorable.

Thought for a while.

Lu Manman bent down to pick up Daisy.

As soon as her fingers approached Daisy, Daisy's cute little face suddenly became hideous. At the moment Lu Manman hadn't reacted to it, she snapped a bite over her, and her little mouth was bitten on her finger, and it hurt. She instinctively slapped Daisy.

Daisy turned directly, fell to the ground, and jumped up suddenly, shouting "barking"!

The servant heard the voice and hurried over, saying anxiously, "What's wrong with you, Daisy, Daisy? Ah, grandma, your hands are bleeding?!"

Exclaiming, the servant stared wide-eyed at Lu Manman's fingers.

Lu Manman hurriedly went to the public toilet downstairs to clean the wound, and at the same time washed it with hand sanitizer. The pain made her grin!

How can a puppy that looks so innocent so fierce!

The servant had been by Lu Manman's side all the time, watching her look like this, and said anxiously, "Grandma, were you bitten by Daisy? Daisy won't let anyone hold her except the young lady? ."

"What?" Lu Manman turned his head.

"You may not know the young lady. Daisy looks so obedient and so obedient. It's all because of the young lady. A young lady is good at Daisy, but no one can approach Daisy except for the young lady." The person said, "So the master and the madam are very anxious, because no one can approach Daisy except the lady. Daisy cleans and trims her hair. The lady does it herself. And the lady is actually not suitable for raising children. animal."

Lu Manman's eyes tightened.

Then this morning, Mo Li asked her if she wanted to hold Daisy...

The phrase "little **** smash" that Yin Lanyi said appeared again in her ears!

To be able to use that word to describe a woman would definitely not be simply unbearable. There must be a feast between the two, or that Yin Lanyi was bullied by Mo Li? !

Can Mo Li bully such a powerful Yin Lanyi? !

My heart suddenly tightened.

"What happened?!" Outside the hall, Jiang Yuyan's stern voice suddenly remembered.

Lu Manman hurried to the hall.

Jiang Yuyan looked at Mo Lilihua's teary appearance and held Daisy all the time, as if Daisy had been bullied, so wronged.

"Madam." The servant who followed Lu Manman hurried forward, "Just now the young lady wanted to hug Daisy and was bitten by Daisy. The young lady might accidentally push Daisy. Daisy was frightened. I will scream."

Jiang Yuyan quickly turned his head to look at Lu Manman, watching blood seeping through her fingers, and suddenly suppressed her temper, "Manman, you are bitten with blood on your lips, hurry up and call the doctor home to get a rabies vaccine."

"Yes." The servant said quickly.

Jiang Yuyan stepped forward and helped Luan to sit down.

Mo Li still hugged Daisy with red eyes. Looking at Lu's long fingers, he said with some choking, "Sister-in-law, I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you, Daisy won't get close to anyone except me. I'm sorry. I am sorry"

Lu Manman looked at Mo Li, looked at her so aggrieved and said, "It's nothing, I don't know, just look at Daisy's cuteness and want to hug you. If you know Daisy, he will recognize you."

"I'm not good, I should tell you earlier." Mo Li said, tears falling down her eyes, "But I am reluctant to punish Daisy. It has been with me for many years. I am alone. At home, because its not so lonely. Sister-in-law, if you want to blame, blame me. Dont let my parents give Daisy away."

Lu Man pursed his lips, then said with a smile, "Why? I know you like Daisy. Besides, Daisy is so good, I can't bear to let my parents send it away. It's just a small injury, not serious. Not to mention passing by. After this incident, I knew that Daisy could not be approached by anyone, and I would definitely not hug it again, and these things would not happen, Xiao Li, don't feel guilty, it's nothing."

"Sister-in-law, you are so nice, thank you." Mo Li said sincerely.

Jiang Yuyan sighed and said to Mo Li, "I really don't know how to say hello. I know that I can't bring a small animal, so I have to hug it. Forget it, you are happy."

Mo Li burst into laughter, looking so behaved.

"Does it hurt?" Jiang Yuyan asked Lu Manman again.

"Fortunately, it doesn't hurt." Lu Manman said with a smile, "Daisy is so small, she doesn't have much strength."

"It's just small, so I forgot to remind you that Daisy doesn't like others to be close. In the past, when people wanted to get close to it, they just yelled and made a lot of noise. I didn't expect it to bite you." Jiang Yuyan explained.

"It's nothing, it's all minor injuries. It will be fine after the rabies vaccine is given later." Lu Manman said with a smile, behaving with greatness.

Jiang Yuyan didn't say much.

Everyone is waiting for the doctor's arrival.

Soon, a middle-aged man appeared in the hall, carrying a medicine cabinet.

"Doctor Zhang, my daughter-in-law was bitten by a dog, come over and help her see." Jiang Yuyan greeted her quickly.

The doctor walked over, walked to Lu Manman, opened the medicine box, checked the wound, and said, "If the bite is not deep, I will sterilize and bandage it. It should be cured soon. But because I was bitten by a dog, I still have to get a rabies vaccine."

"Yeah." Lu Manman nodded.

Doctor Zhang was very serious about helping her clean the wound. It was a bit painful, but she could bear it.

After a simple bandage, Dr. Zhang took out a needle, applied the medicine, and said, "It will be a little painful, Madam Young hold on."

Lu Manman endured it secretly.

The needle penetrated the skin, but it really hurts even more when Daisy was bitten. Lu Manman gritted his teeth so hard that sweat came out.

After a long while, it was finally over.

Dr. Zhang said again, "You have to get three shots for three consecutive days."

"Do you want three needles?" Lu Manman's eyes widened.

This injection is really the most painful one of all the injections she has had.

She almost wanted to scream just now.

If it wasn't for the Mo family's presence, she would be embarrassed, maybe she would have called it out long ago!

"Yes, all rabies vaccines are three shots." Doctor Zhang smiled.

Lu Manman bit his lip and nodded.

Dr. Zhang left a little anti-inflammatory medicine and gauze, and said, "If your fingers get wet, please change the gauze and keep it dry, otherwise small wounds will be easily infected."


"Doctor Zhang, help me see Mo Li when you come." Jiang Yuyan said quickly.

"Yeah. I mean it too. Although Miss Mo hasn't relapsed for a long time, she still needs to be checked regularly."

"Then let's go back to the room." Jiang Yuyan hurriedly took Mo Li and Doctor Zhang upstairs.

Lu Manman looked at their backs, was silent for a moment, and followed upstairs.

Upstairs, the door of the room opposite Mo Xiuyuan was ajar.

Lu Manman watched Doctor Zhang use the instrument to check Mo Li's chest, Jiang Yuyan looked worried, Mo Li looked simple and pale.

It's a long time.

Dr. Zhang put down the instrument and said, "Fortunately, I am recovering well."

"Thank you, Doctor Zhang." Jiang Yuyan breathed a sigh of relief, and finally there was a smile on his tight face.

Doctor Zhang smiled, "Be careful to keep your mood happy, don't be agitated, don't be overly sad or over-happy. Try to avoid places where the environment is not good, and continue to maintain light nutrition in terms of diet."

"Okay, thank you Doctor Zhang." Jiang Yuyan quickly thanked her.

Doctor Zhang nodded, packed his belongings, and walked out of Mo Li's room.

Lu Man looked as if he had just come up carelessly.

When Jiang Yuyan sent Dr. Zhang to him, he seemed to have been talking about Mo Li's condition, and he didn't pay much attention to Lu Manman.

Lu Manman pushed Mo Li's door open.

Mo Li is getting dressed.

Under the thin body, there is an extremely hideous trace on the chest, which is very deep.

Looking at Lu Manman, Mo Li didn't rush to put on her clothes. The corners of her mouth smiled sweetly and beautifully, "Is my body ugly, sister-in-law?"

Lu Manman was startled, "No, your skin is very pale."

"But this scar is so ugly." Mo Li pointed to his chest, and it was a very long one, "Because the operation has been unsuccessful, I have been moved here three times, the last time I changed a heart."

Lu Manman pursed his lips, not knowing what to say.

"Sister-in-law, do you think a man is not interested at all when he sees a body like me?" Mo Li kissed Lu Manman very seriously.

"No, if you look so good, men will love it, and there will be protection*." Lu Manman said with a smile, "It can also stimulate the heroic complex of men, so many women can't pretend to be."

"Sister-in-law, you will really comfort me." Mo Li still smiled sweetly.

"it is true."

"My mother shouldn't let me marry." Mo Li said suddenly.

Lu Manman looked at her.

"Actually, I'm not really looking forward to it. It would be nice to be with my parents and Daisy with them." Mo Li looked at Lu Manman.

Lu Manman smiled, "Well, take more rest, listen to the doctor's words, no one can tell in your life, you can leave it to the rest of your life to think about it later."

"Yeah." Mo Li nodded obediently, looking really pure.

Lu Manman turned and left.

Walked out of Mo Li's room and returned to Mo Xiuyuan's room.

The pain of the rabies vaccine was still fermenting between her arms. She was lying on the big bed, looking at the strange ceiling above her head...

She thought, fortunately, Mo Xiuyuan didn't live here, she didn't need to live with him.


Stayed in Mo's villa for a day.

The two elders of the Mo family were still very enthusiastic, and Mo Li still had a well-behaved and sensible face.

After eating lunch.

Lu Manman accompanies Lu's family to make a house sign, and plays mahjong all afternoon. They look very harmonious. After dinner, they go back to their rooms.

Mo Xiuyuan never came back.

The two elders of the Mo family didn't even bother, they were probably used to it.

Lu Manman stayed at Mo's house alone for a day. When she returned to the house, her father Lu Zishan called her, "Dad."

"Manman, how is it in Mo's family?"

"It's okay." Lu Manman said with a smile, not wanting them to know about her being bitten by a dog today. "You know your daughter is well educated by you, and parents will love it!"

"It's getting more and more stinky." Lu Zishan smiled.

Lu Manman also smiled.

"But." Lu Zishan suddenly became more solemn, and said, "Longman, tomorrow you will take Mo Yuanxiu, and we will go back to the Lu Family Courtyard together."


"Your grandfather called me in the afternoon and said that according to traditional customs, you will return to your natal house tomorrow. He said that the authentic natal family is in the compound and let you go back there." Lu Zishan said, somewhat helpless, "Your grandfather sometimes just asks. I can't refuse either."

"Okay, then I will pick you up with your mom at the villa tomorrow, and then go to the compound together." Lu Manman agreed without hesitation.

She didn't want to embarrass her father. Besides, she would not lose much except looking at the people in the compound in a bad mood.

Instead, the people in the compound had to speculate about her various thoughts.

No matter how you count it, you won't suffer a loss when you go back.

"See you tomorrow, you rest early."

"OK, good night."

After hanging up the phone, Lu Manman didn't think much about it. In many cases, he only needed soldiers to cover the water and soil. There was no need to plan too early, and this way, there was just a reason to leave the Mo family villa early tomorrow morning. The depressed mood was suddenly better, Lu Manman walked into the bathroom to take a bath, put on the new pajamas prepared by the servant, and lay on the bed.

What she actually thought was that Mo Xiuyuan had better not come back tonight.

The two people in the province sleep on the same bed, and neither of them feel comfortable.

When she was making her wishful thinking, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open, and Mo Xiuyuan's face appeared in front of her like this.

Lu Manman couldn't help but look disgusted.

Mo Xiuyuan looked at her, "Am I so ugly that you can't bear to look straight?"

Lu Manman turned his head and said nothing.

Mo Xiuyuan closed the door and walked directly into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, there was a splash of water.

Listening to the voice, Lu Manman couldn't sleep over and over again.

If you can sleep, go to bed early, lest you feel like sharing the same bed with Mo Xiuyuan.

quite a while.

Mo Xiuyuan came out of the bathroom, his body still smelled of shower gel.

He lifted the quilt and got ready to go to bed.

Lu Manman twisted his body to the right, pulling away from each other.

Mo Xiuyuan smiled, took off his pajamas, and lay beside Lu Manman with only a pair of pants.

Lu Manman tried his best not to let his body touch Mo Xiuyuan.

The two naturally pulled out a distance.

"Bitten by Daisy?" Mo Xiuyuan asked suddenly.

"how do you know?"

"How do you know what happened in my house?" Mo Xiuyuan said a little funny.

"Well, I was bitten, and I was given a rabies shot. It hurts me to death!" Lu Manman said bluntly, actually a little angry in his heart.

Everyone had forgotten to remind her that Daisy was not close to other people, and this stuff had also forgotten.

Mo Xiuyuan stretched out his long arms and hugged Lu Manman directly into his embrace.

Lu Manman twisted his body and resisted.

What's more, she could feel Mo Xiuyuan's strong body that was barely worn behind her.

"Don't move, you know that the harder you move, the easier it is to stimulate a man's instinct." Mo Xiuyuan said, "and I'm very tired."

Lu Manman stopped, cursing inwardly.

"Don't get close to Mo Li anymore."

"Why?" Lu Manman asked, turning his head.

Mo Xiuyuan closed his eyes at the moment and buried his head in her hair. When she turned to look at him, she saw that his face was tired and sleepy.

"Go to bed early." Mo Xiuyuan petted her head, as if comforting a child.

Lu Man narrowed his mouth, "Tomorrow my dad will let us go back to the Lu family compound."

"Yeah." Mo Xiuyuan's voice became more and more confused.

Lu Manman gritted his teeth and said no more.

Soon, Mo Xiuyuan's even breathing sound came from his ears.

After all I did, I would be so tired that I almost fell asleep next to the pillow.

But she seemed a little insomnia because of a day of idleness today.

With her body so hugged by Mo Xiuyuan, she stared blankly at the moonlight outside the window, and fell asleep for a long time.

Until the early morning of the next day.

In the early morning, not everyone got up, they heard some rapid knocks outside the door.

Lu Manman opened his eyes, a little surprised.

Mo Xiuyuan had been holding her at this moment, and opened his eyes because of this behavior.

"What's the matter?" Mo Xiuyuan's voice was a little cold.

"My eldest master, it's okay, the young lady's illness has had an attack. Get up quickly. It is said that Daisy is gone. The young lady is crying very sad now." The servant said quickly and anxiously.

Mo Xiuyuan suddenly opened the quilt, put on a pajamas and walked out.

Lu Manman was also a little surprised, changed his clothes quickly, and ran out.

In Mo Li's room, the two elders of the Mo family had been watching Mo Li cry out of breath, their bodies began to twitch, and the faces of the two elders turned pale, Mo Xiuyuan strode over and calmed down. Asked, "What happened? Did you call Dr. Zhang?"

"Called, on the way here." Jiang Yuyan said, with red eyes. "Xiao Li said early this morning that she couldn't find Daisy, so she started crying, and then there was such a reaction. Yesterday Zhang The doctor only checked and said that she is recovering well...Now all the servants are helping her find Daisy."

Mo Xiuyuan sat next to Mo Li, his voice softened, "Xiao Li, don't get excited."

"Brother." Mo Li grabbed Mo Xiuyuan's clothes and leaned his small face on his chest, "I want Daisy, I want Daisy, she usually stays with me, this morning I can find everything Can't find it..."

"Don't cry, be obedient, everyone is looking for you, Daisy will be fine."

"Brother..." Mo Li hugged Mo Xiuyuan, crying so that his entire chest was wet, and his body was trembling all the time.

Mo Xiuyuan hugged Mo Li in his arms and kept comforting, "Trust me, even if you go through the whole Wencheng, I will help you find Daisy back."

"Uh, uh." Mo Li agreed, but she kept crying.

Lu Manman was also in the room, looking at Mo Li's appearance, and then at Mo Xiuyuan's worried expression.

She always thought that the man Mo Xiuyuan would not be particularly concerned about anyone. Normally, he did not have any special feelings for Mo Li. Mo Li really had an accident, but his performance was really beyond Lu Manman's expectations.

The sound of crying kept coming from the room.

Everyone looked at Mo Li nervously, with an extremely worried expression on their faces.


The servant outside the room suddenly called Jiang Yuyan.

Jiang Yuyan hurried out.

Lu Manman also followed, and instinctively felt that something should have happened.

"Madam, we found Daisy," the servant said, but there was no joy on her face.

"Where, take it in quickly." Jiang Yuyan said reproachfully.

"No, ma'am..." The servant stopped talking, raised the basket in his hand, and looked at a wet puppy lying in it lifelessly, motionless.

Jiang Yuyan's face changed instantly, becoming extremely pale.

Lu Manman stood beside him, and he couldn't say a word!

"What's the matter?!" His voice was trembling when he said it.

"We dont know. When everyone was looking around, we saw a white thing floating in the stream in the back garden. Only when we picked it up did we know that it was Daisy, but Daisy is dead, and neither of us I know what to do..." The servant looked at her helplessly.

Jiang Yu was trembling with smoke, as if there was nowhere to vent at this moment, and slapped the servant's face with a slap, "Useless thing!"

"I'm sorry, ma'am." The servant was startled, his eyes flushed.

"Mom." Mo Li's voice came from the room. "Did you find Daisy?"

"No, not yet, Mom is looking for it for you."

"But I feel Daisy is beside me." Mo Li got off the bed as he said.

Mo Xiuyuan didn't know what was happening outside, so he let Mo Li walk out.

Jiang Yuyan hurriedly prepared to get Dai Tibet up.

But in a busy corner, Daisy's body just fell to the ground.

Everyone was shocked.

Mo Li looked at Daisy's so hard and wet body, her extremely pale face became bloodless at once, and her body seemed to have no power to support, and she looked straight at Daisy...

"Xiao Li, my mom promises you. Will my mom buy you another puppy as good as Daisy to accompany you? Mom promises you everything." Jiang Yuyan looked at her daughter's appearance, and the whole person was crying utterly. .

"But, how can these be compared with Daisy, Daisy has been with me for so long, Daisy will be close to me alone..." Mo Li squatted on the ground and hugged Daisy.

Jiang Yuyan looked at her daughter, desperately distressed.

Everyone dared not approach her.

Mo Li's thoughts were broken, as if living in her own world, her body kept twitching, breathing heavily, and her face pale.

She suddenly looked up at Lu Manman and looked at her fiercely.

The first time I saw Mo Li's serious murderous aura, "Did you kill it?! Was it you!"

Lu Manman was startled.

Mo Li suddenly shouted with all his strength, her voice almost hoarse, "Is it because Daisy bit you yesterday, you killed it! Lu Manman!"


Monthly pass.

The small house requires a monthly pass.

How about selling a cute little house~

Huhu, Mengmengda.

By the way, my dears think that we have been so wronged for so long, how should we get rid of the injustice and make a beautiful blow? !

Well, tomorrow, let's see or leave!

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