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Although Ethan did not understand Ishandras words, he had been busy for a long time. The sky was getting darker and darker and his sight began to be affected. He was planning to return to the camp.

So even if the two people did not communicate smoothly, Ethan still took Ishandra to Camp Rogge.

The wooden fence and Rogge, who are scattered on various key patrols, are telling Isandra that this is not the town she is looking for, but through the contact just now, she also realizes that she and Ethan seem to be unable to communicate smoothly. , So I resisted the doubt in my heart and followed quietly.

"It's nice to see you return safely."

Rogge, who was standing guard at the door, greeted Ethan after seeing Ethan, and then stopped Ethandra and asked what he meant.

"I am a mage from the East, and I have been traveling around during this period of time. During this period of time, I noticed that the dark power in this area is getting stronger and stronger, so I came here to investigate."

"Hello, Honorable Master, welcome to Camp Rogge, I think Master Kasha can give you a satisfactory answer to your question."

then greeted the colleague who was standing guard with him, and took Ishandrola to find Kasha.

Ethan did not go with him. He took the collected herbs and went directly to Akara. He was not interested in the next conversation between the "protagonist" of this world and Kasha, not to mention he did not understand. .

Now he wants to give the herbs to Akara in exchange for his own payment, he wants to see if he can learn Akara's potion making skills.

You dont need to learn it right away, as long as you can write down your knowledge and practice slowly later.

He didn't expect this. He realized that when he was collecting herbs and fighting zombies, he could not guarantee that he would not get sick or even get injured in a world full of oceans. Without a partner, he should learn something unexpected. Means are necessary.

After counting the herbs, Akara handed over the prepared food, water, and some gold coins to Ethan, and nodded when she learned that Ethan wanted to help make the magic potion.

"The erosion of dark power is getting more and more severe, and these herbs inevitably contain more and more dark energy. This energy must be removed before the herbs are made, and this requires a lot of my energy." Akara I also seem helpless to the worsening situation: "So, I really need someone to help. Unfortunately, the blind-eyed nuns are so busy that they can't send people to do these trivial tasks."

"If you are willing to help me deal with those trivial things, I can teach you the knowledge of making magic potions..." Akara thought for a while: "As for the healing spells, you may not be able to learn this."

Ethan simply asked and realized that the mainstream spells used in the blind eye are based on religious beliefs. Compared with the spells that many wizards use various energies to achieve their own goals, the healing arts they use are closer to those from The magical arts of gods borrowing power.

"It turned out to be like this."

Fortunately, Ethan is not a greedy person, so he is already very happy to learn how to make magic potions. The pain is that he needs to memorize a large introductory book on the basics of herbal medicine before learning how to make medicine.

According to Akara's words, he must first learn to distinguish the types of herbs and the different medicinal properties contained in them, before he can begin to learn how to use these herbs to make magic potions with various effects.

With the introductory book given by Akara, Ethan returned to his tent depressedly. He really didn't know what use this kind of book was for him?

"Can the herbs of the dark world spread across all planes?"

The only thing he is looking forward to is that the herbs recorded in this book are more universal and can be found in more places. Otherwise, they will memorize it by himself and it will be useless after leaving this world.


After he opened the book, he realized that he was really wrong.

In the introduction to herbal medicine obtained from Akara, the identification and classification methods of herbal medicines recorded above are not the kind that I think-a fixed shape of a herb, a fixed color or even a fixed medicinal property.

It is an introductory book on how to directly distinguish the "energy characteristics" contained in the herbs themselves with mental power. The way he classifies herbs is also based on the energy properties contained in the herbs. From the beginning, he taught how to distinguish the ability of a herb with spiritual power. What kind of effect, what kind of medicine is suitable for making.

As for the appearance and color, there is no fixed introduction. According to the classification in the book, as long as it contains the effects of hemostasis, stimulating wound recovery, etc., it can be used as the main medicine for making red medicine. Even two kinds of herbs with different appearances, but because they can extract the same characteristics and make the same medicine, they are all classified in the same category in this book.

"It turned out to be like this!"

This book is actually an introduction to herbalism that is only suitable for use by mages. It directly points to the essence of potions-extracting the characteristics of plants to amplify its effects and accelerate its time of action. So there is no saying that this book becomes completely useless after leaving the dark world.

It can even be said that the ability to make magic potions is more important than Ethan thought.

After realizing the great value of this book, Ethan changed his previous state of not being able to attract the least interest, and held the book for a whole night. When he recovered, Akara sent a nun. Calling him to help, then he realized that the sky was already bright.

"I don't feel tired at all!"

In addition to sitting for the whole night, his body was a little stiff and uncomfortable, Ethan felt that his spirit was not at all sluggish, which was unimaginable in his previous life. Even if he was in his best health, he would be tired after a day of exhaustion and all night.

"Is this the reason for the improvement in mental power?"

Spiritual power comes from two levels of body and soul, and the strength of the two levels is indispensable.

Ethan's body is still developing at a high speed, and there is nothing to worry about. Although it is not strong, it is still above the qualified line.

Mental power can only be regarded as ordinary, but because of the time-space pointer, he has practiced the control of his own mental power for several years, and the basic exercise is very good.

With the addition of possessing and passing through, in addition to the spiritual power carried by one's own soul, there are still remaining spiritual remnants of the original owner in this body. Originally, these mental powers would slowly dissipate over time, but Ethan got a way to exercise his mental power in time. After insisting on practicing for a period of time, he began to automatically absorb all the energy in the body that could enhance the mental power, so it was logical to enter the period of high-speed ascent.

The improvement of mental power will in turn stimulate the improvement of physical fitness-this increase is actually very small, and can only be simply understood as a strong mental power that stimulates the body cells to become more active, so that Isens development speed and better recovery force. Originally, this change was not eye-catching. If you want to make earth-shaking changes in a short period of time, you need more advanced and powerful magic.

It's just that Ethan itself is in a stage of rapid development, and he has suddenly absorbed a lot of mental energy remnants, and this has made a more obvious change at once.

"Looking at it this way, the wizard is not crisp!"

Think about it, all the mages in the Marvel world are melee madmen, and you can slip one by one when you play with each pancake.

The old white-bearded man with a long sword and a staff in the world of the Lord of the Rings is the benchmark for melee mage.

It is said that even the famous magician in the legend of King Arthur is actually a melee madman. He prefers to use the holy sword to knock people over by using magic.

But in many games and novels that Ethan has played and read before, he always describes the wizard as particularly weak, as if the body is their biggest shortcoming. In fact, it is impossible to think about it carefully.

In many adventure stories, the mage always followed his teammates for long journeys, wading through mountains and rivers like walking on the ground, you let a weak person walk for a month to see? What's more, the mages will enter a fighting state at any time and fight the enemy.

I cant walk for a day. After finally seeing the enemy, the mage is already tired and cant get up, right? It was impossible to look directly at the scene.

Even if this is not mentioned, the mages often hide in their own laboratories for a long time without rest, just to carry out various experiments. If they are not well, they will die suddenlyat least Ethan has never seen a sudden death in a story. The mage. At most, he was killed by an uncontrollable accident in an experiment.

"So, a good mage must have a body like steel and iron? Or is a good body the basis of becoming a mage?"

Ethan walked out of the tent, doing simple activities while thinking wildly. UU read www.uukanshu.com when he moved his neck and saw an acquaintance walked out of the tent not far away. It was the female mage Yishan that I met yesterday. Zola, it seems that she has been approved by Kasha, and has also lived in the camp.

Isandra saw him as well, and walked over with his staff.

"Hello, Ethan, thank you for showing me the way yesterday."

Instead of using language that Ethan cant understand, Ishandrola uses mental power to communicate with Ithanand in order to show respect for Ithan, Ishandrola also uses mental power to'knock it out. Knock on the door', the link was made after getting permission from Ethan.

"You are welcome, even if you don't meet me, you will be able to see Camp Rogge soon."

"By the way, where are you from?"

There are generally only a few wizard groups in this world, and even a special wizard council has been formed. No matter which group they come from, there is no language barrier, so Ishandra was very curious about Ethan.

"Dongfang, my teacher is not well-known."

"Eastern?" Ishandra didn't believe it. At present, most of the wizard groups are in the East. She didn't believe that wizards from the East could not communicate.

Ethan realized Ishandrolas suspicion, so he added: "Be farther away. I accidentally fell here using the teleport scroll, so I dont know how far it is."

"Oh... is it farther away?" Ishandrola was dubious: "By the way, I'm going to find Akara. Kasha said yesterday that she might need my help. Do you know where to find her?"

I was still entangled, but I continued to make up what I should do. After hearing the topic change, I finally breathed a sigh of relief: "I want to go to her too, let's go together."

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