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Logan and Ethan stood on the stern together. Under the premise of not climbing to the mast, the stern is generally the highest place on the sailing boat. The view here is also the widest. This is why the console and the steering wheel are all here. s reason.

"of course."

Ethan has been holding up the high-power telescope in his hand, which allows him to better observe the situation, but even with a dedicated high-power telescope, he still cant see anything at such a distance. He just knows that the other party is using and Sailboats of similar tonnage are similar in structure, and more need to wait for the other side to get closer.

"In this world, what is the relationship between people who are also sailing adventurers?"

Logan was a little curious about this question. Most of the knowledge he got from Ethan was about the general environment of the world. After that, he was trying hard to learn how to manipulate sailboats and sailing. To this day, he has not seen other adventurers. Know exactly what the relationship between fellow adventurers is.

"Generally speaking, it doesn't matter, but when an island is discovered at the same time, it is treated as a competitor."

Ethan continued to hold the telescope. At this time, the angle of the sun was very clever, and the ship was approaching a lot, he could see a flash of reflection, which meant that someone on the opposite ship was holding the telescope to observe here. .

"The flash is on the upper end of the sail, and the other side observes from the top of the mast. It is very likely that we have been spotted early.

The adventurers in this sea area are very wary of each other. Before noticing the existence of other adventurers, they still steadfastly drive over, or they are forced to do so, for example, there is no other choice if the supplies are close to running out; Either they have a strong strength, they have the confidence to face any competition.

After listening to Ethans various explanations, Logan had a clear concept in his mind. These adventurers who wandered in this world most of the time competed with each other. Sometimes even if they knew that the islands had enough materials for two or even two. More risky teams are allocated, but everyone wants exclusive benefits, even if they can't carry so many things away.

"So, even in another world, humans are still familiar."

"That's right."

"Before you have reached any consensus, you can be on your guard as an enemy. Even if you reach a consensus, you must maintain a considerable degree of vigilance."

Ethan put down the telescope in his hand and just stood on the stern of the ship and looked into the distance. He didn't pose to face the battle, but Logan knew that Ethan was ready, and depending on where he stood, he could start the Goddess of Dawn at any time.

No matter what, he couldnt let the Aurora stop in place, passively expecting the other party to have no malice. If the other party continues to maintain this straight course, then Ethan must start the Aurora, whether its a sailboat or A more powerful battleship, a ship that has lost its mobility is just a big coffin floating on the water.

"Has the opponent slowed down?"

Ethan raised his binoculars again, and found that the other party began to adjust the layout of the sails, and at the same time the course had also been adjusted, but he did not continue to rush straight over, as if he was expressing goodwill?

Even so, Ethan still did not relax his vigilance, he had already stood in front of the console, Logan also rushed to the deck and pulled back the springboard he had set up.

Now Ethan only needs to use the console to put away the anchors and raise the sails, and the Aurora can immediately turn from static to moving, and the current wind direction is also beneficial to him. He can increase the speed of the Aurora in the shortest time. Get up and avoid being at a disadvantage in combat.

"The opponent is slowly slowing down."

Ethan has been paying attention to all the movements of the ship. As the distance between the two sides narrowed, he can already see through the telescope a few people standing on the bow of the other party, who is also observing his side.

"It seems that the worst will not happen."

The worst thing is that the two sides start a fight without talking nonsense. There is no reason at all. Only when one party completely eliminates the other is the end.

The current situation means that the other party will not directly launch an attack. Whether it is to intimidate or otherwise, at least the other party did not regard the use of force as the first choice.

"This means that the opponent cannot guarantee that they can defeat themselves, so their combat effectiveness... at least on the ship should be similar to ours."

In a maritime conflict, the combat effectiveness of the ship must first be considered. On the surface, the opponent and oneself are at the same level.

The displacement is similar, and the other party also did not have a cannon on the uppermost deck. The two sides seem to be evenly matched on the ship, and there is no absolute advantage in fighting.

"Will there be too few people on our side to make the other person think we are easy to deal with?"

This problem cannot be ignored. When the ship seems to have comparable combat effectiveness, and when the opponents individual strength is uncertain, the number of people is also a measure of the combat effectiveness of both parties. There have not been many people on Ethans side. In the past, this was easy to be ignored. Treated as a soft persimmon, but in this place called the suicide route...

"Instead, it will make the other party jealous?"

"Yes it is."

Ethan saw that the other party was slowing down continuously. As the distance got closer, they could even see the expression on the other party's face through the telescope. At this time, Ethan had noticed that the other party's captain was a young man.

About twenty-eight years old, a little older than Ethan, and most of them were young people with him. Only a middle-aged man, about 40 years old, was standing next to him. The two seemed to be communicating.

When the other party noticed that Ethan was looking at him, they actually greeted Ethan very politely.

"Um...the other party...maybe there is nothing malicious?"

Logan also saw the other's actions. This seemed to be showing goodwill to himself and others. Although he would not be naive and immediately treat each other as a friend, a polite person always makes it easier for people to feel good.

Ethan also responded politely, and at the same time reminded the other party that they must continue to slow down if they want to approach, otherwise they will be treated as enemies.

This is a very simple general sign language for navigation. Adventurers in this sea know it. Ethan learned it from Philip. This is the first time he has used it officially.

When he hit sign language here, the other party immediately started to slow down. Although the ship on the opposite side was still sailing, its moving speed on the sea could be described as a turtle crawling. If this situation were to launch an attack, they would also bear it. The artillery fire from the Goddess of Aurora had no possibility to escape.

If the opponent wants to fight a battle where both loses and loses, of course, they can open fire, but no one can give up the previous speed and active advantage of the brain, and make these choices in order to get closer to the opponent, so by this time it can be basically determined. Do not want to have armed conflict.

Because of the goodwill shown by the opponent, Ethan directly reminded the opponent not to go to the island by shouting after the opponent's ship got close enough.

"This is Ethan of the Goddess of Dawn. I would like to remind new friends that this island has a peculiar power that interferes with people's perception, which will make people fall into illusion without knowing it, so don't board it casually. islands."

Ethan could see that the ship on the opposite side was a little bit confused after hearing his reminder. It seemed that some people didnt believe his words, but the young man who was suspected of being the captain gave Ethan a gesture of gratitude. , And then under his command the whole ship returned to normal, and adjusted its course slightly, leaning towards the Aurora.

"We are going to moor next to your ship, please don't get us wrong."

The distance is getting closer and closer, the two sides can communicate by shouting, the young captain of the ship opposite directly greeted him, and then commanded his ship to stop on the outside of the Aurora, and parked side by side with the Aurora. .

"The opponent's technique is very good."

The two ships are very close to each other, and they are of the same size. You only need to catch a springboard to walk back and forth, but the other side did not touch the Aurora at all when the ship was parked. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

Considering the age of the opponent's crew and the person suspected of being the captain, almost all of them are in their twenties. It shouldn't be the technology accumulated with rich experience, so it can only be the kind of adventure team with good talent.

And to be able to gather a group of talented and excellent sailors, this captain must have something to do with others, this is worth paying attention to.

Ethan had already walked to the deck ahead of time, quietly waiting for the young captain to come to his ship.

"Welcome to the Aurora, I'm Captain Ethan, and this is First Mate Logan."

Logan didn't want the identity of the chief mate, but at this time he couldn't compete with Ethan, so he could only recognize it and greet the young man.

"Hello, Captain Ethan of the Aurora, I am Cleo, the captain of the Eternity, and this is my first officer Bob." Cleo has a very good image and smiles very brightly. The first sight of the meeting It reminds Ethan of Arthur. The two men looked very similar at first glance, but he could feel that Cleo and Arthur should have different personalities.

As his mental power increased, he found that he not only improved his magical level, but sometimes he could feel some people's situation with pure feeling.

This is not the ability of a magician. Even an ordinary person will feel uncomfortable when dealing with a murderous maniac full of blood; when with a kind, respectable and kind elder, he will feel uncomfortable. I feel very comfortable. Ethans situation reinforces this feeling.

However, this feeling can only be used as a reference, and it cannot judge whether the opponent is an enemy or a friend. The specific situation needs further contact to know.

For now, they have enough time to get to know each other.

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