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The slight shaking sensation made Ethan a little uncomfortable. Originally, he finally got used to the swaying life on the boat, but because he had a good rest on the land for a few days, he was a little bit back to his original shape.

"I'll get used to it again in a few days anyway."

It is foreseeable that the days at sea will be very long in the future. Through this shuttle, Ethan understands that his golden finger has many limitations.

"Lets sort out the things in your hands first."

looked at Kongkong's left hand, and the right hand carrying a big bag, Ethan confirmed a lot of things through this back and forth.

"The package I touched with my left hand did not come back with me, but the package I picked up with my right hand and the things carried on the back came back with me."

thus concluded that the shuttle circle can only bring back what he can take away, but simply touch cannot bring it back.

"It's a pity, if you can bring back the things you encountered, your life will be much easier in the future."

Ethans body has just turned seventeen. Because his family is not rich, his nutritional intake is not sufficient. Even if thin young people work for many years, their energy is very limitedthe limit that can carry dozens of kilograms is already the limit. , It is impossible to pick up something too heavy. Even considering that the instantaneous explosive power can pick up some heavy objects of about 100 kilograms, it is far from meeting Ethan's needs.

"I thought about getting a boat."

The boat prepared by Ethans father is a very ordinary small wooden boat. It has a single mast and an old sail. The length of the front and rear is less than ten meters. There are no wooden barrels for storing food and drinking water and even a shelter, so it can only be covered by a cover. Covered and stored.

Just such a simple little wooden boat. At first, Ethan felt that driving this out to sea was killing him. If the wind starts at any time, the boat will capsize without discussing it.

But after many days passed, he was surprised to find that this sea area was calm and strange. Not only did he drive out for a long time without seeing the sea turning dark blue, the climate fluctuations were also very small, and the waves were only slightly swaying when the waves were the strongest. Some, made him feel a little dizzy.

"There are still many things I don't understand in this world."

After finishing the things brought back from the Marvel World, Ethan put away the anchor, raised the sail, and then set off in any direction.

He originally wanted to use the light ball pointer to find another direction to move forward. In the absence of a clear destination, finding the next place where space-time energy exists is the most reliable way to replenish materials.

But after urging his mental power to summon the pointer, he found that this time there was no familiar arrow in the ball of light. Instead, a line of words appeared: Searching...

"It seems that space-time energy is not something you want to have..."

Putting away the pointer, Ethan can only think for himself what to do next.

"I hope I can see the land...this world can't really be all sea water? Isn't it even an island?"

He didn't believe this at first. At first, he only regarded it as the ignorant remarks of those'country folks'. However, during the period of going to sea, although it is not enough to prove that there is really no land, some unusual places also made him fully aware. To: This is really not the earth, and a lot of'common sense' may not be universal here.

Fortunately, the water making technique he learned from Gu Yi solved the problem of drinking water.

"Considering that I don't know when I can replenish it, I should save some food for the next day... Try to drink enough water."

I dont want to die inexplicably at sea, and I dont want to pin my hopes on the space-time energy that I may not find at any time, and I dont know what world it will be transmitted to. Ethan began to plan his next behavior.

How much food I eat each day can maintain sufficient mobility. At the same time, he sorted out the books that Gu Yi gave him, and then started reading in the order Gu Yi suggested.

"Don't worry about eating to become fat in one breath. Gu Yi said that my qualifications are average. This proves that I may need to study this basic introductory book for a long time, so I can put the rest aside..."

In this way, Ethan leads a regular and boring life.

Get up every morning to eat something to maintain the strength for the day, and then control the boat to move on in a fixed directionhe doesn't know how to divide east, west, south, and north, so he can only move in one direction without changing.

After choosing the angle and fixing the sail and rudder, I started to study and practice every day.

He uses water-making technique every day, and as he practices more and more, he uses this small spell better and better. From the beginning, only one wooden spoon of water can be gathered at a time, but now it is possible to gather half a bucket of water at a time.

"When I first started learning, I could only gather a large drop of water... It stands to reason that my mental power cannot increase so quickly, so this effect is really due to the abundant water elements here."

With the proficiency of Ethan's water-making technique, he not only has enough clean water to drink, but he can even simply take a shower every three to five, making this boring and monotonous sailing life a little less uncomfortable.

As for the basics of spiritual power, the first thing is the spiritual training and the way of meditation-very mysterious, anyway, Eason read it for a long time at the beginning and did not understand what it was talking about, and even couldnt understand the opening chapter for three days. An article caused him to seriously doubt his IQ.

It wasn't until three days later that he unintentionally mobilized his mental energy while reading, and finally discovered the correct opening method of this introductory article, otherwise he was still living in self-doubt.

"Is this a test that Gu Yi left for himself?"

Ethan, who has found the right way to open, has one more thing to do every day. After practicing water creation, he meditates to restore his mental power, and then reads that weird introductory article with his mental power to increase his mental strength.

As his mental power slowly improved, he also gradually came into contact with some of the information hidden in this book.

According to the introduction in the book, no matter the mage of any faction, spiritual power is the core of casting spells. The strength of the spiritual power is directly related to the strength of the magical power of the wizard, the degree of manipulation of the magical power, and so on.

Even if a wizard with strong spiritual power does not use magic power, he can cause fatal damage to the enemy with strong spiritual power-but very few wizards directly attack the enemy with spiritual power, and there is a brief introduction to this point in the book.

Because mental power is too important, it almost directly contacts the'primitive': such as the soul, and attacking the enemy with mental power is also equivalent to exposing one's own'primitive' in front of the enemy, and it is very easy to be taken advantage of by some enemies. And entering caused great damage.

Therefore, when the mage casts offensive magic, he will choose to control other energies as much as possiblethe so-called magic power.

Magic power is just a general term, not just a certain kind of energy. According to the information obtained by Ethan from the book, it is understood: water element can be regarded as magic power; fire element can also be regarded as magic power; arcane energy is of course also magic power; even holy light and evil This kind of extreme energy is also a kind of magic in the eyes of the mage;

Therefore, the scope of magic power is very wide, and which one can and which one is good at depends on the individual's aptitude and cultivation situation.

For example, Gu Yi, the magic power she used is very mixed, and according to the movie plot that Ethan saw in her previous life, Gu Yi also extracted a lot of negative energy from some darker planes to maintain her own existence and cast spells. This is a typical mage style-as long as it is energy, it can be used as magic.

But the premise of all this is that you have a strong enough mental power, otherwise, even if you find unlimited unowned energy, you will not have the qualifications to use powerful magic power.

According to Ethan, the theory emphasized in this book is that magic is a tool, and mental power is the hands that use tools. Hit someone with both hands directly may hurt your hands, so the life-saving wizards reject this self-harm, and using tools to attack the enemy can minimize this risk.

As for the magical brewing, birth, extraction, storage, etc., although Ethan knows these things, this large introductory book does not give him the details. UU reading www.uukanshu.com seems to believe him. There is no qualification to know these things now.

"Am I being despised by this book?"

Put away the big book at will, Ethan no longer thinks about the messy knowledge, he only needs to understand these things. According to the theory in the book, he can't even control the least magic power perfectly now, because of his spirit. Reluctantly, he was a little stronger than ordinary people, and he didn't have the qualifications to become a mage.

So I want to be stronger, what I have to do now is to exercise my mental power honestly, and wait until my mental power is stronger before considering the issue of magic power.

"Huh? Is that a storm?"

It has been dozens of days before and after going out to sea, and it was the first time that Ethan saw the endless sea in the distance.

The endless black clouds and the heavy rain like a city wall fully demonstrated the power of nature to Ethan, the rookie.

"No, I have to turn around quickly."

Seeing this situation, the fool continued to move forward, and his little broken ship didn't need to enter the range of the storm, as long as it was a little closer, a few meters high waves could overturn his ship.

Just as Ethan was about to turn the ship around and leave here quickly, it seemed to vaguely hear someone calling for help.

"Hearing a hallucination?"

Ethan stood up and picked up a pair of binoculars that Gu Yi gave him. With the help of the telescope, Ethan quickly found the target.

"Wooden wreckage? Was it a ship that was killed in a storm?"

After looking for a moment near the wreckage of the wooden plank, Ethan saw two people holding the wooden plank and waving constantly. Seeing this situation, Ethan did not hesitate anymore, slightly adjusted the direction of disembarking, and swiftly sailed towards the two men who fell into the water.

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