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Whether the endless land is a legend of a fool, or does it really exist, Ethan did not get a clear answer.

After joining the club and receiving an inconspicuous pointer, Ethan was led to a place specially for adventurers to rest.

Although there is only a separate bedroom and a small bathroom, the environment here is simply paradise for adventurers who have been wandering on the sea for a long time.

Clean beds, water that can be used casually, and food that can be eaten.

"Being able to provide these for free, this guild is stronger than I thought."

Thinking back to the clerk before, the mental power fluctuations that escaped when using the magic stone, Ethan knew that the guy who always smiled was definitely not an annoying existence.

"What should I do next?"

Ethan took out the magic stone Wood gave him. This is the only thing in his body that can be exchanged for resources. In addition, it was the clothes and books that Gu Yi gave to him. Neither of them was valuable, and they couldn't be exchanged for enough materials to support him going to sea.

"So... I have no choice at all, am I?"

The magic stone that Wood gave him was his only hope for the next time he went out to sea. If he had to keep it, he could only rely on water-making techniques and obtain food from the sea, and hope to find the island in the shortest timeor Space-time energy.

"Put your hopes on things like the unknown, and its enough to do it once."

And by reading the information provided by the guild, Ethan has become more and more aware of the law of survival in this world: adventurers collect materials in exchange for items that can improve their chances of survival, such as better ships, etc., and then rely on better Find more supplies based on the foundation, and then continue to improve their strength.

Such a cycle is the most basic survival rule of this sea, and it is also the rule that the Adventurers Guild strives to maintain.

"It's the bottom line to exchange this magic stone for enough food. You don't need to prepare the water... No, it's too conspicuous. You still have to prepare it."

set the direction to do it, Ethan's brain turned rapidly, planning what he would do next.

"If possible, change a boat as soon as possible. Your boat is too poor in terms of capacity and safety. A slightly larger wave is in danger of overturning-even if it is submerged, it will cause material loss."

What is uncertain is the price of ships in this world. Maybe that is not a goal that can be achieved in a short time. In that case, you have to control your range of activities.

Looking at the pointers received earlier, the pointers issued by this guild looked inconspicuous, but they had very important functions-he could point to the floating islands in a certain range around him, making it easier for adventurers to find the target more quickly.

In addition, there is a **** on the outside of the box. As long as you turn it slightly, the pointer will point in the direction of State Island, allowing adventurers to find their way home no matter how far they drive.

Putting the pointer in, Ethan continued the simplest mental exercise, even if he didn't see any improvement, he insisted on it, because this is the only way he knows to make himself stronger.

"This world...not necessarily looks so peaceful..."

Dangerous, but not far away. And being a good person does not mean that everyone will treat you kindly.

"I hope it's my villain..."

After a good night's rest, Ethan did not continue to waste time, and went to the guild hall to trade the magic stone in his hand for the first time.

He didn't choose to go to the market because there were so many people there, he lacked the means to protect himself, and he might encounter something.

In the guild, it is relatively safer, even if it will be raked out and cause a price loss.

In fact, the situation is much better than Ethan expected. The guild didn't cheat him, and even told him directly: This is a high-quality magic stone for combat, which can be exchanged for enough supplies and even a lot of wealth. If I simply exchanged food and water, it would be enough for Ethan to live on the island for a while.

"Can I change a boat?"

Not only did Ethans question not provoke ridicule, but instead attracted the guild staffs admiring glances, which seemed to be more pleasing to himit seems that the guild is really dedicated to cultivating better adventurers, and is more bored of those messy days.

Although I don't know what the hidden purpose is, this situation is more beneficial to Ethan at the moment.

"How big a boat do you need?"

Ethan thought for a while, he was not going to recruit strangers, because the matter of time and space energy is not easy to expose, especially in the case of lack of self-protection ability. Then you cant drive a boat that is too big if you are alone.

"It doesn't need to be too big to be able to drive by one person, mainly because it can resist wind and waves."

"Then a ten-meter-long double-deck dhow is enough." The clerk took out a notebook from the side and asked: "Is it okay for an old ship? If it is an old ship, in addition to the full food and fresh water, you can also change something. Other things."

Ethan didnt think about how long it was. The old ship didnt matter, as long as it was strong and durable. After all, in his opinion, even this ship was only used for transition.

"As long as it is a good boat, it doesn't matter whether it is old or new."

"Relax, the ones that can be listed by us are definitely good ships that can be used normally, and old ships with hidden dangers will be recycled into wood by us."

"Timber?" Ethan's eyes lit up: "I have a boat, will you take it?"

"Of course! Are they counted in this transaction together?"

Unexpectedly, not only did he get the new boat, but also sell it with his own boat by the way. Ethan was happy and realized that the value of this magic stone was greater than he thought.

Since it's sold, he won't regret it. What makes him care about the title of "Magic Stone for Battle".

"This world is really not so peaceful."

Inspection, transaction.

Ethan got his own new boat, a sailing boat about ten meters long, with two layers of upper deck and bottom. Although the length is about the same as the original one, the height is much higher and the draft is much deeper. Later, after discovering the island, he could not directly rush over. Instead, he had to choose a suitable parking place; one mast and one sail; the bow and stern were slightly higher, and there were two cabins, each with a small door for him to enter.

In addition to storing supplies, these two cabins can also provide him with a place to hide from wind and rain. Although the space was small and he couldn't even stand up straight, it was much stronger than the unobstructed boat before him.

In addition to the new boat and the full load of food and water, he chose some basic daily necessities for the remaining share, such as a stove with low-quality fire attribute magic stone function, so that he does not have to risk the whole thing at sea in the future. The danger of burning the boat is to light the fire to cook the food.

When the transaction was completed and the people of the guild filled his new ship with food and water, he did not return to the shelter provided by the guild, nor did he stay on the ship overnight. Instead, he drove the "Goddess of Dawn" just painted. The new car with the name left State Island.

When he was busy handing over and loading supplies in the port, he had already felt malicious sights more than once. Those sights came from strangers he didn't know, and some came from an acquaintance of him.

"Rodney... I didn't see Wood, I don't know if they parted ways... Or is Wood hiding deeper?"

I really don't want to think people too badly, but he has no room for mistakes. The safest way right now is to leave State Island early and disappear from the sight of all those who are malicious towards him. The probability of being found in the vast ocean is undoubtedly much smaller.

Everything was just as Ethan planned. Those who followed didn't expect him to go directly to sea. When some people reacted and called for helpers to chase him, he was long gone.

A few unreliable ships that reacted to catch up with Ethan-these eight achievements are those people who are despised by the guild personnel who spend their lives on the island. Once they went to sea, they couldn't catch up with Ethan with the bad boats in their hands. Although Ethan's ship is an old ship, it is better than their bad ships that have not been well maintained.

Ethan let out a sigh of relief when he could no longer see the shadow of State Island, and there were no ships catching up on the sea.

"It's safe for the time being."

Next, what he has to consider is to choose a direction, and then look for floating islands that may appear at any time.

Just before that, he habitually summoned the space-time pointer again, wanting to see if his biggest reliance has searched for a new goal.

The results did not disappoint him either. The time-space pointer that had been showing Searching... appeared again with an arrow, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com just pointed to the front of his side. What made him more overjoyed was that compared to the triple arrow displayed in the pointer when he first went out to sea, there was only one this time.

This means that the location of the space-time energy is not far away from itself, or even very close.

"Luck is all of a sudden, and sure enough, good deeds will be rewarded."

Before the thought fell, the pointer of the floating island that was easily taken out also began to turn, and then quickly locked in a position and never changed.

"Uh... if you keep shaking, there is no target. The fixed point is to search for the floating island... This luck can't stop it."

Ethan was just about to be entangled in which one should go first, when he found that the directions of the two pointers were almost the same.

"Now it's okay, drive in this direction first, and see which one is found by me first."

Even though I was thinking this way, Ethan still tended to have more space-time energy in his heart. Perhaps being able to travel through different planes would give him a higher sense of expectation. So in the following days, he is always adjusting his course according to the time and space pointer.

"There are so many kinds of worlds. Even if I can't stay for too long, there are countless ways to make my life better in this world. Even immortality and becoming a higher-level life seems to be impossible! "

He doesn't know how to find endless land or something, but immortality also has great temptation, and it seems to be closer to himself.

Even if I am thinking about those too unremarkable now, I can't stop Ethan from thinking about these things in his free time.

It was just when he found the dissipated space-time energy, and then used the shuttle circle, and then was targeted by a group of women in leather armor with bows and arrows at all the vital points on the body, this thought was thrown to nowhere.

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