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is a tall and long-legged archer. At the same time, the sharp arrows in the dark are constantly emphasizing how dangerous he is.

"That... hello, in fact I have no intentions."

After Ethan spoke a few words, he was embarrassed to find that no one else answered him.

Language is not available!

This is the most helpless situation in crossing the plane, so he had to raise his hands and signal that he has no weapons and no threats.

A woman who was stronger and taller than these already tall and strong archers walked out of the crowd and asked something with a serious face.

It's a pity that Ethan still doesn't understand.

"This feeling is too depressing."

At this time, he undoubtedly missed Gu Yi. At least the Supreme Master was able to use the spiritual link for initial communication, and could even transmit some language information to himself, so that he could learn a new language in the shortest time-proficiency is Impossible, can only reluctantly engage in daily conversation.

In fact, the introductory book that Gu Yi gave him included some spells for spiritual communication with civilizations with language barriers. Ethan had also longed for this spell. Unfortunately, his spiritual power cultivation was not up to the standard. , Even if this spell doesn't require magic power to drive him, he can't use it.

Just when Ethan was thinking about what to do, the archers who were tightly surrounding him let out a gap, and at the same time a woman walked in front of him.

That is a very plump woman, a little bit fat, but the large frame makes her look bloated.

She is wearing a brown mopping dress, her upper body is a purple dress, and she is also wearing a lavender hooded shawl...or is it a cloak? The ends reach to the upper arm, and the part behind the back hangs down to the calf.

The woman also wears a necklace that looks very inconspicuous, but exudes strange fluctuations, which attracts Ethan's attention almost instantly.

"you are"

Just about to ask, I remembered that I had no language with these people, so I waved awkwardly to express my kindness.

To his surprise, the familiar feeling reappeared. This woman is also a mage who can use spiritual link dialogue.

"Hello, young man. I am Akara, a priest of the Sisters of the Blind Eye. Although I dont know where you came from, and have used the teleportation array that has not been used for a long time, you are still welcome to come to ours. Camp."

"Um... hello, priest Akara... My name is Ethan, I'm just a passerby. As for the teleportation array you said... this may be a misunderstanding."

The name Akara is too familiar. After contacting the group of beautiful female archers and the woman who is stronger than the man, he immediately realized what world he was in this timeDarkness God of destruction!

Or strictly speaking, it is the world of Diablo 2, and he should be standing in the "safe zone" in the first act of the game, in the camp built by the remaining priests of the Blind Eye Sisters and a group of Rogers , The name in the game is Rogge Camp.

This game was a mess at the time. Even Ethan, who was not very interested in this game at the time, played it many times under the influence of friends.

Maybe now after many years have passed, most of the details have been forgotten, but as the content and some characters of the game's opening stage, he still remembers it.

Akara, a priest who can restore players to the state in the game, wonder if she is a mess in this more realistic dark world; or just an ordinary priest?

At present, there may be more of a powerful pastor.

Maintaining a cautious and simple exchange, Akara helped and said a few words with the strong woman next to Kasha, the archers who surrounded him gradually dispersed, and finally only Akara was left. Two people with Kasha.

"I'm really sorry for what happened just now. The dark forces are getting stronger and stronger. We have lost all the teleportation bases. So when we saw the teleportation formation started, we thought it was an invasion by the devil."

"No, it doesn't matter."

Although he didn't play the game Diablo to the level of familiarity with **** players, he still knew the general background. In this environment where more and more dark creatures are likely to be killed anytime and anywhere, it is not too much to be cautious.

"So, young man, where do you come from? Where are you going? Why did you use the teleportation array to come to our camp?"

Kasha, with the help of Akara, made sure that the young man in front of him did not have a devilish breath, but he still upheld the usual caution and asked through Akara's interpreter.

"I come from a long distance, but there was a little accident when using magic teleportation. As for coming to your camp, it should be just a coincidence."

"Teleport?" Kasha turned to look at Akara next to him: "So you are a mage?"

Akara frowned as she relayed it, because she did not feel the fluctuations of magical energy in Ethan, but this young man can skillfully use mental power to have a dialogue with herself, proving that she has at least received mental power manipulation. Of spiritual practice.

"Um...I haven't gotten started yet, I just learned some basic knowledge."

Akara nodded, this situation was in line with his own judgment, and at the same time he told Kashya his reasoning.

Kaxia heard that the thin young man in front of him was not even a mage apprentice, but a rookie who had just come into contact with the mysterious power. But in this case, another problem is noticeable.

"If you are just a beginner, how do you use high-level magic like teleportation?"

"Scroll!" Ethan was also perfecting his "lie" in his heart during this period, and he happened to know a prop that fits the setting of this world. "I originally wanted to use the teleporting scroll, but there seemed to be something wrong with it."

In addition to the retelling, Akara, who had been checking something, also nodded to Kashya: "All the connected teleportation formations are still closed and unusable. It should be this young man who happened to be connected to our camp when using the teleportation scroll. The teleportation array was activated for a short time, so he came here."

Akara squeezed his brows: "The mysterious magical energy still has many unknown places, and it is prone to problems. This is indeed possible."

Kaxia got the answer she wanted, put down his guard on Ethan, and helped him arrange a separate tent for rest.

There is no surveillance, and even some food and hot water are provided. Thanks to the enemies in this world are all demonic creatures and creatures that have mutated due to the invasion of dark forces. Ethan does not have any energy fluctuations on the dark side. He is a man. Pure humans are inherently in the same camp, and as long as a few questions are resolved, they will not be treated as enemies.

chatted with Akara for a while, and Ethan gradually realized that although the prototype of this world is a game, it is still very different from a game.

There is no storage space-a backpack is really a backpack, and it can't be easily put in any space. If you want to carry more things, then make your body stronger.

The potion does exist, but it is not as magical as in the game, and the residual blood can make people alive and kicking. Red potions can speed up recovery from injuries, and are generally used with internal and external use. As for the blue potion, he hasn't seen it yet.

There are no career choices eitherthe several careers in the game here are actually from different sects or forces. If Ethan wants to become a paladin or a wizard, he must join the corresponding forces and pass the strict test. Only after receiving rigorous training can you become a qualified Paladin or Mage.

This is obviously impossible! Ethan came to the Dark World this time. Although he stayed a little longer than last time, it was only one month.

A months time from accepting the test to obtain the qualifications, but also to obtain sufficient inheritance and teaching... Ethan decided to go to sleep, even if he is really a son of the plane, he cant do it, and rushed to those from Camp Rogge. It takes more than a month for the local area.

"Time is limited, so what can I get in this world?"

Simply supplement food and water? Maybe you can ask for a small part, UU reading www.uukanshu. com, but look at Camp Rogge. Most people need to use a tent in rotation. It is impractical to pack a lot of food and water, unless you have something you can use to trade or the world's currency.

What's more, the power level of the dark world is not low. If you don't learn something, then take some food and go back. It would be a waste of time and space energy to give yourself a full month.

"I need to plan well. At least one month must allow me to have a certain degree of self-protection...I don't want to be able to kill Andariel in seconds, but I must be able to protect myself against ordinary people."

He has not forgotten that the world he faces when he goes back is full of crises.

"So, learning combat skills is the first thing... Although physical fitness cannot be improved in a short time, you can learn the basics first, and then continue to exercise after returning."

"The ability to improve in a short period of time, apart from skills, is external force..."

Although the dark world is part of the background of the European medieval era, it does not mean that their weapons are weak...On the contrary, this is a world full of mysterious power. Even a broken stick thrown aside may hide a great deal. the power of.

"Maybe I can find a blacksmith to tailor some weapons?"

The first thing Ethan thought of was to make a gun, but the feasibility was not high, not to mention the blacksmiths craftsmanship, he did not know that the structure of the gun was a flaw, even if it was made, it was still the easiest to use. How to solve the problem of gun and propellant?

"So, cold weapons with magical powers are the best choice...The question now is, how should I get these?"

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