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Money? Ethan is not. Not only did he have no money, he had all his property with him now, except for his clothes, only the basic spiritual power practice and the island pointer of State Island were carried with him, and he also brought some dry food and clean water with him.

"It's impossible to grab, I don't have the strength."

After much deliberation, the only way to help Rogge camp and sell labor in exchange for what you want is the safest way, and there will be no surprises.

A good rest night, early the next morning, Ethan ran to find Akara, only Akara could have a conversation with him, and he needed Akara to convey his intentions to others.

Akaras tent is not difficult to find. As one of the only remaining senior priests of the Blind Eye Order, Akara has a high status in the camp. There is a separate area in the northeast corner of the camp for the nuns. Yes, the largest tent belongs to Akara alone.

Of course, Akara herself will also rely on her excellent treatment and potion making ability to protect the Rogge's combat effectiveness, no matter what, she is one of the most important figures in the entire camp.

When Ethan found her, Akara was standing outside her tent, looking at a few plants in a daze, as if thinking about something. It was not until Ethan walked in front of him to block out the light that was not much, and then he turned his head.

"Young apprentice mage, do you need any help when you come to me?"

"Hello, Priest Akara, I do need your help in some things." Ethan sorted out the words, and then went on with mental energy: "You can also see that I am penniless now. I dont have anything that can be exchanged for travel expenses, so I want to do something within my power in exchange for some reward, so that I can buy some protection weapons and enough food."

Akara nodded and understood what Ethan meant: "So, do you want me to help you convey what you mean?" Ethan cannot communicate directly with the people in the camp, so she can only translate through her. This is no surprise. "Let me write a few notes for you, and then teach you some simple vocabulary, it should be enough to solve your troubles."

Just do it. Akara is an absolute activist. After agreeing, he wrote a few simple notes, such as Need help? I can do some work! I need to earn money to go home! She wrote all the long sentences, and then told Ethan to tell him to write his own words on a few notes to distinguish them.

At the same time, I was taught simple words such as hello to Ethan in front of the tent, and it only took less than three hours to complete all of this. The speed of learning surprised Ethan himself.

"I didn't learn English so quickly in my previous life."

not only learns fast, but also memorizes very clearly. After learning more than a dozen vocabulary, Ethan found that he did not have the slightest confusion.

"It is true that Gu Yi said before that as mental power improves, language learning is not a troublesome thing."

Strong mental power will directly strengthen people's memory ability. Although it can't make people's IQ very high, it does make it easier for people to remember large amounts of information. Never forget that this kind of talent that many ordinary people envy is actually a necessary skill for high-level mages.

After studying for a short period of time, Akara discovered that although Ethan had not really started on the path of a mage, his mental power control and memory were already considered a qualified mage apprentice. Suddenly remembered his current troubles, he began to think about what he was facing Of young people is not a suitable choice.

After thinking about it for a moment, she made a decision. Rogers guarding this camp is already at the limit. In addition, they have to go out regularly to patrol the camp, clean up more and more dark creatures, and collect all energy as much as possible. With the resources used, Rogers really don't have more energy to do other things.

"If you really want to do something, there is one thing that needs your help at the moment."

Ethan heard this, and suddenly remembered that when he was playing the game, Akara was the character who released the first mission in the first act. At this time, he suddenly said that he needed his own help. Could it be that mission in the game?

"That's a combat mission that requires one person to kill how many dark creatures I don't know. Can I do it?"

While still wondering whether or not to tactfully refuse, Akara's next words made him understand that he was thinking too much.

She is thin, without protective gear or weapons. Although she is a mage, she has not yet started. Akara is not such an unreliable person. What she wants to ask Ethan to do is not to clean up the evil cave. Instead, I hope Ethan will help him gather some herbs near the camp.

"Darkness is getting closer and the pressure on the Roggs is increasing. Now Roggs are forced to shrink in the camp to defend, and they can't even free up manpower to collect supplies. In this way, the herbs that can be used to make potions But it is getting less and less, so I need to add a lot of herbs to make potions."

Akara herself cannot leave the camp. Not only she, but even the lower nuns are strictly protected in the camp and cannot go out casually. So these things can only be done by others.

"Collect herbs?"

does not sound difficult? This task can be accepted.

Akara saw that Ethan was interested in helping, and gave a detailed introduction to the shape and characteristics of the herbs she needed, and even took out a few pictures to facilitate Ethan's identification.

"But you have to be careful. According to the reports of the patrolling Rogers, the number of dark creatures near the camp is slowly increasing. Even some local creatures have begun to be attacked by dark forces, so even if they are only near the camp, they are no longer It's absolutely safe."

Ethan nodded, so he didn't plan to leave the camp too far, otherwise he couldn't even escape if something went wrong.

"I will write a note, you take it to Kasha, and she will help you prepare some self-defense weapons."

"Then I will trouble you."

took the note, Ethan left Akara's tent, and then walked towards the place where Kasha was-the tall and strong woman stood in the center of the camp, more prominent than anything in the camp.

walked in front of Kasha and handed over the note. Kasha casually scanned it and recognized that it was Akara's handwriting: "Are you going to help Akara collect herbs?"

Ethan did not answer because he didn't understand at all, but he still took a note from his hand and handed it over. That was one of the few sentences Akara had written for him before.

Sure enough, Kaxia understood the phrase I need to earn what I need to go home above. He didn't say anything about the danger outside. After turning his head and confessing a few words to Roger, he stood there and looked at the young man in front of him.

At this time, Ethan did not understand what the tall woman opposite was muttering, otherwise he would be very depressed.

"Too skinny!"

"Looks like a serious lack of power!"

"This kind of physique will be a burden even if it is light leather armor. Give him a light weapon, and the protective gear will be forgotten."

"I should really train, for this kind of person I can hit ten with Roger."

Ethan, who didn't understand at all, felt that Kasha's gaze seemed unkind, but he still said thank you after receiving a dagger and a small shield.

"I wish you a safe return, young man!"

Ethan understood this sentence, and Akara specially taught him this sentence before leaving, and said it to him personally once.

"thanks again."

inserted the dagger in the scabbard on the side waist, and carried the small shield that was not big like this, and Ethan walked out of the camp slowly and firmly.

said he was not afraid, how could that be possible?

Although he lived a lifetime again, in his entire life, he did not encounter such a situation where he needed to fight and fight, and he was facing a monster that had been eroded and transformed by the power of darkness.

"I have to face all this sooner or later, absolutely can't be counseled!"

took a deep breath, Ethan finally walked out of the camp, and then walked towards the woodland not far away in the voice of Rogers "I wish you a safe return!"

Blood Wasteland, this is the area where Camp Rogge is currently located.

Although the name is a wasteland, there are actually many plants and animals, but the color does not look very normal. Perhaps this is the concrete manifestation of the increasingly serious erosion of this world by the forces of darkness.

Ethan doesnt know that even the herbs Akara needs are being eroded by dark power. Every time she makes a potion, she must first use purification magic to remove the dark energy contained in it before she can continue to make potions. UU reading www. The potions made by uukanshu.com are much less effective, which is one of the reasons why the potions are becoming less and less available.

"As long as you don't go too far, you shouldn't encounter any monsters, right?"

Roggs go out on patrol every day to clear the surroundings of the camp to avoid more and more monsters from attacking the camp. So as long as you don't go too far, it's normal not to run into a monster.

Its a pity that Goddess of Luck didnt favor Ethan. He just walked to a place where he couldnt see the camp, only to find the first herbal medicine he needed. At the same time, he saw two stiff zombies with slightly torn clothes hanging on. Wandering in front of the herbs.

"Zombies...There are only two, no other monsters."

This is an excellent opportunity to exercise. The zombie moves slowly and sluggishly. Although it has a lot of power, it is not troublesome to hide with his flexibility. Moreover, there are only two zombies. As long as one is eliminated by surprise attack at the beginning, only the remaining one needs to be eliminated one-on-one.

After carefully making sure that there are no other monsters around, Ethan made up his mind and drew his dagger and rushed up.

In order to solve one of the zombies as quickly as possible, Ethan not only mentioned his speed as the fastest, but also jumped up to increase his momentum when he rushed in front of the zombies, and then smashed the shield of his left hand on the zombies head. .

"You have to start to fight zombies!"

A shield smashed the zombie down, Ethan immediately swung the short sword in his right hand, and slammed the head of the fallen zombie!

I dont know how many novels and movies I have watched. Besides having enough knowledge about monsters like zombies, there are countless predecessors experiences who capsized the ship because of carelessness to wake me up.

Therefore, Ethan did not hesitate, and did not think so much after starting his hand! Fast, ruthless and accurate! In just an instant, I got the first kill of my life!

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