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There was a cool breeze on the top of the mountain, Su Shulen shrank and continued to hold the telescope on the tripod to observe the astrology.

Behind him, the sound of steady footsteps came from far and near.

She turned her head slowly and saw the person coming, her mouth curled up, "Ayan, you are finally here."

Under the starlight, the silhouette of a man can be vaguely seen, the face is smooth, the nose is high, and the length should be very good.

The man looked at her coldly and did not speak.

Su Shu is not annoyed by the man's indifferent attitude as usual, "Ayan, don't worry, what I promised you will count. If you can come to watch the stars with me tonight, I will never pester you again. "

She said that she looked up at the seven planets that day, and they almost became a straight line.

And she can finally go home.

Su Shu is an astronomy enthusiast. Three years ago, she was watching the seven-star Lianzhu that was rare in a century. How did she know that in the blink of an eye, she actually penetrated into a novel of the president she had read before, and became the one with the same name as her. A vicious female match of the same surname.

This is Su Shu's female partner, who looks beautiful and has a prominent family background, but it's a pity that the rich second generation didn't do it. She had to be that vicious female partner, and she was ruined in the end.

Su Shu said that it is not good to have money and good looks, so he must hang himself on the tree of the male lead.

Where did she know that a system suddenly popped up in her mind, and it told her that this incident was a mistake by their time managers.

Within three years, as long as she is not collapsed, she will be sent back to the original world.

And now, three years have come, and she will soon return to the original world.

Just before leaving, Su Shu looked at the man in front of him, the hero of the book, who had been cold and violent by him for so long and swallowed his voice for so long, and felt sorry for himself if he didn't do anything.

"What do you want to do?" The man squeezed his eyebrows, his indifferent voice was obviously mixed with a hint of impatience.

"I didn't want to do anything. I really figured it out. Since you hate me so much, I won't bother you anymore. It's just that we have known each other for so long. Before I parte, I want to have a few words to tell you. , Come here."

The corner of Su Shu's mouth bends. She was the kind of smiling lips that girls all envy, but now she hooked it, adding a touch of cuteness and charm.

The man seemed to be used to her rhetoric, still standing still, motionless.

Su Shu's chest became tight, this is the sorrow of licking the dog!

For three years, she has been so humble, and he is not willing to come over and listen to her words.

Forget it, he couldn't come, she passed.

She walked two steps forward and came to him.

Gu Siyan is very tall, half a head taller than her, and has a faint mint smell on her body, which smells very good.

She stood on tiptoe, only enough to reach his ears, although she couldn't be condescending, and she didn't look very full of momentum, but it didn't matter, as long as the purpose could be achieved.

"Gu Siyan, I have a word in my heart for a long time, I have always wanted to say it, but unfortunately I didn't have a chance. Today, I can finally tell you."

When Gu Siyan heard what she said, his body was obviously stiff. It was the first time he heard her speak to him in this tone, and there was a slight strangeness in his heart.

Su Shu's pretty voice suddenly became cold, "I, I saw your facial paralyzed face is not pleasing to the eye, I want to beat you!"

Saying that he punched him fiercely.

I've been doing low service for so long, and I have to take a breath before leaving.

After beating the man, she closed her eyes and waited quietly to open her eyes again and return to the original world.

It's just that I haven't waited to go back, but waited for the handsome face of the opposite man, "Su Shu!"

Su Shu looked at the other party gritted his teeth, as if he wanted to come and beat her in the next second, and his little heart trembled.

Why haven't you gone back?

Is the time estimation wrong?

Just a few minutes away?

She ignored Gu Siyan and ran directly to the telescope.

Holding the telescope in her hand, she carefully observed the trajectories of the seven planets. It was obvious that they had just formed a line, and now they were continuing to move toward their original trajectory, deviating from this straight line.


She hasn't gone back yet?

"System, what's going on? Didn't you say that you can go back again if you have another vision?" She called the system in her mind.

After a while, there was a weak voice in my mind, "Ah, this, host, there was something wrong with the time tunnel just now."

"What do you mean by the time tunnel?" Su Shu asked.

"It's just that you can't go back temporarily." The system chuckled, "It will only take three days to repair, but you will have to wait for the next vision to go home, which is two years later."

Su Nuo nodded, "Well, it doesn't matter, I'm just waiting for three..."

She said her pupils shrank slightly, as if suddenly reacting, "What? How long did you say?"

"Two years."

"Two more years?" Su Nuo shouted out of a gaffe.

"Host, please keep your personal settings, the hero has not left yet!" the system reminded weakly.

Su Shuqi's head dizzy, "Personal design? You are okay to tell me about the human design for a while. If you agree to maintain the human design for 3 years, you can go home. I have torn my face with him now, how can I maintain it? People set up, I want to go home!"

If it wasn't that the system had no entity, she might have beaten it.

"Wait another two years, and I promise you will be able to go home in two years." The system knows it is at a loss, "As compensation, how about giving you a cheat when you go back?"

"Gold Finger?" Su Shu's gloomy face eased, "may I know that?"

"Temporarily keep it secret, but I promise you, the host will like it."

"I will like it?" Su Shu couldn't help but curl up his mouth, keeping his voice restrained as much as possible.

"Host, the hero is leaving now, please maintain a good personality." The system's voice was full of confidence again.

"Okay, make sure to maintain the set of people." Su Shu returned to his senses and saw the angry Gu Siyan walking towards the cable car and directly chased it.

"Ayan, listen to my explanation. I didn't mean it just now. I did it just to attract your attention!"

It's still two steps late.

When Su Shu chased him, Gu Siyan had just gotten down on the cable car.

Buzzing, the phone rang.

Su Shu took out the phone from his pocket and glanced at the caller IDSu Yuan.

This is her younger brother who is two years younger.

"Sister, did the confession work?" the man on the phone asked cautiously, for fear that she couldn't think about it.

"No." Su Shu looked at the sinking cable car and stroked his forehead with a small hand.

Gu Siyan didn't want to see her at all, and after tonight, he still doesn't know how to face him.

"It's okay. Failure is the mother of success. You will be able to succeed if you confess it a few times. Are you still on the top of the mountain? I'll pick you up..." My brother comforted her on the phone.

"No, I want to be quiet." Su Shu was really not in the mood to talk to her brother, and hung up the phone directly.

At the foot of the mountain.

Su Yuan got out of the car, thinking that it was cold, and his beauty-loving sister must have not brought a jacket, and took another piece of clothing out of the car.

He walked to the bottom of the cable car, just when Gu Siyan got off the cable car.

Su Yuan watched Gu Siyan descend from the cable car alone with a handsome face, "Brother Siyan, where is my sister?"

"On the mountain!" Gu Siyan walked directly forward.

"What? You actually left my sister on the mountain alone, and got down by yourself, you are still not a man!" Su Yuan stretched out his hand to pull his clothes.

Gu Siyan tilted his body, Su Yuan jumped into the air, staggered under his feet, and almost fell to the ground.

Su Yuan stood straight and rushed over.

Gu Siyan looked at him coldly, and the warning was obvious, "Su Yuan, although I don't do anything with women, I beat men."

Su Yuan didn't have any more impulses in this meeting.

Gu Siyan's force value is still clear to him, and when it comes to fighting, he can't take advantage of it.

"Gu Siyan, for my sister's commitment to you in recent years, can't you be kind to her? I really can't figure out what kind of ecstasy you have poured her into and made her have to be you."

"It's me?" Gu Siyan darkened his eyes.

Su Yuan did not hear the ridicule in his words, "Yes, I don't think there is any other woman by your side, why can't you give her a chance?"

She really likes you. Before going to the mountain to confess to you, she asked me to take good care of my parents, and gave me all of her most beloved figures, and all other things were donated.

This time she confessed, she really is holding a heartbreaking mood! "

If it were not for her good mentality, he thought she was going to die.

Gu Siyan's slender hand unconsciously touched the place that Su Shu had just beaten, and he still feels a little bit painful, "I can see it, it is indeed the courage to break the boat."

He walked towards his black Maybach without looking back.

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