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Su Shu fell ill after returning and had a fever of 39.8 degrees in the middle of the night.

The private doctor came over to prescribe the medicine, and the water was dropped, and the fever subsided after a while. .

"Sister, do you still feel uncomfortable? What do you want to eat?" Su Yuan has been with Su Shu, busying himself.

Su Shu would have no strength at this time, with a retained needle hanging on the back of his hand and dripping. The bright little face in the past was not angry at all, and his lips were not bloody. The whole person looked sick.

She noticed the baldness under Su Yuan's eyes and waved her hand, "It's okay, I'll be fine when I sleep, and you can rest too!"

She said and closed her eyes.

Seeing that she wanted to rest, Su Yuan tucked the quilt for her, "Sister, I'm going out first, you call me if you have something to do."

Hearing the sound of closing the door, Su Shu opened his eyes.

Although her head is so dizzy, she can't sleep.

She reached out and touched the phone on the bedside table. There was no class at school and there was no need to ask for leave. However, at the company, Yang Menghua had been trying to find fault, so she sent text messages to ask for leave.

The other party responded quickly and did not approve leave at all. Instead, she blamed her for not asking for leave in advance, saying that she was not responsible, and implied that if she did not go to work today, she would give her a bad evaluation and let her intern. Fail.

Su Shuli ignored her, saying that she was unwell and insisted on asking for leave.

"System, how much does Gu Siyan hate me? Let such a person be my leader, and even if he suppresses me at ordinary times, if I am sick, I will not let me go. I can know in advance that I am sick."

Su Shu turned on the phone camera again, found an angle to take a big close-up of his hand while still hanging water, and sent the picture to Gu Siyan, "It was frozen last night and the fever reached 40 degrees. This will be hanging on the water, begging for a kiss, hug, and hold high.

If you wake up at noon and eat the preserved egg and lean meat porridge from Chengbei that you personally delivered, then my illness must be getting better and faster! "

After sending the text message, Su Shu threw the phone away and went to the big bed.

"Host, you really don't want to eat at a loss!"

"I was sick because of him anyway, so I don't want to sell it badly!"

After taking a rest all morning, Su Shu was finally a little energetic, she would be a little hungry, and she went downstairs to find something to eat.

She smelled a strong fragrance while still in the living room.

"System, it smells so fragrant! It seems to be preserved egg and lean meat porridge. Did Gu Siyan send me the porridge?" Su Shu followed the taste and went to the kitchen. When he saw the two boys, he smiled, "Look. I'm thinking too much! Gu Siyan probably didn't even read my WeChat."

The sun shines through the transparent window, and Su Yuan and Zhou Yi stand together wearing a brand-new and clean chef's uniform. The golden sunlight envelops the two and looks particularly seductive.

"My sister should be waking up soon! I'll go take a look, don't let the porridge go messy."

"Ahem!" Su Shu leaned against the kitchen door and coughed deliberately.

Su Yuan turned his head and saw that Su Shu's eyes lit up, and he ran over immediately, "Sister, are you awake? Is there any physical discomfort? Are you hungry?"

"I'm awake, I'm already healed, I'm really hungry." Su Shu answered the questions one by one.

Su Yuan took Su Shu's hand and walked inward, "It's good to be hungry. Zhou Yi and I have cooked your favorite preserved egg and lean meat porridge, hurry up and try it."

"It doesn't taste good, I don't force myself to finish it!" Su Shu raised his head proudly, but the corners of his mouth and eyebrows couldn't help but bend and bend.

"It must be delicious! You don't know my craft!" Zhou Yi held a bowl of porridge in his hand.

The rich porridge fragrance pierced the tip of his nose, Su Shu stretched out his hand to take it, Zhou Yi shrank his hand.

"Smelly boy!" Su Shu lost his hand.

"Today you are a sick number. Just sit in the restaurant and wait to eat. I will come with Ayuan for the rest!" Zhou Yi walked towards the restaurant with the bowl.

The lunch is very simple. It was all made by Su Yuan and Zhou Yi. Su Shu likes to eat.

After the three people finished eating, they walked towards the living room talking and laughing. Gu Siyan appeared in the eyes of the three in a suit, and he also carried a food box in his hand.

Su Shu was stunned for a moment, and then his eyes were full of surprises.

She ran over, raised her head and smiled brightly on her small face, "Ayan, did you come to see me? We were eating just now, why didn't Auntie call us? I didn't change my clothes or make-up, yes. Isn't it ugly?"

Gu Siyan looked at her in a cute pink bear pajamas, with long hair simply curled up, and her pure face was a bit less gorgeous but a little more youthful and realistic, not worse than her usual well-dressed.

"are you getting better?"

Su Shu saw that Gu Siyan rarely cared about her, frowned her eyebrows, held her hands on her forehead, and her voice was low, "No, my head is still dizzy!"

She said, leaning her forehead, "You touch it, it's very hot."

"Su Shu, did you just say that the body fever has gone away?" Zhou Yi suddenly stepped forward, piercing her lie with an innocent look.

Su Shu's face was embarrassed, and she wanted to punch someone. Can't you understand that she's selling miserably?

"I was just afraid that you were worried, so I said that my health is good!" Su Shu said, looking at Gu Siyan pitifully, "Ayan, my head is dizzy. You touch it, it's hot!"

Caught off guard, she had been carrying a big warm hand suddenly on her forehead, Su Shu froze in place, and she was used to being treated indifferently by Gu Siyan and she didn't know how to react for a while.

"System, he touched my forehead! What's the situation now?"

"Host, after all, you grew up together since you were young. If you don't die, he should treat you as a younger sister. This time you got sick because of him. It's normal to care about you. You just need to maintain the personality."

"Oh." Su Shu nodded and waved away the strange feeling in his heart.

"The fever is gone!" The man withdrew his hand, his tone as indifferent as before.

"But I'm still dizzy! My legs are soft and I can't stand firmly." Su Shu leaned to the side as he said, and Gu Siyan avoided him.

"I'm back to the company, please take a break."

As soon as Su Shu saw the person leaving, he put away the exaggerated appearance, turned his head and stared at Zhou Yi, "Why did I demolish my platform just now?"

Zhou Yi said seriously, "I just thought you were feeling sick again, so I asked."

Su Shu stared at Zhou Yi's face for half a minute, unable to tell the truth from the false, and withdrew his gaze.

"I went up to rest."

Su Shu slowly walked up the stairs in slippers.

"System, what is Zhou Yi's feelings for Su Shu in the novel?"

"In the novel, because Su Shu gave Zhou Yi warmth when she was a child, she has always been a sister."

Su Shu curled his lips, "Why don't I think he treats me as a relative and keeps tearing down my station!"

"Host, even if you always maintain the personality, you and your female partner Su Shu are two people after all. It is normal for some details to deviate, not to mention that you often find excuses to collapse the personality."

Su Shu:...

Su Shu took a rest for two days before returning to work at the company.

Before she had just arrived at the office in the morning, she heard Yang Menghua call into the office.

"Is he better?" Yang Menghua sat down with his eyelids, and raised his head to look at Su Shu with his legs folded.

I don't know if this woman has been tailored deliberately. She wears her ordinary work dress like a fairy, deliberately seduce people.

Why should she bring such a big brainless woman.

"Director Xie is concerned, I'm cured." Su Shu nodded.

Yang Menghua pointed to the thick stack of documents on the table, "This is your accumulated work over the past two days. I will sort out the information on Friday and hand it over to me."

Su Shu walked over, flipped through it, and saw some old and useless materials, "Director, is there any use in sorting out these scrapped manuscripts?"

"This is not a scrap manuscript, it is the painstaking effort of the predecessors. It is naturally useful for you to sort it out." Yang Menghua smiled at Su Shu.

Su Shu squeezed the file with his fingers, stared at Yang Menghua and looked again.

"Host, hold back, you have to be angry, she just has a reason to pick you up and go to Gu Siyan, maybe she can't please, but you..." The system knew that Su Shu was going crazy.

Su Shu turned a deaf ear to the system, she propped up on the table and looked down at Yang Menghua, "Sorry, Director, I want to know what is the use of sorting out so many plans that were killed by the seniors."

She had been asking her to sort out the information and let her do miscellaneous tasks before, and she had to bear it.

This is obviously because she can't bear to see her upset and let her do useless work.

Yang Menghua raised her head and looked at her, "Failure is the mother of success. You can see the shortcomings in these plans, and learn from these failures will help you grow."

"Do other interns do the same?" Su Shu asked.

Yang Menghua was taken aback, "Why, are you questioning me?"

"Yes, a newcomer who doesn't know anything yet. If you let her plunge into the wrong case, I naturally have reason to doubt. Even if it makes trouble, I still say this!"

Yang Menghua stared at Su Shu and then nodded, "Yes, the newcomer has his own ideas. Since you don't want to organize these materials, then I won't force you!"

She said a piece of information from the drawer and threw it on the table, I know you always think Im suppressing you and dont teach you to do things. Take this and give me an idea on Friday! Dont say I wont give it to you. opportunity!"

"Yes, Director." Su Shu took the information Yang Menghua handed her and left the office.

Out of the office, Su Shu happened to ran into Secretary Li at the elevator entrance, "Secretary Li, why are you here?"

Secretary Li saw Su Shu and nodded respectfully at her, "Miss Su, I'm going to the Legal Department to find Lawyer Feng."

"Did the company have any legal disputes?" Su Shu asked casually.

Secretary Li smiled, because there was no business involved and added a few more words, No, its about the development of Taiyi Island. The president wants Lawyer Feng to give a specific legal plan as soon as possible. I dont know why the residents of that island. They have been reluctant to move, and the company has clearly given them the best treatment."

Su Shu was taken aback, "System, what's going on? The plot is not because Gu Siyan was saved by the heroine, so the demolition of Taiyi Island was suspended. Why is this happening?"

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