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The hot sun is scorching the earth, the lawn of the golf course is endless, surrounded by tropical orchards, sitting on the cable car and standing up to look out, the river winding in the distance, the beautiful scenery is panoramic.

The cable car quickly stopped in front of the golf course.

A man in white casual clothes got off the cable car, his dark glasses covered his indifferent and distant eyes, and his whole body still exuded the aura of no one to enter.

Su Shu chased the man off the cable car, and took off his sunscreen clothes, sun hat, and sunglasses.

"Ayan, I can explain what happened last night. I read a novel two days ago. The heroine in it attracts the male **** she likes. I think you have always been so indifferent, I just want to attract you"

"Su Shu!" Gu Siyan interrupted her directly, "Do you still remember what you promised me that day?"

The expression on Su Shu's face froze for a while, and then he smiled flatteringly at Gu Siyan, "What? I don't remember."

"When you think about it, talk to me again." The man said, putting on his white gloves and walking directly towards the court.

The carts behind him also stopped one after another.

Those brothers in the car got out of the car with a smile, and the man who had a good relationship with Su Shu even looked at Su Shus shriveled face, and came over and teased, "Su Shu, I was rejected again! Dont be sad, if you become a transgender As a man, I think the chances of success will be higher."

Su Shubai glanced at the man, stepped on his foot fiercely, put on sun protection clothes without panic, put on a hat and sunglasses to catch up.

The endless golf course.

Gu Siyan stood at the front, followed by a little caddy.

The caddie is petite, he wears a ponytail with a hat, and only wears a short sleeve made of a court hair. She has no sun protection measures, but her skin is not tanned at all, and she is holding Gu Siyan's ball in her hand. Pole with a cart.

Su Shu took the cue from the caddy, "I'll get it!"

The little caddie girl standing by was stunned for a moment, her sullen eyes were bewildered, and the ball was taken away by Su Shu again.

Su Shu squeezed the caddie aside and handed him the cue to please, "Ayan, what happened that night, I really didnt mean it, dont ignore me, okay? You dont answer my call. , I will be sad if you dont reply to me."

"Give me a cue again." Gu Siyan glanced at the little caddy beside him.

Su Shu felt tight in his chest and wanted to beat the man a little bit.

The cue in her hand is his exclusive cue, customized according to his height and physical fitness.

Most of the heroes in the novel are hygienic, this one is no exception, but not very serious, but now he doesn't even want his own club to keep his distance from her.

Su Shu stood there, watching Gu Siyan take the little caddy to change a place, hesitated for a while, and followed.

At this moment, she was not as squeaky and crooked as she was just now, but just quietly following behind them. Sometimes when the road is not easy, Gu Siyan also stretched out his hand to help the little caddy push the car, very gentleman demeanor.

As it approached noon, the sun became more and more venomous. Su Shu didn't usually like to exercise. Suddenly, after running so many roads under such a big sun, his feet became a little sore.

She glanced at the cable car following behind, a little bit eager to get on it.

"Host, please keep the settings." The system that hadn't spoken for a long time suddenly appeared.

Su Shu was taken aback, clutching her chest, "System, can you not be so scary next time?"

"I just remind you that you need to be sincere when apologizing, and I suggest you be sincere."

Su Shu was debunked and mumbled, "I see."

As she said, she followed her tired legs again, "Ayan, you can go slower, OK, I can't keep up."

At the end of the whole game, Gu Siyan came first, not surprisingly.

Su Shu clapped his hands and praised Gu Siyan.

"Su Shu, I'm going to eat in a while, where are you going now?" Su Shu's friend Xu Yan saw that Su Shu's direction was inconsistent with everyone, and called her to stop.

Su Shu's face was red from the sun, and the sweat from his forehead dampened the hair in front of him. After taking off his sunglasses, the misty peach eyes were particularly attractive.

She reached out and hammered her calf, her voice was a little squeamish, "It's okay, it's just too hot, I want to go back to the room and rest for a while."

"Then I will accompany you!" Xu Yan said to help her go back.

Su Shu waved his hand, "No, you go to dinner with everyone, by the way, help me watch Ayan, don't let him be taken away by the little fairy."

As she spoke, she suddenly noticed that Gu Siyan's gaze was suddenly looking here, she waved at him and smiled brightly, "Ayan, I'm going back to the hotel first. See you in the evening!"

After taking a rest for an afternoon, Su Shu finally recovered a bit of vitality, but with a few blisters on his feet, he couldn't wear high heels.

She picked a chiffon shirt and shorts casually, and stepped on a pair of flat shoes to the pool downstairs.

In the evening, there were more people in the swimming pool. Su Shuduo glanced at the beautiful man in the swimming pool and walked towards the man on the deck chair.

"Ayan, why don't you get into the water?" Su Shu sullenly sat on the chair next to Gu Siyan, snapped his fingers again, and asked the waiter to bring a glass of orange juice.

The man glanced at Su Shu lightly, without speaking.

"You must look handsome in swimming!" Su Shu held his delicate chin in his small hand, staring at Gu Siyan with an obsessive look.

When the people in the pool saw Su Shu coming, they swam over and waved to her, "Su Shu, go and change clothes and come and swim!"

Su Shu shook his head, "I don't want to, I want to accompany Ah Yan, how boring he is here alone!"

As she spoke, she smiled at Gu Siyan again, but the other party still had a cold face and did not respond to what she said.

"Ayan, what happened that night, I really just wanted to attract your attention, don't ignore me, okay!" Su Shu looked down, twisted his hands together, and apologized in a low voice.

"Madam, the orange juice you want is here!" A soft female voice heard above her head.

Su Shu raised his head. Before he could catch the cup with his hand, the other party let go.

For a while, orange juice dyed her white chiffon shirt soaked.

Su Shu glanced down at her clothes. The clothes and shorts were all wet, especially her chest. She stood up in front of her chest, complaining in her voice, "How do you do things?"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." The girl lowered her head and found a towel from the side to wipe off the orange juice on her body.

Su Shu evaded irritably, and let the other party rush for a moment, "Okay, be careful when doing things in the future, don't be so frivolous!"

It's just that she just stood up, and another girl came to support this girl and shouted at her angrily, "Hey, how can you hit someone? You didn't catch the cup yourself."

Her roar made everyone around her look over here for a while.

Su Shu froze for a moment, and then laughed out, "Come and touch porcelain? I hit her? Did your eye see me hit her?"

The girl glanced at the girl next to her, "Chu Chu, tell me if she hit you, don't worry, even if she is a guest, it would be unreasonable to hit someone."

The fair-skinned person calling Chu Chu shook his head, his voice was soft, "No, she didn't hit me."

neat? Su Shu stiffened, suddenly thought of the heroine of this book, Han Chuchu.

She looked more at the girl in front of her, her skin was white, and although her facial features were only delicate, she looked very comfortable, but how could this woman look familiar?

Wait, isn't this Chu Chu just the little caddy who followed Gu Siyan just now?

She didn't recognize it just because she wore a hat in the morning.

"System, is she the heroine?" Su Shu asked.

"Yes it is."

"The first time the two met was not by accident. They slept in a room. Why did this happen?"

System, "The novel is only the tip of the iceberg in this world, the host you only need to maintain your personal settings."

Su Shu nodded, "OK."

Since she is the heroine, she can play the role of her tool person.

"She got my clothes wet, what happened when I gave her a push!" Su Shu stood up directly, and looked at the girl who was embracing with her hands and toes.

The girl was frightened by Su Shu's momentum and took a step back. She raised her neck and said, "She was just not careful! What's more, she has already apologized! Why are you so aggressive?"

"Apologized?" Su Shuyang raised his head, remembering the lines of a well-known male lead in a TV series, and smiled arrogantly, "If an apology is useful, what else do the police do?"

"That's all right," she said, taking a glass of cold water directly from the side, "she splashed me once, and I splashed her again."

It's just that she hadn't walked to Han Chuchu's front, her wrists were pulled by a pair of warm hands, her shoulders sank, and her whole body was wrapped in a towel.

She turned around and met the gloomy face of Gu Siyan, her boss. She ignored his angry look and smiled happily, "Ayan, although I know you are worried that I will run out, but this towel wraps me too tightly. , Can you relax?"

"Go up and change clothes!" Gu Siyan's face was black.

"I don't. She splashed me all over, just apologize? I want to splash her all over!" Su Shu pursed red lips, as if she had suffered all the grievances.


As soon as she finished speaking, Zhou Yi, a friend of her brother who had just come up from the pool, took a glass of water and poured it on Han Chuchu.

"I'm sorry!" After the man apologized to Han Chuchu in a half-hearted manner, he smiled at Su Shu again arrogantly.

Su Shu pursed his lips. He wanted to laugh but was embarrassed to laugh so obviously, and said silently, "Man, that's interesting!"

Before she finished expressing her gratitude, Gu Siyan pulled the blanket and walked towards the elevator.

The elevator stopped on the eighth floor.

Su Shu followed Gu Siyan out of the elevator and looked at the man walking fast in front of him, "Ayan, you slow down, it's not easy for me to walk like this."

Gu Siyan stopped, turned around, and saw that Su Shu's hands and his whole body were wrapped in blankets. He walked and swayed like a stupid little enterprise with a smile on his face. .

He pursed his lips and walked over, pulled his slender hand, and retracted the blanket.

Gu Siyan lowered his head and folds the blanket smoothly and put it on his arm. When he raised his eyes, he saw the woman's peachy eyes looking straight at him.

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"Ayan, you are so handsome even when you fold a blanket!" Su Shu said with a smile.

Gu Siyan turned black and turned around, "Go and change clothes by myself, I'll go down first."

Su Shu looked at Gu Siyan, who left without looking back, and curled his lips, "System, do I hate it so much?"

"You just looked a bit like a female hooligan." The system answered truthfully.

"I just praised him sincerely." Su Shu turned and walked towards his room.

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