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In the evening, the scent of fruit in the orchard filled the air, and there was a winding and clear river in front of it, under the moonlight, the summer breeze blew gently, sparkling.

During the day, a group of people are doing an open-air barbecue here, and the waiter has already prepared the ingredients.

Su Shu, who hadn't eaten for the whole day, had hungry chest against his back a long time ago, but because Gu Siyan was in front of him, she still needed to maintain her image of a lady.

"Ayan, what do you want to eat, I'll bake it for you." She said as she found out her favorite chicken wings and squid.

"No need." Gu Siyan directly refused.

"Su Shu, Si Yan doesn't want to eat it, I want to eat it, you can bake a chicken wing for me!" Zhou Yi on the side smiled and leaned over.

Su Shubai glanced at him, staring at his chicken wings intently, "I want to eat my own roast!"

"They all grew up together, why did you bake Gu Siyan instead of me!" Zhou Yi complained half jokingly.

In fact, in terms of friendship, Su Shu and Zhou Yi should be better. After all, he has a very good relationship with her brother and often visits her house.

"Because I like him!" Su Shu said confidently, not at all embarrassed because the person involved was here.

Zhou Yi froze for a moment, then stared at Su Shu's beautiful and exquisite face and shook his head, "Su Shu, is it okay for you to look like a girl? You can't chase a man like this, you need to be reserved!"

"Reserved?" Su Shu smiled.

Zhou Yi nodded, "En, be reserved."

Su Shu turned his head to look at Gu Siyan who was sitting aside and didn't know what he was thinking, with her eyebrows curled up, "Ayan, if I was a little reserved, would you like me?"

Gu Siyan met her glazed peach eyes, stiffened, got up and left here.

Keep Zhou Yi standing there and laughing.

"I said Su Shu, why are you stupid with your brother? You can't catch up with Gu Siyan even after ten thousand years! You listen to me, take care of you and take him within one year!"

"Don't listen!" Su Shu refused directly, and began to grill her chicken wings and squid on the iron rack.

"Why don't you listen, I tell you, if people ask me, I still don't want to be a love mentor for you for free. Are you still not happy?" Zhou Yi also took a few chicken wings and a small yellow croaker, standing beside Su Shu It's grilled.

"Just not happy!" Su Shu swallowed as he watched the chicken wings slowly change color.

What a joke, she didn't really want to attack Gu Siyan, she was just a tool person.

For about a quarter of an hour, Su Shu looked at her grilled black chicken wings, hesitated for a few seconds, and decided to stuff it into her mouth. Maybe it was just a bad appearance, but the chicken wings hadnt been in her mouth before she was caught. The man snatched it.

"Zhou Yi!" Su Shu turned his head and glared at him.

Want to grab such burnt chicken wings from her?

"Eat this!" Zhou Yi handed the grilled chicken wings to Su Shu.

Su Shu looked at the golden chicken wings with delicious colors and flavors, and was taken aback for a moment, "Why are you so good to me suddenly?"

Zhou Yi was taken aback, and awkwardly explained, "Your brother told me, take good care of his sister."

"It didn't hurt him for nothing!" Su Shu smiled, reached out and took the chicken wings in his hand, and took a bite in disregard of the image.

"Slow down!" Zhou Yi saw her eating quickly

"I haven't eaten anything for a day!" Su Shu ate the chicken wings in his hands.

After filling his stomach, Su Shu thought of Gu Siyan again.

She turned around and found that Gu Siyan was sitting on the bench by the river. He was sitting very upright, with his feet on the ground, and he looked like the most standard sitting posture.

"Ayan! You are here!" she said, speeding up and walking over, and sat beside him cheeky.

Gu Siyan glanced at her faintly, and didn't say anything, nor did he drive her away.

Su Shu is used to his taciturn, to be precise, he is used to ignoring her.

Many times, he was sitting quietly alone, and she was sitting while talking.

She raised her head and looked at the stars in the sky. Without the haze, the stars here looked extraordinarily shining.

She stretched out her slender hand, facing the night, pointing to the distant planet with a shallow light,

"Ayan, that star is Saturn. If you look carefully with a telescope, there will be thousands of small rings around it. I heard that the halo of Saturn also has a meaning called unswerving love. If two people love each other people"

"Miss Su, I'm really sorry for what happened in the afternoon." Suddenly two unexpected guests interrupted her.

Su Shu turned her head and saw a slender girl wearing a white dress with a ponytail bowing ninety degrees, apologizing to her seriously, her hand was still holding another companion who came with her tightly.

Is this the plot unfolding ahead of schedule?

She is a tool man going online again!

She smiled to Gu Siyan on the side, "Ayan, I just didnt care about your face, and she sent it to the door again. Is it destined to teach her how to be a qualified person? Waiter?"

"Who gave it to you?" The short-haired, slightly fat companion next to the girl raised her head directly, with a high voice, "Don't you go to the manager to complain, we will come? You also want to pretend to be in front of the gentleman Pretend to be someone?"

Complaint? Su Shu frowned. Could it be that the friend she played with helped her complain.

She opened her eyes and looked innocently at Gu Siyan, "Ayan, I have no complaints. You know, although I have a little temper, I still respect the waiter."

Gu Siyan only glanced at her without speaking.

The short-haired girl can tell at a glance that Gu Siyans identity is not simple, "Sir, dont listen to her nonsense. She complained to the manager. My good friend and I came to work during the holidays to earn tuition. If she insists on not withdrawing the complaint , We will be deducted from wages."

"What is my business with you deducting wages? It's not my complaint. I did something wrong, so I will naturally be responsible! Besides, my clothes are also scrapped, and I still let you pay them!" Su Shu is true. Can't bear to see women with short hair.

If she has a better attitude and a more correct attitude, normal people will withdraw the lawsuit.

With such a straightforward tone, let alone the need for the plot, she will not withdraw the lawsuit, even most people will not withdraw the lawsuit!

"Hey, don't be too arrogant, you think you are rich and powerful!" The short-haired girl was blown up by Su Shu's attitude.

Su Shu turned to him, "Yes, I'm just rich and great!"

She just stood up as she spoke, her red lips pursed, "Ayan, it's so noisy here, let's change the place!"

Seeing that Su Shu was leaving, Han Chuchu went straight to the front and took two bottles of mineral water, and handed them to Su Shu, with a hint of crying in his low voice, "Miss Su, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, I really need this. Money. In the evening, if you feel uncomfortable, you can pour water at me. You can pour two or four glasses at me? But would you please withdraw your complaint against me?"

Su Shu looked down at the two bottles of water and chuckled, "Lady, are you kidnapping me morally?"

"En?" Han Chuchu was stunned for a moment, and his jet-black eyes looked at the beautiful woman in front of him because they were unknown.

Su Shu didnt know if the girl was really stupid or fake. It didnt matter to her anyway. She reached out and took the mineral water bottle from her and took a step forward. She hung the mineral water bottle above Han Chuchu's head, looking at her condescendingly. When she came to her slightly trembling eyes, her smile was a little bad.

"Let me ignore it, it's not impossible, just let me splash it back!"

Wow, she poured the water bottle and poured it directly on top of her head.

"Chu Chu!" The short-haired girl screamed in her ears.

Han Chuchu shrank his neck in fright and closed his eyes tightly.

The expected water did not reach Han Chuchu's body. Su Shu took the water bottle back and smiled, a little embarrassed, "Sorry? Forgot to screw the lid."

As she spoke, she turned her head to look at Gu Siyan, who just happened to meet his dark and deep eyes, and her little heart couldn't resist a shiver.

She ran to Gu Siyan directly, pursing her red lips coquettishly, "Ayan, are you angry? She made me splash, and I'm not real, just scaring her!"

The man just stared at her coldly, without saying a word.

"Okay! I don't care, don't be angry." Su Shu lowered his head and lowered his voice, and stretched out his hand to pull at the corner of his clothes.

Gu Siyan heard that she was not half sincere about her mischief, and turned away with a cold face.

When the short-haired girl heard Su Shu say that she didn't care, she quickly pulled Han Chuchu away and trot away.

When the two of them came out of the barbecue area, the short-haired girl said, "Chu Chu, that woman just now is so disgusting, she doesn't need a face. I have never seen such a stalker woman. People don't like her at all. She is not To catch up!"

"It's like, secretly talking about other people's badness." Han Chuchu pursed his lips.

Xu Wanru curled her lips, "Got it! I just complained about it, who made her so arrogant just now."

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