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The 11th Golden Week just passed.

Jiangcheng University, No. 5 teaching building, two-story lecture hall.

The classmates in the class seemed a little surprised when they saw Su Shu coming to class. She hadn't been to school very much this semester.

Su Shu nodded to the classmate who greeted her, and lay on the table lazily.

She edited a text message with her mobile phone, "Ayan, today is the first day of my internship at your company. I will be there when I finish class. You don't have to wait for me, it's about ten o'clock."

She put the phone away after sending the text message, because as usual, Gu Siyan would not reply her text messages.

The front door of the classroom was pushed open, and an old man with a gray beard in a commoner came over.

The teacher held the roster in his hand, looked at the stage with reading glasses, and called the name as usual. When he named Su Shus name, he deliberately raised his tone.

"Su Shu?

Student Su Shu, are you here today? "

Su Shu stood up and shouted, "Here!"

On the stage, the teacher held the reading glasses and looked at Su Shu twice, "Okay, sit down, come to the office with me after class."

For a time, the classmates in the classroom looked at her with all kinds of sympathy, gloating, or worried eyes.

Su Shu was very uncomfortable with these gazes, and suddenly remembered that he was an old professor who was highly qualified in school and was also known as Taishan Beidou in the art circle. He hated students skipping classes the most.

And she skipped the teacher's class too much!

Last month, she thought she was about to return to the original world, so she never took his class.

After class is over, she should be taken to a political class.

But it doesn't matter, because she maintains the personality, she doesn't know how many political classes she has taken.

The time for the two classes quickly ended.

Su Shu followed the old professor to the office of the administration building.

Su Shu's attitude is very good. Listening to the old professor's painstaking education, she nodded seriously and obediently, saying that she would definitely attend every class in the future.

In the eyes of the old professor, Su Shu's attitude was just perfunctory.

"I've seen your previous grades. It's very good. Don't think that you don't need to study hard in your senior year. You still have to study hard in your senior year. Call your parents to come over."

Su Shu was taken aback. He didn't expect the old professor to call his parents.

"Teacher, my parents are abroad now, and they may not be able to receive calls now."

What Su Shu was telling was the truth, and in the eyes of the old professor, her attitude was even more improper, "Give me the phone number! I'll call!"

Su Shu had to call his parents to the old professor.

The old professor fought over, and as expected, no one was connected, and he looked angrily as Su Shu couldn't say a word.

"Teacher, please don't get angry. You will be so angry. When my parents return to China, I will let them come to school." Su Shu worried that the old professor was irritated. She took out her mobile phone, "Teacher, I'll make this call, this Its also my parent. I want him to come to school, okay?"

"Now fight and let him come over." The old professor's eyes were full of distrust.

"Okay, fight now."

Su Shu dialed Gu Siyan's phone, until the call was about to turn into a busy tone, the other party finally got the call.

She softened her voice, "Brother, the teacher wants parents to come to school, but they are abroad now, can you come here now?"

Su Shu seemed to anticipate what the other party would say, "By the way, my brother and aunt will return to China in two days. I have asked me to come out for dinner."

"Okay, that's it, wait for you to come over!"

As soon as Gu Siyan's mother was mentioned, he was eaten to death by her!

Su Shu hung up the phone and looked at the old teacher with a smile, "Teacher, my brother will be here soon."

The old professor saw that she had indeed called her family members over, and was not embarrassed by her, "Find a place to sit down by yourself."

Su Shu was in a good mood, found a position by the window, and sat lazily to bask in the sun.

After half an hour.

Gu Siyan appeared in the office.

When the old professor saw Gu Siyan, his eyes were a little surprised. He didn't expect Su Shu to be so chuckle and heartless, but his brother looked so mature and steady.

He called Su Shu out of the office, leaving only Gu Siyan alone.

Su Shu stood alone outside the office, feeling really bored for a while, turned around and quietly came to the window.

The windows of the office are transparent. She was about to look around, just to look at her boss Gu Siyan. She gave him a bright smile and made a heart-warming gesture.

The man looked away with a cold face.

About twenty minutes later, Gu Siyan and the teacher came out of the office.

The old professor is obviously in a better mood, and he said to Su Shu, "Su Shu, you have a good brother, and you have to listen to him carefully in the future."

Su Shu walked over with a smile, looked at Gu Siyan's handsome face with a cold, abstinent expression, raised his head and blinked his bright peachy eyes, "I will, teacher, I will listen to my brother well. if."

Saying goodbye to the old professor, Su Shu followed Gu Siyan.

"Ayan, it's almost noon now, let's have lunch before going to the company!"

Gu Siyan stopped suddenly and looked down at her giggling face, "Why keep skipping class?"

Su Shu was taken aback, and the smile on his face became brighter, "Ayan, are you worried about me? I'm in my senior year, and occasionally skip class, it's no big deal, it's the old professor who is more real!"

"I didn't attend class once a month. This is called skipping class occasionally?" Gu Siyan frowned.

"Well, I don't need to skip class in the future." Su Shu said so, but didn't care at all in his tone. He raised his head and looked at Gu Siyan as if he was addicted to'brother', acting spoiled. "Brother, brother, where are we going to eat at noon today! I kind of want to eat Chen Ji's private kitchen."

Gu Siyan glanced at her heartless look, speeded up the pace and walked forward alone.

The system suddenly said, "Host, he is mad at you again."

Su Shu looked at Gu Siyan's back and curled his lips, "He is so easy to get angry! I don't seem to have done anything excessive!"

In the afternoon, the sun was just right.

Su Shu stood in the office of the creative director.

She didn't enter Gu Siyan's company through formal channels. She studied fine art, and WF Group is mainly engaged in real estate. The profession is not the right one. She cleared the relationship with Gu Siyan's mother and was airborne to the secretarial department to prepare soy sauce.

Then Gu Siyan forced her into the creative department and asked a stern creative director to take her.

"I don't care what method you used to enter the company, but when it comes to my hands, you have to act according to my requirements." The short-haired girl in a neat black suit, with thin cheeks and slightly protruding cheekbones, looks very capable but capable. It seems a bit mean.

She said, pointing to documents about 80 cm thick on the table, "These are the company's half-year creative plans, and I will finish reading them in half a month."

"Yes, Director Yang." Su Shu smiled at her, and was about to hold the pile of papers on the table.

"What a laugh, I'm not one of those men, so I don't need to be so flattering to me!" The creative director's tone was very harsh.

Su Shu's face stiffened, and her fingers shrank while holding the file. She took a second to stabilize her expression, and showed her a surprised expression, "Ah, Director Yang only smiles at men! But sorry Now, my parents taught me that when I go out, I should treat people with a smile, regardless of gender.

Of course, if it is a rude person, there is no need to be polite to her in the future. "

Yang Menghua didn't expect that Su Shu would choke her. WF Group appoints people on their merits. No matter how background they are, she still needs to be honest.

This woman even challenged her.

"If Director Yang is okay, I will go back to the office first." Su Shu left the director's office holding the file.

In the office corridor, Su Shu walked slowly.

"System, Gu Siyan doesn't want me to be happy for letting such a woman be my boss."

"Do you know that she is the boss and choked her just now? Aren't you afraid that she will give you shoes?"

"Just like she was just now, do you think I will swallow, she will let me go?"

Su Shu was still very uncomfortable as he said, "No, Gu Siyan is not happy for me, so I have to go to him to brush up on the sense of existence."

In the president's office, the whole tone is cool gray and black, low-key and luxurious.

Su Shu knocked on the office door and pushed in directly.

"Ayan!" She ran to Gu Siyan in three steps and two steps.

Gu Siyan was working at this meeting, and when he saw Su Shu coming over, he didn't say anything, just put down the black pen in his hand and looked at her.

Su Shu's delicate little face was bitter, as if he was greatly wronged, "Ayan, why don't you let me go to the secretary department? I don't want to go to the creative department?"

"What can you do in the secretary department?" Gu Siyan asked.

Su Shuxin said that even if she knew nothing, would she not consider her self-esteem at all when she said it bluntly?

Unfortunately, not only could she not refute, she had to pretend to be more mindless. "Bring tea, send papers! I can do all this, and I can accompany you to various banquets!"

Gu Siyan squeezed his eyebrows, "I would like to ask you to understand the functions of the secretary clearly and you are discussing this with me."

Su Shu had expected that he would not let her into the secretary, and her purpose was not this.

She looked at him baffledly, trying to make herself look pitiful, "It's not impossible to go to the creative department, but the old woman who took me is so fierce. I want to change to a leader, such as a better-tempered and handsome guy?"

"Yang Menghua is very capable of doing business." Gu Siyan refused her request.

Su Shu heard that Gu Siyan reported this woman's name, and knew that this woman was deliberately sent by him to torture her, "But she has a bad temper! I don't want it, I have to change to a leader!"

"What kind of leadership? You think I'm fine!"

The office door was opened at some unknown time, and a man wearing a flowered shirt with long narrow eyes and a smiling smile came in.

He smiled and looked at Su Shu, "Sulking again?" He said with his slender fingers, pointing at himself, "Or, you consider me, handsome and handsome, not inferior to Si Yan!"

This person is Gu Siyan's good friend, Lan Minghui.

Like most of the CEO's articles, a president who is high-spirited and single-minded always has a good friend of Playboy.

Su Shu walked directly to him, sniffed it, and exaggeratedly said, "Sorry, I don't like flowers and butterflies with such a strong powdery gas."

In the novel, this man often helps Gu Siyan tease Su Shu, freeing up time for Gu Siyan and Han Chuchu to fall in love.

Lan Minghui glanced at Gu Siyan's gaze and smiled at Su Shu, "I am single now, I am much more interesting than Si Yan. I can play games and watch movies with you, and it's okay. Go shopping for an afternoon!"

"Really?" Su Shu deliberately showed a surprised expression.

Lan Minghui nodded, "Really."

Su Shu glanced at Gu Siyan, who was looking down at the document, "Ayan, did I go shopping with Lan Minghui?"

"Come on!" Gu Si didn't raise his head.

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