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Lan Minghui didn't expect Su Shu to really go out shopping.

In the mall, Su Shu bought and bought all the way.

Before going shopping with Xu Yan, they were always delivered directly to the door, but with coolie, it was different.

"This, this, this, wrap it up for me."

Lan Minghui had a large bag in his hand, and even a shopping bag hanging around his neck. He watched Su Shu pick the big and heavy things to buy, his eyelids jumped.

"Su Shu, how much more do you want to buy? Let's let the rest be sent directly to your house, okay?"

Su Shu turned around and shook his head, "No, I don't hold it in my hand after I buy it. It's like I didn't buy it. I have no sense of accomplishment at all! Didn't you say you want to go shopping with me?"

She said that she went into a women's clothing store that didn't go to very often, picked a white hollow short-sleeved skirt with green lotus leaf, and went into the fitting room.

Shopping guides with a little longer experience generally see the purchasing power of their customers.

So when Su Shu came out of the fitting room, a few shopping guides came up and said, "Wow, this lady, this skirt you picked is really suitable for you. It lining your skin is very white and very good. temperament."

The shopping guide said and looked at Lan Minghui carrying the shopping bag, "Mr., your girlfriend is really beautiful, and this dress is also beautiful."


"Your girlfriend is so beautiful! Your TV star is even more beautiful!"

Other shopping guides follow.

Before Lan Minghui could deny the relationship, Su Shu walked over and looked at this group of shopping guides and said seriously, "You have misunderstood, he is not my boyfriend, he is a good friend of my boyfriend."

"Boyfriend's good friend?" The shopping guide looked a little embarrassed because of this subtle relationship.

Su Shu nodded and opened her beautiful peachy eyes, her eyes are clear and transparent, "Yes, I went to my boyfriend, he said I am very busy, he can watch movies, play games, and go shopping for him. Yeah!"

"The other person is really nice, I have been shopping with me until now!"

Su Shu is very beautiful, with a little student spirit on her body. This will open her eyes and deliberately pretend to be ignorant and ignorant. It is easy for the surrounding shopping guides to make up for Lan Minghui to see Su Shu's simple beauty. Scenes.

The eyes of these people looking at Lan Minghui instantly changed from admiration to contempt.

That kind of unabashed contempt and despise, even the cheeky Lan Minghui couldn't bear it.

"Little girl, I think it's better to go shopping and watch movies with your boyfriend. Don't trust other people easily." One of the younger female shopping guides became uncomfortable.

The man was obviously trying to pry into the corner of his friend, the key point was that the little girl was not defensive.

Su Shu nodded to her, "Well, thank you for your concern, but he and my boyfriend have known each other since childhood!"

As soon as he said this, Lan Minghui only felt that the eyes of these female shopping guides were even worse. He looked at Su Shu from the corner of his light, saw the provocative smile at the corner of her mouth, and gave her a thumbs up.

When the two came out of the store, Su Shu was in a good mood.

"I'm going to the video game city now, do you want to be together?"

Lan Minghui met Su Shu's sly peachy eyes and curled his thin lips, "Of course I'm going, I'm very good at pinching a doll."

"Wow, you are so amazing!" Su Shu held his small face in both hands, showing admiring and exaggerated gazes, "I saw a doll before, but unfortunately I couldn't get it. Can you get it for me today? "

Seeing Su Shu's adoring gaze, Lan Minghui fully agreed.

A little girl is a little girl. It's so coaxing, she will change from a little hedgehog to a little sheep by holding a doll.

"Then what you say counts, let's not shame!" Su Shu's eyebrows were curved like crescent moons.

Lan Minghui followed Su Shu into the video game city, and his expression was a little subtle when he looked at Su Shu pointed to the big purple bear prize hanging up to the size of a human.

The purple bear has the rules to get it written next to it. You can get the big bear by clearing all the difficult dance music levels of the dance machine.

Lan Minghui looked at the two eighteen or nine-year-old boys on the dancing machine, short-sleeved sneakers, dancing to the rhythm, he looked down at his shirt, trousers, and leather shoes.

He smiled awkwardly at Su Shu, "Um, Su Shu, the quality of this bear is too bad, or I will buy you a new one, no, how about I buy you a series? I'll get you a doll and give it to Do you hold ten or twenty?"

Sushu Baba glanced at Lan Minghui and shook his head, "No, I just want this, and what I say must count."

"I'm very old, you let me go up and jump this, and I won't know how to do it!" Lan Minghui knew that he was like this girl again.

"It's okay, it's very simple, you will learn it soon, come on!" Su Shu said directly to the host of the event and shouted, "Host, we have to challenge this event."

Then he pushed Lan Minghui up.

The two played for a whole afternoon before Su Shu came out of the game city with big bear contentedly.

In the evening, a high-end western restaurant.

The environment is quiet, with a window overlooking the below, and you can see the sparkling sea and the rows of tall buildings on the opposite side.

Su Shu sat on one side, Gu Siyan and Lan Minghui sat opposite each other.

The three of them were unexpectedly quiet. Gu Siyan had never liked to talk. Lan Minghui was too lazy to speak after tossing for a whole afternoon, while Su Shuzheng put his cheek in his small hand and looked at the night view outside the window.

Dinner came soon.

Su Shu glanced down at the steak at the table, rubbed his hands, and pushed the tray over, "Ayan, I had a hard time shopping today. I brought a shopping bag. Can you help me cut the steak?"

Lan Minghui stared at Su Shuduo for a second time. Before, he only thought that she was acting hypocritical, but he would understand it. It was a real drama.

He snapped his fingers and the waiter came over.

"Sir, what is the need?"

"Please help this lady cut the steak." Lan Minghui gave Su Shu provocatively.

After finishing him all afternoon, it was finally his turn to play.

Su Shu only felt that the other party was naive, "System, I thought he would regret provoke me after this afternoon. It seems that he is going to go with me."

"No way, you bring his IQ down to the same camp as yours, and then defeat him with a wealth of experience!"

Su Shu:...

There was no episode in the next dinner, and the three of them finished the dinner quietly.

Underground parking lot, three people, two cars.

The parking location, one north and one south, is far away.

Su Shu arrived in Lan Minghuis car in the afternoon, and all the trophies in the afternoon were in the trunk of Lan Minghuis car, so she naturally followed Lan Minghui to the north.

Gu Siyan looked at the back of Su Shu following Lan Minghui, his dark eyes sinking.

Suddenly, Su Shu turned around and smiled at him, "Ayan, wait for me, I'll take the things I bought today, I don't want to take Lan Minghui's car, I want you to take me home. "

In the black Land Rover, Su Shu picked up the big bear in the afternoon from the rear seat and walked in front, Lan Minghui carrying large and small bags in his hands.

The system saw that Su Shu was in a good mood, "Host, are you so sure that Gu Siyan will wait for you? Maybe he has already driven away now."

Su Shu bent her eyes, "So, I let Lan Minghui come over! If Gu Siyan leaves, I can let Lan Minghui send me!"


The black Maybach, Gu Siyan did not leave.

Su Shu placed the shopping bags neatly in the trunk, and hugged the big bear on the co-driver.

Seeing Gu Siyan glance at the bear in her hand, she said with a smile, "Is it cute? This is the prize Lan Minghui won for me after jumping all afternoon."

Su Shu told Gu Siyan how clumsy and fun Lan Minghui danced at the beginning, but when he danced at the back, he smiled and told Gu Siyan.

"Later, the two of us went up and jumped together, which attracted a lot of people to watch! The person in charge of the event, Le Dee, directly gave us a 1,000 game currency card, let us go again next time, no game currency for free!"

"The bear is too big, blocking the line of sight, go behind." Gu Siyan seemed not interested in her words at all, with a cold face.

Su Shu looked through the mirror and saw that the big bear had indeed blocked his vision, so he had to put the bear behind.

In the evening, after washing up, Su Shu got into the bed, habitually picked up the phone and opened Gu Siyan's WeChat, edited a paragraph as if he had completed a task, and sent it out, "Ayan, go to bed early, staying up late hurts your body, and good night." "

After sending the text message, she logged into her Weibo account.

At the beginning, she applied for this trumpet, just to popularize some astronomical knowledge and introduce some interesting planetary legends.

I don't remember the time when she was so angry with Gu Siyan that she drew a small cartoon of Q version characters based on two people.

Four-frame comics, Gu Siyan is an evil landlord, she is an enslaved long-time worker.

The vicious landlord squeezed the hard-working long-time workers, and the long-time workers who had suffered from slavery finally couldnt bear it. They united with other working people and rose up to resist. The landlord ate his own evil results and was driven away by the people. In the end, he said, Ill be back again. !"

With this painting, the car can't be stopped.

After getting angry or unhappy, she began to draw comics.

Gradually, this funny comic was noticed by some people.

"Wow! Blogger, are you serializing comics? The tsundere landlord and the cute little Chang Gong have a matching face, I'm chasing it!"

"This hero and heroine is too good-looking! Is there a prototype?"

Although Su Shu repeatedly stated that it was just drawing for fun, without logic, and without CP, it still attracted a lot of attention and had a lot of fans.

Later, she thought she was going back to the original world, so the last Weibo on Weibo was like this.

Xiao Xiao Su: Guys, I'm going to another time and space. This is the last Weibo, so don't read it.

Weibo has not been updated for ten days, and there are many comments below.

Sa Sa: I went downstairs to buy oranges. Haven't you come back to update it honestly?

Xiao Nuan: Was Susu abandoned by the scumbag? I'm waiting for the update

Diving Cuttlefish: Ah, ah, there will be no accidents, Susu, come back soon!

At first, she was joking and joking, but later she was all concerned about her.

After reading all the messages bit by bit, Su Shu felt warm in his heart. He didn't expect that so many people would care about her on the Internet.

She edited a Weibo seriously.

Xiao Xiao Su: Thank you for your concern. I'm wearing it again.

Just after she posted her Weibo, many fans responded.

Many were concerned about where she was going, she picked two familiar ones and replied.

Suddenly, she noticed a private message from a fan, [Susu, I got a picture two days ago, and the hero on it looks very similar to yours! Without commercial use, I dont know if there is any infringement.

Below is also a screenshot drawn by the other party.

Su Shu clicked on the picture and saw that it looked more like Gu Siyan than her painting. She deliberately blurred it when she painted it. Only people familiar with it would find it a bit similar.

And this one has a light mole at the end of the eye that can't be lighter, and it is very clear.

Is it someone who knows Gu Siyan?

She replied, "If it is not for commercial use, it is not an infringement."

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